86 inches is how many feet

Caterpillar Facts!

2013.06.15 21:14 Caterpillar Facts!

Have you wondered how many eyes a caterpillar has? Or how many legs it has? Or what it eats? Well find out here at Caterpillar Facts, bringing you only the finest Caterpillar Facts in existence!

2018.03.25 06:51 TokiwaKurumi Writing in Crescerys!

A community for learning the “Crescerys” Script by TokiwaKurumi

2013.04.26 05:19 FragTheWhale Useless Yet Interesting Calculations

And they said math has no real world applications

2023.03.24 03:30 Enthusiast9 Luxuries and comfort in Brazil compared to the USA

I’m an American and I may move to Brazil in the future. My girlfriend is hoping to establish work in a government bank. I’m not sure what the salary is like nor do I know what is required to live comfortably in Brazil from an American perspective. I’ve been to Paraná and my concerns are the roads, beds, and sofa… the most comfortable bed that I slept in was at the resort in Recife… I don’t know how well the over the counter medications are compared to Brazil. I didn’t see any of the antihistamines that I use in the USA that I need for my hives. Is there medication for ADHD in Brazil? How are the private hospitals and health/car insurances? All I saw was Fiat cars and a few Toyota cars… do you guys have the Toyota Prius Hatchbacks? Would it be expensive to ship my own car to Brazil? I have so many questions… 😅
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2023.03.24 03:30 Past-Sundae How long did you bleed for after a MA?

I had my MA on February 10th/11th. I’ve been bleeding since then. How long does it usually last? I can feel the bleeding I’m having now is reminiscent to my period but ofc, I can’t be sure lol :( I just curious when I can expect it to stop 😭 I’ve gone through so many pads. Not that it’s a heavy flow or anything, just bleeding constantly for over a month… you’re going to run through pads like nothing lol
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2023.03.24 03:30 Patient_Raccoon3923 Need suggestions on where to online buy mods for Arex Delta gen2 that exports to other countries.

Hey you all.
I'm from a 3rd world country and there's nothing here to upgrade my Delta M gen 2 except for some cheap lights.
And I don't need lights, I need mods: springs, trigger, barrel lengthener (I don't know the right word, sorry. How is it called?).
I compete IPSC with it and yes, I know it's not a competition gun, but this gun is very expensive here and not many people have better guns. Competition guns are a rarity around here.
So I'm looking for some mods. Simple things to get me a better chance against a few PRO guns out there.
I'm definitely good, I've been top 5 on most competitions. I feel like if I get a few mods (since I can't afford an year of income to get a competition gun) I'd make those CZs sweat :)
But Google isn't helping, for real. I don't know if it's because it doesn't like the subject or if it's because he keeps trying to give me local suggestions or even because there area too many options out there.
So I appreciate any suggestions.
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2023.03.24 03:30 Old_Pay1686 Top 10 Online Communities Every Data Scientist Should Know

Top 10 Online Communities Every Data Scientist Should Know
Data scientists must gather the advantages of the predictive analytics workflow to evaluate the procedures and algorithms. Only online resources can help data scientists keep up with the rate at which data science approaches and technologies are developing.
Nevertheless, conventional techniques like reading books and journals provide a broad grasp of core concepts useful to data scientists. Several online forums and communities where people ask for help have sprung up due to the necessity for an expert community to support the work of a data scientist. Before moving onto the popular data science communities, do explore the online data science course in Bangalore if you are planning your data scientist's career from scratch.

Data Science Communities

  1. Kaggle
Kaggle features many tools and resources and is one of the largest data science communities in the world. Three million individuals actively engage in the community. Data scientists can locate all the code and information they want for their task.
They can quickly complete any study using over 50,000 accessible datasets and 400,000 public notebooks. On Kaggle, a part of Google LLC, users can look for and submit data sets, explore and develop models in a web-based data science environment, engage with other data scientists and ML experts, and participate in contests to address data science issues.
Machine learning competitions were how Kaggle launched its community in 2010. Later, it expanded its offerings to include a public data platform, a cloud-based data science workbench, and artificial intelligence training.
  1. IBM Data Community
A steady stream of newly updated information, including highlighted blogs and forums for conversation and collaboration, is available on the IBM Data Science Community. The group gives members exclusive access to the most recent white papers, webcasts, presentations, and research.
  1. Reddit
Reddit features 1.2 million communities, 430 million subreddits, 40 million daily searches, and over 430 million monthly active users. These subreddits stand in for the community or subject-based groups on Reddit made up of individuals who wish to post and debate news or articles related to that topic.
Data science is one of the popular subreddits that data scientists look for. Every data scientist should join some significant subreddits, such as data science, dataisbeautiful, MachineLearning, etc.
  1. Open Data Science
The Open Data Science community brings together researchers, engineers, and developers from all around the world to talk about data science and related subjects. In addition to organizing events and teaching sessions, it develops data science initiatives. Local data scientists share their expertise to aid other aspiring data scientists to develop their skills.
  1. Data Science Central
The online resource for data practitioners in the business is called Data Science Central. It offers services from statistics to analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and data science central.
The community experience provided by the platform comprises a comprehensive editorial platform, social engagement, forum-based assistance, and the most recent information on technology, tools, trends, and professions.
  1. Data Community (DC)
A non-profit organization called Data Community DC is dedicated to bringing together and promoting the work of data professionals by fostering education, opportunity, and professional growth through top-notch, neighborhood-driven events, tools, products, and services.
Data Community DC, often known as DC2, includes six meetup groups with more than 5000 unique participants, a board of 12 individuals, a blog, sporadic workshops, and future plans for larger events.
  1. Stack Overflow
Anybody who programs may join the open community at Stack Overflow. This mostly assists data scientists who code to find solutions to their most challenging data science challenges and share information with others. With 100 million users a month, Slack Overflow is one of the world's top 50 most popular websites.
  1. Dataquest
All of Dataquest's students have access to its data science community. Students studying data science receive assistance from other learners and trained moderators with their questions. The community is a go-to resource for data science students who want help, encounter platform issues, have inquiries, or desire comments on their work.
  1. Data Science Society
The international digital society is known as the Data Science Society. The platform has been having fun while digitally establishing a solid core of users around a corpus of data science expertise. The data science Society has so far hosted a number of international datathons and meetings with participants from more than 20 nations.
  1. DrivenData
DrivenData focuses on initiatives that combine data science and social impact in fields including public services, health, education, and international development. The platform aims to provide enterprises access to data science capabilities and involve more data scientists in societal concerns where their expertise might be useful. The team has had the opportunity to collaborate with 35 companies on 50 projects thanks to the DrivenData community.


I hope this article on popular online communities will be helpful for you as a data scientist to share your thoughts and clear doubts with other fellow data scientists. I have listed only a few data science communities, but there are many others where data scientists can share their knowledge. For now, you can sign up for the best data science course in Pune, and start developing your data knowledge to get certified by IBM.
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2023.03.24 03:30 MrShinyCleanington I got some shit to speak but no one to share it with

Hi,i'm making this to...talk about certain issues and just get them off my chest. First off,if you have seen my bio you can clearly see that it says i'm autistic. This has been one of the greatest drawbacks in my life since it has led me to have episodes where my emotions where would be highly vulnerable because of regret in my choices related to socialization. I just can't help myself but look like a scary weirdo,i ruined many friendships in the past because i unironically thought just because someone showed me kindness it meant i had a chance at a romantic relationship with them and i would get really aggresive when my advances were rejected. I may have grown past that,i may now be a more rational person. But i still don't know how to interact properly,i don't know how to keep a friendship's flame alive. I feel like if i don't talk to someone daily they will get bored of me and can our relationship. And for actual romantic relationships? Don't get me started on that. I cannot even be near a girl that probably will never see me again without feeling like i can't breath. It all started back when i had a crush on a girl from my school but i never mustered up enough courage to confess and after losing my chance i touched rock bottom and began an episode of self-hatred in which i constantly berated myself for being a coward yet never doing anything to better myself.
All i want now is to just...stop existing,and not in the "take my own life" way because the very idea of doing so disgusts me. I just want...no one to acknowledge me,i want no one to know i'm there...i gave up trying to socialize...i just want to be by myself.
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2023.03.24 03:30 klutz69 [CA] Why would management print my email log?

I was getting my copies from the copy room and I noticed that in the copy tray (where we dump everyones printed documents that are not ours), there was a copy of my email inbox from yesterday.
We use Outlook, and in order for me to do that I would have to select print, and change to table view, then select how many pages I want otherwise it runs into the 1000s so I could not have done it on accident.
This is on my work email, so I am pretty that management has a way to see or get into my mail?
What are some reasons this could happen? I noticed this sometime last year as well. I have never been disciplined or written up so I am confused.
Is this normal practice or does this generally point in a direction where I should be concerned? Could this be done on accident by me?
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2023.03.24 03:29 Pao_nlspdfms Streak 82: background friend

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I learned about the term of background friend which I had never heard before. A background friend is someone who has multiple friends but isn't really close to any of them, doesn't engage in many group activities, or simply gets along with everybody without developing deep relationships. This made think of myself in a way. While I know a lot of people, I wouldn't call them friends, and the friends I have aren't that close, or at least I don't feel close to them. I know I'm not their first option to call/text when something happens and viceversa. I'm trying to be more social -just online at the moment- but I just don't know how to build nor keep a friendship. It's starting to get to me. Sometimes, I even feel like the chance I had to do so is gone already.
Anyway, that's it for today. Take care!
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2023.03.24 03:29 bisforblarn Is it even worth it?

I (23F) am about to graduate in May with my Masters in Public Administration and Policy (MPA). Truthfully, I feel like no matter how many jobs I apply to, nothing I do is good enough. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Some jobs want to offer like $45k or want at least 3-5 years experience. It’s just frustrating and I’m at a loss for words. It’s as if I’m in school for absolutely nothing and my sacrifices are worthless.
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2023.03.24 03:28 aimixasphaltplant Considerations When Buying Crusher Plants

Considerations When Buying Crusher Plants
Purchasing the right machine can be difficult because many individuals don’t realize how to practice it. Most will just choose the first option they get. There are many options around, and you have to make the time and effort in order to find yourself with the best machine. Buying a crusher plant doesn’t must be complicated when you are aware how to do it. You must do all the research as you possibly can because that is how you will feel safe in the choice you made. Below are some tips that will help you when purchasing a crusher plant.


This is basically the the first thing you need to figure out before you even start studying the machines. In case you have a spending budget into position, it gets easy to limit the alternatives then pick a crusher plant that works for you. There may be nothing worse than liking a mobile crusher plant and you then realize that it must be significantly more than you can pay for. It can save you yourself lots of stress and time should you just concentrate on whatever you can afford. You will then compare the numerous brands and find out which supplies the best value.

Your requirements

Your requirements ought to be considered when picking a crusher plant. Sit down and see how much you might be producing hourly and daily. This will probably determine the size of the crusher plant you want. When you purchase a little crusher plant that doesn’t produce enough, you will need to buy another plant that will help you fulfill the demand. You can find people who pick a big crusher plant that produces more than they want because they hope the demand will increase. This is simply not the ideal approach because it is going to amount to more to work. Bigger crusher machine for sale might make you spend more money on maintenance and hire more operators. Just get a machine that makes what exactly you need, with some allowance.


The emblem

The company you select is vital because it is planning to determine if you are buying from a reputable manufacturer or else you are gambling with the purchase. Select a brand that has been around for several years or perhaps decades mainly because it shows these are doing right. Newer manufacturers might be good too, however you are gambling by choosing them. If you have to choose a newer one, ensure they have a warranty on their product. They have an inclination to price their goods lower because they are still trying to boost their market share.



You need to purchase a crusher plant that will serve you for many years. You will definately get an effective return in case the machine is going to work for you for too long. If you decide to purchase a bigger crusher plant, you are able to sell it and recover a considerable sum.

Getting the right aggregate crusher plant for sale involves putting effort and time into the process.
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2023.03.24 03:28 worksafematt140 Romance & repetition

They go hand in hand
/wsg/ is all about romance
Cool it with the dumb meme stuff, I love a good laugh too but (You) won't get the ladies affection that way
Women like men who can be serious as well as spontaneous, take it from me I'm not the "lonely incel virgin" I've dated plenty of women and I know how to sweep them off their feet
If (You) pay attention you'll learn a thing or two from me
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2023.03.24 03:28 perpetualstudent187 Coming up on 34 months clean and sober

I am coming up on 34 months sober at the end of this month. I've been in recovery for 13 years. It's been in-and-out of rehabs and jails and hospitals. In-and-out of halfway houses and sober living homes for me. I started using myth in the year 2000 and started using heroin In Is 2012 During a relapse for the 1st time and continued to use it and eventually fentanyl. In the end of May 2020 during a relapse I Was involved in a terrible accident involving Drugs and now I'm completely disabled because of them Is but ever since the day of the accident I have managed Is to stay clean and sober.
I am A member of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as Narcotics Anonymous. However I have only been doing online recovery since my accident. I Had to relocate And Since the pandemic I just haven't gotten into the groove of going back to meetings. I'm very fortunate that I've been to treatment so many times and been to so many meetings because I have definitely been depending on all of those tools. I don't have a significant other or children. I'm in my early forties. My addiction was a bottom barrel addiction for many years I Moved over 15 different times the last 2 and a 1/2 years of active addiction. I ran the streets with homeless drug addicts I was homeless many times myself. I've had something like close to 30 friends die since I've been in treatment and I had 10 friends die and 2020 alone all related to drugs either drug Related circumstances or overdoses.
I have figured out its definitely not enough to just stay off the drugs. I've learned a lot about myself the last few years and I'm learning more and more just why I became so antisocial to begin with. I absolutely need other people who are like me In my life and I need to be actively helping Other people who struggle with the same issues as me to get clean and sober like I am. It absolutely is necessary for me to have a fulfilling life. I feel like I'm messing out on the real beauty of recovery. I guess I needed to get this stronger sense of gratitude for the recovery community and for the ability to serve in that community and to get to serve alcoholics and drug addicts who are recovering and who want to recover. I need other recovering addicts and alcoholics just as much as I need air and water and food.
I have become Extremely isolated due to my living circumstances of not having a significant other or children as well as my disability and living in a small town with a real lack of resources for the recovering addict and alcoholic. I have definitely noticed a regression in some of my old thinking pattern Since I haven't been working a active program. I'm very fortunate that I have been staying clean and sober despite not going to meetings and I definitely see why so many people who get burned out on meetings or who starts slacking and working a program get into trouble. I also see how working the program was helping me to become a new man. It's helped me to become a new man but I know intuitively that it's still a work in progress and that I absolutely have to be involved with the program in some shape fashion or form outside of myself.
I don't hang out with anyone because I just don't feel safe and comfortable with meeting people outside of environments where I know they're trying to do the right things. And I'm sick of being alone so it's either go out and meet people at wherever or go to a place like a meeting and meet people. I'm choosing the program I'm choosing the meeting and the people around those tables.
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2023.03.24 03:28 Aggravating_Frame597 why can my goalie (Igor Shesterkin) not get above a 86 save% ?

It doesn't matter how well I play defense or how many or how few shows the opposing team takes, he always manages to let in roughly 3-5 per game and his save percentage hasn't been about a 85% for me yet in two seasons, which is obviously not realistic for him, I know the game and its AI have issues but is there anything I can try to make this slightly better?
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2023.03.24 03:28 Greedy_Candidate_562 Really tall girl counselor at my summer camp"LITERALLY COMPLAINED"about how"SHORT"she was"BUT"thought"I"was"very TALL",when I'm only 5'4?!

Why do you think this"TALL"girl counselor at my summer camp"LITERALLY COMPLAINED"about how"SHORT"she was"BUT"thought"I"was"very TALL",when I could see from the beginning that"SHE"had a few"INCHES"me?! Like when we went biking...we"USED"to be able to bring our"OWN"bikes but they for whatever reason wouldn't let us this time and they ended up putting me on a bike that was"WAAAY"too big for me and all the stupid"TALL"girl said was..."REALLY"?! It"LOOKS"like it"FITS"you,I mean you"ARE TALLER"then me! First of all"HEIGHT"has"NOTHING"to do with weither a"BIKE FITS YOU OR NOT"! AndCSECONDLY"..."NOOO"it"DIDN'T FIT"me and it was SOOO obvious! Like my feet were"INCHES"from the pedals! And"NOOO i"wasn't"TALLER"then"HER"...and"THAT"was"VERY OBVIOUS"as well! And she OBNOXIOUSLY stood"IN FRONT"of me during group photo saying"im"shorter then"you"so"i"should be in"FRONT"of you...so I couldn't SEE! And she wouldn't stop doing these stupid stretches with her long,long,legs liiterally WHINING"IM SOOO SHORT"! Bitch give me a break! Turns out I was"RIGHT"and she"WAS"taller then me by"2 INCHES"! She was fucking 5'6,I'm only 5'4..."WHOS"the"SHORT"one here?! Where on earth do you suppose she GOT such a ridiculous idea that she was"SOOO SHORT"from?! 5'6 is"VERY TALL"for a girl"NOT VERY SHORT"! That's like being 5'11 as a man! You think she"SHOPS"petites too?! Because literally NOTHINGS gonna"FIT"her if she does...at least not the way petite"NICELY"fits"ME"! Or did her ignorant"BOYFRIEND"or someone told her that..."wow"...your"SHORT"?! Because if"THATS"the case then that would"INCLUDE ME"too because I'm telling you at"LEAST 4"out of"5"people have told"ME"that"im SHORT"as well! I mean that's all"i"can think of because why else would she believe this bullshit?!
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2023.03.24 03:27 AAAmom82 I still wish I could talk to you...

Life is going on...as it does...
I see people...people I think could fit into your world????
Case in point...the power was out yesterday for many hours (huge fire off of the highway)...I took the fam to the one Mexican place we used to go to (couldn't cook at home, as I originally planned)...
I saw this beautiful emo looking chick getting food to go...and imagined she was picking up food for you both....my mind wondered into that dark place again...
and, that's how my stupid mind works I guess?
I think I'll always feel insecure, I know you still wanted and talked to others.... yet, I know I was and am a decent catch? I gave my all to you, and I'm sure you knew my devotion. I wasn't good enough...no matter how hard I tried. I screwed it up...I know.
After we split, I tried a little..tried to move on and find someone to fill that void.....but I realized I still loved you and nothing I tried would ever work.
Alone I've been, alone I'll continue to be...maybe forever?
I've grown a little. Sat with my thoughts and hurt...
I still struggle.
I still love and think about you.
I can still say this, these words of longing and admiration...with upmost confidence...I know this much, even though it sounds quite pathetic...
I hate that I still hold on... when you obviously haven't.
I contemplated erasing this profile...start again anew because months have past since we talked... and it's been officially... over a year since we've been together?!?
I really wish it were easier to move on!!! For me.
If I actually listened to everyone else, I would've already...but I don't listen....you know this about me. I'm stubborn. Damn goats, right!!?!
I'm going on and on, and I know I'm just speaking into the void...You wouldn't care to read such things, and you'd never stoop so low to comment or reach out...I know it's done...has been.
I miss you so damn much.
I hope you're happy, healthy, and well.
I'll always love you...
If you're ever sad, unhappy, or stressed...please know...your cheerleader is still rooting for you on the sidelines.
You'll forever be in my heart.
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2023.03.24 03:27 misterrpg Eden seems to average around 400 people online daily. Is it worth jumping in now?

I thought I was interested in Horizon but I'm not thrilled about all of the changes I've been hearing about the game but I do love how big the population is on that server. Eden is closer to what I'd like to play again but the low population has me concerned. How many people are still leveling in the lower levels? Is ~400 population too low?
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2023.03.24 03:27 ThrowRA16373883 Please help. How to feel secure with a more experienced partner?

I’m 26. My gf is 25. We have been dating for 7 months. This is my first relationship and my first sexual partner. I never told her that she was my first because I felt conscious about it.
While I am her first boyfriend, I know my gf has been with at least 6 other casual partners and likely several more.
Sometimes I feel very insecure in my relationship because I think about the difference in our sexual experience and what that bodes for our future. She also makes a lot of jokes and sometimes I overthink the jokes as well.
Here are some things my partner has done to make me feel secure and loved:
1) I am the first person she has felt worthy of calling her bf. She asked me to be her bf one month ago after dating for 6 months. I am the only person she has pinned on her iPhone. 2) She said last week when we had sex that it was the best sex she ever had. 3) Last night she told me I was amazing at giving her oral sex 4) She regularly compliments me by calling me hot, her trophy man, and how she loves when other women stare at me but know they can’t have me
Here are thing that have made me feel insecure:
1) She has had so many more partners than I have had and from the way she talks about sex she has had many wild sexual encounters previously. I have never had any before her. 2) She is very friendly and very popular so a lot of guys hit on her in the past. She also loves to party. This summer she has vacation time while I work. How can I trust her to stay loyal to me when she puts herself in environments that are conducive to alcohol and sex. 3) When we first started dating 6 months ago one of her friends came up to me and told me to ask my now gf about all her past guys. This made me feel very insecure. 4) My gf has had two prior long casual relationships, one for 3 months and another for 6 months. At the start of our relationship when talking about our pasts my gf said she was “a hoe” and only took one week to move on between relationships.
How can I go about being more assured about my relationship with my gf? I am chronically worried that she will leave or cheat on me even though she has not anything wrong and also jealous that my gf has experienced more sex than me as well and that I missed out on something.
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2023.03.24 03:27 Hooeed How to prepare best Turkish turnip juice for 8 people

Turkish turnip juice (Salgam Suyu) is a non-alcoholic fermented drink. This drink is traditionally used in Turkey and is usually served with kebab. Turkish people are very fond of this drink and consume it cold with food.
How to make turnip juice is exactly like making pickled vegetables. with the difference that in this pickle only its juice is eaten and other ingredients are not consumed.
Besides turnip, Turkish turnip juice also contains purple carrot, lime juice, salt, etc. and has many properties. In this article, we will teach you how to prepare Turkish turnip juice and provide you with information about its properties. Stay with us.
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2023.03.24 03:26 Adventurous_Low_7404 USA-CA Apartment community asking to be rent responsible.

Hello everyone, I was laid off so had to move back to India and I needed the terminate the lease early. The apartment community had two options to pay till a new person moves in or to pay an early termination fee (equivalent to one month's rent). I chose the latter option and asked them about the process of how to do the payment, they didn't reply and we followed up many times, so we thought it would come up on the payment portal sooner or later. Now when we have vacated they are saying I'm rent responsible till someone moves in because we haven't paid the early termination fee before moving out.
Is there anything I can do here? I have already emailed them.
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2023.03.24 03:26 xomepls 28 f usa - getting sleepy zzzz

looking for someone to live in my phone. ill check on you and make sure you're okay ♡ and then also send random pics and songs and stuff.
i like soo many things that normal people like. tv. music. games. i also like other stuff normal people like. books. art. other hobbies. and then i like stuff that only weirdos like...like spicy food and being outside.
mostly just a lonely girl looking for someone kind and understanding. rather i get to know you as a person than a list of things. i can be gloomy sometimes but i try not to be. im kind of a loner and also i am pretty shy so just be nice please and thank you. btw i know how hard it is to send a first message so just tell me why you think we would get along, you don't have to sell yourself to me. or just tell me a conspiracy theory or ghost story or something. i want to believe.
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2023.03.24 03:26 Advanced_Falcon_2816 $TACO presents: TacoBuyBot, TacoToplist, TacoWaterfall and TacoMonitor! Ad income is spent for buy-backs Launch with 0 initial LP, MEV bot protection, funds are stored directly in the contract, no DEX fees, buy/sell directly on BSCScan powered by SURGE Protocol!

$TACO is the FIRST UTILITY TOKEN on the newly launched SRG20 PROTOCOL.

CA: 0x323B211505f8800ce21c7210e4d3F7Fd1291320A (SRG20 on BNBChain)
Only purchasable with $SRG tokens directly on our BSCScan page or swap.surgeprotocol.io.

Tutorials on how to buy can be found on our website

We delivered 4 working utilities within 1 month after launching using a SRG20 contract on BNBChain: - TacoBuyBot - track buys of your SRG20 token (used by 82 SRG20 tokens already) - TacoWaterfall - find buy messages of all SRG20 tokens using our bot - TacoMonitor - track new SRG 20 contract address deployments on BSC/ETH - TacoToplist - find an automated TOP 10 list of all SRG20 projects using TacoBuyBot ranked by TVL
We also added 🎰 GAME MODES to TacoBuyBot! - Type /contest to start a BIGGEST ACCUMULATED BUY contest for your SRG20 project - Type /lastbuy to start a LAST BUYER contest for your SRG20 project
.. and many more to follow!

Ad income is used for buy-backs of $TACO tokens and pit locks.

Total Supply: 100 Million $TACO Max wallet: 2% (2’000’000 $TACO) Taxes: 8% Buy – 8% Sell Tax Split on each Tx.: 2% Devs – 4% Buyback – 2% SRG BSC Rewards Starting liquidity: 200’000 SRG tokens Tokens added to LP: 100% of all existing $TACO’s, no team tokens

Launch type: Stealth launch on SurgeSwap

ABOUT SURGE PROTOCOL: $TACO has been launched on BNBChain with a SRG20 contract. SURGE Protocol is an on-chain protocol which operates on BNBChain and ETH Mainnet. The simplest way to describe this protocol is to look at it as a "blockchain" on an already populated blockchain, without the need to bridge any SRG tokens to anywhere. It's a direct competitor to UnİSwap and PancakeSwap, which does not use external LP's we're used to see from these.
Features of SRG20 projects: - Unruggable LP, customer funds are stored directly in the contracts which have no withdrawal function - No DEX fees (unlike UniSwap and PancakeSwap) - About 80% less network gas fees (no router in the way) - Full MEV Bot sandwich front-running protection - Launch projects without initial liquidity - Buy/sell with contract functions (doesn't matter if a swap/website goes down, you can always buy/sell SRG & SRG20 tokens via direct blockchain interaction) .. and many more!
You buy SRG tokens with BNB/ETH first, then you can directly buy SRG20 BSC/ETH tokens (like our $TACO) with these SRG tokens on the SurgeSwap or the respective SRG20 tokens BSCScan page. All SRG20 tokens are only paired with SRG.
Audits of SRG and SRG20 can be found here:


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2023.03.24 03:25 neterod12 Why is Phnom Penh so strangely empty?

Hello there!
I've been visiting Phnom Penh for a few days; I didn't have many expectations of the city since a lot of people told me it wasn't great, but it's been a pleasant surprise after coming from Vietnam. The streets are clean, the traffic is much better and you can actually walk on the sidewalks.
The only thing I'm quite confused is why are there so many empty places around the city?
In general I haven't seen many people on the streets, even walking at night around the city centre it's simply very empty. I'm also confused as to why are there so many luxurious places but they're empty aswell; I've visited the Nagaworld casino and it felt the same way: very luxurious but not that many people. I went to the Elysee Koh Pich and it was empty aswell despite having these amazing buildings.
I finally went yesterday to the AEON mall aswell and even though there was some people I didn't feel there was much activity either.
I've also done more 'normal' touristy stuff like visiting Wat Phnom, the Royal Palace... and it didn't seem like any place was crowded either.

Secondly, I wanted to ask you guys about how much does the average cambodian make? It seems to me like a lot of these places I visited are built for tourists ( I know there's a lot of Chinese, Korean, Japanese money), so can the average cambodian afford any of this?

So yeah, in general Phnom Penh didn't seem bad at first but I just noticed a huge difference in 'activity' when being compared to other cities.
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2023.03.24 03:25 o0LOSER0o Developing a oral hygiene routine for 1st time in my twenties

Finally got enough courage to go back to the dentist after about 6 years. I had previously been going every 6 months and have had a mouth expander, two sets of braces. So a lot of work put into my teeth. They developed horrible stains, cavities, colors, sensitivities, and it sucked. I learned how to talk with covering my teeth and avoided so many things I wanted to do. I was so embarrassed.
This weekend I finally got a cavity that went bad enough and made an appointment. It was a new office with a lot of new equipment. They even offered gas if I was nervous. Honestly I was just nervous that I would need dentures.
At my appointment, I learned I have a total of about 17 cavities. I got the front fixed so far and next week is the right side. The dentist doesn’t see any infection on the exam, x ray, or the first procedure either. So so far it’s just fillings.
Before these appointments, I brushed like once daily in the afternoon. I’m a big sipping person so I’ve been trying to rinse /swish with water after that and after eating and snacking.
bought the oral b series 4 io toothbrush. Crest pro-health densify intensive clean toothpaste. The glide floss sticks with scope and crest pro health advanced multi protection mouthwash so far. I have a permanent retainer so I’m also looking for floss threaders and a waterpik just for extra protection. Like I had 17 cavities and mild gingivitis (which they don’t seem too concerned with atm). I was all told to use clinpro 5000 before sleeping.
Basically is this an ok schedule ( I’m also bringing this up with dentist at next appointment, just nervous) - morning -Brush teeth with crest paste, mouthwash, tongue scrape ( do I floss here) - Rinse and check for food stuck at meals and snacks - Night -brush teeth crest paste, rinse with water, mouthwash, floss, last sips of water, clinpro 5000 ( how long do I wait before eating/drinking ) - Also can I vape after fluoride at night ?
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