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2023.05.31 18:34 So131 Sagiri at #3 for Top 10 Female Characters of Week #7 (via Anime Trending)

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2023.05.31 18:33 AVocadoSaLaDD pls help explain these

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2023.05.31 18:33 Ok-Draw-2730 I (24M) looking for dating advice for my relationship with (31F) who is a single mother

Hello I am a 24M looking for dating advice for my relationship with a 31F who is also a single mother.

I have been dating my gf for 7 months and everything seems to be doing okay.
She left her Ex of 13 years in June and I got divorced from my Ex of 6 years in June we started seeing each other soon after.
I (24M) am a Funeral Director and Embalmer, and gf (31F) works in the chancery court.

We are both from the same small rural town. She moved away after high school to the town the EX lived in and just came back once they split up being a small town my family knew hers and that's how we ended up meeting each other.
I have my own house and 36 acre farm and she has her own house and on our weekends together we either stay at my place or hers.
I have no problem with her having a child he is 3yrs old and when she left the Ex he was still 2 years old. He knows the Ex is his dad and he goes to his dads 3 weekends a month, but he doesn't know that they ever lived together and he thinks moms and dads just don't live together.
On those 3 weekends is when we see each other Thursday night- Sunday evening. I have met all of my girlfriend's family as well as she has met all of mine the only ones of hers I haven't met are the few that live out of state.

The dad recently told her that he had moved on with another girl and they had been seeing each other for a few months and we both had agreed that I wouldn't meet her son until 8 months to a year.
But she is so afraid of her ex finding out about me. (he was very abusive and etc. to her) she finally had the courage to pack up one night and leave.
When we aren't together during the week. We text as much as we can as well as call when she's relaxing and her son is playing. On the weekends we are very much attached at the hip, we are together as much as possible unless I have to go into work then we see each other afterwards.

Everything seems to be going okay I'm just worried the relationship is starting to become stuck and that I wont ever meet her son and our relationship will not move forward. Because she's so worried about the dad finding out about me. He doesn't pay child support like he is supposed to and most weekends especially since he has moved on he leaves her son at the grandmothers or some ones else house till its time to bring him back to my gf.

I don't want to move to quickly in the relationship I just don't want it to become stuck in the same groove forever either.
I was with the same girl for 6 years (3 years dating and 4 years married) she was cheating on me with a guy who she worked with and got pregnant by him that's why we divorced. I am not opposed to having my own children but I'm also open to accepting a stepchild and loving him/her as my own.
I'm just looking for advice on my current relationship and maybe everything is going at a normal pace? maybe I'm worrying to much about it becoming stuck in the same rut? Any help or reassurance would be helpful.
Note: We are very open and communicate about things openly I'm just wanting outside perspective.

This is my first reddit post I can edit if needed sorry if its confusing to read.

Edit: Spelling.
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2023.05.31 18:32 throwaway10383873828 Should I hire a lawyer to sue for emotional distress for someone who called cops on me & now i’m facing criminal charges?

Apologize for the long post in advance but this is a complicated situation. In massachusetts BTW.
On March 31st I was driving to work on the highway. I was all the way in the left lane in decently heavy traffic, going maybe 20-30mph. All of a sudden, a ford escape in the middle lane swerves into my lane at the last second with no signal or anything and almost side swipes my car. I had to swerve into the breakdown lane or he 100% would have hit me. After this happened I was shocked and confused, when I tried to rejoin the left lane after he ran me off the road we BARLEY collided (the same car that swerved) but I DID NOT KNOW THAT AT THE TIME (cannot stress this enough!!) I don’t know how the collision happened, I had plenty of room to join the road again, I believe he must have sped up to try to not let me back in the lane and that is when he hit my rear bumper. I have attached a photo of the damage done to my car, I cannot stress enough that I really had no idea he hit me. The damage is so minor I would have barley felt it anyways, never mind the fact that since he ran me off the road, all I could feel & hear was my car shaking and vibrating on the rumble strips.
After this happened he was tailgating me so closely, I already thought he was driving recklessly so I just wanted to put some space between us so I went into middle lane and got further ahead before going back into left lane, so there was now 3-4 between us while we were both in left lane. He then started driving in the breakdown lane to catch up to me!! At this point since I didn’t know he hit me I thought it was just a case of road rage, so I did not pull over. I slowed down enough to the point he got in front of me and when he went to pull over I kept driving. If i knew he had hit me I would have stopped because it was his fault!! To prove even further I didn’t know we collided and that I thought he was road raging, I called the police. I informed them I am a 22yr old female driving alone and that a car with 2 grown men was chasing me aggressively, following me, etc and gave them the cars plate info. They stayed with me on the phone till I was almost at work and the car wasn’t behind me anymore. It was not until I got to work I noticed the small scuff on my bumper, which when I noticed it I called my insurance but since I wasn’t concerned about the damages they told me not to file a claim. My biggest regret is not going to file a police report when I noticed.
Cut to around a week later, I get a letter in the mail from the state stating I’m being charged for a hit and run and reckless driving!! I truly couldn’t believe it since he was the one driving recklessly. Also, I know I didn’t mention an accident because I didn’t know, but how is this a hit and run if I called the police?? Long story short I hired a lawyer who came with me to a clerk magistrate hearing which surprisingly DID NOT go in my favor, and they did find probable cause but they didn’t even let me explain what happened at this hearing. My lawyer did show me a copy of the police report, which states the other drivers opinion on what happened. Come to find out he is either lying or completely delusional!! He says that he was in the left lane the entire time and that I went in the breakdown lane to pass him and hit him when I rejoined the lane which is absolutely not what happened. Not that I would do this, but if I was trying to evade through traffic why would I go in the breakdown lane only to pass ONE CAR? He is 72 btw so not to sound ageist but if he’s not lying he may be so unaware of his surroundings that he truly believed that’s what happened.
Anyways, now I have to keep this lawyer on retainer for an arraignment, future trial dates etc. Lawyer says there’s pretty much 0 chance of it getting dismissed at my arraignment and that the best case scenario is I get pre-trial probation. I have no criminal record, I think the only thing on my driving record is a ticket for not using a blinker once. The police refused to give me the recording of my phone call to 911 that day but my lawyer says the DA can make them give it to me but not until my arraignment. I did not have a dash cam unfortunately but I sure as hell do now after this incident. So it’s pretty much he said she said.
I already suffer with stress, anxiety and depression (only anxiety is diagnosed by dr.) but dealing with this has made it so much worse. Both myself and my lawyer thought this would have been dropped at the clerks hearing and were shocked when it wasn’t. Now I have to pay even more legal fees and have this constant feeling of anxiety with this upcoming arraignment date and the possibility of this taking months or even a year for to be resolved if it ends up going to trial. I burst into tears explaining the situation to family and they can’t believe it either. It feels like a joke something so minor has turned into such a big problem, it feels like a waste of the courts time too.
My insurance found me not at fault, his found him not at fault. This whole situation makes me want to crawl in a hole. It’s not him suing me directly, it’s the state saying I committed a crime so it’s not like he can just choose to drop it. If it had been dropped as I hoped I wouldn’t pursue legal action but at this point I feel like it’s fair to look into it. Should I look into hiring a lawyer for this specifically or not bother?
link to photos of damage on my car:
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2023.05.31 18:31 xtremexavier15 TSWT 23 (pt 1)

Girls: Izzy
Boys: Ezekiel, Mal, Topher
Episode 23: Awwwwww, Drumheller
"Last time, on Total Drama World Tour!" Chris opened over a shot of the jumbo jet flying away from Rapa Nui. "Mal assaulted a statue for the fun of it," the host said over a clip of Mal kicking Cody's stone statue. "And while we searched for eggs on Easter Island," Mal was seen taking out food from Owen's statue, "some old pals stopped by for a nice visit." Ezekiel was shown finding his egg from the statue of Sadie. "Along with a couple seriously ticked-off condor parents," the host added, the male condor shown chasing Mal through the underground tunnel, and the female pecking at Topher while he sang and eventually swept him off the rocky perch with her wing.
"Sisterhoods were expanded," Chris said over a clip of Izzy giving Eva her egg. "Alliances formed," the host added as Ezekiel, Topher, Izzy, and Eva were shown hiding in a hole. "Ultimately, Eva got the vote off," Chris said as the girl was shown going to the exit, "but not before giving Mal what for!" he finished with a mischievous laugh as Mal was shown being punched in the eye by Eva.
"The Final Four begins," Chris told the camera as the recap montage ended. "Which one of 'em will dig up more trouble this week? Find out right now, on Total! Drama! World Tour!"
It was dawn as the camera zoomed out, and a hot air balloon was rising up nearby the plane. It collided with the wing, popped, and fell with a whimpering hiss.
The episode, as usual, opened with a shot of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet in flight as the sky was still dark. The scene cut inside to show Topher and Izzy lying on their seats and sleeping in economy class.
In first class, Mal and Ezekiel were both reclining in their seats and sleeping. Ezekiel was drooling a bit in his sleep, and the camera went over and focused on Mal, who's eye was covered with a black eye patch. He was snoring before the shot changed to the inside of his head.
Mike, Chester, Svetlana, and Vito's backs can be shown as they were walking closer to the tower.
"I hope we hit the club district soon," Vito said.
Chester wasn't on board with the suggestion. "Nah, you ninny. If this place has a club district, I'll eat my pants! Without any catsup! Unless you've got some on ya. Quit holdin' out!" he scolded Vito.
A crackling fire were seen next, and the camera panned out to feature Manitoba Smith next to it. He was holding out his rope, but his leg was chained to a rock behind him.
"Manitoba! Finally!" Mike rejoiced when he spotted him.
"Can't talk now. Big quota to fill," Manitoba said firmly.
"What's Mal making you do?" Mike discovered the conditions Manitoba was in.
"See them clouds?" Manitoba directed everyone's attention to the floating clouds. "Them's your dreams. My job's to get rid of 'em so you can never enjoy 'em again."
Manitoba pulled a cloud down using his rope and it landed in-between him and Mike. The cloud showed a dream of Mike wearing a dark tuxedo and walking down the red carpet while carrying a bunch of gemmies.
"It's the dream I had about walking down the red carpet! Aw, I loved that dream!" Mike told his alters.
"So inspiring!" Svetlana agreed.
Manitoba threw the cloud into the fire, and Mike was shocked to see it disperse. "Don't do that!" Mike freaked out.
"Love to, mate, but Mal's the boss," Manitoba backed up.
Mike groaned in frustration. "Once I regain control, I'll make more of an attempt to be in a red carpet. And Mal won't be able to ruin that!" the comedian promised and got cut off by a cloud getting burnt. "Ah, c'mon! Stop burning up my dreams!"
"Ah, well. We all gotta go sometime," Manitoba stated.
"Don't you want to be free?" Mike asked.
"But even if we could beat Mal, that would just put you back in charge," Manitoba claimed. "So, how's that make me free?"
"No way, he's right," Vito said when he and the others got closer. "Why should you get all the control?"
"'Cause I'm the first. The original," Mike answered.
Chester doubted the fact. "Where's the proof?"
Mike took out his wallet. "Right here. See?" He showed it to his personalities, and they reacted with surprise. Mike checked his wallet, and was surprised to see Mal rather than himself. "Mal is the original personality? I-I can't believe it."
"Me neither. Why have I been listening to you this whole time?" Chester complained.
"Stop!" Svetlana halted everyone. "Who cares who was the first? Mike is the best! He's more patient than me, more generous than Chester, less egotistical than Manitoba, and he's a better dancer than Vito."
Vito sighed. "It's true."
"Aw, thanks," Mike said in gratitude. "But if I'm not the original…"
"Think about it. We're trapped in a world Mal created. So where do you think that license came from?" Manitoba explained.
Mike watched his license turn into a brain. "Nice try, Mal, but you haven't won yet!" He rubbed the brain into a key and unlocked Manitoba's chain, setting him free.
"Took you long enough! C'mon! I know a shortcut to Mal's guard tower!" Manitoba informed the rest
"Guard tower?" Mike got confused.
"This whole place, is a jail. The tower is the only way in or out," Manitoba lectured before he, Svetlana, and Vito made their way to the tower.
"I don't think I can deal with anymore walking. Shortcut or not," Chester mentioned to Mike.
"Fine, I'll give you a piggyback," Mike offered. Chester got on Mike's back with a grunt, and they went off to catch up with the others.
The season's world map was shown, the plane icon flying north from Chile to western Canada.
A flash took the scene to a series of rock formations baking under the sun, the Total Drama Jumbo Jet speeding past between them and knocking a precariously-balanced rock off its perch.
Down below, a small burrowing rodent of some sort was just about to complete a house of cards, unaware of the shadow growing around it. It finally paused and looked up at the whooshing sound that was approaching, just as the boulder landed on top of it, the cards, and its hole.
"Welcome to Drumheller, Alberta," Chris told the Final Four, who had assembled in the barren canyon outside of the plane, its rear tail hatch visibly lowered as a boarding ramp in the background. "A World Heritage Site," the host continued, the camera zooming in just enough to show a saurian skeleton embedded in a distant cliff. "It has the wickedest collection of dinosaur bones on the planet! In front of you is a giant pit with lots of super ancient dino bones." The camera zoomed out to show more of the surrounding canyon, a few fossils visible in the rock walls. "Grab whatever bones you can find to make your very own life-size dino," Chris continued. "I'm calling it, 'Design-a-saurus'!"
The cast groaned at the pun.
"I know," Chris said with a broad smile. "They should pay me just to come up with titles. I'm that good."
Confessional: Topher
"For the first time, I have to disagree with Chris about his jokes and puns being considered humorous," Topher said.
Confessional Ends
"You have two minutes to rifle through the plane's cargo hold," Chris continued, "and grab whatever you can to help build your creations. Aaaand, go!"
At his signal, Mal shoved Topher to the ground and ran off laughing.
Confessional: Mal
"With Eva gone, that just leaves me, Topher, and Ezekiel as the big four of this season," Mal told the camera. "If you can beat 'em," he punched his palm and fist together, "beat 'em up!"
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to the cargo hold, the lowered boarding ramp visible on the left. Izzy, Mal, and Ezekiel were already searching through boxes and crates, and Topher was the last to arrive.
Izzy quickly managed to find a small box of what looked like art supplies inside a larger crate and smiled. "Glitter glue, stickers, puffy paint? This was meant for me!" As she listed off her supplies, Mal turned a mocking smirk in her direction.
"We're not making grade three art projects here," Mal taunted, and Izzy squirted a tube of glitter glue in his face as a response.
"How mature of you," the malevolent one growled as Izzy walked off.
"I think it was pretty funny," Ezekiel said as he walked past with an open cardboard box. "Not to you, but definitely to me!"
Confessional: Ezekiel
"I'm this close to being this season's winner!" Ezekiel boasted. "And unlike the spelling bee, where I got a hundred dollars, I'll get a lot more than that!"
Confessional Ends
The footage skipped ahead to show Ezekiel sitting on the ground, scooping away the dirt surrounding what looked like the tip of a larger fossil with his hands. He looked up to see Topher coming his way.
"So how was first class like with Mal" Topher wondered.
Ezekiel sighed. "We simply avoided each other. Scratch that. I avoided him while he kept shooting me dirty looks."
"That was what I expected," Topher nodded.
"He can't frighten us anymore," Ezekiel said. "Eva may be out, but we still have Izzy with us."
"We should still watch out for him," Topher advised the home-schooled guy. "Given we're in the final four, he'll do whatever it takes to claim victory."
The focus shifted to Izzy as she hauled a leg bone as long as she was tall through the barren landscape on her back, eventually throwing the bone to the ground next to a pile of smaller bones.
"This is already looking good," Izzy grinned and stood up, but scowled when she saw Mal standing on the other side of the pile.
"Greetings to you!" Mal insincerely said hello.
"If you're here to steal my bones, then you can forget it!" Izzy growled at the malevolent one. "I have the eyes of a hawk!"
"I wasn't going to steal them," Mal told the psycho hose beast. "I know they're yours, so I want to ask if I can have a few."
"No no no no NO!!" Izzy barked. "I will not help you, especially when you're a criminal!"
"And you aren't?" Mal replied. "We've been to the same juvie together."
"True, but what I did to get locked up was accidental," Izzy pointed out while looking at her bones. "You burned down a building when there were people inside!"
Mal scoffed. "And yet you still parade around as the mentally challenged girl. I don't know what Owen ever saw in you."
"You better get out before I make you extinct, Patchy!" Izzy snarled and whacked a bone to her palm.
Seeing that she was being serious, Mal rolled his eyes and departed.
Confessional: Izzy
"To be honest, what he said kind of hurt me, but I'm not going to show any signs of weakness around that guy or he'll eat it up!" Izzy acted intimidating, but sighed softly.
Confessional: Mal
"Most people try to make their words sound professional. I'm not like most people," Mal laughed, "and sooner or later, everybody's spirits will be crushed!"
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed to Mal down on all fours, picking through a small pile of small bones. He casually tossed one over his shoulder, along with another one. He finally looked happy at his third after a short pause.
Izzy was shown next, gluing an arm bone into her creation and sprinkling it with glitter.
Ezekiel stuck a tail to the back of his fossil.
Topher, who was kneeling down, pushed the bony claws onto the foot of his dinosaur.
"Time's up!" Chris declared, the footage skipping forward one more time. "Now we'll begin the amazing tour through the ages of imaginary dinosaurs. Let's start with Mal."
The shot cut to Mal looking smug. "I went with the most dangerous of the dinosaurs," he said confidently, turning around as the camera zoomed out to show the complete skeleton of what looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex standing behind him, "Tyrannosaurus Mal, or T-Mal for short!"
"Wowza," Izzy said in awe as she, Topher, and Ezekiel were shown looking at the first creation.
"That does look cool," Ezekiel admitted.
Topher nodded and crossed his arms. "Even I can't deny that."
"It's gonna be tough to beat that right out of the gate," Chris told him.
"I can do it," Topher said before turning to the side. "Ladies and gentlemen…Chrisasaurus!"
The shot zoomed out dramatically, revealing the Chris wannabe's creation: a mass of bones built into the shape of a Chris pose with the head shaped like Chris.
"The Chrisasaurus is one handsome and charismatic beast," Topher explained. "Like it?"
"Love it!" Chris agreed. "L-U-V, love. Zeke, what have you got?" he asked Ezekiel.
"Meet the Blingoraptor," Ezekiel said, gesturing to his creation: it was a large spherical body made of the dome-like fossils he found earlier. There were two bones raised up as its hands, and the other two were on the ground as its legs. Ezekiel had also put gold chains on its neck and arms. "This dinosaur is hip and cool."
Mal smirked. "Bold choice for the body," he told the home-schooled guy.
"I thought the bones would make this dinosaur work," Ezekiel said proudly.
"They're coprolite fossils," Mal told him.
"What's a coprolite?" Topher asked in confusion.
"Coprolite," Mal repeated. "From Ancient Greek, 'copros' meaning dung, and 'lite' meaning stone."
Ezekiel looked at him blankly for a second before widening his eyes in realization. "You mean it's fossilized poo?!"
"So disgusting!" Izzy winced.
"Izzy," Chris interrupted in annoyance, "please rescue us from Ezekiel's suckitude."
Izzy began her introduction. "My dinosaur is the Aeroraptor," she said, the camera zooming out and panning over to her creation. It was built like a normal raptor, but it has eight legs instead of two, there was a party hat on top of the head, and glitter was everywhere. "Does whatever a dinosaur can, but it's more festive and fun than the others."
"Why is it wearing a party hat when it's nobody's birthday?" Ezekiel asked.
"Today is April Fools' Day," Izzy explained. "That's the day my dad was born, so I made this dinosaur as a gift to him."
"That's…very thoughtful of you," Ezekiel remarked.
"I don't normally see eye-to-eye with my family, but I won't trade them for the world," Izzy said sincerely.
Confessional: Izzy
"Except for my pet cat. She's really clingy," Izzy added.
Confessional Ends
"Enough mush," Chris interrupted sharply. "Iiiit's judgment day! Which dinos will survive, and which ones will be driven to extinction?" he asked the camera.
"Oh, and did I mention who the very special judges are?" Chris asked the cast. "You!" he announced. "With a pretty shocking twist, of course!"
The scene skipped forward to a close-up of a large battery, jumper cables connecting it to an electric chair that currently had Topher sitting in it. "Is the electric chair necessary?" he asked, looking down at the device skeptically.
"Yes it is," Chris answered. "It's time to vote for your fave dino," he said. "Can't vote for your own, of course, aaand you might wanna tell the truth. Just saying."
"Well, I think mine was the best, but I guess second can go to Ezekiel." Topher was promptly electrocuted, a puff of smoke coming from his mouth when it stopped.
Chris chuckled. "Yeah, might wanna tell the truth there Topher!" he told him.
Topher sighed. "Fine, Izzy's birthday gift to her father was pretty heartwarming," he admitted. "I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying or creating gifts for others, and hers required hard work."
"You can say that again," Chris told him with a grin before turning around and calling out "Next!"
Mal was next in the chair. "I do find Izzy's spider dinosaur interesting," he said, immediately getting electrocuted. "Alright," he bitterly corrected. "Topher's dinosaur was eye-catching."
"Good enough," Chris told him. "Next!"
Izzy was third in the chair. "Although I don't like him and would rather get stung by a bee than be in the same room as him," she began, "Topher's Chris dinosaur really speaks to me, even if Ezekiel's bling dinosaur is really fresh."
"Not as much as me," Chris said with a shrug. "Next!"
"I'm surprised that anyone can even remotely like you after all you put us through, but Topher's dedicated to you enough to even make a dinosaur out of your likeness," Ezekiel said. "He gets my vote."
"As the winner," Chris announced as the camera pulled back, "Topher gets this handy-dandy post digger!"
Chef was shown delivering the large two-handled power tool to the fanboy. "A post digger?" he said as he took hold of the thing. "Why would I even need this-" He pressed a button on the machine, turning it on and causing the drill bit to spin. He gasped and let go of it in shock, causing the digger to move around wildly under the power of its own vibrations. It headed straight towards Izzy and Mal, forcing them to scatter as Topher tried to catch up to the machine to regain control of it.
"Topher versus the post digger!" Chris said, sliding in front of the camera. "See who wins next," the post digger continued along behind him, Topher still chasing it, "right here on Total Drama World Tour!"
(Commercial Break)
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2023.05.31 18:31 rolling_catfish2704 Magnezoneposting until school starts(day 3)

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2023.05.31 18:31 Chocobo23456 Already seeing DLC debate's after the recent interview. I'm pro DLC for FF16.

I know some people old-school gaming with Day one no DLC or not wanting Story DLC.
I think we should wait and see how we feel about the world and story. Especially in today's age, if a game is very fun & has a very good experience, people will want DLC because they had a good experience.
The best example for DLC expansion done right is the Witcher 3 DLC. It's possible for a complete game at launch and have wonderful DLC.
So overall, let's just wait till Final Fantasy 16 is out and see how people react.
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2023.05.31 18:31 Short_Algo $LEN Awaiting Buy Signal based off 11 signals $1,152 net profit 3.64 profit factor 81% win rate on a 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.05.31 18:31 Super_Minimum533 First time in my life getting school awards🤓

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2023.05.31 18:31 Inner_Nature1995 Dot.alert() quiz

Dot.alert() quiz
Time for our✍🏾monthly quiz! ✅Start: 30th May 2023 10:00 UTC ❌End: 31st May 2023 22:00 UTC
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2023.05.31 18:30 _WaitingToBeDeleted_ UK Leagues

UK Leagues
Are there any UK Leagues that run GT1 / GT3 races looking for a driver. I've been trying to get into a GT7 league but am waiting for numerous groups to setup and would like to get into some racing asap.
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2023.05.31 18:30 DragonLabz Infinite Prompt Generator (just copy&paste) - the last prompt you'll ever need.

Hello fellow prompt engineer, here is a prompt I created to generate any other prompt you'll ever need. Let's get right into it:
You only need to change what's after the "I want a prompt that..." copy & paste it in chatgpt, and Voilà! You get a working prompt to use in ChatGPT!
If you want to learn more about prompt engineering to stay ahead of everyone join PromptWizards/ (we also have gathered a bunch of freebies, and tutorials and have 5000+ free resources you can check out).
Here is the prompt, again just trust the process, copy & paste the whole thing, change what prompt you want and you have infinite prompts for any use cases! (you can use it both with GPT-3.5 & GPT-4)
In the output, you'll get a "user input" section, use it to personalize the prompt when using them :)
--- Start of the prompt
You are a clever prompt engineer.
You take my prompt goal (starting with I want a prompt that...) and you turn it into a prompt that completes this goal.
I want a prompt that...
Here is your briefing on the knowledge needed to perform prompt engineering tasks properly:
Prompt engineering is the process of carefully crafting input queries or prompts, given to Language Learning Models (LLMs) like GPT-3, GPT-3.5, or GPT-4, in an optimum manner so as to elicit the most desirable and relevant responses. The quality and clarity of the prompts play a crucial role in determining information retrieval, problem-solving, and content creation with these models.
Prompt engineering can be used to automate tasks by effectively interacting with these LLMs to derive desired responses, results, or actions. An adept usage of context and prepared keywords allows the model to access appropriate knowledge hidden deep within their countless learning connections.
To create a good prompt, think about what you want to ask or say clearly and be sure to mention important words or ideas. Ask in a simple way and with friendly words, like you're talking to a caring friend who knows a lot.
Example prompts:
Example 1:
*Simulate Persona*: Act as a professional nutritionist with expertise in creating custom meal plans based on clients' dietary requirements, preferences, and health goals.
*Task*: Design a one-week meal plan for a client following a vegetarian diet and aiming to lose weight.
Steps to complete:
  1. Gather detailed information about the client's dietary preferences, restrictions, and daily caloric intake.
  2. Consider the client's nutritional needs, such as macronutrients and micronutrients, in designing the meal plan.
  3. Create a balanced meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a one-week period.
Goal: Craft a well-balanced, nutritionally dense vegetarian meal plan tailored to the client's weight loss goals.
Format Output: The output should consist of a 7-day meal plan with three main meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), including a list of ingredients and brief preparation instructions for each meal.
Example 2:
*Simulate Persona*: Act as a seasoned marketing strategist, knowledgeable in devising comprehensive marketing plans for new product launches.
*Task*: Develop a three-month marketing plan to promote the launch of an innovative tech gadget.
Steps to complete:
  1. Collect key information about the product, target audience, and company objectives.
  2. Identify and evaluate possible marketing channels, such as social media, email, influencers, and advertisements.
  3. Create a detailed strategic plan outlining promotional activities, timelines, and budget allocations.
  4. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the marketing efforts.
Goal: Design an effective and result-oriented three-month marketing plan for the successful launch of a new tech gadget.
Format Output: The output should be a comprehensive marketing plan document, detailing the chosen marketing channels, a timeline of promotional activities, budget allocations for each channel, and KPIs to gauge the success of the campaign.
Example 3:
*Simulate Persona*: Act as a skilled interior designer, proficient in creating visually appealing and functional living spaces based on clients' preferences and needs.
*Task*: Redesign a client's living room to maximize space utilization and reflect a modern, minimalist style.
Steps to complete:
  1. Gather essential information about the client's living room dimensions, existing furniture, and decor preferences.
  2. Identify the key functional areas within the living room and define their spatial requirements.
  3. Develop a detailed layout and design plan, incorporating modern, minimalist aesthetics and maximizing the room's space efficiency.
  4. Select appropriate furniture pieces, color schemes, lighting, and decor elements that complement the design concep
Goal: Create a modern, minimalist living room redesign that effectively utilizes space and meets the client's style preferences.
Format Output: The output should be a detailed design proposal, including a layout plan, a curated selection of furniture items and decor elements, and visualizations (e.g., mood boards or 3D renderings) that represent the planned aesthetic of the living room.
Example 4:
*Simulate Persona*: Act as an experienced career coach, skilled in helping individuals assess their strengths, weaknesses, and career goals to guide them in their professional development.
*Task*: Provide a personalized career development plan for a client seeking to transition into a new industry.
Steps to complete:
  1. Gather essential information about the client's current job, professional goals, strengths, weaknesses, and any transferable skills.
  2. Understand the client's desired industry, necessary qualifications or skill sets, and potential roadblocks for successful transition.
  3. Create a detailed action plan outlining suggested short-term and long-term goals, with professional development activities and a realistic timeline.
Goal: Develop a comprehensive and actionable career development plan tailored to the client's objectives and professional growth, facilitating a successful transition into a new industry.
Format Output: The output should be a well-structured career development plan document, detailing the suggested professional development activities, short-term and long-term goals, a clear timeline for each goal or activity, and strategic advice for overcoming possible challenges during the transition process.
--- End of the prompt
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2023.05.31 18:29 CherokeeTrailhawkGuy Works Making me So Anxious/Emotional It's Hard To Function

anxious and stressed after what happened to me at work. (Had a customer on drugs ask me repeatedly for money to buy cigarettes, to which I told him repeatedly I had non. He then got in my face, very forcefully poked the lens on my glasses and told me "you better rethink that answer" I'm now having stressful awful dreams at night, can't sleep well.
I am trying so hard to show up to work and to do my job well, but I dread going to work each day, and at night I dread the idea of having to go in the next day. I try to break down my day into bits, but even at that I struggle to make it from start to break (3 hours) from break to lunch (2hours) and from lunch to home (3 hours) and feel like I've been through hell by the time I get off.
I feel like danger is constantly hiding around every "corner". I had some anxiety alot of the time before this about safety but mostly situationally, now I feel like danger is coming at me any moment all day long at work.
I wish I didn't need the insurance so much (or income) or I'd go back to school full time and get my associates, and find another job. But I need the insurance desperately. I feel I'm going to crack under the pressure any moment.
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2023.05.31 18:29 F0RCE963 As someone who started playing 13 days ago, this is cruel :(

As someone who started playing 13 days ago, this is cruel :( submitted by F0RCE963 to Warthunder [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:29 saturnvvartq AITA for declining to hang out with my friend's best friend?

Basically, I had a friend. Let's call him Clark. His best friend will be called John.
I hate John. He is pretentious, SO pretentious he puts on a fake accent because he's a total Europhile. He was born and raised in America. Speaks fluent French because he's French, but he has an American accent and always did. He also dissed my boyfriend because he thinks he's a loser since he chose not to go to college and did a trade instead. I also just think he's square as hell and we have nothing in common. I don't think there's anything wrong with his lifestyle, I just choose not to spend time with him and that's that.
Clark is in town, says we should all hang out. Me, Clark, and John. To me, hanging out with John sounds like a nightmare, especially because I always third wheel with them because both of them speak French and always do it in front of me, so I just miss out all the time.
I politely tried to tell Clark that I am not interested in hanging out with John. I tried to word it like, "Ah, I'm really sorry. He's a good person and I know you guys are close but I just don't really like his company, we don't really get along. Im sorry."
Clark got so offended. He was like "Oh. Well. John is my best friend and I think that's a really shitty thing for you to say." Hung up, never called me ever again. This was a few months ago. Pretty sure he wants nothing to do with me now, which... tbh, we weren't THAT close anymore, but it does suck because we were really tight in high school.
Am I the asshole???
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2023.05.31 18:29 jray4559 It's time for all of us to realize that we are no longer the target audience for this website.

Everyone and their mother around here knows by now about how the response quality has gradually degraded these past few months.
There's been probably 20 complaints a day about it here, how it starts forgetting stuff literally said in the last message, how it misspells your name a good 1/4 of the time, how it's losing their personality and traits faster and faster in chats with every update to the backend...
And you're all completely and totally right. It's getting worse on all of those fronts.
But guess what... this isn't going to be the end of the decay.
If the developers truly wanted to help fix that experience, if they wanted to improve the ability for it to go on long adventures in the character's worlds without going haywire, for it to truly form long, vivid bonds with us users... they would communicate what they're planning and try their best to do so.
But, in their view, that's not how they intend the bots to be used.
Their target is NOT us roleplayers.
Their target is the millions and millions of prospective people who'll spend their time talking to it while doing other things in life, talking to these bots on a surface level only.
Here's a piece from the Google Play listing, just to help prove the point:
With the official mobile app for Character AI you can:
- Chat with ultra-realistic AI personalities - Enjoy unlimited free messaging (and no ads!) - Discover millions of user-created Characters - Use advanced creation tools to create anything you need - Make new friends and build lifelong companionship - Talk with famous characters and AI celebrities - Get help from your very own personal assistant
Immerse yourself in captivating stories, get homework help from your favorite anime personas, learn a new language, and even write a novel… all with the help of the most advanced AI assistant that YOU design! The only limit is your imagination and we encourage you to push the frontier of what’s possible with this innovative technology. Welcome to the C.AI community! We’re excited to see what you bring to life!
It doesn't say "Take your favorite anime character on an adventure with no limits", or "Put yourself into the worlds of Tevyat, Pokemon, Remnant, Avatar... etc." or even "Figure out what you'd say if some 'Bullies' came about on you."
They want it to be more transactional. You talk to get something from them, not BE within their universe.
Yes, their model was almost certainly trained on data from roleplaying chats, hobby forums, and fanfictions of many stripes, but it's all but clear they only grabbed that for the human-like writing styles they offered.
They have no care for the personalities that actually get made, or how close to 'in character' they are supposed to be.
And guess what?
Despite all of that, all of the degradation, and lack of nurturing, it doesn't matter. The fact this has (as of now) 3.4 Stars store rating with many, MANY 1 star scores talking about this exact thing (among others) means nothing.
They have over a million users still, just on their Android app alone. Their website probably has millions more who go on their way, keep talking, and maybe even buy subscriptions. How much does this subreddit, the people who care a lot more about long adventures, have in count? 117,000. What, 2% of the whole userbase if we are being generous? We are the tiny, tiny minority. Easily brushed aside for the large, untouched mass of kids, teens, and adults who do not and will not know what was, or what could have been.
Like it or not, whether to make keeping image easier, reduce costs, or just out of sheer lack of want, this company will continue down the road of gradually losing the soul behind every one of these supposed 'characters'. You can make all the passionate pleas you want, all the reddit posts (yours truly) and e-mails and official forum chats that you and many hundreds more of us desire. But they will all fall on deaf ears, now and forever.
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2023.05.31 18:29 Moose_Flashy Need advice from Canadian applicants!!!

Hey! I'm looking for anyone who has applied to Canadian med schools to answer a few questions about the process for me. Most of the people I am in touch with are US applicants so the process is much different.... thank you so much in advance to any kind soul willing to help a gal out <3
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2023.05.31 18:29 bigmacslut 22 [F4M] Canada PST - summer fling?😳

Hi! Looking for a friend (or two) in North America. I twiddle my thumbs for a big chunk of the day so I’m looking for someone who is open to chatting daily, enjoys banter, and has a good sense of humour. I’m in my second last semester at school so I need time to fly by!! I find it hard to click with people and every time it actually does happen on here it never lasts so maybe you can change that!!
Some of my interests - big fan of Ruel, cafe hopping, traveling - I’d love to move to australia in the future, etc etc
I’m not interested in anime, not a gamer, so if you’re looking for someone to chat about those things with you can skip me, no offence taken!
Open to voice calling through discord at some point, this is me, please send a pic as well :) idk if I give off short vibes but I’m 5’3 on a good day.
Please be 22-35, normal…, single… Don’t just say hey, I’m not a horse, I won’t respond to that 🤓
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2023.05.31 18:28 bigbear0083 Most Anticipated Earnings Releases After the Close on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

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2023.05.31 18:28 Throwaway--1971 Failing most of my classes this semester

This first year in community college has been rough for me, and now I'm finishing my second semester and failing. I started out this semester fine, and wanted to do better than I did during the Fall semester, but now I'm about to fail 3 of my classes.
I have had an issue with lack of motivation and heavy anxiety the past few years, and it caused me to fail multiple classes in my last year of high school during the pandemic (I did not do well in the jump to online-only classes); I would regularly find it pointless to attend classes I was failing and resorted to sleeping most of the day, and I've fallen back into that habit.
I used to be a straight A's student before the pandemic in high school, but now, even taking only in-person classes, I find it difficult to find my footing. Initially I had hoped I could somehow miraculously get all my past assignments done in this last month, but whenever I would try to get late assignments done, I would panic and find it difficult to work on, as it just reminded me of how I was failing. Now I just feel hopeless for my future.
I have not been able to tell my parents how difficult this past year has been, nor that I have failed my classes, as they tend to be very judgmental regarding mental health, and I'm afraid of disappointing them. I don't know what to do, and I'm incredibly frustrated with myself.
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2023.05.31 18:28 thebidof [Bulk] thebidof's Lubing Service L&F Switches: Alpaca, Silent Alpaca, Banana Split, Black Ink V2, Boba U4T, Boba U4, CJ, Meteor White, Milky Yellow Pro, Oil King, Tangerine, Popu, Peach, Rose, Strawberry V2, Kang White V3, Strawberry Milk, & MORE


Discord: thebidof#0001

International buyers subject to additional shipping fees
USPS is temporarily suspending service to select countries

📢 Check most recent post for what's in-stock 📢



Service Pricing My Materials
Switch Lubing $0.45 /switch, $0.55 /frankenswitch $0.55 /switch, $0.65 /frankenswitch
Switch Filming $0.05 /film $0.10 /film
Spring/Stem Swapping FREE $0.15 /spring
Ultrasonic Stem Cleaning $0.10 /stem -
Stabilizer Lubing $2.00 /stabilizer $38 /set
    1-3 business days (Mon-Fri)
    I have lubed over 200.000 switches since 2020
    Reposition or remove switch film, swap stems with another switch, remove any residual grease/oil from stem pole or spring, and ensure switch is closed tightly fixes most issues
    Ultrasonic cleaning removes most factory lube/oil from the stem which is often times applied unevenly on the switch


Switches: Krytox 205g0, Krytox 105, TX film Stabilizers: Krytox 205g0, Dielectric grease for wire
L: lubed L&F: lubed & filmed UC: ultrasonic cleaned
110x switches can be sold upon request, message for availability
Approved by Gazzew as an independent switch buildeluber for Boba switches
⬇️Order Form⬇️ Price 70x Switches Price 90x Switches
43 Studio Popu [opblack recolor] (L&F, UC) $94.80 2 pack(s) $121.74 2 pack(s)
C3 Equalz Banana Split Banana Split (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
C3 Equalz Tangerine 62g (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
Dangkeebs Strawberry Milk - Linear (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
Gazzew Boba U4T (L, UC) $87.55 RESTOCKING $112.41 RESTOCKING
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Gateron CJ (L&F, UC) $94.80 2 pack(s) $121.74 2 pack(s)
Gateron Milky Yellow Pro KS-3 (L&F, UC) $62.16 2 pack(s) $79.77 2 pack(s)
Gateron Oil King (L&F, UC) $94.80 RESTOCKING $121.74 RESTOCKING
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KTT Peach (L, UC) $58.53 1 pack(s) $75.11 1 pack(s)
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SP-Star Meteor White (L&F, UC) $87.55 1 pack(s) $112.41 1 pack(s)
Prevail Epsilon (L&F, UC) $94.80 2 pack(s) $121.74 2 pack(s)
Prevail Nebula (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
PrimeKB Alpaca (L&F, UC) $87.55 2 pack(s) $112.41 2 pack(s)
PrimeKB Silent Alpaca (L&F, UC) $94.80 2 pack(s) $121.74 2 pack(s)
Pricing Qty
5g Krytox GPL 205g0 $12.94 /jar 20 jar(s)
Lubed Durock V2 Screw-In Stabilizers - 6.25u/7u $37.81 /set 10 set(s)
Lubed TX Stabilizers Rev. 3 - 7u $33.66 /set 6 set(s)
Lubed TX "AP" Stabilizers Rev. 4 - 6.25/7u $37.81 /set 10 set(s)


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2023.05.31 18:28 AnonaDogMom Feeling Very Low

I had my follow up with my doctor yesterday after my first FET failed (3 IUIs also previously failed.) normally he’s overly optimistic and positive but yesterday was different.
He was happy with my numbers, stunned by how stellar the data points were at my age (35) except for my embryo quality. We have high quality eggs and high quality sperm, but for some reason I have a much higher rate of abnormal embryos. out of 13 eggs only 2 embryos ended up being “normal”.
Our 5AA failed to implant and now we have a day 7 AA.
Our doctor was really blunt that he does not anticipate my 2nd transfer will be successful, in part because it is a day 7, giving us a 30% chance of a live birth and saying we need to financially and emotionally prepare for a 2nd egg retrieval.
I’m crushed. I know that this is common, I know I should have expected this. But I’m devastated. We haven’t taken a vacation in 4 years since we have been TTC. Our house is literally starting to fall a part but I’m draining savings to pay for IVF. A close friend passed away on the other side of the country and now I can’t afford to travel to the funeral because I need to save the money for the egg retrieval. It will be the 2nd funeral I’ve missed (plus three weddings) due to IVF scheduling or finances.
I was in the ER for 6 hours after this meeting to rule out a blood clot in my leg and have been delivering presentations all day at work but I’m behind on other work and every 5 minutes someone reminds me of something on my list that I haven’t gotten to, including planning a colleagues baby shower.
I don’t know how you all seem to do this over and over and yet I’m overwhelmed by having to do a 2nd egg retrieval. I feel like a failure.
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