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A place for like-minded AZ folks to discuss their favorite bottles of Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, etc. Help on finding those elusive bottles. Discussion on Arizona restaurants/bars/stores with a good selection of whiskies.

2023.06.04 23:07 bbb333rrr How necessary is a tapeout in MS to get into a design engineer role for analog IC/mixed signal/RFIC? Some ppl say a tapeout is a must , where others say a tapeout experience for masters is only even offered by very few schools.

I find RFIC/analog IC /mixed signal so fascinating , which I wish had known of this earlier. Yet I’m in a predicament, I’ve just turned 30 (delays in school for few very legitimate reasons), so want to start working now to get bills getting paid and start obtaining work experience. So now It looks like I’m getting a job in power electronics! However, I’ve always been intrigued by new innovation engineering, I really think I want to transition to analog IC, RFIC/ mixed signals engineering, I’ve always found chip electronics and communications to be so cool.
So I’m soon starting an online part time masters science in EE (paid by employer), had I been younger I would’ve gone for a campus based MS to get a true tapeout experience which seems heavily preferred for these design engineering roles. Yet, obviously this will be almost impossible by doing an online MS. So after researching, it seems only a few schools for MS even offer a tapeout opportunity, which makes sense as they’re incredibly expensive. Also, I’m looking into schools near LA so maybe I can take a class part time if my employer allows it. For example, USC has an actual tapeout class! At least so it seems still looking into it.
Main question is, Am I doomed if I don’t have a tapeout experience as part of my MS when applying to design IC roles? Some say yes , others say no I definitely agree it’s preferred , but is it truly needed for these design EE roles? Also, I don’t want to go into test or layout IC roles, I want design so bad! Love challenges.
I appreciate any input! Thanks cheers
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2023.06.04 23:04 misspriss1307 AITA for yelling at my roommate when he said my deceased partner was at fault in her fatal car accident?

For context, I had a girlfriend (Raven) who passed away in June 2020, and with the anniversary of her death coming up, I've been emotional. She was T-boned by a drunk driver and was killed immediately. She was 20 years old. I woke up the next morning to a text message telling me what had happened. Just like that, she was gone. She was my first love, so when she passed, my mental health spiraled. To this day, it's still the worst pain I've ever experienced. Nobody in my life now knew Raven, but my friends and roommates know her story and why drunk driving is a sensitive topic for me.
My husband (22m) and I (21f) have two roommates. For privacy, we'll call them Chris (22m) and Kevin (21m). Last night, we all went out to dinner with Chris's family, and most of us had a few drinks in us by the end of our meal. My husband (we'll call him Mike) was our designated driver, but we took Kevin's car. Mike is a bit of an aggressive driver, and Kevin makes comments all the time about how unpredictable Mike's driving is (mostly just to give him shit, as best friends do). When we were finishing up our meal, our server asked us who was driving. When we said that Mike was driving, Kevin immediately went "mmm, I don't think so." Chris's parents questioned this since we agreed beforehand that Mike would drive us home. Kevin said that he was going to drive since it was his car, and he made the joke that "drunk driving is a skill we all have to learn, right?" I was pretty tipsy, so I didn't process it as a joke. I told him there was no way I was letting him drive, and he was saying these things to the wrong person. Chris's parents asked why I was so passionate about this, and I told them that I lost someone important to me to drunk driving. Kevin, extending his joke, responded with "it was her fault though."
This is where I blew up. I'm not one to make a scene (I'm usually the quiet one in our friend group) but I definitely made one. I'm pretty sure the whole restaurant heard me yelling at him. I was blind with rage, which isn't like me at all. It really bothered me that he was insinuating that it was Raven's fucking fault that she got hit by a drunk driver, even though he knows the whole story. When Mike and I got married last month, we had a table with pictures of our deceased loved ones, including Raven. Kevin answered guest questions about who Raven was, and he told her story almost the same way I tell it. He definitely knew before last night that she wasn't at fault.
Kevin ended up letting Mike drive home and apologized to me in the parking lot, but there was still tension. Today, he's being friendly and acting like yesterday never happened. I'm glad we're on good terms again, but it bugs me that he shrugged the situation off like it was nothing. I can't help but wonder if I was the asshole for overreacting to a joke and blowing up at him in a public location
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2023.06.04 23:03 Ivypool8 Went to a hibachi restaurant after graduation but got too overwhelmed. Sitting in the car crying while everyone else is in there and feeling pretty pathetic :/

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2023.06.04 23:00 Chad_Kai_Czeck HLA mnemonics and more

I invented some of these, and took others from FA. My system:
BAIT: "Fatal" Attraction for Many Guys
HLA-B8: Graves, Addison's, Myasthenia gravis
Three Sweet Japanese Wolves Buried Kennedy"
HLA-DR3: DM1, Hashimoto's, SLE, Graves, Addison's
Dr. Hashimoto Perniciously DRIVEs drunk
HLA-DR5: Pernicious anemia, Hashimoto's
("Drunk" to remind you that pernicious anemia is about B12 ... I tried.)
DiRTy Hay Pastures have Multiple Wolves
HLA-DR2: Hay fever, Goodpasture syndrome, MS, SLE
Be PAIRed By 27.
HLA-B27: Psoriatic arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, IBD arthritis, Reactive arthritis
(If this makes you feel negative, that's good, because these arthritides are seronegative.)
I "8" "2" much gluten at Dairy Queen
HLA-DQ2 and DQ8 = celiac disease
2 and 3, S-L-E
HLA-DR2 & DR3 cause SLE
Sweet John's ROOM has 4 walls
HLA-DR4: DM1, Addison's, RA
Some ALKoholics "gain" Awful Lung Kancer
Gain of function in ALK causes lung adenocarcinoma (alcohol isn't tobacco, and adenocarcinoma is the LC that nonsmokers get)
Cool and Dry Harry Bean
Cladribine is for hairy cell leukemia
Harry TRAPped 11 Carnivorous Dinosaurs. Cool!
Hairy cell leukemia expresses TRAP-CD11c.
Prostate, Titties, ENdometrium
PTEN is a tumor suppressor a/w prostate, breast, and endometrial cancer (if you wanna remember suppressor, just remember that you're supposed to keep these body parts covered)
The prostate builds my "bone"r
Prostate is the only cancer with all-osteoblastic mets
Thalamic structures
Musical Genius
Medial Geniculate nucleus = auditory
Let's Gaze at that Body There!
Lateral Geniculate Body of the Thalamus = visual
Mmmm! Dat memory!
MedioDorsal nucleus = smell-memory association
Ted Cruz is a toxic megacolon with a big mouth
T. cruzi (Chagas disease) = toxic megacolon, megaesophagus
Antivaxxers make NEGATIVE SENSE
Measles is a negative-sense RNA virus.
Ew! Rats!
"Eu"volemic hyponatremia: RTA, Addison's disease, Thyroid disorders, SIADH
Calcified MegaloVentricles
CMV causes periventricular calcifications and ventriculomegaly
Prader, Paternal Problem
In Prader-Willi syndrome, the paternal allele is mutated
Everyone, feel free to add your own!
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2023.06.04 22:57 Kira_Is_Silent Why Ans Not A but D. Ik rest are wrong

Why Ans Not A but D. Ik rest are wrong
Q1 Ans is D why not Metre which is Length which is a physical quantity right?
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2023.06.04 22:56 SierraLVX What's worth visiting in the city?

Hey Torontonians,
I'm coming to the city for the first time from Montreal for a few days on a business trip. I've got two nights and half a day to myself and I want to know where I should go and what's the best way to get around.
I'm good with the Montreal Metro, so would it be recommended to take the TTC? Or would the bike share be better for short trips? I just don't want to have to walk everywhere.
I'm already planning to go to the CN Tower, the island, and the Eaton Center, so I've got all the touristy stuff covered already.
I'm staying in the Church-Wellesley area, so any cool parks and good sushi restaurant recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.04 22:55 dirtyshirt89 NE - free Vegan/Veg Unopened Food & Beverage

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2023.06.04 22:54 OnlineCalisthenics You Don't Have To Count Macros

Wether your goal is losing fat or building muscle, learning and understanding what you eat is the simplest, easiest and best way to get long term results.
The overall goal is to be in a calorie deficit for fat loss or calorie surplus to build muscle. You can also be in a calorie maintenance to maintain your current stats.
We ALL know when we eat too much or too little.
We just don't stop eating too much, while KNOWINGLY doing so!
Here is an easy method to estimate your daily calorie intake and see where you are compared to what you actually spend in a day.
1. Know how to differentiate macros and calories
There are 3 types of macro nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
Some macros contain a different amount of calories:
Here is an ideal average split that you can use for your meal reference:
2. Learn to estimate calories in a meal
Here the average meal calorie amounts:
This takes this average meal to 1335 calories.
If you eat that 3 times: 3 x 1335 = 4005 calories ~ 4K Calories per day
This would be a high level athlete regimen.
3. Gauge what you need in a day
You'll spend a maximum of 20% of your total daily calories to sustain your workout. The 80% remaining goes to your daily and vital physiological functions.
There is NO way to hack this process.
However this depends on your age, size, height, lifestyle, overall health, and activity level, here is an idea of what you roughly consume/need in a day:
4. Gauge what you consume in a day
5. Create intuitive habits
Now compare what you actually eat and spend every day, and adjust as needed.
Read the labels on every packaging, try to gauge what is in your plate at the restaurant, and make smart decisions based on that.
It won't be perfect right away, but working in that direction and making adjustments will make it right and intuitive eventually.
Click here to get my FREE 1 Day Meal Planner to start building great habits!
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2023.06.04 22:53 ScouseSwifty0412 Thyroiditis without a thyroid issue?

I (F 27) started on the 30th of April began with a sudden onset of intense anxiety (I generally have anxiety but manage is pretty well and it has never been an issue), sweating, trembling, panic attacks, fast pulse and insomnia. This came two weeks after taking Povera (which is a medication which also treats cancers?) to delay my period and around five weeks after having Covid.
Over the space of a week I continue to have panic attacks, vomiting when I was eating and was having full blow dihorrea every morning and having to run to the toilet. I’ve also had a increase in urination. A few days later I began to feel as though my neck had gotten “fatter” and my dad also pointed out the lower half of my neck had swollen. After numerous times at the GP I’ve been told I’ve got something called thyroiditis. I have also been seen by endocrinologists who examine me and agreed and I am booked for a ultrasound.
My main concern is I am having intense mood swings, today, for no reason, I’ve spent nine hours continually crying and feeling extremely depressed. This is nothing I have ever experienced before and has totally taken over my life. Each day is different and yesterday for example, I had barely any symptoms and today I am having one of the worst days ever.
Can anyone offer me advice on this? Or explain why this might be happening? I am truly becoming hopeless that this will ever leave me and I have read online it’s around a year recovery with no treatment. My free thyroxine has slowly gone down over the last few weeks
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2023.06.04 22:53 easypz_app Parents of Berlin, where do you change your babies' diapers around the city?

Parents of Berlin, where do you change your babies' diapers around the city?
Hi 🌵
Full disclose, I run a service of finding toilets for people in Berlin. I'll try not to make this too much into an ad ✨ Anyways, I have no kids but I have a reason for asking this.
I keep hearing desperate cries from parents requesting

"please tell us where we can find restrooms with baby trays/diaper changing stations (or whatever they're officially called)!!!"

So I started diving a little deeper...
Only 103/448 of the public toilets in Berlin have diaper stations. The spread, as you can see in the screenshot, paints a pretty clear picture already. I want to create a feature that will help parents find a safe and private place to change their baby's diapers. At this time I'm looking for anybody on this sub who may have some data on where we can find diaper stations around the city. If you do, please reach out 😄 This could be family restaurants, hotels, museums, shopping malls, art galleries, train stations, wherever. Anything you know of, let me know! Mega bonus points if you already have a map of your own. Your contribution will ultimately help a crying baby, and allow parents (or guardians) to have one less thing to stress about this summer.
Testimonials and anecdotes are also welcome. What has been your experience changing diapers while being out in Berlin?
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2023.06.04 22:51 thomasdb11 Chef's Pop Up

Chef's Pop Up
We are hosting a Chef's Evening in collaboration with Origins. Join us on Saturday 10 June for a delicious 3-course seasonal menu made with love.
Chef Tommy is trained in French and Italian cuisine in multiple restaurants and has started his culinary journey when he was 20. He has since explored his passion for mixing North African flavours with traditional French cuisine.
This is his second chef's pop up in Luxembourg and he can't wait to share his passion with you.
When: Saturday 10 June, reservations from 7pm until 9pm
Where: Origins Wine Bar & Taperia, Gasperich
What: 3-course dinner menu €50, or €80 with a wine pairing
Curious? Book your table now (limited spaces available)
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Big thank you for your support!
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2023.06.04 22:49 CaptainExceltra [32F] Southern - Indiana Seeking Local Connections

Hi there. I would like to meet new people in the area. I moved here a few years back and need activity partners. If we chat and things seem to go well, let’s go hiking, see a movie, start a book challenge, check out new restaurants, take a class, become workout partners, etc. I also enjoy anime, video games, conventions, concerts, animals, nature, science, history. I think trying water color painting and pottery would be fun.
More info: Recently widowed, own my own homes, has two awesome cats.
Feel free to message me. I look forward to hearing from you.
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2023.06.04 22:49 jacqui1997 Bighit and their incapibility of promoting TXT's viral songs

It's very frustrating to see how Bighit always fumbles the bag with TXT's viral B-sides and I can't understand why it has happened 3 years in a row.
TXT has released amazing albums in the past years and besides the title tracks, some of their B-sides also got a lot of attention, especially these 3: Anti-Romantic, Opening Sequence and Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock).
In 2021 Anti-Romantic was probably one of the most popular B-Sides of the year. People already loved the song from the day the album dropped that its performance surpassed the views of 0x1=Lovesong's performance. Anti-Romantic started to gain even more attention after a Tiktoker created a cute, little dance to it. Eventhough I wasn't a Moa at the time of its release, I used to see tons of Anti-Romantic Tiktoks and with it's popularity growing, it was confusing not to see Bighit promoting it.
Another viral B-Side of them was Opening Sequence, released May 2022 together with the album Minisode 2: Thursday's child. Personally Opening Sequence is one of their best songs, which many Moas will agree on. It was already a song many fans looked forward to from the Highlight Medley alone. When it was released, TXT performed it once at their Comeback Show and because of the constant demand from fans, they performed it again a week later at Music Bank....and that was it. Moas expected them to promote it as a follow up track in their 3rd week of promos, but because they had to prepare for their tour, they only promoted for 2 weeks (which could have been avoided, if Bighit knew how to handle their schedule better).
And at last, my personal villain origin story, Tinnitus, one of the few Afrobeats songs in Kpop executed extremely well. Moas and Non-Moas have been waiting for the release of this song since the Highlight medley dropped. I remember seeing people hyping it up everywhere. When the song came out, the hype for it was crazy, the streams in the first week were almost as high as Sugar Rush Ride, the audio has already surpassed 20 mio views, which is rare for a B-Side and a fanmade choreo got even more engagments than Sugar Rush Ride covers on Tiktok. Now it also stands at 61 mio streams on Spotify and has surpassed B-Sides from previous albums. And the fact that every single song on Temptation got some sort of promo, besides Tinnitus is crazy! Tinnitus' popularity is impressive even without promos, I can't imagine the potential, if it was promoted. (I'm just glad it was performed at their concert)
I don't expect them to forsee the future and know beforehand which tracks will go viral. But other companies know how to capitalize on a song, when they see it's potential. For example both Enhypen and Treasure had viral B-Sides which were immediately promoted by their respective companies. Highup released a korean ver of Poppy, after seeing the attention the japanese version got. So I'm asking myself why Bighit can't be flexible and at least release a Performance Video or a Dance Practice....
It's even more frustrating that Bighit actually knows how popular these songs are, but still don't do anything. They mentioned it in one of the Weverse Magazine articles.
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2023.06.04 22:49 Venti0r Best Practice on adding the same functionality to functions

Title may seem a little vague, but I hope you'll understand.
I am currently working on a small project in C/C++ where I try to visualize different sorting algorithms. For that I also want to have a timer that tracks each sorting algorithms speed/execution time.
std::vector v; duration ms_double; system_clock::time_point t1; system_clock::time_point t2; switch(e.key.keysym.sym) { case(SDLK_1): //SDL2 "1" is pressed v = get_randomized_vector(); t1 = high_resolution_clock::now(); selection_sort_descending(v); t2 = high_resolution_clock::now(); ms_double = t2 - t1; std::cout << "Finished sorting in: " < As you can see I always call high_resolution_clock::now( ) and print them to console before and after each algorithm.
My plan was to write a separate function which take my algorithm as a parameter and kind of "wraps" around the function, so I would have something like this instead:
void time_algorithm(algorithm_goes_here) { v = get_randomized_vector(); t1 = high_resolution_clock::now(); sorting_function_X; //Function gets passed into here t2 = high_resolution_clock::now(); ms_double = t2 - t1; std::cout << "Finished sorting in: " << ms_double.count() << " ms\n"; //Alternatively return ms_double } 
Would that be a good approach or are there alternatives/better practices, and how do I even achieve passing a whole function as parameters in C?
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2023.06.04 22:45 SIRWilczek Order's never gonna happen and I cant cancel

Yo. I ordered food like two hours ago. It went through normally until the delivery as the driver has been stuck in one place on the map for approx 90mins now. They dont respond to attempts at communicating and Im generally in a pickle. The restaurant is closed already, I can't cancel the order since its already been picked up and the Uber help page is literally the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen, I mean honestly, Indian scam call centers have a more useful helpdesk than whatever this is. Can anyone help me out and point (or just send a link) me towards where I could maybe fill out a form for a refund? All the helplines I found were for either US or UK and Im from neither.
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2023.06.04 22:45 reylomeansbalance Was Anne Boleyn a Victim of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?
Karen Lindsey, author of Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: A Feminist Reinterpretation of the Wives of Henry VIII puts forth a very interesting opinion on the way we should view Anne Boleyn's time at court:
I was doing an article for Ms. about sexual harassment on the job and reading about Henry's wives in my free time, but it took a while to put together the fact that Ann Boleyn's position as lady-in-waiting to Henry's wife Catherine of Aragon was her job, and that, far from trying to lure Henry away from Catherine, she had spent over a year tactfully trying to repel his sexual advances.
Today, Henry’s approach to Ann would be instantly identifiable as sexual harassment. Ann however, had no social or legal recourse against a the man who ruled the country. She continued, as so many women before and since have done, to dodge her pursuer’s advances while sparing his feelings. It didn’t work.
It was a hellish position. Could she really tell the king to his face that she had no interest in him? She could reiterate her desire to keep her chastity and her honor, but clearly he didn’t respect that. She could ignore his letters and stay away from court, but he refused to take the hint. To offer him the outright insult he asked for would be to risk not only her own but her father’s and brother’s careers at court. She undoubtedly kept hoping he would tire of the chase and transfer his attentions to some newer lady-in-waiting.

But he didn't and she was trapped; there was no chance of her making a good marriage when every eligible nobleman knew the king wanted her.
Lindsey is correct that Katharine of Aragon's court was Anne's workplace. Service in a noble court was the 16th century's version of the corporate ladder. The world of the nobility was a system of intricate social stratification where everyone sought employment from the rank above. The Babee's Book laid out this chain of service in example:
Even the duke's son preferred page to the prince, the earl's second son attendant upon the duke, the knight's second son the earl's servant, the esquire's son to wear the knight's livery, and the gentleman's son the esquire's serving-man.
Those who were charming, talented, clever, or amusing, could be promoted with additional job duties and income, or move up to the household of a noble higher in rank.
The duty of service to one's betters was bound up in religious faith. The Tudors believed that God had ordained the social order of the world. A person's status was the position to which God had called them, and so service to their superiors was as service to God.
Only those of the highest pedigree and social connections could hope to find a job serving the king or queen. Anne Boleyn was not titled, but she was the granddaughter of a duke. Her father was a very wealthy and well-connected man who had served as the king's ambassador, and Anne's mother had served Elizabeth of York. Securing Anne a job as a lady in waiting to Queen Katharine was a boon for their family.
Anne was employed in a series of royal households from the time she was a very young child, learning the social graces that would entertain those who employed her. She could dance, play instruments, engage in witty conversation, and was well-read enough to debate on intellectual topics. She was the consummate professional in her work, and remained chaste while she waited for her father to arrange a good marriage for her.
At one point, Anne took the bull by the horns and tried to arrange her own marriage with the son of the Earl of Northumberland. The results were disastrous, as far as her career was concerned. Once it was discovered what she was doing, she was banned from seeing the young man again and sent home to Hever in disgrace. She was fired, in other words.
Her family must have been livid. The match her father had been working on - perhaps unbeknownst to Anne - fell apart. Some scholars believe it might have had something to do with Anne's failed betrothal, but no records exist to explain it. The Butler family may not have wanted the union in the first place, which might have been engineered by Cardinal Wolsey to resolve an inheritance dispute. In any case, Anne now had no job, and no prospects for a husband.
Anne returned to court about a year later. We know nothing of the next two years or so, except what fragments can be deduced from the memories of Thomas Wyatt, as related by his grandson.
There was, at this present, presented to the eye of the court the rare and admirable beauty of the fresh and young Lady Anne Boleigna, to be attending upon the queen. In this noble imp, the graces of nature graced by gracious education, seemed even at the first to have promised bliss unto her aftertimes. She was taken at that time to have a beauty not so whitely as clear and fresh above all we may esteem, which appeared much more excellent by her favour passing sweet and cheerful; and these, both also increased by her noble presence of shape and fashion, representing both mildness and majesty more than can be expressed.
She seems to have been very popular at court. Northumberland's son wasn't the only man who was attracted to Anne. Thomas Wyatt fell in love with her, according to his grandson's book, and several of Wyatt's poems seem to refer to Anne and his unrequited passion for her. But Anne was cautious of her reputation, and rejected Wyatt's advances.
King Henry seems to have noticed Anne in late 1525/early 1526. His favor came with a "promotion" offer for her: an appointment to serve his wife, Katharine of Aragon. Anne wrote the king a letter, thanking him for the appointment. But this promotion came with some drawbacks.
As Karen Lindsey notes, Anne was in a very delicate situation with Henry's favor. Having his interest meant her family's advancement, and indeed, her father and brother received a steady series of gifts, grants, properties and titles, including his long-desired title of Earl of Ormond. Anne herself was showered with gowns and jewels, and fawned over by the court, seeking her favor so she might help advance them as well. Rejecting the king outright would have cut off this flow, and perhaps even set the Boleyn family back to being worse off, if the king became angry about it.
In February 1526, Henry made a public declaration of his interest in Anne, hoping the fawning attention of the court would pressure her into giving into his advances. Anne was suddenly thrust into the international spotlight as Henry's love interest, and suddenly had dozens of new "friends" seeking her favor and trying to use her for their own advancement. And, of course, they encouraged her to accede to the king's wishes. But Anne held firm to her principles. She would not sleep with any man outside the bonds of holy matrimony.
Henry now spent more time in his wife’s quarters than he had in years, but it was to visit Anne where she couldn’t escape his attentions.
In May, it got so bad that Anne actually quit her job as a lady in waiting and retreated to Hever, where she refused to answer Henry’s letters and sent back his gifts. Henry’s letters to her at this point are full of pouting complaints that she won’t write back to him. He claims not to understand it.
I cannot sufficiently marvel at, because I am sure that I have since never done any thing to offend you, and it seems a very poor return for the great love which I bear you to keep me at a distance both from the speech and the person of the woman that I esteem most in the world...
Henry still wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and chased after her. He went to stay with a cousin of Anne, Nicholas Carew, whose house was a convenient distance from Hever so he could ride over at his leisure. Anne could not refuse to receive him at the house. She refused wherever she had agency, but in this she did not. No one could refuse the king admittance.
When Anne did return to court, she had to face a great deal of hostility. Those still loyal to Katharine of Aragon despised Anne for "luring" the king away from his wife. Anne had enemies she'd never even met, people who hated her for everything she represented, who twisted her words and spread malicious gossip about her throughout Europe. Courtiers who smiled at her and bowed whispered behind their hands. Families were divided as religious reformers sided with the Boleyn faction, and the conservatives sided with Katharine.
But the greatest problem was that no man would seek Anne's hand in marriage while the king was pursuing her, certainly, and not after he lost interest, either. Few people believed Anne was still a virgin, and her reputation was in tatters around Europe. Around the time the king decided he wanted to marry her, Anne may have realized herself that she would marry the king, or have to remain unwed, a burden on her family.
Thomas Boleyn has been portrayed as grasping and heartless, selling his daughters like a common pimp, but truthfully, he had little say in the matter, either. It wasn't only his fortunes at stake, but the entire future of the Boleyn family. If he'd had a choice, he probably would have wished Anne would give in and become the king's mistress, because Henry tended to find respectable husbands for the women he bedded once he was done. But Anne's religious convictions were too strong for that.
Anne was, indeed, trapped. She could not risk offending her "boss" and losing her job with her entire family's future at stake. Whether she liked it or not, she had to keep the king's favor. It was upward toward the throne or utter ruin. Anne Boleyn never really had a choice.
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2023.06.04 22:43 OldRazzmatazz7043 My CD collection to this point. I'm hoping to get more Mayhem, more Slayer and hopefully some Venom and Candlemass

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2023.06.04 22:42 eatorbebeaten Need activity ideas - weekends are a struggle (19mo)

We live in the countryside and don’t have lots of kids nearby. Most weekends we do something in the morning - I’ll run and OH will take her or he’ll do sports and I’ll take her, we alternate days - go to a park, the shops, into town, have a mobile snack - then come home for lunch and nap (1-3 ish). After nap we do snack and a walk or to the park round the corner. Sometimes we go into the garden (she has a football but doesn’t really play with it for more than 2 mins, and a watering can which she loves but can make playtime very soggy), for another walk, kill time until dinner. Dinner (5-6ish depending) lasts about half an hour and I’m not usually organised enough to get ours ready to eat with her, but we sit together and talk or she watched ms Rachel.
After dinner there’s often an hour to kill (bedtime is 7:30/8 and we don’t do bath every night). She often needs some sensory play - we have floor cushions she likes to climb on and crash about, then we wind down with cars and puzzles and books. Sometimes books but she doesn’t usually have the concentration before bed. Bedtime isn’t an issue though getting her upstairs takes some creativity. I know repetition isn’t an issue for toddlers but we do the same stuff so much!
This weekend we’ve both been poorly (he’s on day 5 and I’ve just got it) so we’ve been reluctant to go anywhere (except the shops for meds). These kinds of weekends we struggle. We let her watch ms Rachel with/after meals so we can get some brain space and make ourselves something to eat, and she will watch a cartoon (a good one) for a bit. We do books. We potter in the garden. But we run out of ideas and she ends up just mooching around picking up toys and playing for a bit then going to the next thing. We follow her and engage with her but with not a lot of energy or concentration from us it’s hard.
She still has a great time. Her language is coming on loads, we and constantly talking together, and we love that she gets to lead with what she’s interested in, but I can’t help feeling that a structured activity would help us all. All the stuff I see on social takes time and energy to set up that we struggle with when sick. And we’ve all been sick A LOT. I don’t think she’s missing out but I feel guilty that she’s not being stretched or entertained. She doesn’t play independently and wants one of us there or engaging with her - usually that’s a joy but days like today we end up tag teaming and feeling resentful that the other one is resting.
She’s at nursery 5 days a week and we both work remotely but flexible/weird hours. She has lots of toys - we could rotate them more. And a learning tower but she nearly fell out of it the other day and now I’m scared to use it - it’s set up as a little table and chair instead.
Any ideas are super welcome. I know I’m down because I’m sick but I feel like I’m not being a very good parent just letting her stroll about and seemingly getting bored (though she rarely is - she’s a curious sort and usually finds something to do or show us). Suggestions and support are welcome.
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2023.06.04 22:42 umhoneybee Super disappointed cause I really liked this bohemian look for the boat party!

Super disappointed cause I really liked this bohemian look for the boat party!
…I guess it just didn’t stack up against the competition most of which were super shiny and over the top.
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2023.06.04 22:41 Odd_Purpose3639 What are some pet peeve’s you have when it comes to the Boruto series?

What are some pet peeve’s you have when it comes to the Boruto series?
Me personally… I’m tired of the overuse of tropes, parallels, and the overuse of whatever folklore Kishimoto uses to write the series. It’s to the point where nothing feels authentic. You shouldn’t have your fans already have an idea on what Sarada MS ability is. Stuff in the story be so easy to predict because the folklore they use have an identical story. I also hate how the series try to make certain characters mirror characters from shippuden. Like Kawaki and Naruto IS NOT THE SAME. Same for Boruto and Sasuke.. THEYRE NOT THE SAME !
Lmk y’all thoughts down below 👇
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2023.06.04 22:40 RavenDarkfur One year

One year
Lily and Raven are having a little restaurant date in celebration of their one year anniversary together as a couple. Has it been a year already? Time flies!
What better way to celebrate then to indulge in various Sushi and teriyaki dishes, We all know they're both gonna go home with the biggest stomach ache ever from over eating. worth it though!
A lovely gift from my Girlfriend Lily_Lynx Love you! 💜
Art by Tess ( U/ArtinTess ) go look at their work! :D
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2023.06.04 22:39 bearluvr32 Did the mechanic mess up?

Late April, I noticed my 2014 Chevy Cruze was leaking anti-freeze. I took it to a mechanic that I have been to before and trusted. They replaced my water pump.
Well yesterday, all hell broke loose.
I was at a restaurant about a mile away from my house. When I was leaving, my car was making a rattling sound. My boyfriend and dad checked it out. They noticed one screw with the water pump (I think? I will be honest I know nothing about cars) was not screwed in all the way. There were three screws in total. The other two were in all the way.
We decided just to get back home and get a wrench to tighten it. I leave the restaurant and the rattling gets louder the faster I go and then suddenly stops. The following statements and icons popped up on my dash in this order.
“Battery system charging failure”
Battery icon
“AC off due to high engine temperature”
My temperature gauge shot up all the way to hot
“Engine overheated. Idle engine”
At this point, I was able to pull over and get out of the way of traffic. My boyfriend and dad looked again and the two other screws had came off, not the one that was sticking out. And a belt had come completely off. This all happened within not even 5 minutes from leaving the restaurant.
My parents had it towed to the mechanic.
I guess my question is what happened? Is the mechanic at fault when they replaced the water pump? And is my car severely damaged now since the engine overheated?
I apologize if these are dumb questions but I honestly know nothing about cars.
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