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United Kingdom Cryptocurrency Guidance

2017.05.08 09:10 kwko United Kingdom Cryptocurrency Guidance

Cryptocurrency is digital currency which uses cryptography to secure transactions. Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009, since then the number of cryptocurrencies has increased rapidly with many hundred currently available Learn more at

2011.08.12 03:38 Titaniumtyrant Thinking about sleeping tonight? Think again.

Do you believe in **Bigfoot**? how about **Slenderman**? do you know who the **Slit-Mouth Woman** is? /urbanmyths is a subreddit dedicated to anything and everything Urban-Myth associated.

2020.02.20 06:50 RollTribe93 Salt Lake City Urban Development

A forum for news and conversation on urban development news in Salt Lake City and along the Wasatch Front

2023.06.09 10:21 stevenodzer1 Striking a Balance in Business: Why It Matters and How to Achieve It

Striking a Balance in Business: Why It Matters and How to Achieve It
Steven Odzer pointed out that in today's fast-paced business world, entrepreneurs often juggle multiple roles, tasks, and responsibilities. From managing finances and marketing strategies to building customer relationships and developing new products or services, there's always something that demands attention. However, as important as these aspects are, it is equally essential for entrepreneurs to achieve balance in their personal and professional lives.
Achieving balance in business is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that entrepreneurs do not burn out or become overwhelmed by the demands of their work. Burnout can lead to decreased productivity, creativity, and decision-making abilities, ultimately affecting the success of the business. Secondly, balance helps entrepreneurs maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. Personal relationships provide support, motivation, and inspiration, all of which are critical in helping entrepreneurs navigate the ups and downs of running a business
The first step towards achieving balance in business is defining your priorities. This means identifying what matters most to you and your business and focusing on those aspects. It could be financial stability, brand building, customer engagement, or product development. By prioritizing specific areas, entrepreneurs can avoid getting sidetracked by irrelevant tasks and stay focused on what matters most.
Effective time management is key to striking a balance in business. Entrepreneurs should prioritize their tasks based on urgency and importance, delegate where necessary, and avoid multitasking, which can decrease efficiency and increase stress levels. Additionally, entrepreneurs should allocate time for personal activities such as exercise, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones, just as they would for work-related tasks.
Boundaries are crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Entrepreneurs should set clear boundaries between their personal and professional lives, avoid working during non-business hours, and prioritize self-care activities such as sleep, exercise, and relaxation. By establishing boundaries, entrepreneurs can avoid burnout and maintain healthy relationships with loved ones.
Self-care is another critical aspect of achieving balance in business. Entrepreneurs should invest in activities that promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. This could include regular exercise, meditation, therapy, or engaging in hobbies and other interests. Self-care helps entrepreneurs recharge and refuel the body and mind, allowing for increased productivity and better decision-making.
Networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals can help entrepreneurs achieve balance in business. Networking provides access to a wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities that can help one grow their business while also pursuing personal interests. Collaboration with other businesses or individuals can also help entrepreneurs share responsibilities and reduce workload, enabling them to focus on other aspects of their lives.
In conclusion, striking a balance in business is essential for personal fulfillment, success, and well-being. Achieving balance involves defining priorities, managing time effectively, setting boundaries, investing in self-care, and networking and collaborating with others. By taking deliberate steps towards achieving balance, entrepreneurs can enjoy both professional and personal success.
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2023.06.09 10:21 TotallyAverageGamer_ Comfortable pants

I thought before Reddit collapses (or not), I’ll share a recent win of mine with y’all so you can maybe benefit from it.
I have ADHD and some level of sensory issues mainly from touch and noise, probably not nearly as bad as some of you.
For this reason I am absolutely hating to wear loads of pants, especially jeans, harder pants, and type of clothing (for this post will focus on legwear) that I need belts, buttons for or that is low waist, or which just don’t have plenty space around the private areas.
And then I found climbing pants… oh my goodness… cuffs on the waist, most of them with a rope closure, almost all of them slightly elastic, also the ankles are cuffed and often long enough. And most colours you can get away with easily for streetwear and some relaxed office wear.
If any of you have a tip for more “smart” and not so casual looking pants that are long enough and made from comfortable elastic material.. my ears are wide open.
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2023.06.09 10:19 commercialprojects12 The Advantages of Low Rise Flats in Gurgaon

There are many advantages of living in low rise flats in Gurgaon. Some of the advantages include:
  1. Low rise flats are usually more affordable than high rise flats. This is because the construction costs are lower and the land required is less.
  2. Low rise flats tend to have more green space and better views. This is because they are built on lower levels and there is less construction around them.
  3. Low rise flats are usually more quiet and peaceful. This is because they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  4. Low rise flats tend to have better security. This is because they are usually gated communities with security guards.
  5. Low rise flats are easier to escape from in case of an emergency. This is because they have lower floors and there are fewer people living in them.

The Disadvantages of Low Rise Flats in Gurgaon

When it comes to residential property options in Gurgaon, low rise flats are not the most popular choice. There are several reasons for this, which we will explore in this blog post.
One of the biggest disadvantages of low rise flats is that they are often located in less desirable areas. This is because they are usually built on land that is not suitable for high-rise construction. This means that they are often located further away from the city centre and other amenities.
Another disadvantage of low rise flats is that they tend to be less well-built than high-rise flats. This is because they are not subject to the same strict building regulations. This means that they are more likely to experience problems such as damp and mould.
Finally, low rise flats tend to be less energy-efficient than high-rise flats. This is because they are not built to the same high standards of insulation. This means that they are more likely to experience higher energy bills.

The Future of Low Rise Flats in Gurgaon

The future of low rise flats in Gurgaon looks promising. With the increasing population and the demand for housing, these types of flats are likely to become more popular in the future. There are several reasons for this.
First, low rise flats are more affordable than high rise flats. This is because they require less construction material and labor. As a result, they are cheaper to build and sell.
Second, low rise flats are more energy efficient. This is because they have less surface area exposed to the sun. As a result, they require less energy to cool and heat.
Third, low rise flats are more environmentally friendly. This is because they have a smaller footprint and use less construction materials.
Fourth, low rise flats offer a better quality of life. This is because they are closer to the ground and offer more privacy.
Other Real Estate Projects:
Krisumi Waterfall Suites Gurgaon
Hero homes plots Gurgaon
M3M Sector 58 Gurgaon
Property in Gurugram
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2023.06.09 10:18 INSDAhmedabad300 Textile Designing and Diploma Courses for Aspiring Designers in India

In India, textile designing is a flourishing industry rooted in its vast art and craft heritage. It is the art of making elaborate patterns, colors, and textures for textiles, clothing, home furnishings, or anything else. As the demand for unique and aesthetically pleasing textiles continues to grow, pursuing a diploma course in textile design offers aspiring designers an opportunity to showcase their creativity and embark on a rewarding career. This blog explores the world of textile designing in India, shedding light on the essence of the craft, the significance of textile diploma courses, and the top institutions offering these courses.
Understanding Textile Designing
The Art and Science of Textile Designing
Textile design is a creative discipline that combines artistry, technical knowledge, and innovative thinking. The process includes the design, creation, and manufacturing of textiles by means of a range of techniques like weaving, printing, dyeing, or embroidery. Textile designers play a crucial role in creating fabrics that reflect cultural traditions, contemporary trends, and individual creativity.
The Scope and Importance of Textile Designing in India
India is renowned worldwide for its textile heritage and craftsmanship. The country's diverse cultural landscape provides a rich source of inspiration for textile designers. From traditional handloom fabrics like Banarasi silk and Kanjeevaram sarees to modern textile innovations, the industry offers immense scope for designers to explore their creativity and contribute to the growth of the Indian textile sector.
Significance of Textile Diploma Courses
Building a Strong Foundation
The textile diploma course provides an opportunity for students to gain complete knowledge of the principles and methods of textiles design, whilst at the same time providing guidance on how to implement them. It equips students with the necessary skills to create unique designs, understand fabric properties, and work with various textile materials.
Enhancing Creativity and Technical Skills
Diploma courses in textile design nurture students' creativity and help them develop their unique design aesthetics. Through practical assignments, workshops, and industry exposure, students learn to experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures, while also gaining technical proficiency in design software, fabric manipulation, and textile printing techniques.
Industry-Relevant Curriculum
Textile diploma courses are designed to meet the evolving demands of the industry. The curriculum includes subjects like textile design theory, surface ornamentation, textile printing, garment construction, and trend forecasting. Students gain insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and the commercial aspects of the textile industry, enabling them to create designs that cater to market needs.
Career Opportunities in Textile Designing
Fashion and Apparel Industry
The fashion and apparel industry is a major employer of textile designers. Graduates of textile diploma courses can work as textile designers, print designers, surface ornamentation specialists, or fashion consultants. They contribute to the creation of unique fabric patterns, prints, and textures for garments, accessories, and fashion brands.
Home Furnishings and Interior Design
Textile designers play a crucial role in the home furnishings and interior design industry. They've made designs for furniture fabrics, curtains, rugs and textiles that enhance the visual appearance of homes, hotels or commercial spaces. Graduates can work with interior design firms, textile manufacturers, or start their own design studios.
Textile and Apparel Manufacturing
The manufacturing sector offers employment opportunities for textile designers in areas such as textile production, fabric sourcing, quality control, and product development. They collaborate with production teams to ensure the accurate execution of designs and maintain product quality throughout the manufacturing process.
Handloom and Craft Sector
India's handloom and craft sector is known for its intricate weaves, embroideries, and traditional textile techniques. Textile designers have the opportunity to collaborate with artisans and revitalize traditional crafts, preserving cultural heritage while creating contemporary designs. They can work with NGOs, cooperatives, or start their own sustainable fashion and textile brands.
Textile Research and Development
Textile diploma graduates can pursue careers in textile research and development, working on innovative projects and exploring new materials, sustainable practices, and technological advancements. They support the textile industry by pushing boundaries and coming up with textiles that are environmentally friendly, have good functionality and look beautiful.
Top Institutions Offering Textile Diploma Courses in India
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
NIFT is a premier fashion and design institute in India, offering diploma courses in textile design. With campuses across the country, NIFT provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers design principles, textile techniques, and industry-oriented projects. The institute has state-of-the-art facilities and collaborations with the industry for practical exposure.
National Institute of Design (NID)
NID is a renowned design institute that offers diploma programs in textile design. The courses focus on developing design thinking, craftsmanship, and technical skills. NID emphasizes experiential learning, allowing students to engage with different textile traditions and experiment with various techniques.
Pearl Academy
Pearl Academy is a leading design institution offering diploma courses in textile design. The programs combine theoretical knowledge with practical training, including internships and industry projects. Pearl Academy has collaborations with industry experts, giving students exposure to real-world scenarios and the opportunity to showcase their work.
Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD)
IIAD offers a diploma program in textile design, providing students with a strong foundation in design principles, fabric construction, and surface ornamentation. The curriculum focuses on hands-on learning and encourages students to explore their creativity through projects and industry collaborations.
Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
BHU's Faculty of Visual Arts offers a diploma course in textile design, with a focus on traditional Indian textiles and techniques. Students learn from experienced faculty members and have access to well-equipped design studios. BHU's location in Varanasi, known for its textile heritage, provides a unique environment for learning and inspiration.
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2023.06.09 10:18 Sensitive_Sail_347 Bangalore really gives you FOMO about relationship

As the title states. A little backstory:
  1. I am 28.
  2. Never was interested in relationship due to all the things I have read during my teenage years around the modern relationship scenario.
  3. Surrounded by healthy relationship all around in close family and friend circle.
  4. Had one LDR I believe but that ended in tragedy by death around 14 years back. Online one. Now don't even remember her name. Don't know if it's my brain which is protecting me or whatever. 14 years is long enough time to move on I guess. Oh well!
  5. Have difficulty remembering people's name and faces. Maybe connected to point 4.
  6. Have really turned around my life in a lot of ways between 25 and 28.
  7. I don't know if I still want a relationship or its just a stupid FOMO. Don't like to play with human beings just for personal reasons.
  8. Still have a long list of goals I want to achieve this year and before 30.
  9. Few people suggested prostitution to get rid of "loser" state of virginity 💀
  10. But cannot do that because I have read closely during college years about the whole industry and the sex trafficking that takes place in it.
  11. Casuals, don't know about it. Not interested either that much because I am quite conservative when it comes to being vulnerable around strangers.
  12. Arrange marriage is fuck no scenario because I know I am not made for relationships (not because I don't like monogamy but because I love freedom more than anything and am sure I will end up leaving because of my constant search for it).
  13. Guess I'll be a virgin for life. Shouldn't have gotten inspired by Newton 💀.
PS: Not insecure about virginity thing because it hardly matters. Learnt through sex education courses I took during college free on YouTube.
Sigh! Maybe I'll leave this part to life.
What's the point of this post? Just wanted to see the reddit replies and dark comedy under serious replies 😑
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2023.06.09 10:18 Special_Koala_1093 Husband making comments to make me feel bad for divorcing him

Hi there
We were married for about 4 years, together for longer. I asked for divorce 2 weeks ago and we have already filed.
In no way was it because I didn’t love him. I love him dearly and in a perfect world I would stick by him. But it’s not perfect world and I just got fed up with the crap he pulls. I have suspected him of cheating (and he has made no effort to even act in a way that would dissolve my concerns). He has planned exact same vacation times with the suspected AP, people have seen them hanging out together, going to gym together, I have seen AP around jn town and then later my husband has told me he was in the same area around the same time (didn’t know I saw her there). Their coworkers have told me how they hang out together all the time at work and every work function they are at, they are together. One person even told me that if she didn’t know they were married to someone else, she would think they are a couple. The only reason why I say suspected AP is because while their behavior and actions say A LOT, I don’t reallt have any proof about any if this. When I ask it’s always someone stirring up drama, it’s a coincidence they were st the same place at the same time, etc.
On top of that he has veen lying to me about money. He has significsnt debt but still spends money like there’s no tomorrow. I’m not even joking when I say that he could probably live 1.5-2 months without doing his laundry and wearing everything once. Including underwear and socks.
So two weeks ago he got a speeding ticket which was 1/3 of his income. I got fed up. Before having the talk with him about the divorce someone else came up and told me they saw him with the sAP in town again. Well he took it surprisingly well at first. The next day when I asked him about when does he think he can move out he went batshit. I suspect he thought I would just rethink my decision and we can wipe it under the rug again but reality hit him.
We filed rightaway and after that he has been making comments like “you don’t divorce the person you love so you must not really love me”, “it sounds so F’d up when you ask me if I have looked for a new place!!!” And ofc the manipulation about him not having a reason to live because he has been such a F up throughout his life and just a dissapointment in general. Otherwise he is being very friendly and loving, looking for contact. The other day I even started doubting and then I found he has purchased a 3-day festival ticket coming up this summer and I think the last of my love just dissapeared. You go around telling me how bad your financial situation is, that you don’t have any money to move out, you won’t have any food money in general after moving out and so on.. and then you buy stuff like that?
Just makes me feel like I made the rightest decision I could.
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2023.06.09 10:18 throwaway12309889032 Potential Divorce - Wife Renting

Hi, Using a throwaway account. Also, I understand I need to speak with a solicitor however can't until the week after next for various reasons, hence just wanting a bit of information if possible.
My wife has out of the blue announced she wants to split. We have no children but have a house which is nearly paid off. We both earn broadly similar salaries and have broadly similar individual savings. We've not started the divorce procedure yet but are effectively "separated" but living under the same roof. We're in England.
Her plan is to move into a rented property in the near future whilst we go through proceedings. However as we're both named on the current mortgage she will obviously need to continue her contribution to that (I'll be living in the house).
The thing I'm concerned about is that she's looking at rental in a reasonably expensive area, and there's no way she can afford it whilst paying her share of the mortgage here. Which means until we're settled, she'll be paying it out of her savings. Let's say that is costing her £1000 a month, if the divorce takes say 6-8 months to go through, she's going to have effectively been spending 6-8k of her savings on that - and as we have similar levels of savings now, she'd potentially be entitled to half the difference of mine, i.e. 3-4k? She's also talking about going on holiday too with friends, which again will be from savings.
I know there are rules about trying to "hide" money in these situations to avoid a fair split, but are there any rules about just spending the money on non-tangible stuff like this? I am not looking to screw her over but similarly don't want that to be done to me.
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2023.06.09 10:18 AdmiralCashMoney Sunk 488 convoys. I don't think Italy has very many supplies coming in lol

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2023.06.09 10:18 TEchfygeeks How To Become a Quantitative Analyst?

How To Become a Quantitative Analyst?
Quantitative Analysts, often referred to as "Quants," are professionals who use mathematical and statistical techniques to develop financial models and analyze complex financial data. They play a crucial role in investment banking, asset management, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. If you're intrigued by the intersection of finance, mathematics, and data analysis, becoming a Quantitative Analyst might be an exciting career path for you. Here are the steps to embark on this journey:

Obtain a Strong Educational Foundation:

A solid educational background in mathematics, statistics, finance, or a related field is essential. Earn a bachelor's degree in a quantitative discipline and consider pursuing a master's or Ph.D. to deepen your knowledge and specialize in areas such as financial engineering, computational finance, or quantitative finance.

Develop Programming Skills:

Proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, MATLAB, or C++ is crucial for a Quantitative Analyst. These languages are widely used for data manipulation, modeling, and analysis. Familiarize yourself with relevant libraries and frameworks commonly used in quantitative finance, such as NumPy, pandas, or TensorFlow.

Acquire Financial Knowledge:

Gain a solid understanding of financial markets, instruments, and theories. Study topics like portfolio management, derivatives, risk management, and asset pricing models. Taking specialized courses or obtaining certifications like the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation can enhance your financial knowledge and credibility.

Master Mathematical and Statistical Techniques:

Develop a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics. Build expertise in areas like probability theory, stochastic calculus, linear algebra, time series analysis, and optimization. These mathematical and statistical tools are fundamental for modeling and analyzing financial data.

Gain Practical Experience:

Seek internships or entry-level positions in financial firms, quantitative research firms, or hedge funds. This hands-on experience allows you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios, work with financial data, and learn from industry professionals.

Build a Strong Analytical Skillset:

Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Quants need to dissect complex financial problems, design models, and interpret results. Enhance your ability to handle large datasets, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions.

Stay Updated with Industry Trends:

The financial industry and quantitative finance are constantly evolving. Stay updated with the latest market trends, technological advancements, and research publications. Attend conferences, join professional organizations, and engage with online communities to network and stay informed.

Continual Learning and Professional Development:

Learning is a lifelong process. Stay curious, explore new methodologies, and expand your knowledge. Pursue advanced certifications like the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) or the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) to demonstrate your expertise and dedication to professional growth.


Build a strong professional network within the finance and quantitative finance community. Attend industry events, connect with professionals on LinkedIn, and join relevant forums or online communities. Networking can provide valuable insights, mentorship opportunities, and potential job leads.

Demonstrate Your Skills:

Develop a strong portfolio showcasing your quantitative skills and projects. This could include financial models, research papers, data analysis projects, or contributions to open-source projects. Having tangible evidence of your abilities can make you stand out during job interviews.


In conclusion, pursuing a career as a Quantitative Analyst offers exciting opportunities at the intersection of finance, mathematics, and data analysis. To embark on this journey, focus on obtaining a strong educational foundation, developing programming skills, and acquiring financial knowledge. Gain practical experience through internships and entry-level positions while continuously building your analytical skillset. Stay updated with industry trends and engage in professional development activities.
Additionally, if you are specifically looking for a data analyst course in Jaipur, consider exploring local educational institutions and training centers that offer comprehensive programs to enhance your skills in data analysis. Taking a data analyst course in Jaipur can provide you with specialized knowledge and practical training, further boosting your career prospects in the field.
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2023.06.09 10:18 igotisues Unpredictabilty...?

Hi again. I'm an SROL Migrant trying to spread my wings a little bit. I'm 73 years old, and you'd think I'd LEARN not to repeat my errors ? Instead, I learn from my REPEATED errors 🤔 Living on a farm in a rural area, I do a lot of work outdoors. I'm very mindful when I'm out working, because there are a lot of unexpected dangers lurking. Then I return home, where I can relax...and trip on the staircase I use every day ❗️ This is apparently a lesson I never get tired of learning, as I'm reminded of it EVERY DAY...when I don't pay attention, attention makes me pay 🥴 Coming up on 10 months alcohol abstinent ! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks 🐶...IGI
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2023.06.09 10:17 SpadeSkinCare15 Factors Influencing The Development Of Stretch Marks

Factors Influencing The Development Of Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are bright to light indented streaks in areas of the body that have greater fat deposits. The most effective method to treat this skin condition is through medical ozone therapy by Spade Medical Spa.
We’d be more than willing to set an appointment for you to undergo our medical skin care treatment in Redondo Beach, California, but we’d like to educate you first regarding the risk factors of this skin condition.
Hereunder are some of the causes of stretch marks:
  • Gender. Studies show that the female body is more prone to developing stretch marks than men.
  • Genetics. There are stretchmarks that cover almost all the parts of the body and this goes down to genetics. If your parents have a history of having body-dominating stretch marks, then it could be passed on to you. Moreover, genetic disorders like Cushing’s and Marfan Syndrome play a role.
  • Stress. Too much stress on the skin due to constant gaining or losing weight, breast enlargement surgeries, and too much use of corticosteroid that makes the skin lose its elasticity contribute to the appearance of stretch marks.
Others don’t mind having stretch marks, but for some, it affects their confidence. Besides, if it’s a genetic disorder, it is a big deal. If this is also what you intend to do, then our medical spa might be of help. Aside from ozone therapy, we also offer peeling and intimate whitening services that might help with your problem.
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2023.06.09 10:17 Timor_Sol [no spoilers] [LFG] open table searching for players

Are you in search of a flexible and player-focused gaming experience? Look no further than The Oasis! Our game follows the West Marches format, meaning that anyone can join at any time. Whether you have a few hours to spare each month or can commit to multiple sessions, the choice is yours. Join fellow adventurers as they embark on daring expeditions into the mysterious and untamed island of Oasis, which is nestled between Wildemount and Tal'Dorei on Exandria.
While we don't heavily rely on the Critical Role lore, it still exists within our world, with factions shaping the background and timeline. Our setting offers a myriad of gray areas, free from rigid concepts like "orcs are inherently evil." Think of it as similar in tone to Tal'Dorei: Reborn or Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. We're a friendly community where everyone is welcome!
There are no restrictions on the number of participants, and you won't feel left out if you join later. There's always something exciting for players of all levels, whether you're at level 3 or level 10. Currently, we have three Game Masters running D&D 5e games, one in a European Time Zone and the two in North America. We are also just starting a beginner-friendly Pathfinder 2e version of Oasis, playing on the same island and sharing lore with the 5e counterpart with two additional Game Masters for Pathfinder 2e that are quite new to the system (again, one in the EU, and one in NA). This is a great chance to learn the system!
If you're eager to join the adventure, head over to the Exandria Discord server, where we host and chat about the games. Find the "looking for a game" channel and let the fun begin!
Discord Invite:
Tags for this game: [5e] [ONLINE] [DISCORD] [WEST MARCHES] [LGBTQ+] [18+] [pf2e]
System: 5e, pf2e
Setting: Exandria + homebrew
Tech: Online (discord) for A/V and game chat, plus dndbeyond for rolling (we will be swapping to Foundry soon)
Game Style: we're trying to stick to rules as written, and base our games on the three pillars of d&d - exploration, social encounters, combat.
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2023.06.09 10:17 ThrowRA_173 My (23f) partner (24m) got told gossip about my past from his friends and now i’m freaking out

TLDR: my partner wants to go to dinner tonight to have a talk to me about something’s he was told from his friends about my past last night, and now i’m freaking out
hi everyone, my partner went out last night to a local pub to have some beers with the boys. him and i are relatively new. he texted me last night throughout saying he spoke good about me all night to his friends, explaining we are together. i haven’t met all these friends yet
today was all good, until i felt a shift in the vibe while we were texting today and asked him if we were all good? he said, and quoted:
“Yea ? why wouldn’t it be x I just wanna have a chat with dinner x I talked about you to a few people last night and they mentioned some things that just triggered me abit. but I get everyone has a past it’s just abit difficult sometimes. It’s fine I still love you I just want to talk x”
now i am freaking out. we have had conversations about our “kinda” mutual friends from the area he lives in. as i know a lot of people from there since i was with my ex that also lived in the same area.
i’m not sure if it was something about my past sexual partners, as i did go through a reckless stage 5 years ago and sleep around in that area a bit. however that was almost half a decade ago now and believe i’m a changed person since then.
i have kinda avoided the topic about his friends as i’m not sure exactly who they are, now i’m afraid my past is coming back to bite me in the ass, even if it’s just gossip.
any suggestions on how to go about this situation?
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2023.06.09 10:17 Allgoodnamesinuse Anyone else just got railed by energy providers?

I recently moved back to Adelaide and after my first quarter bill came in from AGL they have increased their electricity rates 30%. It’s a huge increase and I can’t see myself staying with the same company even if it means paying more elsewhere. But is this just standard practice across the energy sector now to advertise a certain rate and increase after the first quarter? Lots of reviews of competitors suggest the same. Open to suggestions if a good provider if anyone has any.
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2023.06.09 10:17 IntroductionOk6195 MPSC Optional

When it comes to the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) examination, candidates are provided with the opportunity to choose one optional subject that aligns with their interests and strengths. This choice is crucial as it allows candidates to showcase their expertise in a specific field. We will explore how Chanakya Mandal Pariwar can help candidates excel in their MPSC Optional subjects.
Chanakya Mandal Pariwar understands the significance of MPSC Optional Subjects in a candidate's overall performance. With their experienced faculty members and subject matter experts, they offer specialized guidance for a wide range of optional subjects. From history and geography to literature and public administration, candidates can find comprehensive coaching tailored to their chosen optional subject.
To ensure that candidates are well-prepared for the MPSC Optional subjects, Chanakya Mandal Pariwar conducts regular mock tests and provides practice papers. These tests simulate the actual examination environment and help candidates familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and time management. By practicing with these mock tests, candidates can assess their strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and refine their answering techniques.
Choosing the right MPSC Optional subject and receiving expert guidance is paramount for candidates aiming to excel in the Maharashtra Public Service Commission examination. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar, with its focus on MPSC Optional subjects, offers comprehensive coaching, study materials, mock tests, personalized attention, and a track record of success. By enrolling at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar, candidates can enhance their knowledge, develop their skills, and maximize their chances of achieving success in their chosen MPSC Optional subject.
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2023.06.09 10:16 AnimalConsistent8938 Asymmetrical knee jerk reflex

I am a 31 year old female. I take Wellbutrin 150 mg. I take Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and Rizatriptan when I get migraines.
I've always had symmetrical reflexes in both my knees when checked by a doctor. They were very obvious to me, so I wouldn't say they were weak at all, but I don't know the official definition of that.
The last three months I've had absent knee jerk reflex only in my left leg both times they were tested.
The last time I was tested before this was probably 2-3 years ago. I was checked multiple times during 2018-2021 because of chronic back pain and later because of headaches. They were always symmetrical and responsive (not absent or weak).
I've had some pain radiating down my left leg to the sole of the foot. I've also had episodes of numbness in my left vulvar region, in the sense that it 'falls asleep' at random times seemingly unrelated to position of the body and some more persistent mild burning in the left groin-vulvar area. I also have overactive bladder and some SD, so I was at the neurologist recently for these things.
I also was at another neurologist to get follow up for my migraine and headache treatment.
The last neurologist said that it might be because of how I was sitting. Since the exact same thing happened with the other neurologist at a different date and place I find that a little less likely, but I don't know.
I was just wondering if the new onset of absent knee jerk in my left could have any clinical significance, and if so what. Should I ask about repeating the test or something else? Do I need to follow this up with my gp or someone else?
I've had an MRI of my low back done 2 years ago which was normal as far as I know. I have endometriosis. I have a degenerative osteophyte in my thoracic spine.
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2023.06.09 10:15 CampaignSpirited2819 Recovery Time after Operation and Responsiblities

Hi All
My first post on Reddit so go easy!
I’ve been reading through all of the posts with huge interest, looking for any tiny scrap of information that might make my own day to day situation any bit easier.
I’m 40 (European based) and I’ve suffered with a bulging disc for about 20 years now. The pain was always confined to the lower back area. It would come and go maybe 2-3 times a year (or after I had a covid booster but I won’t go down that road!!). When it would flare up usually after about 2-3 weeks with plenty of walking the pain would go away and I could go back to living life happy. I could even get out for a few kilometers of light running (I was never active more than this) and feel great after it.
Then in February of this year I started to get these mild pains down my right leg. I thought I’d give it a few weeks and it would go away like it normally does. Fast forward to today where I’m in severe pain on a daily basis while currently taking Lyrica, Ixprim, Vimovo and Diazapam. I’ve been on all of these for the past 5 months but the pain is easily on the 8/10 scale.
I had an MRI back at the start of April without doubt my condition has deteriorated significantly since then.
I had an Injection 3 weeks ago but haven’t seen any relief from it. I’m back in with the Neurosurgeon next week where I’m sure he will suggest getting a Microdiscectomy done.
I don’t have Medical Insurance so will have to be paying privately to get it done (time to remortgage the house).
Anyway, from reading through the post the average recovery time looks to be between 8 – 12 weeks?
What I wanted to ask people on here who had the procedure done is how where you able to find the time to take to recover from the Operation? I know the pain is so intense it becomes your top priority, but what about other responsibilities like Children, do none of you have young Children that need looking after? Or paying the mortgage while being off for this length of time?
Would love to hear peoples feedback on this.
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2023.06.09 10:15 INSDAhmedabad300 Specialization in MBA in Interior Designing: Unlocking Opportunities for Indians

In recent years, the field of interior design has witnessed significant growth and has become an integral part of the Indian real estate and construction industry. With the rising demand for aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, professionals in this domain are in high demand. To meet this growing need and stay ahead in the competitive market, many individuals are now opting for specialized education in the form of an MBA in Interior Designing. This article explores the importance of specialization in MBA in interior designing for Indians, shedding light on the advantages, career prospects, and the top institutions offering this program in India.
Understanding the Significance of Specialization
The Evolving Interior Design Industry in India
The Indian interior design industry has experienced a significant transformation over the years. From residential to commercial spaces, interior designers are now responsible for creating environments that reflect the brand image, enhance productivity, and provide exceptional experiences for occupants. This shift has led to a greater demand for professionals equipped with specialized knowledge and skills.
Staying Competitive in the Job Market
While a basic degree or diploma in interior design provides a solid foundation, an MBA with a specialization in interior designing adds a valuable edge. It equips individuals with a deeper understanding of business principles, project management, marketing strategies, and financial aspects. This comprehensive skill set helps graduates stand out from the competition, opening up a wide range of career opportunities.
Advantages of Pursuing MBA in Interior Designing.
Enhanced Business Acumen
An MBA curriculum encompasses various subjects like finance, marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship. By pursuing an MBA in interior designing, individuals can gain a holistic understanding of the business aspects of the industry. This knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions, manage budgets effectively, negotiate contracts, and communicate effectively with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders.
Leadership and Management Skills
Interior design projects often involve working with teams, coordinating resources, and overseeing multiple aspects of a project simultaneously. An MBA program focuses on developing leadership and management skills, enabling individuals to handle complex projects, delegate tasks efficiently, and lead teams effectively.
Networking and Industry Exposure
MBA programs often provide excellent networking opportunities. Students get to interact with industry experts, guest lecturers, and alumni, fostering connections that can be beneficial for future collaborations and career growth. These networks expose individuals to industry trends, emerging technologies, and innovative practices, helping them stay updated and relevant in the dynamic field of interior design.
Career Prospects and Opportunities
Entrepreneurship and Start-ups
An MBA in interior designing equips individuals with the skills needed to establish their own design firms or start-ups. With a strong business foundation, graduates can navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, develop a unique brand identity, and attract clients.
Design Consulting and Project Management
Interior design firms and architectural firms often seek professionals who can manage projects efficiently and provide design consulting services. An MBA specialization in interior designing prepares individuals to handle large-scale projects, oversee operations, manage budgets, and deliver exceptional client experiences.
Real Estate Development and Facility Management
The real estate industry is a significant employer of interior designers, especially in the context of residential and commercial developments. With an MBA in interior designing, individuals can work in real estate development companies, ensuring the design and functionality of properties align with market demands.
Corporate and Retail Design
Companies across sectors are investing in creating visually appealing and functional office spaces that enhance employee well-being and productivity. An MBA specialization equips individuals to work in corporate design departments or design consultancies, catering to the
specific needs of corporate clients. Similarly, the retail sector requires interior designers to create immersive and captivating spaces that attract customers. An MBA in interior designing provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to excel in these areas.
Teaching and Academia
For those inclined towards academia and teaching, an MBA in interior designing opens doors to become educators and mentors in renowned design institutes and universities. With their specialized knowledge and business acumen, graduates can shape the next generation of interior design professionals.
Top Institutions Offering MBA in Interior Designing in India
Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad
ISB offers a one-year MBA program in interior designing, focusing on business strategies, entrepreneurship, and design thinking. The program integrates practical industry projects, case studies, and guest lectures from renowned experts.
International School of Designing (INSD), Ahmedabad
NID is one of the premier design institutes in India, offering a two-year MBA program in design management. The program combines design education with business management, preparing individuals for leadership roles in the design industry.
Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Bangalore
Srishti Institute offers a unique MBA program in strategic design and brand leadership. It focuses on integrating design thinking, innovation, and brand management, catering to individuals interested in the intersection of design and business.
Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi
IIAD offers a specialized MBA program in interior architecture and design management. The curriculum covers design principles, business strategy, marketing, and project management, providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry.
Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal
MIT offers an MBA program in interior design and management, focusing on the practical application of design concepts in real-world scenarios. The program emphasizes entrepreneurship, design research, and sustainable practices.
Specialization in MBA in interior designing holds immense potential for Indian professionals aspiring to excel in the field. The program equips individuals with a unique combination of design expertise and business acumen, opening up diverse career opportunities in areas such as entrepreneurship, project management, design consulting, and academia. By enrolling in renowned institutions offering specialized MBA programs, Indian individuals can gain a competitive edge in the industry and contribute to the growth and development of the interior design sector in India.
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2023.06.09 10:15 Pickle-Severe People who park like this

People who park like this
Parking in industrial areas in Australia are a nightmare because a strip that can have 10 cars parked spaciously will end up being 6-8 cars with people parked like this. A small car could fit in there if they parked in there first. It’s on both side as well. This day the opposite side had 2 cars and 1 truck parked where 10 cars usually park. You can see the end of the truck and the mum van left a whole cars length which meant I had to park 5 minutes away. Love my work hate the parking
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2023.06.09 10:15 hazelsmodusoperandi Some thoughts on dreams

I dream about my parents often. Usually it means instantly that the dream is a nightmare. Often there's a theme of being chased or otherwise escaping from them. Recently I've had a couple of dreams involving my parents that deviated from this formula.
In the first, a couple of weeks ago, I just cursed my dad out. Told him to f*** off. I woke up feeling great! A dream I really enjoyed! Very liberating. Yesterday the same initially happened. But then he fought back, grabbing me, chasing me. Back to the same as usual, but this time specifically fighting against the idea of me having control. I woke up soaked, and this dream has been appearing again in my mind since.
A long time ago I used to enjoy dreams, generally. They were silly and nonsensical and fun to tell people about. Nowadays they're sometimes difficult to distinguish from reality, and 90% of the time they're nightmares. When I wake up, they often feel like they were real, and I have to recalibrate what's really happened in my mind. Dreams feel like just another weapon my brain has to use against me, and sometimes I feel worried to sleep for fear of them. They've transformed from an escape that I looked forward to entering, to a direct access to worse areas of my mind.
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2023.06.09 10:14 FeedHelpful4907 My dog bit me for the first time and I am worried, feel guilty, and upset

I have a cattle dog mystery mix, she’s a rescue and I have no knowledge of any prior neglect, she was a young puppy when I got her, but she likely was rescued from a mill of sorts. She has always shown intense territoriality, growling out the window at people 100s of feet away when she was still only a few months old, doesn’t let strangers approach, etc. we moved to a busier area this year (she’s almost 5 now) and began marking for the first time (which I’ve been trying to curb as soon as it begun) etc. Knowing her breed history, which is one that’s been bred to bite (they’re also referred to as “heelers” referring to biting the heels of cows to herd them), bite suppression training was my most important focus since I’ve had her and it’s been completely successful. Further, she doesn’t herd people, she gets over any wariness of strangers fairly quickly, she’s a cuddle ball and attached to my hip. That being said, she is still very territorial of the house and myself, and we continue to work on it every day. Anyways, I’ve begun trimming her nails with a dremel in the last couple weeks, she’d only had it done by her vet/groomer at her boarding place and they always remark about how well behaved and easy she is. My first attempt with the trimming was challenging, she would show me warnings and I would back off and pause, then continue, and we eventually finished successfully. This time about a week and a half later, it was going much much smoother, had a jar of peanut butter to keep her occupied during the process, we were almost done and it took almost no time, until I went for her LAST nail and she bit me, no warning. She didn’t break skin but part of me is worried that maybe it’s just because I moved my hand fast enough, but I’m trying to tell myself that if she really wanted to she would have, but I really don’t know. She’s never bitten me or anyone before, except immensely gently while playing (can’t even call it biting really, she just opens her mouth over my hands or arms lol). There’s been a couple times she’s been in pain before, and given me warnings when I’ve tried to clean a wound and I’ve backed off and always heeded what she was communicating. I’m just shocked really and I feel like I’ve failed her in some way, I also selfishly feel a bit betrayed and sad. The most important thing though is that I want her to feel safe and want to know what I might’ve done wrong, or if I’m just a crappy pet owner, and how I can rectify the issue on both a general level and on the specific level, seeing as I’ll need to trim her nails again in the future (going to a vet every time just isn’t practical). Any advice would be appreciated, thank you
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2023.06.09 10:14 Shmokeahontis Is my neighbor cooler than yours?

Logged on this morning to find a saved message from someone I have never met, but share a sim with. A neighbor. They said they’d seen a club area I had designed in the sky and gifted me something they thought would look cool there. So nice, and really put a lil smile on my face. I love random acts of kindness.
It might be contagious. I might go pay it forward…
Tell me the nice things people have done for you in sl
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