Shelter island ferry north

Ok, where is Metropolis?

2023.03.24 04:40 JonKentOfficial Ok, where is Metropolis?

Excerpt from my notes as I watched the episode.
Metropolis has always been an East Coast city, usually around the Delaware Bay, with the notable exception of Smallville where it was a city in Kansas (despite still having an ocean). I mean, it was like that in the Flash map. It's been a comic thing since forever, even the latest Superman: SOKE has a fake map of Metropolis being were Lewes, DE is. More importantly, Metropolis has always been a coastal city, with many islands. But I guess it's not like this here? Because... because you can drive to Metropolis without taking days, and HS football games pit the two cities together and... wait... not, what if.. it's not Metropolis that has been moved inland, after all they refer to Hob's Bay which is by definition a coastal feature, the new Fortress of Solitude is on the sea and Clark made it to be like, close and accessible to the whole family. Does that mean... Kansas is a coastal state? What is going on in this universe?
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2023.03.24 04:16 kareylicious Nest Migration Summary - #185

The 185th nest migration happened Wednesday!
[Calgary Nest Map] Direct link (
Nest Migration start: Mar 15, 5 pm
Next Nest Migration: Mar 29, 5 pm
Nests are as accurate at time of reporting. Please keep in mind that sometimes nests change when certain events begin/end.
The majority of the nest list has been provided by If you want more pokemon, please consider subscribing.
In order to keep the nest list updated as timely as possible I would kindly request that nest only be reported in top level comments and avoid editing previous posts to include new nests. The easiest way for me to see when the list needs to be updated is to see when I have a notification from reddit and I only receive those on new top level comments. Thank you very much!
Thank you to all our nest reporters! Without you, this wouldn't be possible!
Please keep the following in mind when reporting nests:
Spawn points in nests have a 25% chance to spawn the nest Pokemon. If a nest only has a handful of spawn points it is common to not see any of the nesting Pokemon if you are only at the nest for a short period of time. Due to this please ensure you have spent enough time in a nest before reporting your findings.
Happy hunting!!

Reported Nests

Downtown Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

North East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

North West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

South East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

South West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

Unreported Nests

Downtown Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? Barb Scott Park 4
?? Bow River Pathway Eau Claire 5
?? Central Memorial Park 5+
?? Century Gardens 4+
?? Connaught Park 5
?? Connaught School 3
?? Eau Claire Park ?
?? Harley Hotchkiss Gardens 4+
?? Harry Hayes - Red Machine Stop 2
?? Haultain Park 3
?? James Short Park 2
?? Lougheed House 5
?? McDougall Centre 10+
?? Nat Christie Park 5
?? Olympic Plaza 6
?? Princes Island Park 20
?? Rouleauville Square 5+
?? Shaw Millennium Park 6
?? Sien Lok Park North 3
?? Sien Lok Park South ?
?? South Bow Park 3
?? Stampede Park 49
?? The Family of Man ?
?? Thomson Family Park ?
?? Tomkins Park ?

North East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? 40th Ave Park 5
?? Abberfield Playground 3+
?? Airways Park ?
?? Bridgeland Park 2
?? Bridgeland Sport Fields / Park 6
?? Cityscape Music Playground ?
?? Coral Shores Pathway 3
?? Coventry/Country Hills Pond 11
?? Coventry Community Garden 3-4
?? Coventry Nose Creek Park ?
?? Crossroads Park 2-3
?? Deerfoot Athletic Park 9
?? Deerfoot Business Park ?
?? Don Hartman Northeast Sportsplax NESS 4
?? Ecole la Mosaique in Martindale 2
?? Edward H. LaBorde Viewing Area ?
?? Genesis Centre 9
?? Grant MacEwan School ?
?? Harvest Community Garden ?
?? Harvest Hills Playground ?
?? Highland Park Urban Beautification 2
?? Lester B Pearson School Field ?
?? Marlborough Community Association ?
?? Marlborough Park 20
?? Martha Haven Cricket Ground ?
?? McCall Lake Off Leash Dog Park ?
?? Monterey Community Centre ?
?? Monterey Park Fields 13
?? Murdoch Park 5
?? Munro Park 10+
?? Nose Creek Parkway / Confluence Park 22
?? Pinecliff Park Soccer Field 3+
?? Pinehill Playground 2+
?? Pine Ridge Road Playground ?
?? Pineridge Playground 2
?? Prairie Winds Park 10
?? Redstone Participark 3
?? Renfrew Athletic Park ?
?? Rotary Park 5
?? Rundle Community Association 2-3
?? Rundle Park ?
?? Rundlelawn Park ?
?? Skyview Landing Playground 7+
?? St. Patricks Island Park 11
?? St. John Paul II School ?
?? Temple Community Centre ?
?? Templegreen Park 4+
?? The District Outdoor Gym 4
?? Tom Campbell Park 7
?? Tuxedo Park Community Association 3
?? Village Square Leisure Centre ?
?? Whitehorn Community Centre 4
?? Whitehorn Field 10-15

North West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? 12 Mile Coulee Pathway 15
?? 14th Street Pathways 10
?? Arbor Lake School Park 5
?? Baker Park 10
?? Blakiston Park ?
?? Botanical Gardens of SS/Sarcee Park 13
?? Bowmont Park 15
?? Bowness Park 12
?? Bow River Pathway - Kensington 10
?? Bow River Pathway - Point McKay 2-3
?? BP Birthplace Forest 6+
?? Brenner Park 5
?? Brentwood Community Garden 6
?? Canmore Park 6
?? Castle Ruins 3
?? Catherine Nichols Gunn School 3
?? Childrens Village School Field ?
?? Chipmunk Playground (Ranchlands) 2
?? Citadel Pathways 3
?? Citadel Way Playground ?
?? Confederation Park 29
?? Confederation Golfcourse Playground 4
?? Country Hills Golf Course ?
?? Crescent Heights Park ?
?? Crowchild Twin Arenas 2
?? Crowfoot Crossing Pathway 5
?? Crowfoot Library 3
?? Dale Hodges Park 24
?? Dalhousie Community Association 10+
?? Dalhousie LRT Pathway 3
?? Dalton Park 4
?? Edgemont Off Leash 3 15
?? Edgemont Park ?
?? Edgemont Ravine 14
?? Egerts Park 3
?? Evansborough Way Playground 2
?? Evanston Pathway / Ball Diamond 3
?? Evanston Pathways 5-10
?? Foothills Athletic Park ?
?? Funny Wood Pillars ?
?? Giddy-Up Playground/Silvercreek Park ?
?? Hamptons Athletic Park 5
?? Hamptons Park ?
?? Hawkwood Pathways 3
?? Helicopter Playground ?
?? Hidden Valley Pathways North 10
?? Hidden Valley Pathways South 5
?? Hidden Valley Pond 2
?? Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Assn. 4
?? Huntington Blue & Red Playground 2-3
?? Huntington Hills Community Centre 10+
?? Huntington Hills Skatepark ?
?? Inland Athletic Park ?
?? John Laurie Park 7
?? John Laurie Pathway: 14th to 19th St 10
?? John Laurie Pathway: 19th St to Charleswood 8
?? John Laurie Pathway: Charleswood to Brisbois 5
?? Karl Baker Offleash Park 10+
?? Laycock Park 11
?? Macewan Glen Park ?
?? McHugh Bluff Park 20
?? Montalban Park ?
?? Montgomery Ave Playground 3
?? Nolan Hill Park 8
?? Nolan Hill Playground 5
?? Nolan Lake Pathways 8-10
?? Nose Hill Park 35
?? Nose Hill Spring Park 2-4
?? Panatella Hill North Pathway 3+
?? Panatella Hill South 2-3
?? Panora Close Playgroundy ?
?? Panorama Hills North Pathway 10
?? Panorama Hills Pathway 4
?? Panorama Soccer 3+
?? Parkdale Community Centre 3
?? Patches Hill ?
?? Patrick Burns Gardens ?
?? Poppy Plaza ?
?? Queen Elizabeth Park ?
?? Ranchlands Community Association 4-5
?? Ranchlands Off-Leash Dog Park 5-10
?? Research Park 4
?? Riley Park 9
?? Rocky Ridge Pathways 7
?? Rocky Ridge Point Pathway 3-4
?? Rocky Vista Park 6
?? RRROCA Park 3
?? Rosedale Park 2
?? Sage Hill Pathways 3
?? Sandstone Area 3 Off Leash Dog Park 4-5
?? Sandstone Macewan 1-4
?? Sandstone Park 15+
?? Sandstone Place 2+
?? Shouldice Aquatic Centre ?
?? Shouldice Athletic Park 15
?? Silver Spring Nature Park 20
?? Silver Springs Outdoor Pool ?
?? Triwood Community Association 4
?? Triwood Park ?
?? Tuscany Club 6
?? Tuscany Fire Hall Greenspace 5+
?? Tuscany Valley Playground 2+
?? U of C: C Train Station 2-3
?? U of C: Gallagher Library 2
?? U of C: Prairie Chicken ?
?? U of C: Science Theatres ?
?? Utah Drive Park 12
?? Varsity Estates Park ?
?? Varsity Ravine Park ?
?? Varsity Sport Fields ?
?? Varsity Soccer Pitch 4
?? Varsity Village Park 5-8
?? Watermark Community Gazedo 5-8
?? West Hillhurst Community Assn. 10+

South East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? Acadia Community Garden & Art Society ?
?? Acadia Tennis Courts 3
?? Applewood Park 7
?? Auburn Bay Kids Only Pokestop ?
?? Auburn Bay Kids Park ?
?? Auburn House ?
?? Carburn Park 14
?? Chapala Drive Playground ?
?? Chaparral Ridge Circle 12
?? Copper Pond ?
?? Copperfield Community Centre 3
?? Copperfield Hoodoo Park 3
?? Copperfield Park 6-7
?? Copperfield Park II ?
?? Copperfield Park III ?
?? Copperfield Trifecta 2
?? Copperstone Blvd Park ?
?? Copperstone Grove Park 3
?? Dogwood Crescent Park ?
?? Douglas Glen Park 4
?? Douglas Glen Pathway ?
?? Douglasbank Park ?
?? Eaglequest Golf Pathway ?
?? Eastside City Church 4
?? Elliston Park 3
?? Fairview Off Leash Dog Area/Flint Park ?
?? Fairview Park 6
?? Fish Creek Park 100+
?? Flavelle Road Park ?
?? Fonda Park 7
?? George Moss Park ?
?? Great Plains Recreational Facility 5
?? Harry Huish Park ?
?? Inglewood 11th Ave Playground 2
?? Inglewood Bird Sanctuary 20
?? Inglewood Golf Course ?
?? Inglewood Wildlands 5
?? Inverness Park ?
?? Jack Setters Park 5
?? Lake Bonavista School Field ?
?? Lake Sundance 12
?? Legacy Playground ?
?? Max Bell Centre ?
?? McKenzie Meadows Golf Club ?
?? McKenzie Towne Park ?
?? New Brighton Central Park 6
?? New Brighton Park Playground 3
?? Pearce Estate Park 25
?? Pop Davies Athletic Park 13
?? Penbrooke Meadows Park 6
?? Prestwick Fountain Park 2
?? Prestwick Inukshuk 2
?? Olympia Drive Off-Leash 3
?? Quarry Park Pathway ?
?? Raddison Heights Park ?
?? Raddison Heights Park East 6
?? Rainbow Park ?
?? Ralph Klein Park ?
?? Ramsay Community Association 5
?? Ramsay School Park 6
?? Reader Rock Gardens 4+
?? Remington YMCA in Quarry Park ?
?? Riverbend Community Centre 6
?? Riverbend Pathway ?
?? Southview Park 10
?? Sue Higgins Park 15+
?? The Lone Pony ?
?? Valleyview Park 3
?? Walden Playground ?
?? Willow Park Gardens Playground ?
?? Wyldewood Estates Trellis ?

South West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? AD Ross Park 3-4
?? Babbeling Brook Park 3-5
?? Bankview Community Association 2
?? Battalion Park 25+
?? Battalion Park School 3+
?? Braeside Park 10+
?? Braeside Park Tennis Courts 7
?? Britannia Slopes 9
?? Buffalo Park (Garrison) ?
?? Canada Olympic Park 40
?? Champlain Park 2
?? Christie Estates Playground 5
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways North ?
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways NE ?
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways NW 2
?? Discovery Ridge Ponds 5
?? Douglas Fir Trail Lookout Platform 6
?? Edworthy Park ?
?? Edworthy Park (river side) ?
?? Eversyde Park 3
?? Flanders Park 3
?? Galbraith Park Playground 3
?? Glamorgan Park ?
?? Glenbrook Park 3
?? Glendale Meadows Park ?
?? Glenmore Athletic Park 12
?? Griffith Park Playground 10+
?? Griffith Woods 30
?? Haysboro Community Park 10+
?? James H Gray Park ?
?? Jenny Elliot Elementary Field 2
?? Killarney Glengarry Community Assn. 5
?? Lakeview Community Assn. 20+
?? Lindsay Park 20+
?? Mahood Commons - Ambrose University 2+
?? Meadowlark Park ?
?? Millcrest Park 3
?? Millview Greenspace 3
?? North Glenmore 13
?? Old Banff Coach Hill Off Leash Park 1+
?? Optimist Park 40+
?? Patterson Place 2
?? Peacekeeper Park 3
?? Picnic Park 4
?? Poplar Park 2-3
?? Prominence Park 7-9
?? River Park 13
?? Riverdale Park ?
?? Roxboro & Erlton Offleash 7
?? Sandy Beach 9
?? Shaganappi Park 5-10
?? Shawnessy Pathway 10
?? Sienna Hills Playground 3
?? Signal Hill Old Fashioned Playground 4
?? Signal Ridge Playground 6+
?? Simcoe Playground 3
?? Silverado Skies Pathways 3
?? Sirocco Park 10+
?? Somerset Water Park 6
?? South Calgary Park 12
?? South Glenmore Park ?
?? South Mount Royal Park 2
?? Springborough Playground 5+
?? Sprucecliff Community Association ?
?? Stanley Park 14
?? Strathcona Christie Aspen Community Association ?
?? Sunalta Park 5+
?? Turtle Hill Park 6+
?? Valour Park 2-3
?? Westside Soccer Field 5+
?? Wildwood Community Association 3
?? Woodbine Athletic Park 4
Thank you to our nest hunters!
Nest locations only:
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2023.03.24 04:13 gtedvgt Just a reminder that the One Piece wiki is unofficial and not everything on there is correct.

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2023.03.24 04:11 gtedvgt Just a reminder that the One Piece wiki is unofficial and not everything on there is correct.

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2023.03.24 04:02 Traditional-Win354 What cold-adapted animals and plants exist in ASOIAF that could be of use in the North? [SPOILERS EXTENDED]

Seeing as the North has many long winters where they have to stockpile food, what crops could they grow and what animals could they herd during the winter?
I'm not really sure of what crops would be best to grow, and I don't know which winter crops could be rotated. All I can think of is lots of cabbages.
What other crops and animals could be grown and farmed in the North to help during the long winter?
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2023.03.24 03:27 Fickle-Exchange2017 Season 2, Ep 23, Recap


Oh thank the heavens! We're outta the tombs! Climbing out of the Tombs with various fresh dead bodies, the party manages to escape some tough questions from the priests with some sweet Jedwyn explanations. They even manage to acquire some help to wheelbarrow the bodies to the castle. All their efforts are put on a hold however when a commotion in the direction of the town square occurs. Running over, they see that sneaky son-of-a-bitch Daniel Crumb murder a couple of guards, but he isn't after no no...his harrowed dead eyes are fixed on the person in the stationary carriage.... One Daniel Creme leaps from the back of the carriage into the streets away from the ambush only to be stopped in his tracks by a weird sound emitted by Daniel Crumb. You know where this is going...Our party aren't the best bodyguards and well...Daniel Creme gets shanked in the back and dies by the hands of Daniel Crumb. Still following?! Crumb killed Creme. Combat evolves with our group and Crumb, until our brave young quarter Satyr friend Fumbles, ends Daniel Crumb's (for certain?) life, just in-time for the priests approaching with the bodies in wheel barrows to pick up more bodies to present to the king.
Dios mio!

Party roll to beat = 7 Cory 15 Dusty 4 Matt 13 Steven 18 Vanessa 4
Steven eats his bowl of mayo soup and parties


The party finally arrives at the castle and are stopped at the gates by guards wondering what the hell this corpse train behind them is all about.
Barilla Stromboli, Roll for Intimidation on the guards to allow them to pass with the dead bodies. 13 The guards are hesitant but willing to listen them out.

The guards tell em the dump the bodies, but also tell the group they will handle it and are ushered along to see the King. The accustomed pageantry follows as the king comes into the room and quickly addresses the groups findings. The king listens on but its intrigued when Fumbles explains that the bodies in this restricted area were being bisected and worked on. The colour drops from the Kings face as he realizes the situation is far worse than he previously thought. Some group has infiltrated the temples and this could be linked to the sympathizers of the descendants of the island. Eager to push his plans, King Talantis reaches for a scroll and breaks into his next quest for the group. While he's always suspected there to be some civil unrest with the descendants, he hasn't been able to cull them out entirely. Maybe his shit guards are the problem. But before him is a capable party willing to do his bidding. Right? He breaks out a map and points to a grove in the "north-right" area of the city. It's oddly enough known as the "Descendants Grove", a suspected stronghold. Their mission, if they should choose it, is to recon the area and report back to the king. On their way it's suggested they head to the "Illuminated Grove", a place where King Talantis the first sowed the first seeds of his conquest. The king is carried off to trumpets.
Fritz listening on doesn't feel good about this. He and Jedwyn with his telepathic abilities talk it out; were they brought here to cleanse the island? Maybe the King and his force are the bad ones? hmmmmm
Uneasy over the development of things, the party softly agree to the kings request but backtrack once he leaves the room. They head to collect their reward, some 1200 gold, riccccch boys!
Heading back to the Tavern they each buy their own rooms and head to bed.
The very next day, pockets full, the shopping spree commences!
Jedwyn decides to sell the Orb he'd been mage handling since the tombs by heading to a magic shop. It happens to be it can trap souls...
Jedwyn Bogswallow, Roll for persuasion to convince the shop keeper if he would take this orb off his hand for a few gold pieces 19 The shop keeper "drops 275 gold" and the orb manages to be in his ownership.
Now the shopkeeper starts to haggle his wares to the rest of the group, like Carl 7... He pulls out an old skeleton key for 15 gold, says he doesn't know what it opens to...
Carl 7, roll to haggle 18, success! Haggles to 10 pc of gold

The shop keeper now turns to Fritz and reaches down to a small metal can. It has no lid but shakes like a salt shaker. The riddle is solving it lies with Fritz if he chooses to purchase it for 8 gold, which he does.
Barilla is offered an iron branded dark ceramic urn, which have the ashes of a great hero. Anyone who carries it, takes on his bravery for only 15 gold.

Barilla Stromboli roll to haggle 19, success! Haggles to 10 pc of gold

Jedwyn grabs provisions as well as a mule with a pack saddle. A cart is bought by Barilla, which is attached to Carl 7's steed which he always has with him apparently. Fumbles buys a disguise kit but something else happens to the entire group....

-Engineer Rory is still MIA and gone for several weeks. Some say he might be Jesus.
-Mark did roll in the last episode to kill Daniel Creme, or so he says
-Eirdren is conspicuously missing when the group arrive to talk to the king
-Dusty's grandpa used to eat peanut butter and pickles sandwiches all the time -Dusty also has a coworker that eats hot chili along with a peanut butter sandwich. She's stacked.
-The suite room costs 12 gp
-There is a game called "spacestation 13" where you can play DnD INSIDE THE GAME.
-Dusty does not like to haggle in real life.
-Jedwyn's mule's name is "cupcake"
-Mark know how to play the bassoon
-Matt dated a girl in college who was an oboe player


"None of my creampie all stays in..." - Mark
"Is that the meaning of 'African mayonnaise'? when you sew up a vagina with a creampie in it?" - Dusty
"You call em Corpse Eclairs" - Matt on the creampie filled corpses
"When they have rigor mortis it's called Krispy Creme" - Dusty, one upping Matt
"Listen to our air noisers!" - Dusty on the king's trumpeters
"Are they capable of doing that sir?" - Barilla questioning the king if the guards are able to burn bodies since they can't do much in a fight
"OHHH SHIT!!!!" - Fumbles when he realizes that Jedwyn and Fritz are having a conversation in his head.
"...and I'm sorry I'm so ignorant on the subject your royal majesty king of all and holy of holiest, but where did your kind originally come from?" - A sassy Jedwyn
"Okay, the suns down right now, but i'll let you know tomorrow" - Fumbles to the king as to why his eyes hurt when he looks at the sun
"It doesn't smell right" - Carl 7
"Is this whole campaign a metaphor to the Israel/Palestine struggle?" - Dusty
"The last campaign? Was about the crisis in Darfur" - Mark

"Is that why that town was called 'Darthree?" - Steven
@ party_roll on twitter
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2023.03.24 03:21 saslnzzmtku Four months in the South Pacific—Spring or Fall?

Hi all,
I'm planning a ~4 month trip to New Zealand and the South Pacific for 2024, and I'm trying to decide if I should take it in the Southern Hemisphere Fall/Winter (March—May) or WinteSpring (August—November).
I'd like to spend 2 months exploring New Zealand and 2 months exploring other island countries in the South Pacific. My goals are decent weather for hiking, lower crowds, and lower prices, so I'm considering two shoulder season itineraries:
Itinerary 1:
I also have February free, but I didn't see an obvious place in the region to spend that month—any suggestions? I considered Australia, but I'm concerned about the summer heat.
Itinerary 2:
Does one itinerary stand out over the other? Whichever season I don't choose, I will likely spend traveling in the Balkans, if that influences things at all. Thanks for any thoughts!
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2023.03.24 03:17 SkippergReddit Map of Europe but you control it.. (Edits apply to next post)

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2023.03.24 03:07 EdenTrois2 "Wolfe Island Ferry", oil on wood panel

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2023.03.24 02:55 AngelaLambert Which U.S. states have the highest and lowest student/teacher ratios? (Infographic)

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2023.03.24 02:23 Saturn_Ecplise USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) returns to Naval Air Station North Island following 18-month maintenance [3302x1857]

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2023.03.24 02:22 purplewave_ purplewave_ ends his campaign for Kaikōura as well as SIPP's campaign in general

purplewave_ finishes off his campaign back in his hometown in Blenheim, on the same porch he kicked his campaign off on.
“Kia ora, my friends.”
“This has been a long and arduous campaign, but I believe it has been worth it. When we first started out, South Island devolution was an issue for cranks far out of the Overton window. We have turned it into the main issue of the election. Every party, no matter their stance on the issue, now needs to acknowledge that there is a difference between the North and the South in this country, and that it won’t just go away if they stop looking at it.”
“I believe now is the time that we do one last push for devolution, both here in Blenheim as well as nationwide. Every vote for the South Island People’s Party builds a mandate for change in New Zealand. If we can win Kaikōura, we can show that voters in Marlborough are fed up with the status quo. If we win more seats, we show New Zealand that Southerners aren’t just talking about breaking free from Auckland; we’re ready to do it.”
“I have been amazed by the strength and resolve of our campaigners. The political establishment has thrown everything they can at us--the Leader of the Opposition even said she would use military force against us--but we have continued to make large gains in South Island. One in six South Island voters currently back SIPP, and that number will continue to increase as the Auckland elites make it clearer and clearer that they do not care about us.”
“When I first announced SIPP, I called for South Island to finally break the chains they have been forced into by Auckland and Wellington. I feel now the forces of those chains weakening every hour, as more and more of us rally against the urban elites who have left us with nothing as they reap all the rewards of society. Tomorrow, we can release ourselves once and for all, with a vote for purplewave_ in Kaikōura and a party vote for SIPP.”
purplewave_ returns home after a long week of campaigning, content with his efforts to achieve South Island devolution.
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2023.03.24 02:17 NorthStarProject Gary William Fisk Case Update

Hi. My name is Friendly Alien, and this was a case covered by a Field Analyst and friend of the North Star Project. I have no idea why AKST or any officials have not updated the information, as this was discovered in August last year... But here's an overview of what we've found and what our unnamed Field Analyst wrote while he was out there:

Crow Pass, Missing Person: Case Report

-FA, "Maketa". N.S.P. (North Star Project)
A 74-year-old Gary Fisk, Departed on the Crows' pass hike from Girdwood to Eagle river on September 21st, 2021. After a bout of Adverse weather, including snow and high winds, Fisk was never heard from again. Aircraft and mountain rescue crews were unable to locate Fisk or recover a Cadaver. This area is known for avalanches and Blizzards, as are most of the mountains surrounding the Mat-Su Valley during the winter and spring months.
Running theory:
AKST and Rescue crews were unable to locate Mr. Fisk, finding no signs and publishing minimum circumstances regarding his disappearance. However, heavy snowfall likely played a significant role. It was likely causing him to become lost or seek shelter in one of the many Abandoned mines in the area. Trained rescue crews often do not enter Dilapidated mines due to the risk of Poisonous gas, Cave-ins, and/or improperly disposed of ordinances. I and a local guide have Formed the hypothesis that Fisk departed Girdwood, and traveled an Undetermined distance. (will be estimated through interview with AKST) Mr. Fisk was unable to travel further or backtrack due to increasing weather severity, seeking shelter inside the lowest point near his position. Some period of time had passed and an avalanche/or snow had buried the trail or if sheltering in a mine entrance bracing may have failed to cause a cave-in. It is estimated Fisk is likely Deceased due to Exposure and/or starvation
Planned Field Investigation:
Beginning in August 2022, the Investigation will be conducted by Bridger Maketa, Assisted in the field by Nathaniel Caole. Time of departure/ weather conditions and Geological activity will be determined through interview With AKST, NOAA and or Family Members, then be cross-referenced to determine distance traveled. All Underground cavities in the area will be searched, for signs of Fisk, snow coverage, and/or Recent collapse within the past 2 years. If Mr Fisk is Located and ID’d, measurements will be taken of Radiation, gas levels, signs of injury and location. Outcome to be forwarded to family, And AKST.
Screenshot Of Location Of Discovery And Paths.
Investigation outcome:
Aug 18th 2022: our party Departed Girdwood at 12pm, traveling up the lower and upper trails. Multiple slide locations into thick unsearchable foliage were spotted, as well as one of two accessible mine entrances due to time constraints. There were many places to fall including a large canyon on the southern incline towards the summit, which all locations prior to the summit would make recovery unlikely/implausible. We also encountered record rainfall combined with 60mph+ as we crossed by Beaver Glacier. After the descent time had degraded the trail causing us to lose it temporarily. We decided to make camp at the bottom of the valley behind the bluff for wind protection.
Aug 19th 2022: upon departure, we were unable to progress on the lower valley, upon backtracking to enter the trail, we spotted an aluminum rod deep in the brush, No other items seen. We Completed the first river crossing with ease, with the water just above ankles. And continued down trail, checking low areas where a lost person would be attracted towards. A footbridge over a canyon had damaged railing, if someone fell they would be likely non-recoverable, another location shorty after involved a slippery ledge over the canyon. Upon entering the bushwhacking section of the trail we were hindered by a cow and calf (female Moose with calf), refusing to exit the trail in front of us while traveling through tall grass and thick foliage. In 14 miles with an additional 4 in detours we arrived upon the bank of Eagle River. We had immediately noticed water levels were far higher than typical. Much of the trail to the fjord sight was immersed in ice cold glacial water causing us to detour along the higher sections of floodplain. Upon arrival to the fjord sight, we concluded Eagle River was in-cross able. Our choice was either 15 miles of steep muddy slopes followed by a treacherous mountain climb, or to attempt to travel south to cross the headwaters of the lake. Upon choosing to travel the shorter path, the trail dissapeared replaced by rough terrain and thick foliage. We continued for two miles until we were half way around the lake. Upon then we found a piece of Grey pants on the ground, we were surprised someone had been here before us, however 50 feet the terrain was completely impassible, down to the left in an indent, our search took a eventful and solemn turn, as we spotted a bright yellow backpack. A floral water bottle was attached outside, while a lighter lay upon the ground 3 feet away. We searched the bag for ID, eventually identifying it as belonging to Gary Fisk. Being careful to not disturb evidence we left the bag and all other items in position. Noticeably the backpack had a foam pad yet no sleeping bag, a bear canister (food storage canister) had teeth marks upon it, however the yellow bag had not been opened upon discovery. We determined to visually search for a few more minutes, finding a turned over tree with a can of bear spray, which had a bite taken out of it. 20 ft left from the pant leg.
Upon departure we spotted tattered red fabric 50 feet above us on the canyon to our western side.

Photograph Of The Discover Of Fisks' ID
The weather quickly declined, resulting in many slips and falls upon our return. Water began flooding the valley, turning most trail sections into flowing streams and deep mud pits. We were determined to return to the summit cabin before dark, due to the danger of climbing at night, and our camping gea fire starting kits becoming waterlogged. We kept moving taking minimum breaks to stave off hypothermia making it 10 miles uphill before the first river crossing. Upon a short discussing we knew our only way was across, as the record flood would continue for weeks. The river had risen to waist height, moving fast enough to send boulders crashing downstream. We found a fjord sight and barely crossed, due to a single trekking pole I became completely wet, and hypothermia quickly set in causing my legs to tense and losing my ability to move.
Aug 20th 2022: We made an emergency camp, utilizing a bivy bag and wet gear. Mr Caole completed the last 2 miles to the cabin to call for help. I was inside the bivy bag unable to move for 12 hours until ANG Hilo arrived, being airlifted to Providence Anchorage with severe hypothermia.
August 21st 2022: AKST and S&R crews traveled to the sight but were unable to find any remains or the clothing we found. Only recovering the backpack and bearspray
The location of Gary Fisk’s campsite being Miles ahead of where S&R crews suspected. From the evidence found the story is assumed to be, Gary departed on September 21st 2021, traveled down to the rear of the summit as weather degraded, continuing downhill to avoid deep snow.
Upon reaching the river crossing a day behind in progress, and wet from slush and snow, Gary traveled quicker and lost the trail to the fjord sight and continued to travel south. The terrain was more and more difficult to pass before finally reaching the dead end beside the lake. Garry was fully hypothermic and had no choice but to make camp and attempt to start a fire, however, as evident from the lighter and attempted fire, he was unsuccessful due to either the loss of dexterity, or the wetness of the area. It is unknown what happened after this, though it is possible that after hypothermia led to the removal of his clothes. Upon hearing the snowmachines used by S&R crews on the eastern lake side. Gary either A: climbed up the Cliff to signal for help, Following death by exposure. Or B: gary attempted to swim across the lake, the 38 degree water immediately causing Cardiac arrest.
Second theory of the nature of presumed death is, Gary, being stalked by a bear and mauled/Buried. This theory is supported by the numerous black and brown bear population in the area, His Bear mace being located 50 feet away from the campsite, with multiple punctures to the can, indicative of large teeth. As well as the torn clothes. (as opposed to neatly removed which is more typical to hypothermia)
However It is more likely a bear was attracted to the Capsacin and removed it from the bag to chew on, and there would have been one or more cadaver remnants from a bear mauling leaving the lack of a body improbable.

NOTE: Please know that we take this seriously and do not mean any of this information to be satire.
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2023.03.24 01:31 Aronious42 Some quotes about Gil-galad through the decades.

There was a question here yesterday I think about Gil-galad's names. I looked into it a little myself out of curiosity though it was quite the Gordian knot. Just for fun, I decided to find the relevant quotes about his names and his parentage that I could find and set them all roughly chronologically for my own satisfaction, to see it all from start to finish. I figured some person or persons here might find it interesting to look at too.
The roman numerals are for History of Middle-earth volumes:
V-The Lost Road and Other Writings; VI-The Return of the Shadow, VII-The Treason of Isengard, XI-The War of the Jewels, XII-The Peoples of Middle-earth
The Fall of Númenor c. 1936-7 (V 29):
And it is said that in Beleriand there arose a king, who was of Númenórean race, and he was named Elendil, that is Elf-friend. And he took counsel with tht Elves that remained in Middle-earth (and these abode then mostly in Beleriand); and he made a league with Gil-galad the Elf-king who was descended from Fëanor.
Draft of “The Council of Elrond” c. 1938 (VI 215)
There was a king in Beleriand of Númenórean race and he was called Elendil, that is Elf-friend. And he made an alliance with the Elf-king of those lands, whose name is Gilgalad (Starlight), a descendant of Fëanor the renowned. I remember well their council – for it reminded me of the great days of the ancient war, so many fair princes and captains were there, yet not so many or so fair as once had been.
Revisions to The Fall of Númenor c. 1940 (V 33 and VII 122-3)
But in that land that was left north and south of the gulf the Elves remained, and Gil-galad son of Felagund son of Finrod was their king.
Emendation to Quenta Silmarillion (1937) c. 1950, not taken up into Later Quenta 1 typescript 1951 (XI 242-3)
But fearing now that all strong places were doomed to fall at last before the might of Morgoth, he [Felagund] sent away his wife Meril to her own folk in Eglorest, and with her went their son, yet an elvenchild, and Gilgalad Starlight he was called for the brightness of his eye.
Grey Annals 1951 (XI 56)
Then in great sorrow Fingon took the lordship of the house of Fingolfin and the kingdom of the Noldor. [Late pencilled addition: But his young son (?Findor) [sic] Gilgalad he sent to the Havens.]
Aldarion and Erendis 1960 (Unfinished Tales 199 emended with Christopher’s comments XII 351)
[Finlachen>Finhenlach>] Finellach Gil-galad of the House of Finarfin to Tar-Meneldur of the line of Eärendil greeting: the Valar keep you and may no shadow fall upon the Isle of Kings.
A Description of the Island of Númenor 1960 (Unfinished Tales 168 emended with Christopher’s comments XII 351)
Its fruit was a nut with a silver shale; and some were given as a gift by Tar-Aldarion, the sixth King of Númenor, to King Finellach Gil-galad of Lindon.
Isolated scribbled note August 1965 (XII 350)
Angrod’s son was Artaresto, who was beloved by Finrod and escaped when Angrod was slain, and dwelt with Finrod. Finrod mad ehim his ‘steward’ and he succeeded him in Nargothrond. His Sindarin name was Rodreth (altered to Orodreth because of his love of the mountains.. ….. His children were Finduilas and Artanáro = Rodnor later called Gil-galad. (Their mother was a Sindarin lady of the North. She called her son Gil-galad). Rodnor Gil-galad escaped and eventually came to Sirion’s Mouth and was King of the Ñoldor there.
The Shibboleth of Fëanor c. 1968-9 (XII 347, 364)
Galad occurs also in the epessë of Ereinion (‘scion of kings’) by which he was chiefly remembered in legend, Gil-galad ‘star of radiance’: he was the last king of the Eldar in Middle-earth, and the last male descendant of Finwë except Elrond the Half-elven [Author’s note: He was the son of Arothir, nephew of Finrod.]
Not about parentage, but a new name, typescript note 1969 (The Nature of Middle-earth 186)
Base √ÑAL ‘shine, glitter’, always with reference to reflected radiance from a bright surface. As in the name Gil-galad ‘star of radiance’ given to Finwain, last High-king of the Eldar, because of the radiance of his silver hair, armour, and shield that, it is said, could even in the moonlight be seen from many leagues afar. The same word occurs in the name Galadriel (kinswoman of Finwain), ‘lady of the radiant crown’, referring to the shining of her golden hair.
I wonder if this came before or after Shibboleth, so if Finwain was supposed to be the replacement for Ereinion or the other way around.
I say his name should just be Findor Finellach Rodnor Ereinion Finwain Gil-galad the descendant of Fëanor, Fingolfin, and Finarfin. In seriousness though this was pretty fun to do. Christopher called the son of Fingon idea "ephemeral" in his final analysis of the subject, and looking at it all together it seems it really was just that one penciled note. He was merely temporarily of the line of Fingolfin while moving branches of the house of Finarfin.
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2023.03.24 01:15 fradigit Looking for recommendations on the best branches to visit for specific county library systems

I moved to Washington somewhat recently so haven't seen much of the state outside King County. I would like to try and visit all the reciprocal library systems to King County to get a library card for use in Libby, as well as to force myself out of the house and explore. I have a list of the reciprocal library systems, but each one probably has at least a few branches if not 10+ so I thought I would reach out and see if anyone had strong opinions on which branches I should visit. Any restaurant or other local sight recommendations are also welcome, or specific times of year as I imagine this will be a long project.
Additionally, if you happen to know any issues with my plan or documents I should bring with me besides the King County library card and a bill/ID card as proof of address, please let me know!

EDIT: I noticed after posting that this list has both library systems and counties, so there's a lot of duplicates. I should only have to visit each library system (and it seems like some of them don't actually require you to go in person, although getting a physical card would be nice).

The following counties and library systems have reciprocal borrowing agreements with KCLS:
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2023.03.24 00:56 Abyx01 The End of the World and the Demonic Cats

It was the year 2029 and the world was in chaos. A mysterious virus had spread across the globe, turning people into mindless zombies. The only survivors were those who had managed to find shelter in underground bunkers or remote islands. Among them was Jake, a young man who had escaped from New York City with his cat, Fluffy.
Jake and Fluffy had been living in an abandoned cabin in the woods for months, scavenging for food and water. They had avoided contact with other humans, fearing that they might be infected or hostile. Jake loved Fluffy more than anything in the world. He had rescued her from a pet store when the outbreak began and she had been his loyal companion ever since.
One day, Jake decided to venture out of the cabin to look for some supplies. He left Fluffy behind, telling her to stay put and be good. He grabbed his backpack and his shotgun and headed towards the nearest town. He hoped to find some canned food or medicine there.
As he walked through the forest, he noticed something strange. The birds were silent and the animals were nowhere to be seen. He felt a chill run down his spine as he sensed that something was wrong. He quickened his pace, hoping to reach the town before nightfall.
He arrived at the town just as the sun was setting. It was a small place with a few shops and houses along a main street. It looked deserted and eerie. Jake scanned the area for any signs of life or danger. He saw none.
He decided to check out the grocery store first. He entered through a broken window and searched for anything edible or useful. He found some canned beans, crackers, water bottles and aspirin. He stuffed them into his backpack and moved on to the next shop.
He repeated this process until he had visited every shop on the street. He was about to head back to the cabin when he heard a loud meow from behind him.
He turned around and saw a cat sitting on top of a car across the street. It was black with green eyes and a white patch on its chest.
"Hey there," Jake said softly, "are you lost?"
The cat meowed again and jumped off the car.
Jake smiled and reached into his backpack for some crackers.
"Here you go," he said as he tossed one towards the cat.
The cat caught it in mid-air and ate it greedily.
"Wow, you must be hungry," Jake said as he tossed another one.
The cat ate that one too and then looked at Jake expectantly.
Jake chuckled and threw another one.
The cat ate it as well but then did something unexpected: it opened its mouth wide and let out an ear-splitting screech that sounded like nails on chalkboard mixed with a siren's wail.
Jake was stunned by the cat's screech. He felt a sharp pain in his ears and dropped his backpack. He covered his ears with his hands and looked around.
He saw dozens of cats emerging from the shadows and running towards him. They were all black with green eyes and white patches on their chests. They looked exactly like the one he had fed.
He realized too late that he had fallen into a trap. The cat he had fed was a scout for a pack of demonic cats that had been hunting humans for sport. They had lured him into their territory with their cute appearance and hungry meows.
Jake grabbed his shotgun and tried to shoot them, but it was too late. The cats were too fast and too many. They pounced on him and tore him apart with their claws and teeth.
The last thing Jake saw before he died was Fluffy's face in his mind. He wished he had never left her alone in the cabin...
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2023.03.24 00:56 you-can-call-me-alki Exciting first day for the new State Ferry route! Bainbridge -> Edmonds -> Almost Mukilteo -> Seattle -> Harbor Island -> Bainbridge

Exciting first day for the new State Ferry route! Bainbridge -> Edmonds -> Almost Mukilteo -> Seattle -> Harbor Island -> Bainbridge submitted by you-can-call-me-alki to Seattle [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 00:50 CalligrapherOk8831 Why do the drop spawn outside the play zone in payload?

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2023.03.24 00:19 BritainsEmpire1 WMATA Washington Metro imaginary extensions (Revised)

WMATA Washington Metro imaginary extensions (Revised)
Eliminated Magenta line interlining with Orange line and diverted south to Largo Terminus with the addition of 3 new stations, North Englewood, Bladensburg, and Woodridge
Magenta line now peels off from NoMa instead of Rhode Island Avenue
Elimination of Rosaryville and Marlton stations, and replaced with a direct extension to more populous Upper Marlboro from Branch Avenue
New terminus (Beltsville) for Yellow and Green Lines replaces Greenbelt
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2023.03.24 00:07 wickerous_ Found in North Island New Zealand growing in horse dung

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2023.03.24 00:07 Puzzleheaded_Fly2948 Turkey Nose Job Tips

I've been researching rhinoplasty for years now, and I've made a list of tips and advice that might be useful to those getting a nose job in Turkey!
Please let me know if I should add anything, I'm scheduled for June 13 with Dogan Pinar.

Things to Buy

Before Leaving

Pre Op

Post Op



Note on Arnica/Bromelian: There is not enough scientific evidence to suggest that Arnica or Bromelian can be useful for post op swelling/bruising, it is homeopathic medicine. Arnica can be harmful if ingested in big amounts; Arnica gel creams are usually diluted past the point of any effectiveness. Bromelian is an enzyme, it can't do much if ingested - same goes for pineapple juice (it's healthy to drink it, but it won't do anything specifically for swelling). Most people who experience positive effects from these herbal remedies are experiencing placebo; plus, keep in mind that the majority of people getting rhinoplasty are in their early to mid 20s, and therefore heal fast anyways.
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2023.03.23 23:50 DevenRue The LotR maps I created for Magic the Gathering have finally been revealed and I can't even tell you how excited I am to show you all!

The LotR maps I created for Magic the Gathering have finally been revealed and I can't even tell you how excited I am to show you all! submitted by DevenRue to u/DevenRue [link] [comments]