Marriott courtyard downtown greenville sc

Brat band & Morbid Visionz @ Vinos (5/26/23)

2023.03.24 04:56 TheBlueLeader Brat band & Morbid Visionz @ Vinos (5/26/23)

Brat band & Morbid Visionz @ Vinos (5/26/23)
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2023.03.24 04:52 Unlikely-Ad-4125 I needa BITCH! to eat me Greenville SC

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2023.03.24 04:24 _bi0hazard Walkable date night locations

I’m sure this has been discussed. I’m looking for date night location ideas, in a safe walkable area - anywhere in the metroplex . I have a few, let’s add.
Bishop arts - nice place. Recommend.
Lower Greenville - pretty nice place.
Trinity grove- kind of boring, somewhat sketchy on the bridge.
Sundance square (FW) - boring /dead atmosphere .
Grapevine downtown - decent, lack of restaurants.
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2023.03.24 02:53 isaiahbrayton Any thoughts about this?

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2023.03.24 02:28 leftoverbrine A Brine-y Bingo Blackout - Row 2 mini-reviews!

My previous post on Row 1 here, continuing on my bingo journey with Row 2!
Standalone: Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen - So this is minimally speculative, but it has ghosts so I think it counts! Also, I loved this book, so I just want to spread it around. We follow a small cast of misfits coming together in the contemporary SC island condo community where they live, named for the Dellawisp birds that haunt the courtyard. Each of them is also haunted by ghosts, but not spooky scary ghost, more people who have a reason to hang around. There's also a bookish mystery surrounding the reclusive one hit wonder author who made the island a tourist destination, and mouthwatering food descriptions throughout from an award winning southern comfort food chef character! Just a sweet calming book.
Anti-Hero: Son of Eaglefriend by C.L. Murray - The climax of a 4 book traditional epic fantasy series, it has been a real journey. Book 1 had all your classic outcast turned hero vibes, but as it has gone along the story slowly became more murky about who we should side with, and what motivations are heroic. This final book really went all out with the characters experiencing conflict, jealousy and betrayal... some of it a bit paranormally influenced by the big bad and some not.
Book Club: The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri - This has been a powerhouse in new fantasy, it's in a pseduo middle eastern setting, a bit sapphic, political and innovative. I really enjoyed this story of the conflicts stemming from first ethnicity & class disparity, secondly a rampant outbreak of magical plague making plants grow from peoples body (til they die...). But we also get some awesome characterization, awesome nature based magic, and seeds of rebellion.
Cool Weapon: Swordheart by T. Kingfisher - This one's a fun romp starring a widow who just wants to be left alone, but the family absolutely want to get her inheritance away from her, keeping her locked away till she can be favorably married to take it from her. Lucky for her the decorative sword she finds unsheathes to reveal her new bodyguard and love interest, for a wild adventure to retain her freedom.
Revolutions: Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett - This is such a great take on a hard magic series, following a heist crew led by a snarky lady thief, grudgingly working together. The trilogy really features a bit of a literal revolution against an oppressive system, as well as something like an industrial revolution as they go about advancing their rune based magical abilities exponentially. The characters absolutely come alive on the page, I'm a huge fan of their banter, but the plot is totally gripping throughout.
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2023.03.24 01:19 Heavy_Age5585 Tbh f**k tip baiters

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2023.03.23 23:06 USOC_Matchday 2023 U.S. Open Cup Thread: Round 1, Day 3

Flashscore Live Table
List of Streams
Cleveland SC (NPSL) – Lionsbridge FC (USL2)
Cleveland SC readies for the US Open Cup Thursday
7:00 ET - North Olmsted High School; North Olmsted, OH
Time Event Team Player Score
30' Yellow Card Lionsbridge J. Bradley CLE 0-0 LFC
31' Yellow Card Cleveland C. Cvecko CLE 0-0 LFC
45'+1 GOAL! Cleveland C. Cvecko CLE 1-0 LFC
45'+3 - HALF TIME - CLE 1-0 LFC
65' Yellow Card Lionsbridge J. Dizdarevic CLE 1-0 LFC
66' Yellow Card Lionsbridge A. Kirkwood CLE 1-0 LFC
66' Yellow Card Cleveland J. Schmidt CLE 1-0 LFC
70' Yellow Card Cleveland D. Koniarczyk CLE 1-0 LFC
73' RED CARD! Cleveland J. Schmidt CLE 1-0 LFC
90'+5 - FULL TIME - CLE 1-0 LFC
Cleveland SC advance to face Richmond Kickers (USL1)
Jacksonville Armada FC (NPSL) – Miami United FC (LQ)
City Council approves soccer stadium; USS Orleck agreement; Downtown marine fire station
7:00 ET - Hodges Stadium; Jacksonville, FL
Stream 1 - YouTube
Stream 2 - Twitch
Time Event Team Player Score
24' Yellow Card Miami M. Benito JAX 0-0 MUFC
36' Yellow Card Miami J. Espita JAX 0-0 MUFC
42' GOAL! Armada M. Thomas JAX 1-0 MUFC
45'+4 Yellow Card Miami R. Imsua JAX 1-0 MUFC
45'+4 - HALF TIME - JAX 1-0 MUFC
49' GOAL! Miami B. Dominguez JAX 1-1 MUFC
56' Yellow Card Armada L. Tom JAX 1-1 MUFC
59' Yellow Card Armada T. West JAX 1-1 MUFC
62' Yellow Card Armada M. Thomas JAX 1-1 MUFC
83' RED CARD! Armada M. Thomas JAX 1-1 MUFC
93' Yellow Card Armada S. Palusi JAX 1-1 MUFC
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
Jacksonville Armada advance to face The Miami FC (USLC)
Hartford City FC (USL2) – Lansdowne Yonkers FC (LQ)
Yonkers’ Trophy Hoarders Target More Cup Magic
7:30 ET - Trinity Health Stadium; Hartford, CT
Time Event Team Player Score
17' Yellow Card Hartford A. Adefioye HFDC 0-0 LNDN
28' GOAL! Hartford H. Guerra HFDC 1-0 LNDN
38' Yellow Card Hartford A. Cekic HFDC 1-0 LNDN
45'+1 GOAL! Lansdowne J. Devivo HFDC 1-1 LNDN
45'+3 Yellow Card Lansdowne J. Devivo HFDC 1-1 LNDN
45'+5 - HALF TIME - HFDC 1-1 LNDN
66' Yellow Card Hartford T. Bryan HFDC 1-1 LNDN
74' GOAL! Lansdowne J. Devivo HFDC 1-2 LNDN
76' Yellow Card Lansdowne S. Sanchez HFDC 1-2 LNDN
78' Yellow Card Lansdowne S. Nolan HFDC 1-2 LNDN
84' Yellow Card Lansdowne M. Lynch HFDC 1-2 LNDN
90'+8 - FULL TIME - HFDC 1-2 LNDN
Lansdowne Yonkers FC advance to face Hartford Athletic (USLC)
Previous Threads:
Round 1, Day 1 / Round 1, Day 2
Visit /usopencup for more U.S. Open Cup news and discussion.
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2023.03.23 22:11 British_Tea_Company Respect: Lion El'Jonson (Warhammer 40k)

Author's Note: More material featuring the Lion is likely coming out soon. This RT will be updated ASAP in order to reflect that.
"Loyalty is its own reward."

The Lion

Character Summary Lion El'Jonson was created by the God Emperor of Mankind as one of his 20 Primarchs who would serve as his generals in his Great Crusade across the galaxy. Scattered by the Chaos Gods during their infancy, the Primarchs all crash landed into various different worlds, with the Lion crash landing upon the forest world of Caliban, a steampunk knight world infested with monsters. For most of his life, the Lion lived alone and slew anything that crossed his path before being found by a knight of the name Luthor.
Eventually, the Emperor would discover the Lion, whom would swear loyalty to him and remain loyal during the time of the Horus Heresy. Luthor, the Lion's closest friend and surrogate mentofather figure would also be uplifted into the Dark Angels legion given to his command as a 'Demi-Astartes'. This ultimately proved to be a mistake, as Luthor eventually chose to betray the Lion, culminating in a final battle that saw the homeworld of the Dark Angels legion shattered into a massive space ship known as "The Rock", and the Lion rendered asleep for over 10,000 years.
The lion wakes now.










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2023.03.23 19:27 tidder_mac Confusion on F&B credit $20 per day

I’m staying at a Courtyard with S/O and we opted for $20 per day F&B credit rather than the 500 points. I know you can’t save/rollover the $20 to the next day, but what exactly is a Marriott day?
A normal 1 night stay is ~ 4PM to 11AM, so is that the day? I’m wondering because I’m worried I screwed up and didn’t utilize a day’s credit, and want to make sure I don’t miss out for the next 2 days.
Paid with points, 5 nights, Monday-Saturday. Below are charges to the room so far:
Monday: drinks at night Tuesday: breakfast Wednesday: dinner Thursday (today) breakfast Friday: TBD Saturday: TBD
Based on this, did I miss Tuesday’s credit (since nothing was spent Tuesday afternoon-Wednesday noon)? And have I not used Thursday’s credit yet (since Thursday morning may still count as Wednesday day)?
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2023.03.23 17:29 rrmdp 📢 Courtyard by Marriott Tacoma Downtown is hiring a Night Audit!

Apply →
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2023.03.23 17:22 British_Tea_Company Respect: Lion El'Jonson










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2023.03.23 13:57 rocxsolid Greenville Triumph SC

Will Greenville County and anti-soccer fans in the Upstate of South Carolina fumble the bag on the new soccer stadium proposal for Bridgeway Station? Is the upstate even trying to grow if they say no? Why are they so stagnant? Are we not tired of driving hours to see a successful team?
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2023.03.23 13:35 After_Bison2381 AG exempt 10 acre farm rent.

Hello all,
Question: what should be the rent on an farm land that has AG exemption on it is 10+acre and about 60 miles from dallas downtown north ease greenville area?
We are in a 5 year lease for 150/yr currently.
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2023.03.23 05:28 Torrey37 Best BBQ near Greenville, SC?

Give me your recommendations. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.23 03:33 whirlpool4 Events for Fri 3/24 - Sun 3/26

10 AM - 6 PM each day 2nd Annual NM Renaissance Celtic Festival Wildlife West Nature Park, 87 E. Frontage Rd., Edgewood 5 main stages 3 small stage with concerts, shows, jousting, singing and games to play, challenge your wits with the "Quest" or skill with the X-Marks the Spot, Tomato Toss and nail the mean person with a raw tomato, Girl Scouts "Slay The Dragon" Game. 130 vendors, food, crafts, art, jewelry, blades, local breweries, clothing, leather bags, leather wear, bags, specialty teas, coffee, cookies, baked goods, fun games and festival quest, time travelers, pirates, vikings, mermaids, armor fighters, jousting, concerts, comedy, sultry shows, characters, Celtic saint’s stories, sword and belly dancing, and more (tickets and full list of vendors and entertainment lineup)
**SAT 3/25 AND SUN 3/26 *\*
10 AM - 12 PM Flix Junior: Sing Flix Brewhouse, 3236 La Orilla Rd. NW Don’t let fear stop you from doing the thing you love. Gear up for your audition at this family-friendly movie outing! All ages are welcome to our Flix Junior showings. Expect lower volume levels for sensitive ears (tickets)
12 - 1 PM Cultural Dances - Ryedale Largo & Diné/Mescalero Apache Dance Group Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th St. NW Celebrate the seasonal cycles through prayer, song, and dance with our Cultural Dance Program. Dances connect us to our ancestors, community, and traditions while honoring gifts from our Creator. They ensure that life continues and connections to the past and future are reinforced. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is the only place in North America to offer cultural Native American dances every week, year-round. Free for museum members, or with admission. Dance groups and times subject to change (tickets)
** Fri 3/24 *\*
Fri 12 - 2 PM Las Brujas Chicanas Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Courtyard, 500 University Blvd. NE First-come, first-served but registration is appreciated. For more info about the concert series. Experience the poetics, music, dancing, and community of Chicano "son jarocho," which is a musical and dance genre with roots in Veracruz, Mexico, and a history shaped by Spanish, Indigenous, and African traditions. In the U.S., the tradition has gained traction due to its accessible, collective, and often politicized practice. Las Brujas Chicanas is a son jarocho music collective of students, faculty, and community members emerging from the UNM Dept. of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Since 2016, Las Brujas have been cultivating this music through workshops and fandangos on campus and -- since 2022 -- master musician Laura Rebolloso has been teaching the group. In June 2023, the collective will be performing in Paris, France, and this concert is a way for them to share what they are working on. So bring your lunch and join the "fandango," or celebratory communal gathering in which band members take turns singing, dancing, and playing! * This event is sponsored by the UNM Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, Latin American & Iberian Institute, Dept. of Music, and LGBTQ Resource Center. It is the first of four performances that comprise the “Maxwell Courtyard Concert Series - Spring 2023," a celebration featuring superb local and regional artists. Please join us for the free concerts and dance party as we transform our intimate courtyard into a unique cultural venue. During these events, the Maxwell as well as its Museum Store will be open and refreshments will be offered
Fri 5 - 10 PM Gin & Jazz: Spring Jazz Edition Tractor Brewing - Wells Park, 1800 4th St. NW We've got a special edition of Gin and Jazz celebrating the onset of Spring! The evening starts at 5 pm with Jazz Traveler playing for the first time ever at Tractor only to be followed by the super talented Bobcats Swing Jazz band at 8pm! Get out your best Jazz outfit and spend your Friday with us!
Fri 6 - 8 PM Ladies' Night Out - A Charcuterie Affair - Part 2 Pinspiration, 6271 Riverside Plaza Ln. NW, Ste D1 Now that you have your own personalized charcuterie board would you like to learn how to create a beautiful display of food to “Wow” your guests at your next party or gathering? Look no further! Join us and learn the art of displaying your charcuterie treats on your board with us. The food (meat, cheeses, fruit, nuts, etc.) and instruction are included in this workshop. Make sure to bring your prepared board you created the Friday before. Can you attend this workshop even if you didn’t make your own board or already have a charcuterie board… of course you can! Workshop fee: $55 per person, a $10 deposit is required to reserve your spot, the balance will be paid the day of the workshop. Limited spots available, so register early! If unable to attend, studio credit will be given for another workshop or crafts. Ladies bring your gal pals, friends and family to join you for an evening of fun! Can you imagine having a party with your friends showing off your personalized charcuterie boards full of visually appetizing food you all made together!
Fri 6 - 9 PM Women’s Social Hour Wild Moon Collective, 309 Rio Grand Blvd. NE, Ste 2 FREE EVENT! Let's get social and connect with other ladies in our local community over Rosé, baked goods, beauty products & permanent jewelry. Also enjoy light bites, refreshments & Giveaways! This Social Hour is FREE and hosted by Trisha w/Wild Moon Collective, Stef Alyssa & Britt McVey w/LimeLife by Alcone, Kay w/Desert Stacks Co., Melissa w/Nini Goods, Michelle w/Meech Balloons & Southwest Statements!
Fri 6 - 9 PM Variety Dance CSP Dance Studios, 1624 Eubank Blvd. NE Welcome to the city's biggest variety dance! We'll be playing all kinds of music: ballroom, latin, country, swing, you name it! $10 cash/check at the door (sorry, no card or Venmo, CashApp, etc.) Welcome lesson from 6:00-6:30pm
Fri 7 - 9 PM Mozart in March Kelly Jo Designs by Wine, 6829 4th St. NW, Los Ranchos Spring has Sprung! Join us for a night of iconic arias in the garden! Mozart has some of the most recognizable music in the operatic cannon and we want share some of our favorites, and maybe even a few you havent heard!
Fri 7 - 10 PM Swing into Spring Dance Escape In Time, 1100 San Mateo Blvd., Ste 21 Swing Dance the night away! $10 per person
Fri 8 - 9:30 PM Studio Night Out! Dirty Bourbon, 9800 Montgomery Blvd. Come join us for a fun night out on the town! Come as you are and get your groove on. Feel free to invite anyone to come join the party. This event is free other than the cover at The Dirty Bourbon. There's no cover if you arrive before 8PM. Let us know if you have any questions at either 505-750-0011 or 520-261-1223
Fri 8:30 PM Comedy Night B2B Garden Brewery, 8338 Comanche Rd. NE Chuck Parker Comedy and Crosslines Media present another killer stand-up comedy showcase, featuring some of the funniest comics in the 505, with another Comedy Night! This month's headliner: Bryan Valencia Featuring Eddie Stevens & Isabel Madley with your hosts Chuck Parker and Sam Alvarado
Fri 9 PM Dark Dance Friday Pop-Up Juno, 1501 1st St. NW Temple of Sound returns with A Goth/90s/Industrial/Alternative Dance Party. Expect a mix of sinister sounds and driving beats from the likes of your favorite artists and some up-and-comers. Red-209 and DJ Suspence will be keeping you dancing all night. Appropriate goth attire suggested but not required. Music starts at 9 / 21+
** Sat 3/25 *\*
Sat 8:30 AM Team Rubicon Special Clean Up Historic Fairview Cemetery, 700 Yale Blvd. SE Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams, providing disaster response around the world, as well as here in the USA. The New Mexico chapter of Team Rubicon will be at Historic Fairview Cemetery to help clear the downed tree limbs that have fallen during our recent wind storms. Our regular volunteers are welcome to join in this special clean up event. Super volunteers Dominic and Renie will bring their tractor to help us make a big dent in the remaining mulch pile. We're focusing on family plots in the southwest area of the cemetery. Please join us! As always, bring tools such as rakes, pitchforks, hoes, and shovels. Wear your long sleeves, sturdy shoes, hats, eye protection, and sun screen. We'll provide water and snacks
Sat 8:30 AM Cars and Coffee Presented by Dub Motorwerks Pacific Rim Food Park, 6901-B San Antonio Dr. NE Our Second Gathering of a New Once Per Month Gathering for individuals and their families to come out and enjoy some cars along with some delicious drinks from Dawn Patrol Coffee Shack and other vendors as the park grows! This is intended on being a Drama/Judging Free Gathering that is simply about enjoying your time and having a good time. We ask for propesafe arrival and departure to and from the location to respect the ownership for giving us this opportunity, also no excessive reving, crazy driving ect in the lot. If you have to question what level is excessive then maybe you should tag a ride if you want to come enjoy. Roll in starts at 8:30am and ends kinda whenever as the later you stay more food option open up. We plan on hosting this every 3rd-4th Saturday of the month with the possibility of it becoming more regular. All Makes, Models, 2 wheels, 4 wheels welcome! We just want to bring back old school quality car gatherings back for those who enjoy the world as much as we do!
Sat 9 AM 30th Annual César Chávez and Dolores Huerta Celebration National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 4th St. SW the Recuerda a César Chávez Committee will host the 30th Annual César Chávez and Dolores Huerta Celebration – the only celebration of its kind in the country that honors both great civil rights activists. Join us at the NHCC as we gather in solidarity with others around the country in support of the movement toward nonviolence. Nonviolence is our strength “Sí Se Puede”, “Yes, we can.” (more info)
Sat 9 - 10 AM Montgomery Park Clean Up! 5510 Ponderosa Ave NE Albuquerque is worth the work to keep beautiful! Please join me fellow Burqueños at the Montgomery Park litter clean up! Trash bags and gloves will be provided to you at the 9AM check-in; please meet me in the parking lot by the pool. I also have 4 extra litter pick up sticks to loan for the hour so be there early to grab yours! Please remind your family and friends not to litter!
Sat 10 AM - 12 PM Community Spring Sale Palmilla Senior Living, 10301 Golf Course Rd. NW Find something for yourself and raise money for Alzheimer’s at the same time. Head to Palmilla Senior Living’s front lawn for a community-wide spring sale. Pick up coffee and a breakfast burrito while you shop. Proceeds benefit the Alzheimer’s Association
Sat 10 AM - 2 PM Be My Neighbor Day Explora!, 1701 Mountain Rd. NW Join us for this FREE Event! Be My Neighbor Day is all about being a caring neighbor and supporting families in our neighborhood. Meet Daniel Tiger, Story time, music and hands-on fun, A Community Walk and Park Clean-Up at Tiquex Park at 10:30am, Community Resource Fair, FREE Books
Sat 10 AM - 3 PM MavsterClass - Brew Double White Marble Brewery, 111 Marble Ave NW Learn to brew our beloved Double White with our Production Manager, John Heine. The MavsterClass will include brewing DW from start to finish with John, beer education, lunch, a pint and various tastings throughout the day. For your safety please wear closed toe shoes and full length pants. Open toe shoes are not allowed in the Brewery. Safety glasses will be provided. Must be 21+ to participate. Tickets are $55 per person, and there is extremely limited availability
Sat 11 AM - 2 PM 2nd Annual Renegade Classics & Rich Ford Bike Show Rich Ford, 8601 Lomas Blvd. NE Sponsored by Law Tigers! Preregistration at Renegade Classics. On Site Registration at 10am
Sat 11 - 4 PM Little Big Man's Benefit Car Show & Concert 4 Ramada Plaza Hotel, 2020 Menaul Blvd. NE This year, we will be donating to a new organization called Help Me Grow. 50% of ticket sales will go to the Help Me Grow organization. There will be live performances, great cars, great food and vendors * (Ticket sales will be the day of show only, so don't buy presale tickets from anyone) $10, kids 12 and under free
Sat 12 PM - 5 PM Great New Mexico Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival Balloon Fiesta Park, 5000 Balloon Fiesta Pkwy NE The 7th Annual Great New Mexico Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival features some of the area's most popular food trucks along with dozens of regional and national craft breweries. The Festival will be bringing the ultimate food truck experience with live music, an arts market, and games for the entire family • Food and drink will be sold separately from admission • Family friendly (children 10 and under are FREE) • Leashed dogs allowed • Cash and credit available at gate and most vendors • ATMs available • Lawn chairs welcomed and recommended • No refunds on admission or beer tickets Get your half-off General Admission Tickets ONLINE now! GA Tickets - $5 in advance, $10 at the gate. *Festival is Rain or Shine!
Sat 12 - 5 PM Bunny Ears & Wet Noses Easter Pet Photos Boofy's Best for Pets, 4610 Cutler Ave NE, Ste A Put on your best Easter attire and join us for Easter photos with your pet! All well-behaved critters and humans are welcome to participate. $10 per photo suggested donation benefits the 120+ foster cats and kittens being helped by FAT KATZ
Sat 6 PM Fifth Annual Black & Yellow Bash Electric Playhouse, 5201 Ouray Rd. NW Meet the players! Experience fun, immersive New Mexico United projector games! Enjoy United-themed drink specials and free light refreshments! And, MOST importantly, see our 2023 jerseys for the first time! Doors open at 6 PM, Party starts at 7 PM. Tickets $15, with proceeds benefitting the incredible efforts of the Somos Unidos Foundation
Sat 7 PM Zoso - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience Sunshine Theater, 120 Central Ave SW Doors 7pm Show 8pm, all ages. Advance tickets - $20 + service charge. Venue VIP packages available Tickets from previously rescheduled dates will be honored!
Sat 7 - 9 PM Sol de la Noche Duet Marble Brewery Westside Tap Room, 5740 Night Whisper Rd. NW Through the lens of Alternative Latin American music Sol De La Noche connects us with sounds of different cultures around the world and invites us to dance
Sat 7 - 10 PM Hook Your Single Friends Up PowerPoint Edition Tractor Brewing - Wells Park, 1800 4th St. NW It's almost Valentines Day! I mean like the next day so, come and hook your friends or self up like the cupid you are! We all think we're the best at selling and talking up our friends to potential romancers, but maybe it's time to put our money with our mouth is. Here's the deal: You make a powerpoint presentation (3 minutes long) about why someone should date your friend. We give you a stage, a mic, and a big screen to project on. Afterwards, your friend will get to do a quick Q & A with the audience, and if someone's interested after, you've done your job! This is supposed to be light hearted, fun, and a great way to meet new people, so be sure to work within those boundaries on your PPT. The link below will let you submit and sign up in advance, so be sure to do so sooner rather than later. See you all there!
Sat 8 - 10 PM TKTWA & Distances (Free Show) New Mexico Hard Cider Tap Room, 505 Cerrillos Rd., Santa Fe (it's not ABQ, but it's FREE) Join us for the first ever FREE METAL SHOW with TKTWA & Distances. 2 bands. 2 hours. 21+ ID required
Sat 8 PM - 1:30 AM Apparition Presents: 2nd Annual Vampire Ball Insideout, 622 Central Ave SW Join us for our second annual Vampire Ball! It’s a deliciously undead experience. Featuring DJs Ren + Batboy + Moonside—the unholy trio. Vampire costume party with prizes. Vampire Photo Booth with professional photographer. Expect delirious goth, industrial, death rock, witch house, dark wave, dark post punk and more. $10 for vampires. $15 without. At Insideout (pending renovation completion—otherwise it will be right next door, upstairs at El Rey Mezzanine). Last year was killer. Let’s make this year even better!
** Sun 3/26*\*
Sun 9:30 PM Chocolate and Coffee Run Washington Middle School, 1101 Park Ave SW Chocolate and coffee runners and walkers—your time has come! Register today. NITRO 5K OPEN: 9:30 AM. RUNFIT KIDS K: 10:15 AM. Brought to you in partnership with the Southwest Chocolate & Coffee Fest, Blue River Productions, and Java Joes, the Chocolate and Coffee Run 5K is a fast out-and-back course in the heart of Downtown, Washington Middle School next to Java Joes. ***All participants will receive a ticket ($15 value) to the Southwest Coffee and Chocolate Fest on April 1 or 2, 2023, as well as coffee, chocolate, and a race t-shirt at the Coffee and Chocolate Run
Sun 10 AM March Craft Fair Lunar Rabbit Metaphysical, 2301 San Pedro Dr. NE Come by and check out beautiful crafts by amazing local folks
Sun 10 AM - 2 PM Community Vaccine Clinic Simply Diego's, 3301 Menaul Blvd. NE, Ste 10 Pawsitive Life Rescue of NM partnered with Simply Diego's. Microchip $25, 1 year rabies $20, 3 year rabies $30 (please bring proof of prior vaccine and sign up in person), nail trim $15, combo vaccines: FREE, Bordatella $20. Sign up here
Sun 10 AM - 7 PM Muzzle Entertainment Presents The Inaugural Muzzle New Mexico Guitar Show Isleta Resort & Casino, 11000 Broadway Blvd. SE The Inaugural Muzzle New Mexico Guitar Show is the area's first and largest guitar show, blending musicians, fans (that's you!), collectors, and celebrities together into one musical extravaganza. With live music performances by local and national artists on the Al Bane For Leather stage. thousands of guitars and musical equipment, over 100 booths, exhibits, and additional special events and activities, the Muzzle New Mexico Guitar Show has more than enough to keep you busy all day!! Join us for some incredible live performances and unbelievable instruments. Get your tickets now ONLY $10.00 General Admission and Kids 10 and under are FREE
Sun 3 - 4:15 PM Holy Week Sacred Music Concert St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church, 5712 Paradise Blvd. NW Experience the serene a-cappella sounds of Holy Week: Gregorian chant, polyphony and contemporary choral music. No tickets required!
Sun 4 - 6 PM Big K! Nexus Blue Smokehouse, 1511 Broadway Blvd. SE What goes better together than soul music and New Mexico soul food...nothing! The Train is pulling into Nexus Blue Smokehouse for a Sunday afternoon R&B party -- get on board!
Sun 4 - 7 PM Music on the Patio: Mineral Hill Canteen Brewhouse, 2381 Aztec Rd. NE Mineral Hill was formed in 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We bring salty Americana, funk, honky-tonk, bossa nova, psychedelia, polka, New Mexico gothic, disco…. Enthusiastic fans have described us as “surprisingly tolerable,” “dork core” and “the house band at the human dog park.” Lauren Addario on drums and vocals, Jonathan Mack on guitar, banjo, and vocals, John Funkhouser on keyboard, vocals, and melodica. Oh, and we all play the kazoo!
Sun 4 - 8 PM Dealers Car Show & Local Showcase Sister, 407 Central Ave NW Dealers has put together a killer lineup of local artists to perform at Sister. Roll through for a spring afternoon of dope music and hit the car as the sun goes down (tickets $20)
Sun 6 - 9 PM Blues Dance Night Juno, 1501 1st St. NW Join us for a blues dance lesson from 6-7 and then dancing from 7-9! This is a free event just make sure to support the bar for their generosity of letting us use this venue. Lacie Forde will be DJing a mix of trad blues and fusion as well as teaching a lesson on connection and rhythmic expression for blues dancing!
Sun 8:30 PM UwU- Kawaii Anime Show Albuquerque Social Club,4021 Central Ave NE Come out for Sunday Funday-- ANIME STYLE! This cast will be bringing there favorite characters and lewks to life! Help us raise money for our coummunity with the ISCNM! Presented by Uncle Jaie Steel! Hosted by the Fabulous Papa Sucia! 21+ event, valid ID required
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2023.03.22 23:01 Bmetz2001 Recent pick ups.

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2023.03.22 21:46 amateurdwarftosser Downtown DC recommendations

Hello all,
I am traveling to DC for work or a few days and staying near the mall. My teenage son is accompanying me and we’re going to see the sights over a weekend coming up.
I am platinum and I do have some suite night upgrades available. I was thinking the Westin City Center, Renaissance Downtown, Courtyard Convention center, or the Marriott at City Center.
I am not renting a car and we are happy with the metro.
Any recommendations? Anything to avoid?
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2023.03.22 19:18 AmokinKS Wichita ranked #1 as worst place for Pollen Allergies in 2023

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2023.03.22 16:49 New-Abbreviations723 Anyone else excited about City2?

All of the hype right now is about our first team, but I'm super excited to see how City2 performs and evolves, for a few reasons:
  1. The chance to see top prospects shine before they are promoted to the first team
  2. City2 nearly won the MLS Next Pro Cup last year, in their first campaign
  3. I love the development+academy model of City SC, and the focus on developing local and young talent. As a life-long St. Louis sports fan, I see shades of Branch Rickey's farm system design. I'm also an Arsenal fan. Right now, their star player, Saka, is considered one of the top players in the world and he's only 21. But he joined Arsenal's academy at age 7. I wonder which future City stars we'll come out of the academy!
  4. The tickets are super cheap, and any game of football is super fun to watch! I snagged tix to several first team matches this season at $100+ each. And I'm looking forward to each and every one of those. But the chance drive downtown to see great soccer for something like $13? Sign me up!
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2023.03.22 13:00 AutoModerator Work Wednesday

Looking for work? Is your company hiring? This post is for you!
Major local employers
Generic resource
  1. Sciway: Larger list of local employers
  2. Google job search
  3. Indeed
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2023.03.22 10:35 TheBeautyToHisBeasty Is anyone else getting fraudulent transactions from big name companies???

I woke up this morning and had notifications saying my cash app card had been declined due to insufficient funds for 3 separate very large charges. The first and second were at 4:03 & 4:05am from Geico in Washington DC for $3,323.50!! The last one was at 4:15 from Greenville Casualty Insurance in Greer, SC for $555.72 I don’t live in either of those states and neither company is MY insurance company. I have no idea how they got my card information. I already claimed that card as compromised and ordered a new one. I can’t dispute them since they never went through, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing or something similar recently?? I would like to know if these people are hacking my account bc I slipped up somewhere or if they are hacking a bunch of accounts in another way.
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2023.03.22 09:09 VasshuZaSutanpido We really doin this guys?

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