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2023.06.04 23:12 grotundeek_apocolyps EA looks outside the bubble: "Samaritans in particular is a spectacular non-profit, despite(?) having basically anti-EA philosophies"

LessWrong: Things I Learned by Spending Five Thousand Hours In Non-EA Charities
An EA worked for some real nonprofits over the past few years and has written some notes comparing them with EA nonprofits. Among her observations are:
Make no mistake, though, she was not converted by the do-gooders, she just thinks they might have some good ideas:
[Lack of warm feelings in EA] is definitely a serious problem because it gates a lot of resources that could otherwise come to EA, but I think this might be a case where the cure could be worse than the disease if we're not careful
During her time at real nonprofits she attempted some cultural exchanges in the other direction too, but the reception was not positive:
they were immediately turned off by the general vibes of EA upon visiting some of its websites. I think the term “borg-like” was used.
At least one commenter got the message:
But others, despite being otherwise receptive, seem stuck in EA mindset:
Inspired by this post, another EA goes over to the EA forum to propose that folks donate a little money to real nonprofits, but the reaction there is not enthusiastic:
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2023.06.04 23:10 micronesiarain Episode 6- "Robbed: The Musical!" 💃🎶

Episode 6-
the queens return to the workroom after Kami's elimination
Anthyy: Everybody, moment of silence for our sister.
🏁Anthyy CF: Kami just got sent home, and it really was worst case scenario. I love Sue, don't get me wrong! But Kami was probably my closest ally here. And with how shitty last week was for me, that just sealed it as the worst week so far.
Zodya: Congratulations to our winners! Really well deserved, you both did great. How does it feel?
Wren: I'll be honest, I was starting to doubt myself. On Season Six, I felt like I always had the opportunity to prove myself. Maybe it was by winning a challenge, or by lipsyncing.
Fleur: Shoutout to the bed!
Wren: As I was saying...I was able to prove myself as a competitor. But this time, it's felt a lot different. Let's be real, my track record wasn't great before this last challenge.
🏁Fleur CF: She says as if it's better now.
Wren: But I finally feel like I showed what I have, and lipsyncing again felt like my batteries being recharged.
Sue: You run on batteries? I thought that was just me...what a world!
🏁Wren CF: I'm feeling pumped right now. Micro saw me as the best of the week, it doesn't get any better than that. I'm taking this momentum and making it into as many wins as possible. Maybe I'm the new Greantee? I like the sound of that!
Steph: Has anyone else felt that way of questioning your place here?
Fleur: If not, a lot of you should.
Anthyy: I can't say I have. I'm in it to go all the way.
Morgs looks over at Anthyy, wondering if Anthyy had forgotten about their previous conversation during Untucked
🏁Morgs CF: It seems like Anthyy is out of the mindset of wanting to quit. Which is perfect! Losing Kami was a big hit to us, so it's important that Anthyy stays and keeps the focus on what really matters.
Zodya: Whorechata, what lipstick do you have tucked away?
Whorechata: Yikes, this is awkward.
Sue: Oh...
Whorechata: I chose Micro. It was the only decision that felt right to me!
Zodya: If you don't show us who you actually picked...
Whorechata: I also chose Kami. It really was nothing personal. She said she had the fire to stay, and I wanted to believe her. But I didn't see that fire in her the same way that I did with Sue. And girl, you know I wasn't about to send you home. Our history goes back too far for me to do that to you.
Sue: You can never know for certain, so I really appreciate this.
Whorechata: I got you.
🏁Blondie CF: The FDR queens definitely need to be broken up. Whorechata saving Sue proves that even if they don't have this crazy close relationship, that FDR bond is enough to influence a major decision. Next time I'm in the top, I have to go after one of them. Or multiple of them, why not!
The Next Day
the queens strut into the workroom, wearing coordinated outfits
🏁Morgs CF: It's a new day in the workroom, and the group is getting smaller and smaller. Next thing you know, it'll look like a bunch of fairies running around! Honey, I shrunk the kids!!
Wren: I want to start off the day by apologizing to Anthyy and Morgs for how I acted during the challenge. It wasn't cute, and I see that now. I don't know, it just felt like all the stress was finally getting to me, and I put so much pressure onto myself.
Morgs: In my heart, I should be mad at you. But you are also the prettiest lady I've ever seen, so I can't be mad! It's all good, for real.
Anthyy: Definitely.
🏁Anthyy CF: I can forgive Wren, but I won't forget. She's the reason I don't know if I want to be here anymore, and I can't let that go. I'm feeling better than I was before, but I'm still not in it all the way. I'm getting in my head about it, I don't know what I need to do to feel better about this.
the workroom door swings open and Micro walks in, wearing a sequin caftan with teased out curly hair
Micro: Hello hello queens! Who else cried themselves to sleep last night after that elimination? Just me? Okay, we love that! Anywho, it's time for your next challenge. All of you have one thing in common. Whether you got close to the prize, or went home too early, none of you got the crown on your original seasons. And I'm sure you'd all be inclined to say that you were robbed. Which is why your next challenge is a musical journey through the crushing feeling of defeat. Because what is a drag race without a little emotional exploitation?! Each of you will choose a song of your choice, and then select sixteen lines from that song. Using the rhythm of the song, you'll be rewriting the lyrics to tell the story of how you were eliminated. The songs you choose and the approach you take are totally up to you. Make it you, make it stand out, that's all that matters! Good luck, and I'll see you on the runway for the big premiere. Bye!
the queens scatter around the workroom in small clusters as they go over ideas
🏁Steph CF: For our challenge this week, we are taking part in "Robbed: The Musical". Using a song of our choice, we have to rewrite sixteen lines to tell the story of how we got sent home. If you saw Season Three, you know all too well that I had thoughts, feelings, and concerns about how my time there ended. My only concern here is how to squeeze all of these thoughts into just sixteen lines. I could do fifty, and still have more to say!
Whorechata: So, what am I supposed to do for this challenge? I never really got eliminated.
Sue: Right! I forgot about that. I guess you eliminated yourself.
Whorechata: How do I make that work for this challenge, that's the question.
🏁Whorechata CF: Everyone else has been eliminated, got the axe, got thrown to the curb. And then there's me. Luckily, I feel more confident with a verse challenge than I could for any other challenge. When I put my pen to paper, none of these queens can come close to me. But it's hard to reference your journey and elimination when you quit on the second episode. I'll make it work though, know that!
Blondie and Fleur have a heart to heart by the mirrors
Blondie: I know there's tension between us, and that might never change. But I want you to know that there's an olive branch from me to you.
Fleur: Why would I want a stick?
Blondie: I-, that's not what that means.
Fleur: Girl, I know.
Blondie: Where did things go wrong between us?
Fleur: We both want to be the top bitch. And we know that there isn't enough room in the spotlight for the both of us. For me? Absolutely. But you...yeah, no.
Blondie: I just don't get that. We have the same friends, we work the same shows. There's no reason to keep things between us so fractured.
Fleur: Maybe one day. But right now, I don't know if it's the right time.
Blondie: I'm fine with that. It doesn't need to be immediate, I just want to know that you're willing to get there eventually.
🏁Fleur CF: As much as it pains me to admit, Blondie and I do have a lot in common. There's just something about this competition that makes it hard for me to connect with people. Some call it competitive spirit, most just call it being a bitch. I'm not closing the door on a friendship between Blondie and I, but I'm not opening it either. Not yet at least.
Morgs and Anthyy style their wigs for the challenge as they go over last minute ideas
🏁Morgs CF: Anthyy is the one person here that I know I can trust. Seeing her win would make me so happy, and I know she feels the same about me winning.
Anthyy: Sister, what song are you doing for this?
Morgs: There are a few rap songs that I think I could do well with.
Anthyy: You always do well with those, that might be the perfect option!
Morgs: But then another part of me feels like that would just be a convenient way of ending up safe again. I'm questioning whether or not it makes sense to go with what I know, or if I'm in a spot where I have to take a risk.
Anthyy: I feel the same way. If you took a risk and it didn't work, do you think you would be able to convince people to keep you?
Morgs: That's the thing, I don't. I feel like you wouldn't send me home, but that's it. I can't trust anyone else to save me.
Anthyy: What's your riskier option?
Morgs: Aretha Franklin.
Anthyy: Byeeee!
Morgs: I know, I know! It's not what you'd expect from me.
Anthyy: And that's why it makes total sense. You need to believe in yourself. Give them the full Morgs fantasy, and they'll live!
Morgs: Ah, you convinced me! I'm doing Aretha.
Anthyy: Our top two moment incoming!
🏁Morgs CF: I feel like I have nothing to lose at this point. If I'm ever gonna take a risk, now's the time to do it. Pray for your girl, she needs a miracle right about now!
the lights flicker and an electric magenta light floods the runway as Micro struts down the center
Micro Episode 6 Look
Micro: Welcome back to the runway of Micro's Drag Race: All Stars! This week, the queens were tasked with rewriting a song to tell the story of how they lost their original season. And joining me on the judging panel tonight is not only an MDR legend, but a fantastic verse writer, and the winner of Micro's Drag Race vs The World, Jords!
Jords Guest Judging Look
Micro: Jords, thank you for being here!
Jords: Thank you, I'm so excited to crush some dreams.
Micro: How has life been since taking home the crown?
Jords: You know what they say, club, another club, bus, no sleep. Except this is on Discord, so not exactly like that, but you get the idea!
Micro: Are you ready to get started?
Jords: I told you I'm not staying in this corset for more than an hour, let's get to it!
Micro: Without further ado, here is "Robbed: The Musical"!
Robbed: The Musical
Micro: Category is..."Chain Reaction".
"Bad Juju" by Jujubee plays
Anthyy: When i heard the category was chains i got a bit scared cause first i had an idea to do a bad bitch look! But then i realized probably everyone is gonna do that! So my mind went to a diffrent thign! When i dont know what to do i always look for inspiration in my culture! PURR POLISH BITCH! In Poland, you can easily say that in the whole europe, knights were EVERYWHERE so tonight i decided to serve you a knight look HONEY i am drippinnggg in chains! From head to toe i am a silver sparkling dream! And i know miss micr loves them sparkles so i made sure she is BADAZZLED for the gods! I did a lil leg and a hip reveal so she can have her sexy moment! And ofc i am carrying a sword caue i am a fighter. I really liked going back to the more haute couture side of anthyy since reently i focused my looks much more on the drag side so this was a nice comeback! And you kno im a sucker for gowns!
Anthyy Look
Blondie: Tonight I am giving full shame and guilt. Every since I taken a break from my season, I realize I have a lot of internal thinking and shame of the things I did on my season. Giving up so easily when I know I was in the right for most of my arguments and being manipulated into thinking I'm the problem when you just wanted Greentree to win so y'all robbed me. Tonight I am wearing beautiful Thai silk fantasy and got this beautiful styled red hair and have it locked up and chained up all over my body. You want me to feel shame, well come unlock my chain, baby
Blondie Look
Fleur: Tonight I decided to fuse rich and affluence with sex and fornication and I have to admit, I am a HUGE fan of this result! I am feeling so fancy and so lush with all this gold and skin! Thank the lord that fashion tape exists because without that, who knows how these chains will stay perfectly in place. I am EATING. I am so happy to be wearing this look the one week in this competition, where I feel somewhat confident!
Fleur Look
Morgs: BAM, on the runway i'm coming out, skinny, beautiful, and a bad girl. this is a total different direction than morgetha franklin you saw during the challenge. i have some devily horns on too, obviously decked out with chains, matching the rest draped AWL over my body. i look stunning, i feel stunning, and if someone happened to wear this before i wore it better
Morgs Look
Steph: mama i am all chained up bc i am a crazy bitch who LOVES the chains. Bitch this is fashion and I want to show that I can be kinky and serve up some rich ho realness honey!!
Steph Look
Sue: Tonight I am serving you gothic bad ass biatch. She is a huntress on a mission to obliterate all the men who did her dirty.
Sue Look
Whorechata: Tonight on the runway I am representing what many conservative folk would say is “my culture”. I am giving orange is the New Mexican tonight mawma. She got the ball and chain and limping on this runway… but tbh that’s not a new thing for chata on the runway.
Whorechata Look
Wren: Trying to make my own runway this was a truly humbling experience, sometimes things dont go as planned and that’s ok. However, if I’m going to go with something I didn’t make myself I want to make sure it’s one of the best things you’ve ever seen. This look wowed me from the moment I first saw it and it is absolutely gorgeous, stunning, and conceptual. Zendaya truly devoured, as always.
Wren Look
Zodya: For this runway, I wanted to do something a little bit different. While most people would probably have the chains wrapped around their bodies or hanging off, I’m going for this chain pattern in this exquisite, high-fashion executive realness look. I feel extremely opulent in this moment, like I’m about to buy out a large company! And if you don’t like that? Chained to the walls of the company dungeon!!!
Zodya Look
Micro: Thank you ladies. Tonight, you all really blew me away!
Jords: I need to echo that. AMAZING job on the stage tonight. You all did amazing and it will be very hard to be choosing the placements. Very honored and excited to be judging tonight!
Micro: So tonight, you will each be receiving critiques.
Micro: First up, Anthyy!
Jords: BESTIE! So excited to see how far you‘ve come after Season 1. For your look, this is definitely one of the looks I‘m liking the most. It‘s giving me very much warrior. You know those games we used to play back in the day in that castle and there was like a fighter holding you from entering the other room? Yeah, that‘s you in new edition. And for your Musical performance… you ate that. I think the song choice is very um… UNIQUE. Sorry, I don‘t really connect good things with that name. Anyway, I found your lyrics smart and memorable, I kinda got stuck with what parts you were relating to, but then I got the hang of it and then loved it even more.
Micro: Anthyy baby, you might have just outwrote Beyoncé. Well, I don’t know if she writes her own stuff but if she does, you did that! I thought the flow was amazing, and you had so many call backs to your original season, and such a smart song choice for this Unieke moment! My one critique would be that it felt like certain lines were condensed in a way that really fit the flow, but weakened the line itself by removing certain little transition words. On the runway, this is sensational. I love the hip cutouts and the shoulder pieces. One of my favorite looks from you ever!
Micro: Next, Blondie!
Jords: Hey Blondie! On the look, I like how the chains connect the whole look. It starts from your foot to the head and roses, so I really found that cool. Your musical performance, I think you started really strong. The song was a little something else from what the others have presented I think, you served a lot of comedy. There‘s some little, very little things I would change, but overall I think you did a good job.
Micro: Imma be so real, my expectations for what you could do this week were a little low. You weren’t exactly a rapstress on Season Six, but this was so well done. This song has a lot of little moments within it that you were able to capitalize on. And it had splashes of humor and controversy that you’re known so well for. On the runway, I think this look is beautiful, and the commentary gagged me a bit. I thought you were in your apology era but then you went right back to serving cunt, we love to see it. Great night for you.
Micro: Next up, Fleur!
Jords: Hey Fleur! With this runway look, you are so rich and you are representing the girls. It just ate. You have clear taste, we been knew. Your musical verse. I‘ll say it was a good attempt. It was a verse that was really deep, but it wasn‘t that special for me.
Micro: The vibe of this song has such a dark and melancholy feel to it, which worked so well for this challenge, and the feelings of reliving that loss. It really told the journey of who you were back on Season One, and then how you had that redemption moment on Season Four, but ultimately falling short of the crown. All the boxes are checked, this was a great performance. On the runway, this connects with me so hardcore. The draped chain look, the big headpiece and sculpted hair, the fur coat, it’s a dream look for me. For me, your best week so far!
Micro: Next, Morgs!
Jords: Morgs! I‘m very impressed by you. This chains look is just so advanced and so beautiful. You went full force. As well as in the musical. I imagined it very well, you performing with that song playing. I like what you had brought tonight.
Micro: Morgs, you are such an incredible writer, and I could tell that this week was a moment for you to break out of that safe streak and really shine. First off, the song choice was amazing. And you stayed true to what the challenge asked for with the references to your season and elimination, not going too far into that bitch track territory. You played off of all the subtleties and syllables of the original to pack this full of great content. On the runway, this is a gorgeous look. Having this cage element made of chains, it’s a clever and high fashion moment.
Micro: Next up, Steph!
Jords: Steph, Steph, Steph. Your runway with the chains, chains everywhere! I like it. But your verse… it didn‘t stick out to me, I‘m sorry. It didn‘t fullfill my expectations, I got the hang of what you were trying to do, but I didn‘t really get through the whole performance without asking myself „Why“ like, 3 times.
Micro: Steph, you made me so proud this week!! I know your elimination on Season Three wasn’t the best time for you, but I do think it has pushed you in this competition to perform at a really elite level. You sold the vibe and the fantasy of what that challenge was and your thought process through your elimination. There’s not much else I can really say, you killed it. If I have to nitpick, I’d say that the end loses steam a little bit, but only because the first half is so strong. On the runway, I think this is maybe the best you’ve looked! It’s simple but executed flawlessly. Great work.
Micro: Next up, Sue!
Jords: Moving on to Sue! Your chains look, it was kind of different and it had something that made me memorize it well. Your performance… I kind of found it hard to keep up. It was a good song choice, I did see you performing it, don‘t worry. But I think you could have done even more.
Micro: Sue, let me start off with this song choice. Choosing the song you were eliminated on during Season Four, how did nobody else think to do that?! It was a really smart move. I can tell you were comfortable with this challenge, because every line had that natural flow and swagger to it. The lyrics were so true to you and your spirit, and the rhythm of the song kind of played into that feeling of running away from elimination and trying to save yourself. And on the runway, this is amazing. I love the movement that the chains bring in, and this skeletal corset vibe is next level. I’m not the biggest fan of the purple veil, but this is a great look.
Micro: Next, Whorechata Grande!
Jords: Hey, Whorechata! This look looks like it‘s self-drawn. I think the story behind it is very smart and very easy to think about what it could mean. Perfect, that‘s it. And for the musical, girl, you turned it into a party. I was in my seat like… twerks.
Micro: Whorechata, you are like a chicken. I take you out of the freezer, and you start to thaw. Last week, you warmed up, and this week, you were burning hot. This was start to finish, an incredible week for you. Every beat was hit, the flow was immaculate, and you balanced being able to hype yourself up, but also get real about your time on Season Five. On the runway, this look is so so good. The heavy chains around the ankles especially, that really works for me. If I had to nitpick, I think the hair color throws me off a little bit, and I wish she had a chain necklace or earrings to kinda tie the top half to the bottom half, but this was truly your week.
Micro: Next up, Wren Wyvern!
Jords: Wren, Wren, Wren. I‘m going to start with the runway. Let‘s break it down. When you see A first, you remember it. Then comes B. And when B is very similar to A, you like one more. That‘s exactly what it is between you and Anthyy. You both did armor-related looks. This look from Zendaya, my queen 'till the day I collapse, is very iconic. But I think this is one of the looks I like the least tonight. This verse made me think you used AI. Because you used some words that Jesus didn‘t even hear before he got crucified, Amen. I found it very funny, and you gave us something to run with, so good job on that.
Micro: Wren the rap star is back! You have a great understanding of music and verse writing, and are able to execute challenges like this phenomenally. The rhyme structure of the original song isn’t all that simple, it has little quirks, and that’s tough to write around. But you managed to pull it off, and pull it off really well. On the runway, this isn’t my favorite. Objectively, it’s a beautiful look. I will say though that MET Gala looks for me tend to just come off as a little expected. At this point in the competition, I have to pick at the tiny things.
Micro: Last but not least, Zodya!
Jords: Zodya! Well, while others used chains that were actually build into their look, you used it as a pattern. And I actually would have liked it more had you used a look that did so as well, because it gives it more a better vibe. I liked your verse a lot. It was so good. Nothing more to say, like damn she ate that.
Micro: Zodya, back with the Gaga! You are an incredible verse writer, undefeated so far. Tonight was no exception. Your lines all hit, and there was not a single error in the flow of it. Picking at the tiny things, I think the chorus didn’t give you many chances to change it in a major way. Such a small issue, but every little detail is being looked at under a microscope right now. On the runway, this was a really unique take. Opting to go for a chain pattern instead of actual chains, I don’t know how I feel about it! It’s something I haven’t seen before and I love that it gives you this polished look. Maybe I’m missing that industrial and metal vibe that real chains would’ve brought in, but it’s great for what it is.
Micro: Thank you queens. Based on your performances tonight, I've made some decisions. When I call your name, please step forward.
Micro: Anthyy, Blondie, Fleur, Steph, Sue, Wren, and Zodya. Great work this week, you are all safe.
🏁Fleur CF: Wait...what?
Micro: Morgs, Whorechata. Congratulations, you are the top two queens of the week!
the queens congratulate Morgs and Whorechata while looking shocked over everyone being safe
🏁Morgs CF: Well oh my gosh, I won!! And for it to happen on a week where I just let loose completely, it makes me feel so good. If you want the real me, here it is!
🏁Whorechata CF: My win era has arrived, it feels right!
Micro: Now, I hate a non-elimination week. You all know this, I know this, the lady down the street knows this. But when you deliver at a level like this, you leave me no other choice. I want to see more from each and every one of you. However, there will still be a lipsync. The winner of the lipsync will receive a significant advantage in the next challenge. Trust me, you want this one. Head on back to Untucked and get ready, I'll see you shortly!
the queens enter Untucked
Morgs: Oh my damn, oh my damn!
🏁Morgs CF: I won my first challenge! This is my first time being in the top since the first episode. The risk to do Aretha paid off, and I'm so glad I made that decision. And it's honestly the perfect week to win, because I don't need to worry about making someone mad at me. I need to do a little happy dance or something, this is the best feeling!
Steph: Somebody better quit to make these numbers go down!
Wren: I felt that.
Sue: I was really doubting myself this week, so getting positive feedback and being safe, such a relief.
Anthyy: I feel that way, just flipped a little bit. I felt really good about my verse, and love my runway. But the critiques were a little shaky. I'm so grateful for everyone being safe, I'm not ready to land in the bottom!
Wren: Anthyy, Zodya. This is nothing against the two of you, but-
Zodya: Here we go.
Wren: It is a little frustrating that the week where you finally get mixed critiques, there's no bottoms. It feels interesting to me, that's all!
Steph: Oop.
🏁Wren CF: I believe that there was some tricks going on behind the scenes this week. I thought Zodya was the weakest, and by quite a lot to be honest. But she's won three challenges already, Micro can't risk her going home. It feels all too convenient that this was the week for nobody to go home.
Zodya: I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't in the best headspace this week. We've been here for awhile now, it got to me.
Wren: I think it mainly annoys me because just based off of critiques, I think I was next in line to be in the top. But now we're all safe, and it puts me and you on the same level.
Zodya: Is that a bad thing? Micro and Jords both said how well we all did.
Wren: I disagree with me being placed the same as everyone else, that's it.
Zodya: You can't just say "that's it" and expect the conversation to be over.
Wren: Well, I would like it to be over.
🏁Zodya CF: If Micro gave me a free pass this week, then let me just say a quick thank you and get back to the competition. But based on the critiques, I don't think that's what happened. When Wren wins the challenge, the judging makes total sense. But whenever she doesn't win, there's some conspiracy behind it. I know we've been here for a long time, but are the fumes getting to you?
Anthyy: I don't have anything else to say about that. We all slayed, we can just move on!
Sue: I do want to ask Fleur about her part in the musical. Was that actually how you feel?
Fleur: I mean...maybe a little.
Sue: Even on Season Four, I didn't know how much pressure you put on yourself after Season One.
Fleur: I came into that season so confident, but I gave up on myself. When you feel people cheering for you, and you can't take it all the way, it makes you feel like you disappointed them.
Anthyy: You didn't disappoint anyone on Season One!
Fleur: No, I know I disappointed myself at least.
🏁Fleur CF: I take what I do very seriously, and I really care about the legacy I leave behind. If I don't live up to the expectations I set for myself, it makes me feel like it's not even worth trying.
Fleur: I'm scared of that following me. I want people to see me for who I am now, not what I was doing then.
Blondie: You have no idea how much sense this is making.
Fleur: Really?
Blondie: Absolutely. The thing is, people will feel how they feel, and you can't change that. But when you start living in the moment and start this new path for yourself, they'll have no choice but to see you for who you are now. If you don't want them to focus on the past, you can't focus on it either.
🏁Zodya CF: And that is what we call a breakthrough!
the queens return to the runway
Micro: Welcome back ladies! Will the top two queens please step forward.
Morgs Lipsync Look
Whorechata Lipsync Look
Micro: Morgs, Whorechata. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lipsync performance of “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness.
Micro: This is your chance to impress me, and earn an advantage in the next challenge.
🏁Morgs CF: Eek, the nerves are starting to show up! I wasn't exactly a lipsync assassin on Season Three. But I've been working on my moves, and I think I can put up a good fight. Hope for the best!
🏁Whorechata CF: Finally, this is a song I can perform to! If y'all would've given me Fifth Harmony again, I would've walked out that door and never looked back.
"Can't explain all the feelings that you're making me feel
My heart's in overdrive and you're behind the steering wheel"
Morgs struts on out commanding the stage, she's got a REAL bad girl energy in her and you can tell it from the way she walks to the nasty glare in her eyes. She positions herself in the center of the stage and lip syncs like a preoccupied teenage boy
Whorechata does a little shimmy, feeling the music
"Touching you, touching me
Touching you,
God, you're touching me"
Morgs starts to shift from bratty to sultry as she looks over and attempts to grasp the air over to her opponent. She then feels her freaky pigtails sizzling it up. She then reaches over to her opponent again, then Morgs jiggly body starts to move to the rhythm, matching up to the beat
Whorechata does a little shimmy, feeling the music
"I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love, hoo-ooh"
Morgs jumps into the air landing knee first on the ground and bobbing her head along. She spreads her legs open across the stage and shakes her hands enthusiastically near her heart area. She then shifts her body to the side as she drags herself across the stage doing a high kick in the air as she jumps back up on her feet. She then shimmies herself down to the ground with a sensual ‘shh’ motion to her lips. On the last line she does a fierce back bend as the loveee line progresses and she then reaches for her guitar for the solo. Its a freaky guitar btw, bright pink
Whorechata does a little shimmy, feeling the music
🎶Guitar solo🎶
Morgs plays her guitar matching the solo as it plays. She gets freakful to the music and moves across the stage truly making her stage presence known as she does some stunts throughout this like some back leans to the side and high kicks. She makes eye contact with her audience. throughout and they can tell that Morgs is NOT here to play games. She ends the guitar solo by making it look like she’s playing it with her tongue (very good at that) as rolls her tongue against it’s strings before throwing it back on her back
Whorechata does a little shimmy, feeling the music
"Touching you, touching me
Touching you,
God, you're touching me, ohh"
Morgs feels the sultry sensual rhythms again as she scurries off, she's such a bad bad girl and its showing in her whole aura. Morgs then makes her body jiggle by pumping it in line with the beat. Morgs then bawls her hands in a fist a pulsates them in a motion close to her heart, she then moves her hand down to her freakum as she vibrates her hand in that area making the ohh motion as she goes into a backbend in which she just barely touches the ground
Whorechata does a little shimmy, feeling the music
"I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love"
Morgs then back flips up into her original position with her two feet on the ground (also a trained gymnast). She beams along to the music, feeling the rock star moment as she moves herself across the stage on all sides and to the back to the other queens watching as she interacts with them a little bit. She shakes her head hard along to the music. Morgs then grabs the guitar from behind her back as she is still in the back of the stage
Whorechata does a little shimmy, feeling the music
🎶Guitar solo🎶
As the solo starts Morgs, now holding the guitar, slides from the back of the stage all the way to the front playing the guitar violently and excitedly as she bangs her head along. As the song comes to a close with the breakdown, Morgs destroys the guitar by banging it all in one place on the stage in a rapidfire motion and as the last beat plays, she falls into a hard front facing split with her head on the ground and she points to the sky with her right index finger as she has finished putting on a concert for the girls. From the guitar holds a paper that says “Sharris was robbed” with a wink she goes back to her spot
Whorechata does a little shimmy, feeling the music
Micro: Whew, rock on!! That was a great performance...from one of you. I've made my decision.
Micro: Morgs, you're a winner, baby! You have won a significant advantage in the next challenge.
Morgs: Thanks a bunch!
Micro: Whorechata, you are safe.
Whorechata: Did all that just to be safe, just say you hate me!
Micro: Nine queens remain, and you all are the best of the best. Keep up the momentum, and give it your all. From here on out, at least one of you will be going home each week. Do not get comfortable. Now, let the music play!
"Banjo" by Bebe Zahara Benet plays
Next Time on Micro's Drag Race: All Stars
🏁Wren CF: I wouldn't say that I necessarily want to recite the entire Book of Mormon. It's more of a need. What is my life!?
Morgs notices a box on her workroom station that holds her advantage for the challenge
Sue: This is just me getting everything I could possibly want. You get a Kylie, you get a Kylie!
Lily: This was in really poor taste, and it went entirely too far.
Track Record
Cast Shot w/ Placements
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2023.06.04 23:10 Intelligent-Sign-882 Doors comic 1-3 by me!

Doors comic 1-3 by me! submitted by Intelligent-Sign-882 to doors_roblox [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 23:09 Another_Reddit Searching for drinkware

Hello! Our September wedding is coming up fast and we have a few details we're still trying to iron out. Since our reception is not at a restaurant, and we're opting to provide our own alcohol (served by a licensed bartender through our caterer), we have to figure out the best way to serve drinks. Since there isn't dishwashing available onsite, we're probably going to need to do single-use cups, though we maybe encourage everyone to reuse them as much as possible.
We aren't trying to make this a super fancy event, but we're not sure the classic 9oz tumbler cups are the best option. It might be too tacky, and isn't reflective of our values (e.g., we're trying to do things in an environmentally-friendly way).
So, does anyone have thoughts on good drinkware that both looks ok, and is perhaps compostable or recyclable, and won't break the bank? Open to any ideas! For context, we will be serving beer, seltzers, wine, and one or two cocktails.
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 23:09 CJSCOSPLAYS I think I messed up my relationship with my best friend

So me and my best friend have been friends since 5th grade and we are both 17 now and pretty much what happened was I hadn't talked to my best friend for a bit so I had messaged them a few days ago to see of they were doing ok and they hadn't replied to me so that worried me so I had messaged them every day until finally they messaged me back and told me they were going trough some stuff and wanted some space. I replied with alright and told them I loved them and gave them space. That was like 3 days ago and sk today I had logged into my discord because I haven't been logged in for like a week and I wanted to see if anything was being talked about in the discord group we are both in and I found out that their mom is in the hospital. I realized that's probably why they wanted space from everyone but then I saw that they had texted everyone recently so it seems I'm the only person they are taking a break from. This isn't the first time I've messed up a friendship before and I hate my self for it because even though I am in that group of people I don't really talk to any of them so my best friend is really my only friend and I'm scared to lose them but I understand if they hate me now too and don't want anything to do with me because if I was them I'd hate me too.
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2023.06.04 23:08 Listentrees Feel like I’ve achieved all I want to do in my life. Just carrying on for my kids, nothing interests me now

I was given away for adoption when I was born and had a difficult upbringing, never believing I was good enough and unable to be alone for fear of further abandonment. I’ve worked through the issues with a therapist, have wonderful kids, a great partner, have a good job, a lovely house, pension and physically I’m very fit. I’ve achieved all my goals in life and more. I can’t think of a single thing I would like to do. Nothing interests me, the kids don’t need me as they are growing up and I’m now 50. I’m just so bored with life, feel like I’ve had all the good years, I volunteer and this feels ok, but after 18 years of giving up my time even this doesn’t give me a sense of achievement. If I feel asleep and didn’t wake up, it wouldn’t bother me. I would just be worried about the impact on the kids. I just want a reason to feel excited, alive and motivated again. Has anyone had this? Cracked this?
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2023.06.04 23:08 Peachybr0 I hate my fathers side of the family.

TW: Violence
Growing up my father at first wasn't such a bad guy we did have happy moments, he got arrested when I was around 6, or 7, and he was at home a lot because they put him or house arrest. I remember during this time he actually spent time with me. We watched anime, he taught me how to play video games, we played COD together. When he got off house arrest he wasn't around as much, he was a drug dealer. He started to become more abusive to my mother as time went on, at first he would just yell at her, then it turned into him beating her, trying to stab her, chasing her, most times my mom would have to run and lock herself in the bathroom. Most times he was not home because he was out running drugs around, or partying. I remember every time he got home mom would tell us to hide. My first memory as a child is the police kicking in our door and my father was trying to jump out the window to get away I watched the police taze him. When I was young I hated the police because of what I had seen. My dad often times would come home at 3 - 4 am in the morning and I remember him moaning "help me, help me" it scared me so much. Or other times he would be very violent. It got to the point my mom couldn't take care of us anymore because she was too depressed, she would lay in bed and cry all day. I had to take the responsibility of waking up making breakfast lunch and dinner, and taking my two brothers to school, I would only go sometimes because cps used to make visits and I would have to stay home the previous day to clean the house so we wouldn't get taken away. I was 10 at this point and it sucked, I didn't have my first birthday party or sleepover until I turned 16, because the house was so dirty we weren't allowed to bring people over. My dad used to steal my moms money she got from government assistance, and use it for drugs, alcohol and paying people money back. One time my mom told him he's not getting the money because we had no food, we were eating out of a bag of sugar and canned stuff we would get from the food bank, he took a knife to her neck and tried to slice her open. It was all so terrible I could keep going but there's way to much stuff that happened.
We got taken away when I was 12 because my fathers mother called the police on him because he was chasing my mom around the street trying to harm her, and that resulted in us being taken away. We went to go live with my fathers family because they lied in court saying my mom was a psycho, and that she abused us when it was the other way around. My mom couldn't afford a lawyer so she had to represent herself in court and it didn't go well. Once we got living with my fathers family it was ok at first then after about 6 months she started being emotionally abusive, and it turned physical when she knocked out my 13 year old brother. I overheard conversations of my fathers sister saying that we were good money and how we would never be treated the same as her biological children. We ended up being taken away again, and we haven't seen our mom since we got originally taken away at 12 because my fathers sister wouldn't let us see our mom. Ever since we got taken away from her I'm 21 now, they said it was my fault because I told the social workers about the stuff that was going on, about her being abusive, and how its my fault my brothers have trauma being taken away. They don't talk to me because they truly believe that, they are the most manipulative, narcissistic people I have ever come across in my life. My brothers have supervised visits with them and my brothers came back and told me they were talking badly about me to my little brothers, saying I'm a bad influence and my brothers stood up for me telling my fathers sister that all the stuff they were saying is not true and she needs to shut her mouth. I don't know where she got I'm a bad influence from, all I do is go to work and come home, Christ she doesn't even have a job herself or her own car or her own apartment, I have all those things, she is living with her 65 year old mother. This was all recent and this is why I'm writing this, I just hate them we didn't deserve any of this. that side of my family is CRAZY.

Sorry for the HUGE rant but man I gotta get this off my chest. I hate that side of the family so much, my father is in the hospital now apparently from frying his brain from doing to much crack, and they expect me to feel bad for him and that I should come visit him, LOL as if, he couldn't even give me a proper apology for being a shitty parent, the only thing he has ever said to me since that all has happened is, "I wish I could of been a better dad but i'm not"
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2023.06.04 23:07 Ymirisagoodboy I’m Indian and am literally ashamed of being grouped in with certain elements of my race.

I went to a nightclub yesterday for their EDM night with my friend. We are both about 30, I’m Indian, she’s white.
We were basically there to have a good time and dance which we did. We went out for a smoke break and sat on the pavement. We had passing, polite conversations with some people until 2 Indian guys came and plonked themselves beside us, started yelling and screaming about how they have guns and are rich and have to do nothing to make a living. We were like um ok? I tried being like dude why are you yelling? He keeps doing it though, bodily getting in our way as we try to leave, it was scary. He was shouting abuse at anyone that passed by.
Once we were able to leave he kept yelling “fuck you you think you’re so special”. We finally made an escape and went in. When we left a bit later, we were standing outside planning on where to go eat and literally MULTIPLE such guys were on the street now, all Indian, all clearly immigrants, which I am too.
I only moved here 5 years ago but have nevewould never dream of doing such a thing.
If you’re Indian and can’t handle your alcohol and your perviness and creepiness immediately begins to show in social situations, STAY HOME.
Don’t be out here ruining the reputations of all Indians.
I used to think people are cruel to be racist but I seriously get it. I come from a culture with an immensely beautiful and ancient history and have never attempted to conceal it by putting on a fake accent or westernizing my name.
It makes me terribly sad that my own people make me ashamed to be Indian.
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2023.06.04 23:07 Soft-Pressure846 How to tell someone I don’t want their food??

Alright so one day the vending machine was fucking up like usual and this new hire a Middle Aged asian lady that I’ve never met saw me having trouble with my card so she offered me a bag of chips she brought for her lunch. I was like sure why not, I didn’t want to be rude. I’m a male by the way.
So I go over to the table and starting eating the chips and she comes back over with a container of scrambled eggs, a banana and a drink. I was like “I’m good thank you”. She was like “no no no take it, I won’t tell anyone you eat” I didn’t want the fucking food and her English isn’t the greatest so I just took it anyway.
Fast forward to today. I’m on the floor working and she comes up to me and is like “hey hey I made you some macaroni and cheese and put your name on it in the fridge make sure you eat it ok?” I was like “oh no that’s I’m fine”. I don’t want this lady’s damn food. She came up again to me later in my shift and asked If I had it yet and I said no. I just left it in the fridge and did my normal thing for lunch. I know she is going to come up to me on my next shift asking me to eat her food she made. How do I tell her I don’t want her food without her getting upset? This is all just weird to me I’ve never had a lady insisting I eat her food yet alone she said she’s gonna start making me meals?? Like wtf is going on.
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2023.06.04 23:06 violentlypurple4ever guys confuse me. pls help.

ok so here's the deal - i'm 17F and crushing on a guy (17M) who is fairly popular, one of the top athletes in our grade, and conventionally very attractive, so i consider him to be "out of my league" or whatever, though i do have strengths in my academics (top of our class), the theatre department (yeah i'm a theatre kid; i hate it too but i kick ass in stage management and he used to be a theatre kid too so), and my friends (we share some of the same friend groups and i am generally amicable). i don't think i'm unattractive either; i've had people pursue me and stuff but am fairly inexperienced in actual relationships. so, boys of reddit, how do you see girls outside of your social circle? he has gone out of his way to talk to me on several occasions, so most of this is fueled by that, but i am genuinely curious if he thinks of me as weird/annoying, interesting but intimidating or something, or just doesn't see me at all.
i have no idea how this subreddit is but it's low stakes so do whatever ig :)
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2023.06.04 23:05 NoAbbreviations937 Intent

In the old days, dads met the boyfriend and asked "What is your intention with my daughter?", possibly with a shotgun by his side.. 🤣🤣
Ok, this isn't the 1950's anymore lol, but the issue of intent is no less critical.
We post ads, engage. And the failures are shared for all of us to learn and understand. Many of these problems could be solved with...communication, but we're either all talked out from our marriages or we've been too cowardly to talk in our marriages and we fasho ain't doing it here either 🤣🤣🤣
Well, for me, I don't talk much. I am wordy, but I will dance like Fred Astaire around a tuff issue. So I look for tools, words, to help me navigate this minefield of pervs and scammers (and I'm not talking about OF girls, my guy).
I'm talking about the ones who broker trust to turn it into a soft coercion for nudes on demand and feel cam girl services, fuck and such and a peace sign on the way out the door.
Selfish behavior that leaves you feeling conflicted because you thought they'd be a normal man, with thoughts and life stories and interests and opinions, who did gaf about you, but now you feel and you feel icky and used.
I thought the word was INTEREST. If they're interested, they will follow with effort, etc. Basic, but true. But the hard hitting word might actually be INTENT.
What is your intention for me and this relationship?
The reply "friendship and connection" might still be a lie.
The offenders prob aren't reading this sub. The borderline ones might be. So for those, let me beg you to see my humanity:
 Luring a vulnerable lonely wife to feel like she can trust you and that you care about her, only to use soft coercion to elicit nudes and videos with no INTENTION of doing anything more than receiving is a shit move. Women feel conflicted because you thought they'd be a normal man, with thoughts and life stories and interests and opinions, who did gaf, and you feel icky and used. Prostituted without knowledge or consent. Its mentally and emotionally damaging. And if you're so messed up from not being touched in a DB, checking the projection of pent up sexual frustration at the door. We want to be desired too. But WE, as INDIVIDUALS, as the woman you value, want to be desired. Not as a means to an end, a body, not "oh thank God I can be sexual again!". For more examples, check my profile for gems such as: Fighting to get men to see my humanity The path to the pussy is paved with lies Probably others... 
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2023.06.04 23:05 Final_Assignment8514 Some good low melt solder recommendations for desoldering and some quality 0.2mm 900m soldering tip.

Hello, could someone please recommend me some good low melt solder for desoldering and have in mind that I am in EU so no USA because of shipping costs please. And if could someone recommend me some good 0.2mm tip for soldering iron 900m? Recommendations from AliExpress are also ok.
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 23:04 miguelmurat Leave Luggage stored at a hotel I was at for more than 1 day after check out.

As the title explained, I will be at a hotel in Milan for 1 night, as the next day I will be traveling to Lake Como. Since I have a carry-on which is quite heavy, I want to just travel to Como with a backpack and then the following, I would come back to Milan since I have my flight there
My question is: Would it be ok to ask the hotel reception if they can keep my luggage for around 30h? And what would the response be?
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2023.06.04 23:04 Alive_Struggle9858 What is mania like for you?

I'm exploring the possibility of having bp2, but im trying to be honest with myself and not malinger. Im getting started with a psych soon but ive been nerding out on psychiatry and the bipolar spectrum so i hope its ok to ponder this. Not seeking a diagnosis just curious about other peoples experiences especially with hypo.
My sleep is pretty much always fucked and, if I were to be bipolar, it would seem that i sleep worse/less in my depressive periods than my hypo periods. I honestly dont think i can say ive ever completely lost a need for sleep, i always feel it after a few days. Ive been tracking my sleep on FitBit since December and generally i sleep like 4-5 hours a night. But sometimes this goes down to 1-3 and after about 4 days or a week of that i tend to crash for a day or 2 and feel more unstable and depressed. I do abuse caffeine and weed tho, however my reactions to these seem to vary greatly
There have been 3 instances in my life where my appetite magically decreases and dieting becomes easier, i drop weight without meaning to, but most of the time i am totally preoccupied with food even when i am "up." I struggle with bulimia, binge eating/compulsive overeating, and yo yo dieting.
I definitely have pressured speech but its hard to say whether that's exclusive to me being "up" or not.
There are times when im more social but im generally a little disagreeable and sometimes my "up" phases are accompanied by increased isolation as i feel i have a special, higher purpose to work towards and will only be brought down by others . So idk if thats hypo or any type of mania thing since it seems like most ppl when they're "up" just become complete social butterflies. Also when im "up" i still need to use alcohol as a social lubricant, awkward when around others who are just chilling and not drinking, and that usually ends in embarrassment for me
What i can definitely say tho is that there are times when my mindset, goals, and self perception are elevated. I become ambitious, motivated, confident, focused, even obsessive. I stop hating myself, feel spiritually significant, begin to feel worthy of the lofty goals and ambitions i set for myself. It becomes easier to do what I need to do to get where i want to get, and i do want, and i do try. But then it just goes away and im back to feeling worthless and undeserving, lose motivation and focus, my visions for my lift shift from expansive, positive, optimistic, and creative to fantasies of self destruction and suicide. Most recent experience of this was becoming extremely Christian, obsess about God and the Bible, intensely and emotionally spiritual, not want to talk to anyone about anything other than that and definitelyhaving pressured speech about it and also getting irritable/emotional at people disagreeing with me, nonstop consuming really intense Christian online content that i currently cant even stomach, buying a bunch of Christian clothing brand stuff and things like a purity ring (l. O. Fucking. L!) and redirecting my life vision to being "a faithful servant of God" and imagining myself becoming the voice of the generation bringing people to Jesus lol. I remember suddenly "feeling really good" but i wasnt sleeping any less and i wasnt necessarily working like a machine or anything. Then one day it just snapped and I went back to my self destructive habits (bulimia, weed, alcohol, sex) and started hating myself again and feeling undeserving of anything good, at first i had this mental feeling of demons pulling me down that i definitely made up, but then eventually i just felt empty and spiritually void and like none of it was ever even real. Thats honestly whats made me realize im weird and unstable af even tho that is deffinitely not even the worst its been in my life. Honestly its hard to imagine ever feeling so hopeful and confident again especially now that im starting to see that these moments could just be a result of a mental disorder. -_- then again, maybe ive just been young and dumb and those are normal parts of getting older? Idk nobody sees anything wrong but people have no idea how painful it is to be unable to trust myself and realize that i will always go back to depression that gets worse every time.
Tl;dr dae primarily experience mania as an uplifted mindset and spiritual essence vs any concrete symptoms of reduced sleep/appetite?
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2023.06.04 23:03 datswatshesaidd New View on being physical with someone who is separated by not officially

Title editing : " Need View*" Hi, I (f30 from india) recently met someone on Hinge, well eductaed,settled and my type intellectual, who I felt initially is someone looking to get settled however, he later confessed that the chances of getting married are near to zero so if we can be partners but not get married and i should also not get emotionally involved and should walk out if i am unable to take it, that would be highly in favour for him.. I was still confused why he (m39)does not want it. But I was myself going through a broken engagement with my ex of 3.5 yrs so even if wasnt looking for marriage.. so i accepted his terms. We started hanging out and got physical and let me just put it in this way, we are the most compatible in that arena.. for both of us it was the best intimacy we have ever had.. everything that we both craved for years we got into each other. Plus the bonus compantibility of persona made it more ideal . However, i later started digging in to his few patterns. I.e. him not talking to me on phone when he is at his home ( he lives with his parnts) or him having a curfew to get home or he not mentioning me to his family.. One day jokingly i said, " you seem to have either strict parents or you have a wife you are afraid of ' to which he did not reply but next day when we met he revealed that he is Separated ( not on paper) since last 12 years , wife is living in the US and they have a 10 yr old kid which he is not in touch with. I don't know how to feel about this. I really like him . I was ok with the fact that they have been separated but I couldnt hear the part where he said that what we are is an extramarital affair.. My point is if sepearation is concensual, then how seeing me is an extramarital affair on moral grounds.. I felt cheap after hearing that . Please tell me what should i do .
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2023.06.04 23:03 violentlypurple4ever what do popular guys think of academic girls?

ok this is like 50% general question 50% specific scenario, feel free to answer however
(specific scenario) i'm 17F and crushing on a guy (17M) who is fairly popular, one of the top athletes in our grade, and conventionally very attractive, so i consider him to be "out of my league" or whatever, though i do have strengths in my academics (top of our class), the theatre department (yeah i'm a theatre kid; i hate it too but i kick ass in stage management and he used to be a theatre kid too so), and my friends (we share some of the same friend groups and i am generally amicable). i don't think i'm unattractive either; i've had people pursue me and stuff but am fairly inexperienced in actual relationships.
so, teenage boys of reddit, how do you see girls outside of your social circle? he has gone out of his way to talk to me on several occasions, so most of this is fueled by that, but i am genuinely curious if he thinks of me as weird/annoying, interesting but intimidating or something, or just doesn't see me at all. this is mostly just a question of how guys think about potential romantic partners in general, so any answers are appreciated :)
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2023.06.04 23:03 Upset_Thought6522 Collagen dependency

This might sound weird but I suffered for almost two years before trying a beef collagen powder supplement in my morning coffee. Within a week I felt great and was able to drink a glass of wine or juice again, in moderation.
It has been a couple years more and I’m noticing that it really isn’t a coincidence - every time I stop taking the collagen for a week or two, I have a gastritis flare. This last flare up stopped within two days of taking collagen again. It was almost immediate relief.
I guess I’m just starting to wonder why the heck my guts can only function the right way while taking that stuff. I don’t really love feeling like I’m dependent on any type of medicine or supplement to feel OK. Anyone else using something like that and have you had any long term effects from it? So far I feel fine but I worry about long term effects.
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2023.06.04 23:01 maineimis777 At what age does the gap of 7 years starts being ok in a relationship?

View Poll
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2023.06.04 23:00 Synn1982 Nmom "claims" my partner

I have been with my partner for a bit over 3 years. We have a long distance relationship (she lives in another country) , but in a few months she will move in with me. She has already met my parents years ago, but they don´t see eachother that often, because of the distance. I only see her 3 weekends a month, and I don´t care to share the little time we have. This isn't to my moms liking. She never really liked any of my exes (but was polite to most of them) but she really likes my current girlfriend. Every chance she gets, she asks: When do we see X again? When is she coming over? I explain to her every single time again that I don´t know or that we have other priorities at the moment (When she is here, we mostly deal with paperwork that has to do with the move). She invites my girlfriend to every birthday, every christmas, every freaking tiny excuse for a party, and then is surprised when I have to say she won't be able to come over on a random Tuesday because of distance and her job. She never bitches about it. She just says: 'that's ok, you can just come over on sunday then.' And again I have to explain to her that this also is not possible. When she goes out with friends, she texts me to send a picture of X, because her friends want to see her. She talks about X with everyone, and then calls me to tell me about how happy everyone is for me, and that she told them random things about X. My girlfriend has had some health issues lately, and I took a week off just to be with her. (We don't know what she has yet. The symptoms could be innocent but could also point to something really bad.) My mom called me every single day to ask how she was feeling, if the doctors had any news, when the next results would be in... sometimes twice a day. Now I am back home (results will be in 2 weeks, so still no news) and mom started to text girlfriend "supporting messages" but she sends them at a time where gf is already asleep, and wakes her up. It is getting to me to the point where I am getting close to rage. I don't know why she does it, and I want her to stop. It sounds so weird to admit it but I would much rather have her be a bitch to X, I would definitely stand with my girl. But she is killing with kindness and I know that if I say something about it, it will blow up in my face, because she is just being supernice. But for heaven's sake, she sure gets my blood boiling! I just want her to leave my girl alone!
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2023.06.04 23:00 throwit9990993 need help getting top-of-the-line high hats for my boyfriend

i'll keep it as quick as possible, my boyfriend is a drummer very poor. I was put together his set with a bunch of used pieces. I overheard him talking to one of his band guys that if he could upgrade anything he want to upgrade to top-of-the-line high hats. His music is blues rock jam gets a little heavy sometimes but mainly rock 'n' roll. I looked in right now he has something called ZBT 13s in the same conversation he said he liked the sound OK he just wished he could get an adult/professional version of a similar sound. I started to look into high hats and I'm lost anyone have a couple of models or brands or something to put me in the right direction for something that could be an adult/professional version of a ZBT. Thank you in advance
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2023.06.04 22:58 SuchSubstance5451 Help, I can’t renew my home subscription

Help, I can’t renew my home subscription
Tried on Mobile and on switch but no success 😭
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