She said she ain't wifey type

Maybe you also understand

2019.12.04 23:37 MijK7 Maybe you also understand

Know the feeling when you are high and ask yourself questions only you seem to understand? This Sub is to spend our time finding answers.

2018.09.10 13:05 popoboi55 For all things Matt Watson of SuperMega

Anything from pictures to memes, but just Matt Watson.

2012.08.19 19:42 Valen__ Cheating GF?

A place to vent or talk about your spouse.. and how they could be going behind your back.

2023.03.24 04:56 Potential-Courage482 E-mailing my PO, part 3

link to part 2 (part 1 was deleted)
First I wanted to thank everyone for helping me work through my frustration and getting me to a place where I was able to send a much more calm email.. You all really helped at a time I was struggling and I really appreciate it.
Secondly, I wanted you to know how it went. She said no to the Hoyt Arboretum, but surprisingly she said yes to the Portland art museum and the historical society as long as my mom is with me. Kind of makes me wonder why I can't go to the pinball museum of my mom is with me, but... I'm grateful. I've got a full schedule now for when my mom gets here, and I'm very excited.
Thanks again!
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2023.03.24 04:56 Otherwise-Status-751 I feel like my girlfriend likes another guy. What do I do?

A few weeks ago, some random guy added her on snap (by quick add). He had posted a story of himself so now she knew what he looked like. Then she asked me what to do and I said “nothing? He just added you on quick add” but what really broke my heart was when she said. “But I’m curious. I wanna get to know him”. This was probably because he looked attractive and she liked him. Should I talk to her about it?
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2023.03.24 04:55 StephanieBecky TwogeCeo Stealth Launched 10 Minutes Price is going up strongly, join fast for big profit from Kawakami

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TwogeCeo is a community-focused project that aims to create an inclusive financial ecosystem. They are creating very unique utilities that are innovated to raise above the present utilities of the crypto space. With an experience DEV team at the helm, CEO, Vy, stated that she already made one meme token go to the moon and she will do it again with TwogeCeo.

As said above, RBIF is a Community-centered project. Whether it’s the tokenomics, the TwogeCeo that will provide autonomy to the holders, or the incentive rewards, Kawakami vibrant community is strong and very driven towards an organized goal of financial freedom.

What started out as a meme token is starting to look like much more. Take a look at the article linked below and see for yourself.

From Meme to Millionaire: How TwogeCeo Is Making Investors Rich

Official contract: 0x8507d7691a2d5b96100661cb561ef4fd8009c563

Official Telegram: TwogeCeoBSC
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2023.03.24 04:55 IamNumber-3 Shoul I stop trying befriend a girl?

Hi reddit. I am a high school student (f) and don't know what to do about a girl, Sarah (f). Sarah is Lu's best friend, and I'm very close to Lu(f). I really like being with Lu, so I tried to befriend Sarah, so we can be a group.
As I said, I tried to be Sarah's friend. I tried to talk to her, but she ignores me and puts her headphones (she talks normally with any other people). I tried to hug her, but she pushed me away (she accepts hugs from Lu. I actually tried to hug her just after Lu did. She let Lu hug her, and she turned away when I did the same). I helped her when she was drunk, but she didn't even say thank you. One day, she was telling everyone about this new guy she's talking with, but when I asked her about him, she told me she wasn't gonna say anything to me cause I'm asexual and don't understand romantic feelings.
I tried to help her with homework (like bio or English), but when I asked for help in math (I'm really bad), she told me she didn't have time (she always helps Lu and any other people when they can't solve the exercises). Today, she told everyone how selfish I am for doing a homework (I didn't remind our teacher about it, nor mentioned it). This made me feel awful because I have a bit of social anxiety and felt everybody was going to stop talking to me. I don't know what to do, but I think it's time to give up with her. So, what shoul I do?
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2023.03.24 04:55 CherimolaGrape GF seems to desire a guy over me?

My partner and I have been together for almost 3 years. Our relationship started while we were in a poly relationship with the same person. We decided to be monogamous after we made it official because she was going through some family problems and mental health issues.
My partner confessed to me this fall that she'd been fantasizing about heterosexual sex. To let her explore those fantasies, we opened up the relationship again.
I was taking some medication at the time that took my sex drive to an all-time low. We had a few fights about it where I said my medicine was to blame, but she took it personally and made it mean I didn't want her enough. After this, she admitted to having hetero fantasies.
Before opening up the relationship again, we probably should have addressed our sex lives first.
So in the fall she met a wonderful man who is also poly. She introduced him to me and we clicked so well that we did some group play, which was really satisfying. It seems like he's genuinely trying to make our dynamic work. He actually makes me feel more desired than she does!
My partner's lack of desire for me seems to be the only thing that isn't working. Since things got more consistent with her partner, I feel like our sex life revolves around him. She doesn't express any desires to me that are just between us. However, I know she texts him privately saying she can't wait until their next date. She usually sees him once a week either one-on-one or with the 3 of us. In between those visits we rarely have sex. If we do it's usually because I asked her. There have been a handful of times where she has initiated but we always get interrupted and never finish.
When I bring it up to her she tells me that because sex has become a "demand" (her words) in our relationship, she is less motivated to do it than if it happened organically. If I don't ask she never seems to be in the mood. If she is in the mood it's after contacting him and he is somehow involved in the fantasy. While she insists she's still attracted to women, it doesn't seem that way, and it makes me feel insecure.
Is it unreasonable to be upset about this? I love our sex life with the three of us but I also want a private relationship with her like she has with him (when they get together one on one they are not fantasizing about me or talking about me). She told me that she loves me and doesn't have the sex drive to do it more than once a week right now. While I understand and have lived through that exact same thing, doesn't that leave my needs unmet now? She told me that I shouldn't hyperfixate on sex and that there should be more to the relationship than that.
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2023.03.24 04:55 urbancowgirl42 When life goes low, Count Dramila goes lower.

(insert accusation of sexual abuse.)
I try to trust but verify accusations like this. I never want a genuine victim to be unheard. However, this was sketchy from the jump for several reasons.
  1. She was talking to me and not hubby, who had already shut her down.
  2. She knew I was sensitive about this issue.
  3. No one in her family had ever heard this before, which in and of itself could be explained by trauma, but was weird against the fact she strongly pushed a relationship between us and RR for 15+ years.
  4. She has a decades-long reputation for fabrications and stretching the truth.
  5. RR exhibits no red-flag behavior. He doesn’t groom. He doesn’t love bomb. He is highly analytical and, like me, sees behaviors for what they are, but struggles to react, especially in the moment.
  6. The dramatic, loud nature of the allegation was immediately suspect.
If this allegation was true, not matter what, she lied about something. Either she lied about the allegations to gain an upper hand in a fight, or she knowingly pushed us to have a relationship with someone she knew to be a sex offender for monetary gain.
She clearly did not see that her dramatic disclosure painted herself in the worst possible light from any angle.
I talked to my sis on the way to RR’s house. We all wonder if there’s a grain of truth. But because of Dramila’s history there really is no way to ever know.
We get to RR’s house. After a lovely meal, RR takes hubby aside and explains what happened and doesn’t ask us to take sides.
Dramila had been pumping him for money and publicly using money very foolishly. She also frequently massaged the truth to hide things from him. He was sick of it and cut her off.
RR never mentioned it again and we had a Lovely time.
I don’t think he did what she said he did.
I never want to see her again. And I’m close to him. I think it’s Dramila that is manipulating me, but it’s possible RR is and is playing the long game.
What do I do?
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2023.03.24 04:55 A_Variant_of_Roar When do you think is the appropriate time to get married

My friend (24f) is planning to get married by mid-next year. By then she'll have known her bf for 2.5-3 years. She explicitly said she's planning on this because her bf (26m) is feeling pressure for marriage. She also said that this way it'll be easier for them to meet.
She also suggested I (24f) should get married around then. I'll have known my bf (25m) for a year. We are currently long distance and I'm stuck livin' at home while I do my PG. She said it would be easier for us to meet. Right know I've known him for 6 months and 3 of them were long distance.
He earns 2.5 lpa, and I'm studying for another 3 years. In my opinion it would only make sense to marry if we collectively get 8-10 lpa, in accordance to the current living expenses of India. I should get 6-8 lpa at the end of my pg, so according to this, I think I should get married once I'm settled. That's around 28... And I'm a medico, that's a range I'm comfortable with.
I'll also have known the guy a time long enough to know him😅.
So when did you get married? When do you think it is best to get married? When you can afford your own expenses or living off the parents?
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2023.03.24 04:54 National-Cost-1812 I Don’t Think I’m Ok

I just broke up with my girlfriend2 days ago in the morning because we weren’t working out anymore. Her mom wasn’t letting her date and I could never talk to her, text her, tamer her out, or come over. So I broke up with her and said I can’t do this anymore. 2 days late today I have this friends and she’s a senior. I’m a Freshman in high school and I’m 14 she’s 17. And our birthdays are only a month apart so ima say she’s 3 years older than me. I can read people and know what they think until it has something to do with me. I feel like she likes me and I think she’s really cute and I like her now. Which is extremely messed up in my head. I just broke up with my girl after 7-8 month relationship and only deal this way when I am alone in my room. My stomach feels like it’s becoming empty every time I think about this because of how fucked up it is. I want to not care about people anymore because I care so much that I’m hurting myself. I have severe depression that I have to keep to my self if I want to live a life without making problems for others. I hat the way I look facial wise but I like my physic. I am pretty built from working out but my face dosnt fit me. I just wish that I was older and had a more descriptive jaw line so I would be able to have a chance with people. I like this girl I’m talking about but there’s no way she would date me until I graduated because a senior and a freshman dating seems wrong considering she turn 18 in may and I turn 15 in June. I don’t know why I’m catching feelings but I guess I like her presence. Say anything to help me.
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2023.03.24 04:54 patagonia-poodle Gas

Just checked and she gassed up 3 days ago when running errands with Trigg and Brady… and she said she was 6 miles to empty. What the hell????
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2023.03.24 04:53 Just_Reputation_7057 Has this happened to you?

A lady ordered...
"...quad espresso in a venti hot cup. Add 5 vanilla pumps and then steamed 2% to the top. Thank you."
"Okay so a venti vanilla latte, 2 extra shots. Anything else?"
"NO! I said quad espresso in a venti cup, add 5 vanilla pumps and then top it off with steamed 2% milk!!
"Ya...that's what I said"
an even longer story short... I refused to be taken advantage of, I then explained why her "drink hack" doesn't work because 3/4" of steamed milk is impossible to fill the cup and then she refused to pay and drove off without her drink
I looked up the price difference, BTW. Her version, if I did it would be $4.95 but the appropriate way costs about $8.65
Has anyone else had similar stories? Example: making a venti iced water with a scoop of strawberries? Which is not .50 cents... Sorry TikTok but in fact $4.64(custom iced tea)
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2023.03.24 04:53 Mysterious_Error8157 i 21F think my bf 25M isn’t over his ex

am i stupid or what? i (21F) started dating my partner (25M) around the the end of october of last year. he had still been texting his ex at the end of september and i think they broke up in september, he told me they broke up before september i can't really remember. but i just discovered that's not true and also that he calls me everything he called her and basically i feel like after what i just found that he's recreating his relationship with her bc she lives in another country and she basically ghosted him. so first red flag was he had gifts she gave him RIGHT NEXT TO GIFTS I GAVE HIM. He told me he loved me really really really early. but it just felt like divine timing to me so i said it back and i really did feel so. second red flag, he has pictures of her up on his socials.. we've been together for almost 6 months. third and biggest red flag is he literally gave me her nick names.. says the same shit he said to her to me word for word damn near. i know this one is silly but he said he never fucked with any girls feet besides mine and dude. that was a lie! a stupid weird lie but nonetheless. basically i just want some brutal opinions on this very chaotic and sort of vague explanation of what i'm experiencing. do u think he's over his ex? am i stupid for even freaking out about this shit.
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2023.03.24 04:53 MMH0K How do I deal with my cousins crises?

I (18M) have this cousin (19F) of mine that is basically like a sister to me, we have been "living" ("cause she doesn't live in my house, but she passes most of the time here) with each other for our entire lifes, and talk everything to us.
She has some mental problem (she s diagnosed with it and takes meds) that I don't really know what it is exactly, but the thing is she has some crises sometimes and as her mother is an in denial Alcoholic and her father is an absent person, I am the one she asks when she has those crises. She says she hallucinates, but I've seen her have really hard anxiety crises, cry a lot and have a sensorial overload.
She was having one just now (Crying and Sensorial overload), and as her mother keept talking (she was drunk) to her she asked me to get her to my house as she needed silence, so I did that and made her come to my house, and she stayed in my bedroom as I made as much silence as possible, and I stayed on the living room on the side of it, ultill she came out. I asked her trought showing her some text if she was better and she said she was, and asked if she really didn't wanted to stay on my house for now and she said that no she didn't and I accompanied her to her house (its just on the side of my house) and said that if she needed something she could just call me anytime and I would answer.
I don't have any skill in dealing with people having hard times, I don't know how to deal with mine , so I am asking if some of you could please land me a hand and give me some advice to help her.
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2023.03.24 04:52 pastapot928384 Do we know what mental health issue Maya is struggling with? Not sure if it has ever been said what she is diagnosed with

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2023.03.24 04:52 Ifriqiya00 Guest upset that there’s someone living in the basement

Hi so basically I️ have a property that I️ split in two. The top two levels are one Airbnb and the basement is currently being rented to a friend but I️ will eventually Airbnb it as well. I️ listed it on Airbnb and have been hosting with no issue. In the description it says the basement isn’t included and it’s rented to someone else. A guest checked in today and they saw someone else’s car near the house and got pissed that someone else is living there. I mentioned that it was in the description and she said oh okay we thought the basement was just storage or something. I️ told them they have their own entrance and they can feel free to use everything in the house including the backyard except for the basement. I’m not exactly sure what will happen, they didn’t respond to my last message. I️ have a strict cancellation policy, will airbnb refund the guest or what? Not sure what to do, please advise.
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2023.03.24 04:52 kingi2019 Heart rate at 6 weeks

I just had a dating scan and a comment that the sonographer made has now made me nervous!
I have PCOS and have irregular cycles so that is the reason I had a dating scan so early. I am around 6wk3days
Anyway, the sonographer said that the heartrate of 109bpm was a bit low and now I'm overthinking it all. Everywhere that I read said that was a normal bpm for gestational age but still can't stop thinking about what she said.
Is this an ok heartrate for this gestation?
I wish she didn't even say anything about the heartrate being a bit low because I don't have an appointment with my doctor until Tuesday and I know this is all that I will be thinking about until then.
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2023.03.24 04:52 Nsfwsorryusername Oops

Alt account. Today a couple came in and ran me back and forth. They wanted to order their drinks separately, he wasn’t ready to order food when she was, three consecutive trips for sauce (our kitchen is in the basement so have to go down stairs every time), declined a sample of a beer, then complained that they didn’t like said beer, etc.
All of this I’m fine with. It’s my job. But when I do all of that work for 3 dollars on a $96.00 tab, after two hours of work, that’s annoying. Think of my attitude what you want, but I work on tips. If I don’t get tipped, I don’t get paid, so as long as that’s the system, I am going to have that attitude.
Guess what this idiot did? Left her credit card behind, under all of the receipts. Well I may have picked off the top receipt that she signed and slid the rest of the papers in the trash. I don’t feel bad about it. She is slightly inconvenienced by having to look for , and eventually reorder a card. Tip better than 3% or keep better track of your belongings.
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2023.03.24 04:51 LandscapePleasant618 She really said: :€

She really said: :€ submitted by LandscapePleasant618 to leslieclarksnark [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:51 n_anderson2022 Holistic Health Support: 1. How my Life Story Can Offer Lessons that Change Your Life 2. Learning to be Mentally & Emotionally Tough as a Child from these Biggest Mistakes 3. Science Based Tips to Live Happier & Overcome Major Depression Part 1

Hi everyone, I've been a Nurse for about 6 years but I am planning to quit to pursue my real passion for creating videos on YouTube about holistic health, which includes different aspects of health like physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual so if you would like to join me with this endless personal development journey, please subscribe! I’m here to share any personal development topics. I’m not getting paid for creating content but I do love helping others grow with me. Therefore, after years of inconsistent planning, procrastinating, and overly thinking about how to start a YouTube channel, I finally decided to just fucking start it because planning without taking actions is just wishful thinking and it’s just completely garbage. That inaction was stemming from many of my excuses like my hypothetical fear of judgment by others about my appearance, accent, educational background, lack of skills, you name it.
It made me admit that I’m just one little piece of this huge universe, which allows me to tackle life’s priorities over trivialities. I used to be neurotic about what others may think of me to the point that I couldn't even reveal my real gender identity and not even say a word at any party but I learned how to care and not to care in a balanced way because not caring about others’ opinions or judgment is a matter of spectrum and this applies to any types of behaviors. Caring too much is one extreme of the spectrum such as letting your partner punch you and walk all over you but you care too much about what others may think or you just care too much about your partner so you take little to no actions to get out of that trap.

I just started my channel last month and I only have 3 videos so far, which include a trailer about my life story that is about how I overcame childhood traumas, major depression, and being holistically well. Part of this story is my gender transition from female to male

I swear, this channel will certainly help you about different aspects of health as all of my content is genuine. I will be diving even deeper on my later episodes until it gets to the point of where I am in life compared to who I was.

I’m not better than anyone but my old self. We all have different journeys and hardships we overcame.

My journey may be harder or easier than what other people went through but it’s not really about how similar or different the journey is. It’s rather about learning from each other and from our past to make our present and future better as much as we can.

I’m simply sharing mine to hopefully share lessons that others could also learn from. For the most part, there’s nothing better to do than making others feel loved but it always starts from self-love as corny as it may sound.

I am thanking anyone who is doing the best he/she can to be better in whatever that aspect of life because doing so can mean so much for someone who’s going through tough times. Being a great example for others is like the ripple effect.

My next episode will be about how I overcame childhood traumas, abandonment, major depression, and verbal and physical abuse with the hope of inspiring as many people as I can by these stories.

Please hit that subscribe button, leave a comment for any feedback that I can learn from, like the video if you indeed like it, and share it so I can reach more viewers that could potentially benefit from this. The YouTube algorithm will automatically show any videos that get more engagement by viewers so I’d really appreciate it if you could do that for me to support my channel. You’ll automatically get notified whenever I upload.

Part of this story is my gender transition from female to male. to help me achieve my goals of helping as many people as I can about living holistically healthy and by that I simply mean thriving in this modern era where capitalism is more prominent than fulfillment and genuine happiness, which is a long-term game.

Thanks so much for your time! :)
My YouTube channel:
My 1st Video (I Almost Died Twice: How my Life Story Can Offer Lessons that Change Your Life Trailer):
My 2nd Video (Life Story P1: Learning to be Mentally & Emotionally Tough as a Child from these Biggest Mistakes):
YouTube Shorts (Science Based Tips to Live Happier & Overcome Major Depression Part 1
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2023.03.24 04:50 bearbooox My friend had an argument with our other mutual friends and I, after I called her out for saying something homophobic.

Her boyfriend recently thought that he was bisexual which she was worried about him leaving her. I understand why she was worried but she said something homophobic and I called her out on it. She said that it was okay to say that because shes bisexual herself. Although her boyfriend never clarified if he was actually bisexual it was just a thought.
Every since that argument shes left all the group chats containing our friends and blocked our mutual friends and me all on everything. Before she left the group chats she also said that we were overreacting about this.
The thing that i now realised is that was that she only talked to our friends and I online. Even when we would see her in real life she would ignore us and pretend that we were strangers.
Now shes gone, shes made new friends and shes gone. I miss her a lot for some reason, even though i know what she did was bad but I still miss her. I even almost reached out to her but I now accept that she doesn’t want our friends and myself back in her life.
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2023.03.24 04:49 ThrowRA49479374 I [23M] have been feeling sexually unwanted in my relationship recently with my girlfriend [21F]

For the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my girlfriend hasn’t been as intimate with me compared to the beginning of our relationship and I’m struggling to figure out a solution that doesn’t end in a break-up.
We’ve only been together for a short 4 months and she is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me and I love her so much. Recently I’ve been feeling ignored and just not sexually desired anymore compared to when we first started talking. I’ve communicated with her several times about my needs in the relationship and how being sexually intimate with your partner is a huge factor for me in any relationship.
I had another conversation with her today about how I’ve been feeling and I texted her to make a list of the good and bad things that made her feel a certain way during our relationship because I thought it would be unfair if I brought up only my feelings (ex. I feel happy when you do X because Y or I feel unloved when you do X). I told her this wasn’t meant to be an attack and I don’t feel any different towards her, but when I try and communicate with her she gets upset and defensive because she doesn’t think I’m happy and it’s her fault.
I come back from work and list off all the good things and bad things, telling her things I would like more and things I appreciate. In my head I thought I was being very reasonable and explaining myself well, however after I finished I asked her if she made a list so I can see things that she likes and dislikes so I can be a better partner. Of course, she got defensive and said she never made a list because she felt like I was criticizing her actions.
I explained how I was trying to communicate with her in a healthy and positive way, but she just sees it as me being unhappy and I’m bashing her. My biggest issue right now is intimacy issues and I try my best to explain why I feel unwanted, but it seems like she’d rather come out on top and justify herself instead of working out a solution together. I told her when I felt most wanted and how I miss those moments, but she recently got a new schedule for work and is always tired when she comes back. Before we were averaging about 2-4 times a week vs now it’s once a week and only when she has a free day.
I’ve expressed how I feel anxious that we aren’t sexually compatible because I have a high libido vs low / I like having sex vs she’d rather cuddle / I like intense make outs vs pecks on the lips / I initiate more vs rarely / I like bjs/hand jobs vs she doesn’t like those / I can go for multiple rounds vs 1 and done.
I don’t resent her for these things, but I feel like our sex life is extremely one sided and I think the reason I feel unwanted is because she doesn’t seem interested in making out or initiating anymore because she’s tired. I don’t want her to force herself on me or feel obligated to have sex after a long day, but when I always get the excuse of I’m tired it just makes me want to stop pursuing.
I asked her “What if we get married and have kids. Are we never going to be intimate because we work all day and come home to do chores and be with the kids because we would both feel tired everyday.”
This is a concern I think about a lot and I believe is a valid point. Her new schedule is only temporary for 2 more months, but I just don’t want to feel like this until we go back to the old schedule because I fear things will stay the same. I need advice on any solution because I’m stumped.
TL;DR Gf got new work schedule and never seems interested in being sexually intimate anymore making me feel unwanted.
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2023.03.24 04:49 thecaptaineth mediocre deaf applicant gets wl'd by t10

Intended Major(s): Astrophysics / Pure Physics (if school does not offer Astro)
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Thespians & Theatre for 5+ years, no major accomplishments except a lead role in junior year musical and participation in competitions.
  2. Varsity swim for 3 years, quit senior year because I wasn't having fun with it anymore (deaf = hard to communicate)
  3. Best Buddies chapter Secretary (go to a local school w those who have intellectual disabilities and be their friend for the day)
  4. Environmental Club founder (senior year. looks bad to colleges but it's such a struggle getting clubs started at my school.. wanted to try earlier)
  5. Voice lessons & Piano for 4 years consistently straight
  6. Book club program where you read challenging books
  7. Self-taught cooking, do it for other people & family :p
  8. SGA (joined this year)
Also about ~80 hours of community service, very big at my school though.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. scholarship to my school for english excellence, only awarded to one junior per year. it's like 1000+ for senior year
  2. scholarship for being top 5-3 on entrance exam, covers significant portion of my tuition
  3. international thespians society (needed to put something here)
  4. SNHS (ditto)
  5. NEHS (ditto)
Letters of Recommendation
AP Physics Teacher: probably pretty good honestly. i haven't read it but he's known me for the entirety of my life, since my mom is a teacher at the school. i talk to him a lot and we have a good friendship, esp w outside interests, and i just love this man cause he makes taking physics incredibly fun. i'd say he's almost responsible for my dedicated interest in physics atp 😭
AP Bio Teacher: i love this woman so much. she's a newer teacher but i've known her since sophomore year when i took ap bio, she recommended me for questbridge prep scholars (didn't get in) and is also chaperoning my environmental club :) i'm sure her letter was great too!
Stanford: 60 year old dude psych major. he was so nice though and we ended up having to check the time constantly because i was scared i'd go over and he was like "it's fine", but other than that he seemed genuinely interested in talking a lot and he even asked me questions about my disability, being deaf (he asked if the Sound of Metal was accurate.. which yeah) so i assume it was good. maybe i made a mistake in emphasizing to him i was really worried about financial aid though..
Common App: i spent quite a while on this essay. i wrote about the difference between my hearing and other people (22-122 channels of sound vs the normal 20k) and how i was able to accept this revelation and accept being deaf, growing as a part of it and appreciating myself even though i face a lot of struggles, moving past this idea that i wouldn't be more than my disability and defying it (theatre anyone?)
Stanny Supplements: i didn't really write about my accomplishments much, but i think they were fine (i don't cringe looking back at these essays), though my roommate essay was more about how being deaf would affect my roommate - me not hearing at night being a plus and a negative. i also wrote my excited ab learning essay on being able to learn more after 😭
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
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Additional Information:
I'm completely deaf and have been for the entirety of my life because of a connexin 26 mutation passed on by my parents. I wear cochlear implants, and I've stated in additional information of my common app about how it affected me academically :p i function sort of normally but i have a lot of hearing issues in any convo that's 3+ people and there are minor things that happen all the time against me that frustrates me 😭
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2023.03.24 04:49 WoodyMejias1 AITAH or is this just generational..

I’ve been in a relationship and lately I have been going back and forth with my GF about things when it comes to social media. I don’t like to post things nor do I regularly post things in general. Whether it be holidays date nights or birthdays. She is the complete opposite when it comes to events and that was something that somehow ended up being arguments. She feels that I do not show her off and wants to be shown off. Me on the other hand I like my privacy I always have especially having a background connected with the government. I have always practiced that and always wanted that. I am frustrated because we have this great connection but I hate to have to be forced to have the feeling of just showing off my S/O when I just don’t do that nor have I ever with anyone in past relationships as well. AITAH for just not wanting to give in to these things or am I really missing things. Like I said I understand that there are ocasiones but it just has never been my thing.
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