509 willis ave bronx ny 10455

Additional dates for the Cross Bronx (I-95/US-1) capping Workshop

2023.05.27 00:29 MrWinNT Additional dates for the Cross Bronx (I-95/US-1) capping Workshop

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2023.05.23 09:00 maxadvantagemedia MaxAdvantage Media

MaxAdvantage Media


MaxAdvantage Media of Long Island provides Digital Marketing and SEO services for small businesses in Suffolk County, Nassau County, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Upstate NY and the Tri-State area. We are trusted Google Business Certified Professionals that are able to service clients of all industries, size or sales volume. We offer a wide range of services that include: Website Design, Business Video Creation, Press Releases, Google Business Profile Management, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Services, Business Directory Profiles and Citations. We are continuously testing and implementing innovative online marketing techniques to ensure that our clients get the most out of our services. Contact us today to get started!

MaxAdvantage Media

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2023.05.22 23:49 SufficientBrief9635 Mañana, NYC

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2023.05.17 16:41 richarizard Cool Things to Do in NYC: June 2023 Edition

As I wrapped up May’s "Things to Do" post, I told myself, “Okay, that was fun. I’m done now.”
And I was done. But then u/Beautiful_Ad_ asked for June. It always amazes me how tiny interactions can grow into full-blown undertakings. Apparently one brief message at the right time was the motivation I needed for one more month. So to you, internet stranger: I hope these help you plan your trip. What can I say; these are fun for me to make.
Every time I compile these lists, I wind up with a bunch of events that don't make the final cut. So for this month, I offer a few honorable mentions, separate from my list where I match exactly one event per day of the month:
Before going anywhere, please confirm the date, time, and location using the listed website. Any event is at risk of being rescheduled, relocated, canceled, sold out, or at capacity. I try to vet quality, but I may misjudge, and heaven knows all events are not for all people. Some events require advance registration, and if you are visiting NYC, you should double-check how long it will take to get to the venue. Now on to the list!

Thursday, June 1
Friday, June 2
Saturday, June 3
Sunday, June 4
Monday, June 5
Tuesday, June 6
Wednesday, June 7
Thursday, June 8
Friday, June 9
Saturday, June 10
Sunday, June 11
Monday, June 12
Tuesday, June 13
Wednesday, June 14
Thursday, June 15
Friday, June 16
Saturday, June 17
Sunday, June 18
Monday, June 19
Tuesday, June 20
Wednesday, June 21
Thursday, June 22
Friday, June 23
Saturday, June 24
Sunday, June 25
Monday, June 26
Tuesday, June 27
Wednesday, June 28
Thursday, June 29
Friday, June 30
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2023.05.14 21:58 Naydjat Earning from the property that I don't own

Earning from the property that I don't own
It just happened that when I was checking earnings realized that the property which got a visitor is not mine but I got earnings for a visit there :))) I don't even have a property in that city. It's a fun one
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2023.05.14 20:21 Nemacolin 1990s Mass Killings in the US

Four or more dead (Suicides Indicated by an asterisk)
By a single killer (The killer is charged or would have been charged had he lived.)
Minors cannot generally be held legally liable for a murder or homicide. Such cases are included here with an annotation.
By any criminal means
The editor aims to include all cases. This leads to a presumption to publish. I welcome corrections and additions.
2 February 1990 Alcorn MS, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/carr-anthony.htm)
10 February 1990 Las Cruses NM, (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Cruces_bowling_alley_massacre) unsolved, two robbers/killers
25 March 1990 New York, NY, 87 killed (arson) (http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g/gonzalez-julio.htm) “Happyland Fire”
17/18 June 1990, Jacksonville FL, 5 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Edward_Pough) Counting only the 18 June mass killing. Otherwise, 12 killed.
1 November 1990 Leflore County MS, 4 killed (stabbed) (http://murderpedia.org/male.J/j/jackson-henry-curtis.htm)
6 January 1991 Lehigh County CT, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.F/f/flood-david.htm)
26 January 1991 Chinmaya NM 7 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.A/a/abeyta-ricky.htm)
26 January 1991 Dallas County TX 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.S/s1/san-miguel-jessy.htm)
22 April 1991 Cushing WI, 5 killed (shot) (https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/true-crime/15-year-old-bruce-brenizer-murdered-five-members-of-his-family-with-a-rifle-hometown-homicide-investigates/)
16 June 1991 Denver CO, 4 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Father%27s_Day_Bank_Massacre) unsolved
20 August 1991 Sarasota NY 5 killed (Vehicular Homicide/DWI) (https://www.nytimes.com/1991/08/21/nyregion/5-family-members-killed-in-truck-collision.html)
25 August 1991 Honolulu HI, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g/ganal-orlando.htm)
28 August 1991 New York NY 5 killed (Vehicular Homicide/DWI/Train) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_Union_Square_derailment)
9 October 1991 Concord NH (strangulation) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/colbert-james.htm)
10 October 1991 Ridgewood NJ, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/harris-joseph-m.htm)
16 October 1991, Killeen TX, 27 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luby%27s_shooting)
19 October 1991 Concord NH, 4 killed (strangled) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/colbert-james.htm)
1 November 1991 Iowa City IA 6* killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Iowa_shooting) School shooting
14 November 1991 Royal Oak MI 5* killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/mcilvane-thomas.htm)
10 November 1991 Harrodsburg KY 5* killed (https://www.apnews.com/2ef3eeb1eb4f91024720120a176329c8)
17 November 1991 West Jordan UT, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/female.K/k/kastanis-margaret.htm)
2 December 1991 Mahoning County OH, 4 killed (strangled) (http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w1/williams-willie-j.htm)
6 December 1991 Austin TX 4 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_Austin_yogurt_shop_murders) (Unsolved)
8-9 December 1991 Cooper & Moniteau Counties MO, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.J/j1/johnson-james-rodney.htm) (https://www.voxmagazine.com/magazine/the-mass-shooting-you-never-heard-of-in-california-mo/article_3fa83156-f852-11e9-87f6-bbeafdc9a0c9.html)
26 January 1992 Hamilton County OH, 5 killed (arson) (http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g1/garner-william.htm)
15 February 1992 Bentley County AL, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w1/williams-jason-oric.htm)
1 May 1992 Olivehurst CA, 4 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindhurst_High_School_shooting) School shooting
6 August 1992 Kent County DE 4 killed (stabbed)( http://murderpedia.org/male.L/l1/lawrie-david.htm)
18 August 1992 Tulsa OK, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h1/hamilton-corey-duane.htm)
18 August 1992 Burleson County TX, 6 killed (Stabbing) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c1/carter-robert-earl.htm)
1 May 1992, Olivehurst CA, 4 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindhurst_High_School_shooting)
16 May 1992 Oklahoma City OK, 5 killed (stabbed) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/hooks-danny-keith.htm)
20 June 1992 Harris County TX, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.D/d1/dudley-marion.htm)
7 July 1992, Baltimore MD 6 killed (arson) (http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-ci-tonya-lucas-retrial-preview-20170622-story.html#nws=true)
20 August 1992 Harris County TX, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.B/index.B.htm)
15 October 1992 Watkins Glen NY 5 killed (Shot) (https://www.apnews.com/20cc1c416bdef14d0971d278359bc1be)
8 November 1992 San Luis Obispo CA, 7 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.D/d/drake-lynwood.htm) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynwood_Drake)
13 November 1992 Harris County TX, 5 killed (suffocation) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c1/coulson-robert.htm)
14 December 1993 Aurora CO 4 killed (shot) (https://gazette.com/news/history-of-mass-shootings-in-colorado/article_5143eaac-8b83-11eb-addf-b7a5cb0bc771.html) “active shooter”
14 February 1993 Bronx, NY, 6 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/casellas-anthony.htm)
3 May 1993 Los Angeles CA, 10 killed (https://ktla.com/news/local-news/woman-pleads-guilty-to-manslaughter-for-1993-westlake-arson-fire-that-killed-7-children-3-adults/)
14 June 1993 Norwalk IA, 6 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.F/f/forsyth-rick-wayne.htm)
1 July 1993 San Francisco CA, 9 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/101_California_Street_shooting)
8 July 1993 Jackson MS 5 killed (shot) (NO FREAKING CITE!)
6 August 1993 Fayetteville NC, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.F/f/french-kenneth-junior.htm)
14 September 1993 Maricopa County AZ, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.D/d/djerf-richard.htm)
13 October 1993 El Cajon CA 5* killed (shot) (https://www.reddit.com/masskillers/comments/kj1y5n/photo_of_james_buquet_was_a_junior_in_the_1991/)
2 December 1993 Oxnard CA 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w/winterborne-alan.htm)
7 December 1993, Long Island NY, 6 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1993_Long_Island_Rail_Road_shooting)
14 December 1993, Aurora CO, 4 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1993_Aurora_shooting)
30 January 1994 Montgomery County TN, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/housler-david-gene.htm)
9 February 1994 Fort Lauderdale FL, 6* killed (shot) (Associated Press 10 February 1996 AM feed) workplace killing
4 April 1994 Richmond VA, 6 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g1/goins-christopher.htm)
4 June 1994 Tulsa OK 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.T/t1/turrentine-kenneth.htm)
20 June 1994 Fairchild AFB WA, 5 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rampage_killers_(Americas)) Total includes an unborn child
24 June 1994 Fairchild AFB WA, 4 killed (aircraft suicide) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1994_Fairchild_Air_Force_Base_B-52_crash)
21 July 1994 Gregg County TX 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m1/mosley-daroyce-lamont.htm)
30 June 1994 Virginia Beach VA, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c1/clagett-michael.htm)
29 August 1994 4 killed Roanoke County VA, (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.B/b1/bramblett-earl.htm)
20 October 1994 Fairchild AFB WA 4 killed (shot) (http://historylink.org/File/8767)
22 November 1994 Washington DC, 4* killed (shot) (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/crime-history-suspect-kills-3-self-at-dc-police-headquarters)
23 December 1994 Philadelphia PA, 6 killed (arson) (https://www.inquirer.com/philly/hp/news_update/20070416_Alone_in_prison_and_in_misery.html)
5 January 1995 Seattle WA, 4 killed (arson) (https://www.king5.com/article/news/crime/seattle-arsonist-martin-pang-who-set-1995-warehouse-fire-to-be-released-from-prison/281-558326898)
3 April 1995 Corpus Christie TX 5 killed 6* killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.S/s/simpson-james-daniel.htm)
18 April 1995 Redding CT 5 killed (arson) (http://murderpedia.org/male.F/f/ferguson-geoffrey.htm)
29 May 1995 Los Angeles CA 6* killed (arson) (http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/morita-leonardo.htm)
21 March 1995 Montclair NJ, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g/green-christopher.htm)
18 April 1995 Redding CT, 5 killed (arson) (http://murderpedia.org/male.F/f/ferguson-geoffrey.htm)
18 May 1995 Baltimore MD, 4 killed (bomb) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/clark-mark-a.htm)
19 July 1995 Los Angeles CA, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w/woods-willie.htm)
13 September 1995 Scott Mills OR, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w/whitson-david.htm)
20 September 1995 Wilson County TX, 5 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.B/b1/bagwell-dennis.htm)
3 October 1995 Corpus Christie TX 6* killed (shot) (https://www.apnews.com/43e3a168e8024ac986b4794bea137e07)
8 December 1995 New York, NY, 8 killed (multiple) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rampage_killers_(Americas)) mostly arson
19 December 1995 Bronx NY 5 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.V/v/vernon-michael.htm)
2-3 February 1996 San Diego CA, 5 killed (Beating/stabbing) (http://murderpedia.org/male.J/j/jenkins-joshua.htm)
6 February 1996 Glendale CA 7 killed (arson) (http://murderpedia.org/male.A/a/avanesian-jorjik.htm)
9 February 1996 Fort Lauderdale FL 6* killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/mccree-clifton.htm)
3 March 1996 Albuquerque NM, 5 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/harrison-shane-glen.htm)
10 May 1996 Coos County OR, 5 killed (stabbed) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/crum-girley.htm)
29 June 1996 Portland OR, 8 killed (arson) (http://murderpedia.org/male.D/d/deford-ray-martin.htm) Killer was 11 years old
3 July 1996 Lawrence County OH, 9 killed (bomb) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/hall-todd.htm)
16 July 1996 Winona MS, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.F/f/flowers-curtis.htm)
1 September 1996 Dinnehotso AZ, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.Y/y/yazzie-norman.htm)
16 September 1999 Fort Worth TX 8* killed (shot) (https://www.caller.com/story/news/local/texas/state-bureau/2018/05/18/mass-shootings-texas-history/623798002/)
1 October 1996 Brazoria County TX 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m1/martinez-virgil.htm
27 October 1996 Anchorage AK, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.E/e/ely-paul.htm)
27 October 1996 San Marcos CA, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/female.E/e/eubanks-susan.htm)
13 November 1996 Makapuu HI, 5 killed (vehicular homicide) (http://archives.starbulletin.com/1999/12/08/news/whatever.html)
4 January 1997 Belleview WA, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.A/a/anderson-david.htm)
1 March 1997 Wheeling WV, 6* killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.S/s/storm-mark.htm)
27 March 1997 Shelby County AL, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.D/d/duke-mark.htm) killer was 16 years old
30 April 1997 Miramar FL, 4 killed (multiple) (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/we-pray-for-justice-2-children-among-4-killed-in-miramar-home-in-1997/ar-AAWNiLN) unsolved, no arrests
16 June 1997 Seattle WA 4* killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.L/l/lau-samuel.htm)
13 August 1997 Detroit MI, 5 killed (stabbed) (http://murderpedia.org/male.J/j/jones-reco.htm)
15 August 1997, Aiken SC 4 killed (shot) (http://www.aikenstandard.com/news/twenty-years-later-remembering-the-shooting-at-phelon-plant-in/article_4b5b7132-9983-11e7-b425-9f5c8ce770f8.html)
19 August 1997 Colebrook NH, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.D/d/drega-carl.htm)
16 October 1997 New Orleans LA, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w/whitton-douglas.htm)
13 November 1997, Channelview TX, 5 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coy_Wayne_Wesbrook)
30 November 1997 Bedford County TN, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h1/holton-daryl.htm)
4 December 1997 Toombs County GA, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/heidler-jerry.htm)
5 December 1997 Yonkers NY, 5 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.B/b/biller-patrick.htm)
6 December 1997 Weston FL, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.V/v/vitaver-daniel.htm)
15 December 1997 Aiken County SC, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w1/wise-hastings.htm)
19 December 1997 Orange County CA 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.reyes-torres-arturo.htm)
17 August 1997 Tucson AZ, 8 killed (Vehicular Homicide/DUI) (http://gendisasters.com/arizona/24772/tucson-az-auto-van-collision-aug-1997)
9 January 1998 Tremont PA 4* killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.renninger-robert.htm)
11 February 1998 Noble IL, 5 killed (beaten (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/churchill-christopher.htm)
18 February 1988 Rochester MN, 4 killed (beaten) (http://murderpedia.org/male.B/b/brom-david-francis.htm)
6 March 1998, Newington CT, 5 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connecticut_Lottery#1998_shootings)
24 March 1998 Craighead County AR, 5 killed (Shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States) School shooting
19 May 1998 Brooksville FL, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/carr-hank-earl.htm)
21 May 1998, Springfield OR, 4 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thurston_High_School_shooting) School shooting
1 July 1998 Los Angeles CA, 4 killed (arson) (http://murderpedia.org/female.N/n/nieves-sandi.htm) (https://ktla.com/news/local-news/death-penalty-overturned-for-l-a-county-mom-who-killed-4-daughters-tried-to-kill-son-by-setting-house-on-fire/)
7 July 1998 Cameron County TX 4 killed (shot)( http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/moore-ernest.htm
12 July 1998, Detroit MI, 5 killed (Vehicular Homicide/DUI) (http://gendisasters.com/michigan/24846/detroit-mi-pickup-auto-crash-jul-1998)
17 July 1998 Stockton CA, 6 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Elementary_School_shooting_(Stockton)
14 August 1998 Las Vegas NV 4 killed (http://murderpedia.org/male.Y/y/young-terrell.htm)
3? 6? September 1998 St Paul MN, 6 killed (strangled) (http://murderpedia.org/female.H/h/her-khoua.htm)
11 September 1998 Okaloosa County FL, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/hutchinson-jeffrey.htm)
19 September 1998 Escambia County FL, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.C/c/coleman-michael.htm)
12 January 1999 Anderson IN, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.J/j/jones-terry-m.htm)
19 January 1999 Greene County MO, 4 killed (strangled) (http://murderpedia.org/male.D/d/delong-richard-ivan.htm)
23 January 1999 Fresno County CA 4* killed (stabbed) (http://murderpedia.org/male.L/l/losev-vasily.htm)
26 January 1999 Forth Worth TX 4* (poison) (http://murderpedia.org/male.N/n/nunez-armando.htm)
12 February 1999 Tulsa OK, 6 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.B/b/bell-edwin.htm)
10 March 1999 Ascension Parish LA 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/miller-shon.htm
15 March 1999 Bourbonnais IL, 11 killed (train crash/manslaughter)( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_Bourbonnais,_Illinois,_train_crash)
28 March 1999 Abilene TX, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g/goodman-arthur-wayne.htm)
6 April 1999 Kill Devil Hills NC, 4 killed (vehicular homicide) (http://murderpedia.org/female.M/m/marvin-melissa.htm)
(Columbine massacre had two killers)
10 June 1999 East Hartford CT, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/female.S/s/silk-kelly.htm)
12 June 1999 Atlanta GA 7* killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/marks-cyrano.htm)
15 June 1999 Green Bay WI 4* killed (multiple) (Harry: A Study of Teenage Mass Murderers; Steve Daniels)
14 June 1999 Brown County WI, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g/gilbert-michael.htm)
27 June 1999 Depoy KY, 4 killed (multiple) (http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w/wedding-terry.htm)
3 July 1999 Las Vegas NV, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.F/f/floyd-zane.htm)
8 July 1999 Sidney OH, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/hensley-lawrence.htm)
27/29 July 1999, Stockbridge/Atlanta GA, 13 killed (multiple) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_O._Barton)
19 August 1999 Sacramento CA 5* killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.L/l/labatt-richard.htm)
28 August 1999 Los Angeles CA, 4 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.V/v/von-paik-moo.htm)
15 September 1999, Fort Worth TX, 7* killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Gene_Ashbrook) Church shooting. Some sources say 8* killed
2 November 1999, Honolulu HI, 7 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerox_murders)
4 December 1999 Sacramento CA, 6 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.X/x/xiong-kao.htm)
15 December 1999 Fort Worth TX, 8 killed (shot) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rampage_killers_(Americas))
30 December 1999 Tampa FL, 5 killed (shot) (http://murderpedia.org/male.I/i/izquierdo-leyva.htm)
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2023.05.11 02:42 6inchsubstrate WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

$92,000/yr minimum income required to get this studio in the hood. Need I say more? Median household income is just over half that and for an individual it's even less. Nobody's talking about the fact that a majority of people literally can't afford to move, we have an entire population stuck where they are because they're effectively priced out of society. If you don't have close friends or family you are genuinely financially screwed as an individual. I don't even understand how people are popping out babies when the cost of living is this ridiculous?
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2023.05.09 18:20 ProfShhhhh JBB 1882 Update

JBB 1882 Update
New York's finest anti terrorist is back for the second time in three days to block the view of 1st Avenue, obstruct two crosswalks, a mailbox, and a fire hydrant.
The good news is, he's less dangerous when he's not driving.
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2023.05.09 07:56 VerbalK23 8 night well-researched first timer itinerary check for May 2023

Hi there! I appreciate any insight you all can provide over this itinerary. I know it seems like a lot, but this is how I do all of my trips. It may also seem over-planned, but I work backwards from ticketed events and activities so it makes sense how everything falls into place. With that said, I definitely am not afraid to change on a dime and scrap/alter the plan. This is my first time in the city and my goal is to experience as much as I reasonably can. So, with no further adieu:

Wednesday, 5/10: Arrival
-Land at LGA at 4:35, bus to hostel in UWS, check in by 6pm or so. Grab a slice at Mama's Too and another at Sal and Carmine, then on the Subway to get to the Fat Black Pussycat for a 7:35 show (reservation made). Grab some falafel or something from Mamoun's, then head back to the hostel to call it a night.

-I realized my body will still feel on Vegas time when I plan to start my day at roughly 7am. Oh well.
-Subway to 9/11 Museum for 8am Early Access tour, with quick breakfast beforehand at Stage Door Delicatessen. I figure I will be at the museum for about 3 hours, leaving at roughly 11 am.
-Explore FiDi on way to Chinatown. Bits of lunch at various places (Golden Steamer, Wah Fung, Xi'an Famous). Explore Chinatown.
-New York Media Boat tour at 2:30, leaves near 9/11 museum so a bit of a backtrack.
-After boat, take Subway to Times Square for Free live music with Jazz at Lincoln Center show at 5 pm.
- Around the corner to Shubert Theater for 7 pm Some Like I Hot show.
-Explore and then back to hostel for bed.

Friday: Bronx Day
-Explore UWS a bit and then grab Absolute Bagel for quick breakfast before heading to NYBG.
-Few hours at the Botanical Garden, then head over to Arthur Avenue. Thinking a sandwich at Casa Della Mozzarella or perhaps some sit down pasta. Check out the Arthur Ave Retail Market. Explore for a while.
-Universal Hip Hop Museum.
-Yankees game for Star Wars Night (As a Cubs fan, I need that Rizzo bobblehead)
-Back to Manhattan, maybe walk around for a bit then bed.

-Quick breakfast from Broadway Bagel or a bodega or something. Pay homage at The Dakota and Strawberry Fields. The rest of this morning is dedicated to exploring the central and southern parts of Central Park.
-Thinking a late lunch at Cafe Sabarsky, then over to the Met. The rest of the evening is dedicated to the Met.
-Probably some jazz somewhere after the Met. Maybe go check out Washington Square Park and the Jazz Alley over there. Some halal cart at some point.

-Walk the High Line, check out Chelsea Market and Hudson Yards on either end.
-Sleep No More at 2 pm. Gallow Green for drink and a nibble after.
-Explore the area, then head to Birdland Jazz Club for Arturo O'Farrill and the Latin Jazz Ensemble until 10pm.
-Explore a bit more, then back to the hostel.

-This is a busy day.
-Head first to the ferry station on 34th St for the East River Ferry to DUMBO. Quick breakfast at Butler.
-Walk the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Head to Prospect Park, walk the park loop.
-Back to DUMBO for Juliana's Pizza at opening. Harriet's Rooftop or Time Out Market for a rooftop view. Ice cream at Sugar Hill Creamery or Van Leeuwen or Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.
-Walk back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. Head to Nolita area. Economy Candy, Granny Za's Dispensary, Elizabeth Street Garden, then Parisi's for a Dennis sandwich.
-5 pm Walk on the Wild Side music tour booked: Post-Punk, Disco, and Hip Hop ending in Tribeca.
-Sightseeing at Staple St Skybridge and Ghostbusters HQ.
-Dinner burger at Emily West Village. More ice cream at Cones. I realize it looks like I am eating an awful lot on this day especially. I will be putting in the work to earn it, plus I don't have to finish everything. I just want to try a lot of delicious things.
-10pm Vanguard Jazz Orchestra show at Village Vanguard.

-St. Patrick's' Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, some other sights over that way.
-MoMA for a few hours.
-Bengal Tiger for lunch.
-Check out The Plaza hotel.
-Kill some time, back to the hostel for a bit to change and rest.
-7pm Hadestown show.
-Explore somewhere or catch some jazz/comedy before heading back to hostel.

-Chysler Building (probably can't access lobby nowadays). Grand Central Terminal and Market. Summit One Vanderbilt.
-Guided 11am tour at NYPL.
-Lunch at KJUN.
-One more Broadway show. I am thinking Life of Pi to switch things up from the musicals.
-Back to the hostel for a quick change.
-Dinner at Keen's, the pass by the Empire State on the way to Tannen's Magic Shop for Magic After Hours.
-Birdland Jazz once again for Big Chief Donald Harrison's 9:30pm show.
-Back to the hostel to pack and rest for departure tomorrow.

-Quick bite at Hungarian Pastry Shop north of the hostel towards Harlem. Then tour St. John the Divine cathedral.
-Possibly explore a bit in Harlem or more likely the Northern part of Central Park.
-Grab bags from hostel, head to NY Pizza Suprema right next to the bus station for a slice or two before heading out of town to Washington DC for the second part of my trip.
Well, what do you think? What would you change? Like I said, I know it's a lot, but I've looked painstakingly at geography, transit times, all of it. I use a fabulous app called Wanderlog for creating my plan and it's been a real game changer for me. You can't control for everything, but I feel good about the plan in general. Things will inevitably change. That's OK.
Thanks for reading!
submitted by VerbalK23 to AskNYC [link] [comments]

2023.05.06 19:55 darkboltdesign [GIVEAWAY] Open to All!

**Mod approved**
Hello Knife Swap! Dark Bolt Design launched a few months ago and we wanted to thank you for all your support by giving away a few of our knives! There will be three total winners - one for each of our two standard models, and one for a model customized by the one and only Stephen Steward of Gecko Customz. There are no requirements for entry, simply comment "In" on this post. Please only one entry per user. Duplicate entries will be removed. The raffle will remain open until 5:00 PM central time, at which point the bot will select three winners. The first number selected will get their first choice of knife, second number will get second choice, and third number will get the last remaining knife.
Photo & Videos
Condition: The two standard models are brand new in box with all original packaging. The customized model is chopped (lanyard pin removed in process), stonewashed blade, red fat carbon scales, blackened hardware, and reshaped clip. It will not come with the original scales or liners, but we will include an original set of thumbstuds and BoltLock button along with original packaging.
Free shipping anywhere in the world included.
Thanks again for all your support!

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 Flatline350 PAID
3 FranklinSed PAID
4 Fulgenxio PAID
5 Poopman415 PAID
6 NoSandals PAID
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2023.05.03 00:50 mahlano1 NYC Mayor Eric Adams Is Giving Apple AirTags To Residents In An Effort To Stop Car Thefts.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Is Giving Apple AirTags To Residents In An Effort To Stop Car Thefts. submitted by mahlano1 to RapTopia_Hophop_Music [link] [comments]

2023.05.02 02:34 giantradioactivesun Keep getting "Aborted (core dumped)" for my stof/stod conversion and I don't how to fix it.

 #include  #include #include  #include  #include #include  using namespace std; //double discountMem(string memberLevel, double priceUnit, int numUnit ); struct Accounts{ public: Accounts(string name,string UserN, string PassW, string Id,string ML,double Credit, string Address){ Name =name; username=UserN; password=PassW; ID=Id; memberLevel=ML; credit=Credit; address=Address; } void display(){ cout << " Name: " << Name << endl; cout << " Username: " << username << endl; cout << " Password: " << password << endl; cout << " ID: " << ID << endl; cout << " ML: " << memberLevel << endl; cout << " crdit: " << credit << endl; cout<< " Address: " << address<< endl; cout << endl; } string Name; string username; string password; string ID; string memberLevel; double credit; //string credit; string address; }; //void print(Accounts sam); void displayStudents(vector& sam) { for (auto accN : sam) { accN.display(); } } int main (){ ifstream infile; infile.open("Account.txt"); if(!infile.is_open()) { cout<<"Account File Not Found"< AccountN; while (getline(infile, line)) { stringstream ss(line); string Name; string username; string password; string ID; string memberLevel; double credit; string address; string Temp; getline(ss,Name, ';'); getline(ss,username,';'); getline(ss,password,';'); getline(ss,ID,';'); getline(ss,memberLevel,';'); getline(ss,Temp,';'); credit = stof(Temp.c_str()); getline(ss,address,';'); Accounts accN(Name,username,password,ID,memberLevel,credit,address); AccountN.push_back(accN); } displayStudents(AccountN); infile.close(); return 0; } 
I am trying to read a parse file with multiple elements and have the credit value(the 6th part of the line) be a double/float.
Here's is the file for reference:
Jane Smith;jsmith;blue123;123456789;Gold;3000.00;100 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901 Ellen Sue Doe;edoe;pink234;234567890;Blue;650.00;235 South Street, Bronx, NY, 21110 Michael Black;mblack;brown124;235765437;None; 324.00;56 N Pathway Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 56565 John Carter;jcarter; green289;987654251;Diamond;9000.00;1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613
But when I try to covert it, I keep getting core dumped. I tested it out with some strings with the same values, but they went through just fine. Is there anything wrong with the code itself or something within the file?
EDIT: Also, when I comment the credit reading line, everything works perfectly except for that one, which just outputs a bunch of numbers like : "6.91981e-310"
submitted by giantradioactivesun to cpp_questions [link] [comments]

2023.04.21 19:01 richarizard Cool Things to Do in NYC: May 2023 Edition

Another month, another list curated by a random online stranger!
I thought for May I'd specifically call out the Met Opera’s digital rush. It has not been hard for me to get good seats (retail $150+) for the Metropolitan Opera for $25. The linked website has specifics regarding timing, but so long you log in at the right time—and for some shows get a little lucky—you can get deeply discounted seats.
No idea what the digital rush situation will be for the show, but I specifically wanted to call out the opera Champion. In 2021, the composer Terence Blanchard made history as the first Black composer to have an opera staged at The Met. This season's Champion is in fact the first opera he ever composed, an opera based on the real life of Emile Griffith, a closeted boxer who kills his homophobic arch-rival in the boxing ring.
I feel the need to repeat a previous disclaimer: Before going anywhere, please confirm the date, time, and location using the listed website. Any event is at risk of being postponed, relocated, canceled, sold out, or at capacity. I try to vet quality, but I may misjudge, and heaven knows all events are not for all people. Some events require advance registration, and if you are visiting NYC, you should double-check how long it will take to get to the venue. Now on to the list!
Monday, May 1
Tuesday, May 2
Wednesday, May 3
Thursday, May 4
Friday, May 5
Saturday, May 6
Sunday, May 7
Monday, May 8
Tuesday, May 9
Wednesday, May 10
Thursday, May 11
Friday, May 12
Saturday, May 13
Sunday, May 14
Monday, May 15
Tuesday, May 16
Wednesday, May 17
Thursday, May 18
Friday, May 19
Saturday, May 20
Sunday, May 21
Monday, May 22
Tuesday, May 23
Wednesday, May 24
Thursday, May 25
Friday, May 26
Saturday, May 27
Sunday, May 28
Monday, May 29
Tuesday, May 30
Wednesday, May 31
submitted by richarizard to nyc [link] [comments]

2023.04.20 16:03 Brandon_WC Support Ashland/Navy Protected Bike Lane 6pm Tonight at CB2 Virtual Meeting!

Still mad about BAM trying to block protected bike lanes? Come show your support tonight (4/20) at 6pm at the Brooklyn Community Board 2 Virtual Transportation Committee meeting! DOT will be presenting updated plans for a two-way protected bike lane on Ashland/Navy from Flatbush to Flushing. This important project links the 4th Ave bike lane to the Manhattan Bridge and creates a fully protected route all the way to Willis Ave in the Bronx via 1st and 2nd Ave in Manhattan.
Zoom link: https://madmimi.com/p/cdef061/preview
Sign petition: http://bit.ly/ashlandnavy
submitted by Brandon_WC to MicromobilityNYC [link] [comments]

2023.04.17 22:00 LeoThePointHunter The 2023 Hunts Point Town Hall

The 2023 Hunts Point Town Hall
THE POINT CDC invites you to participate and help lead our campaigns! The Hunts Point Annual Town Hall centers Hunts Points residents and invites the different stakeholders in our community to discuss issues affecting our neighborhood. This is not only an info session but an opportunity to join our call to action for an equitable and just future.
Refreshments will be served.
Date: Saturday, April 29 2023
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Register: https://tr.ee/r6EemOLQff
Location: The Point CDC 940 Garrison Ave Bronx, NY 10474

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2023.04.17 21:58 LeoThePointHunter Hunts Point Town Hall 2023

Hunts Point Town Hall 2023
THE POINT CDC invites you to participate and help lead our campaigns! The Hunts Point Annual Town Hall centers Hunts Points residents and invites the different stakeholders in our community to discuss issues affecting our neighborhood. This is not only an info session but an opportunity to join our call to action for an equitable and just future.
Refreshments will be served.
Date: Saturday, April 29 2023
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Register: https://tr.ee/r6EemOLQff
Location: The Point CDC 940 Garrison Ave Bronx, NY 10474

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2023.04.17 06:21 Recent-Cake6526 [Listing} $4300 Luxury Bronx 2bdrm 2 Bathroom

[Listing} $4300 Luxury Bronx 2bdrm 2 Bathroom
[listing] Exquisite 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom luxury apartment featuring not one, but two balconies with breathtaking views. Enjoy the natural light pouring in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, creating an open and airy atmosphere. The master bedroom features an en suite shower and bath, as well as its own private balcony, perfect for a morning coffee or evening glass of wine. Our building features central A/C and heat, ensuring your year-round comfort. The amenities are second to none, including a refreshing indoor pool, state-of-the-art gym, relaxing sauna and steam room, and a grilling terrace perfect for outdoor entertaining. We also offer a convenient package room for easy delivery and retrieval of your packages. And when you want to soak up some sun, we have three shared outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. Located only 30 minutes outside of midtown Manhattan. Walking distance to public transportation.
Unit located; 25 Bruckner Blvd Bronx NY
No broker's Fee
Train : 6 to 138th & 3rd Ave 4&5 135th & grand concourse
living room/kitchen
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
2nd Bedroom
Common bathroom
Master en Suite bath
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2023.04.14 06:03 DropWatcher Drop Watch: April 14th, 2023





* means not on Apple Music or Spotify
Sorted by Spotify Monthly Listeners

Old Drop Watches

Full Calendar

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2023.04.10 00:13 SufficientBrief9635 Tuesday, NYC

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2023.04.08 01:37 thethugdove We back!

We back!
Found a body shop that fixed it for $1k without insurance.
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2023.04.03 15:29 hiplA Is this good? It was a smooth conversation through the 1-hour ride!

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2023.04.03 11:59 Huongcaobeo Những khu vườn bách thảo ấn tượng tại Mỹ

Những khu vườn bách thảo ấn tượng tại Mỹ
Du khách đã “chán” với những điểm đến nổi tiếng thường được các chuyên trang du lịch gợi ý khi chuyến du lịch Mỹ? Đại lộ danh vọng hay New York phồn hoa cũng không còn mang lại cho bạn nhiều cảm giác phấn hứng? Vậy thì hãy ghé ngay những vườn bách thảo đẹp nhất nước Mỹ dưới đây, đảm bảo khách du lịch sẽ có một chuyến đi hoàn hảo hơn mong đợi. Mua ve may bay di my o dau để có tour du lịch hấp dẫn.

Vườn bách thảo Missouri, St. Louis
nằm tại St. Louis, Missouri là một trong những vườn bách thảo đẹp nhất nước Mỹ, nơi được “chọn mặt gửi vàng” để tổ chức nhiều sự kiện thường niên như lễ hội âm nhạc mùa hè hay các buổi biểu diễn xe lửa và hoa ngày lễ.

Vườn bách thảo Missouri rộng bao la với 79 mẫu trưng bày tuyệt đẹp bao gồm khu vườn Nhật Bản rộng 14 mẫu, ngôi nhà nguyên bản có từ năm 1850 của người sáng lập khu vườn Henry Shaw và một trong những bộ sưu tập các loài hoa lan quý hiếm, nguy cấp lớn nhất toàn cầu.
Vườn bách thảo Missouri Địa chỉ: 4344 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63110, Hoa Kỳ Giờ mở cửa: bắt đầu từ lúc 9:00 Điện thoại: +1 314-577-5100
săn vé máy bay giá rẻ tại đại lý Japan Airlines hà nội và khách tham quan sẽ có chuyến tham quan hấp dẫn khách du lịch
Vườn bách thảo Lewis Ginter, Richmond
Bước vào vườn bách thảo Lewis Ginter hẳn bạn sẽ ngỡ ngàng bởi tại đây mang nhiều nét hấp dẫn của miền Nam nước Mỹ. Nào nhà kính mái vòm cổ truyền tuyệt đẹp; nào ngôi nhà trên cây khổng lồ… khác lạ vào mùa đông, khu vườn rực rỡ nhờ hàng triệu ngọn đèn thắp sáng lung linh.

Vườn bách thảo Lewis Ginter Địa chỉ: 1800 Lakeside Ave, Henrico, VA 23228, Hoa Kỳ Giờ mở cửa: khởi đầu từ lúc 9:00 Điện thoại: +1 804-262-9887
Tham khảo giá mua thêm hành lý China Airlines quốc tế tại Aivivu để được hỗ trợ
Vườn bách thảo sa mạc, Phoenix
các bạn sẽ nhanh chóng xua tan mọi ý niệm về khung cảnh sa mạc khô cằn khi đến thăm vườn bách thảo Sa mạc ở Phoenix. Với sứ mệnh hiếm hoi là chỉ tập trung vào các loài thực vật sa mạc, khu vườn rộng 145 mẫu Anh này trưng bày hơn 50.000 loài thực vật, bao gồm cả bộ sưu tập xương rồng độc đáo.

Có thể nói vườn bách thảo xinh đẹp này là nơi hoàn hảo để tìm hiểu quanh năm, nhưng mùa xuân khác lạ nổi tiếng với các cuộc triển lãm bướm hàng năm và hoa dại nở rộ.

Vườn bách thảo sa mạc, Phoenix Địa chỉ: 1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008, Hoa Kỳ Giờ mở cửa: bắt đầu từ lúc 9:00 Điện thoại: +1 480-941-1225
Thủ tục đổi vé máy bay China Airlines và du khách sẽ có du lịch lôi cuốn.
Vườn bách thảo công viên sinh học ABQ, Albuquerque, NM
tọa lạc ở Albuquerque, NM, bên bờ sông Rio Grande, Vườn bách thảo ABQ BioPark có 36 mẫu vườn để tìm hiểu dọc theo hơn 1/2 dặm đường. Hai khu vực nhiều người biết đến là khu vườn Nhật Bản do kiến trúc sư cảnh quan nhiều người biết đến Toru Tanaka kiến thiết và khu vườn dành cho trẻ em được bảo vệ bởi một cây cảnh hình con rồng cao 14 foot.

Không chỉ được xem là vườn bách thảo đẹp nhất nước Mỹ, BioPark còn là điểm đến vui chơi thu hút dành cho trẻ em bởi tại đây còn có một sở thú và thủy cung.

Vườn bách thảo công viên sinh học ABQ Địa chỉ: 2601 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104, Hoa Kỳ Giờ mở cửa: mở đầu từ lúc 9:00 Điện thoại: +1 505-764-6200
Đặt vé tại đại lý China Airlines tphcm để có chuyến bay giá rẻ, đến tìm hiểu nhiều địa điểm tuyệt hảo.
Vườn bách thảo United States, Washington DC
Là một trong những cái tên lâu đời nhất ở Bắc Mỹ, Vườn Bách thảo United States được Quốc hội thành lập vào năm 1820. Tọa lạc liền kề với Tòa nhà Quốc hội, khu vườn nhỏ này có sức hút lớn nhờ vẻ xinh tươi mát quanh năm.

Bên trong khu vườn có một nhà kính và 2 khu vực ngoài trời trưng bày bộ sưu tập gồm khoảng 65.000 loài thực vật, bao gồm cả những loài quý hiếm như dương xỉ có niên đại gần như xa xưa nhất kể từ ngày thành lập khu vườn.
Vườn bách thảo United States Địa chỉ: 100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20001, Hoa Kỳ Giờ mở cửa: khởi đầu từ lúc 10:00 Điện thoại: +1 202-225-8333
Mua thêm hành lý của Eva Air liên hệ Aivivu để được hỗ trợ
Vườn bách thảo San Francisco, San Francisco
Ghé vườn bách thảo San Francisco trong cung độ từ tháng 1 đến tháng 3 là lý tưởng nhất. Bởi vào khoảng mùa này, gần 100 cây mộc lan quý hiếm trong khu vườn bách thảo xinh đẹp bung nở hoa màu hồng, màu trắng rực rỡ.

Nếu khách tham quan trót bỏ qua mùa hoa mộc lan nở, bạn vẫn có thể mãn nhãn với khu rừng gỗ đỏ cao chót vót và những loài thực vật rừng mây quý hiếm. Khu vườn tọa lạc trong Công viên Cổng Vàng, cũng là nơi có khu vườn Nhật Bản và nhà kính trồng hoa tuyệt đẹp.
Vườn bách thảo San Francisco Địa chỉ: 1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, Hoa Kỳ Giờ mở cửa: bắt đầu từ lúc 07:30 Điện thoại: +1 415-661-1316 Aivivu tư vấn khách hàng lệ phí đổi vé máy bay Eva Air tiết kiệm.
Vườn bách thảo Atlanta, Atlanta
Nhắc đến những vườn bách thảo đẹp nhất nước Mỹ, tuy nhiên, chúng ta không thể nỏ qua Atlanta. Còn gì tuyệt hơn khi được rảo bước đi bộ trên cung đường dài 600 foot, dưới tán cây sồi, cây hickories và cây dương râm mát; rồi bắt mắt khi được ngắm nhìn những cây đỗ quyên, hoa trà, cẩm tú cầu, cây lâu năm và củ bản địa đung đưa trong gió như đang vẫy chào bạn.

Chưa hết, tại đây còn có một khu vực dành riêng cho hoa lan, nơi có bộ sưu tập các loài lan lớn nhất được trưng bày thường xuyên ở Hoa Kỳ; một ao vườn trồng đầy cây thủy sinh; một khu vườn dành cho trẻ em với đài phun nước, sản phẩm điêu khắc và triển lãm thu hút về thực vật học và sinh thái học.

Vườn bách thảo Atlanta Địa chỉ: 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, Hoa Kỳ Giờ mở cửa: mở đầu từ lúc 09:00 Điện thoại: +1 404-876-5859
Mua vé máy bay tại đại lý China Airlines đến tìm hiểu nhiều điểm đến du lịch tuyệt vời
Vườn bách thảo New York, thành phố New York
Nói không quá vườn bách thảo New York tựa như một ốc đảo rộng 250 mẫu Anh giữa Big Apple. Lịch sử của vườn bách thảo New York, ngôi nhà kính mang phong cách Victoria hứa hẹn mang đến cho du khách chuyến tham quan vòng quanh thế giới vô cùng lôi cuốn với 11 môi trường sống thực vật hiếm hoi, bao gồm rừng mưa nhiệt đới và môi trường sa mạc của Châu Mỹ và Châu Phi.
Hai trong số các sự kiện đáng chờ đợi nhất tại vườn bách thảo đẹp nhất nước Mỹ này chính là triển lãm hoa lan mùa xuân và triển lãm xe lửa mùa đông.
Vườn bách thảo New York Địa chỉ: 2900 Southern Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10458, Hoa Kỳ Giờ mở cửa: bắt đầu từ lúc 10:00 Điện thoại: +1 718-817-8700

Không chỉ là "lá phổi xanh" của các thành phố, những vườn bách thảo đẹp nhất nước Mỹ này còn là địa điểm hấp dẫn hành khách mỗi khi đến với xứ cờ hoa.Mua vé tại đại lý Eva Air tphcm và du khách sẽ có tham quan thu hút tìm hiểu nhiều địa danh hấp dẫn của nước Mỹ.
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