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2023.06.09 09:21 Consistent_Lake_2963 23E6 cycle question

I received a MP this year. Yay.. finally pulled my head out of my ass after 7 years. So looking over my DVR it says I am missing my most recent EPR. I PCA’d in Jan but my EPR closed out with my old squadron. I called my old CSS and they said AFPC was not accepting their EPRs until they had a new MEL(Master Eligibility List)which was requested in FEB but they still have not received . Has anyone ever heard of this? I created an evaluation appeal to show that my EPR has been signed and to show that I have a CMS case started already before the close out date. I have also contacted the promotions office and force management here on base(no help there yet either). So my questions. 1. As stated above has anyone heard of this happening? And 2 what does this to my promotion eligibility/ scores for this year if it’s not a fixed by then? Will I be force to wait for the supplemental in Oct? Saying I made it/ just to see my scores.Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts
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2023.06.09 09:21 Existing_Item_9259 Flight Attendant w/ DUI misdemeanor (convicted 2019)

I made a selfish mistake and got a DUI in 2019. Completed probation and haven’t had any issues since! 1st and only! Don’t even drink anymore! Anyway I applied to be a flight attendant and I am freaking out 😞 I haven’t accepted the invite for the in person interview because is it pointless? I should point out that I have Canadian citizenship and have never had a problem re-entering (by land). (I have permanent residency in the US, and I’m applying for US airlines). Any advice helps!
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2023.06.09 09:21 Reverse_Biased_Diode Looking for a place to work from in guwahati

Hi peeps, I am looking for a place where I can go and continue my work. I am working from home for the last 2 years. But recently there's been some construction work besides my place and I am having headaches. I am looking for a place where I can get good mobile 4g reception. If the place contains wifi it's a big plus. And shouldn't be too noisy. Any cafe/library recommendation is appreciated.
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2023.06.09 09:21 Complex_Extension_83 Lost

Hello everyone, I need help to understand myself. I was born female. When I was 15, I discovered that I was gay. It was very difficult, I rejected myself and fell into depression. After 6 years, I started to accept who I am. I consider myself more pansexual. I'm attracted to the person. I can feel it. But I have the impression that I have a kind of block in relation to men that I can't quite understand, knowing that I've had relationships with men and that I'm attracted to them romantically and sexually. But this block isn't there all the time. I can't work out why I feel this way at times. Is it because I'm simply a lesbian? And then, when I was 31, I had the same feeling about homosexuality as I did when I was 15, it was like a truth that came out of nowhere, I told myself I was a boy. Another descent into hell. This time I got help. Today I don't know if I'm a boy or not. I feel more like a non-binary person. I have the impression that I can feel very well in my body and in my head as I am, and sometimes not, that I need to change my appearance and be masculine. Do any of you experience similar fluctuations? I can't feel both at the same time, it's one or the other. But on top of that, I really feel that if I were a boy, I'd be gay. It's completely destabilising. I've suffered so much from homosexuality, I feel really attracted to women. How could I be gay if I'm a boy? Are any of you going through this? I'm a bit lost in all my feelings. Thank you for you answers.
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2023.06.09 09:21 Young_Neji I am attempting to learn Python while creating a mini-game

I am a rising second-year college student in Computer Engineering. I have a tiny bit of programming exercise with coding from taking a C course last semester. My career goal is to get into Machine Learning and I wanted to get familiar with Python before I thrust myself into Neural Networks. While learning the language, I decided to just jump headfirst into attempting to make a game. The user is able to create a hero and fight villains, level up, upgrade, and get stronger attacks. As of now, the game is just as simple as a turn-based simulator where the user and a villain take turns hitting each other with attacks.
As I started with zero knowledge, I used chatGPT. Rather than having it write the code for me, I rather chose to have it guide me with very detailed descriptions of have parts of Python worked (Functions, loops, IO, and now starting GUI building).
I like the way I am learning as I can actually see my progress being shown through different mechanics of my game.
Do you think this is a good personal project to work on? Could this be something that could go on my resume in the future? I really like using ChatGPT as it is more conversational than just watching a video or reading a book.
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2023.06.09 09:21 NoEgg8586 Looking for BL

I am new to manga/manhua/etc.
Currently reading Perfect Buddy but the first title I read in yaoi genre was 'Dear Benjamin'... which was never finished and it's nothing like it but has been making me thinking about DB because of the illustration.
Looking for any recs with the omegaverse theme, previous or current military theme, or anything that you read and enjoyed that may share the same characteristics/personalities as the MC or love interest.
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2023.06.09 09:21 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (for agency owners)

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2023.06.09 09:21 Alexisbeatch AR on Medentry can be a real pain

AR on Medentry can be a real pain

So I am finding that despite getting the 'first' pattern really easily on Medentry, I am overseeing the second pattern and so getting only like 3/5 on each set, which ends up looking like scores that are less than ideal like this ^^

Does anyone have any tips for getting better at seeing these patterns, so that I can avoid falling into the 'easy first pattern' trap?
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2023.06.09 09:21 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi's Agency Incubator (complete)

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2023.06.09 09:20 Poldaran How to impress your friends and lose your kidneys.

In the beginning, God created the universe. And that was pretty neat. And then He made other stuff. Most of that was pretty neat too. Then he created Man. And everyone was a little dubious on that, but we all wanted to see where He was going with this.
But then he gave Man a gift. Alcohol.
...that's when things really started going downhill.
I'll hand it to you apes. I love the crazy things you all come up with. We never would have come up with fried ice cream without you. So never let it be said that I don't love you. Most of you. Okay, some of you. Mostly the pretty ones with the dimples. Because that's where the real evil hides. In the dimples.
But a lot of you people are kinda douchebags. Sorry, not sorry. Hashtag Yeah I Said It.
Anyway, so here I am, once more serving out my sentence for that whole "tried to take over Heaven" thing, stuck here working a hotel job. Dealing with Karens. And drunken idiots. Which brings me to tonight's tale.
It's Thursday. Which means it's not Friday. So things shouldn't be that bad, right?
Cast: Me, Security Guy(SG), PU(that's a surprise acronym that will be relevant later), Drunk Guys Three. Any names mentioned have been changed to protect the moronic.
SG is my weekend relief auditor. Works a couple weekday shifts as security as well. He patrols the halls, and walks the parking lot, on the lookout for Trouble™. And tonight, he found it. He comes back in from a walk around the lot, then goes out to the patio. Moments later, he returns.
SG: "I just caught a guy pissing on the patio."
Me, internally: "Oh joy. So this is how tonight's gonna be, huh?"
Me: "A guest?"
SG: "Yeah, he's in room 762. Will you confirm for me that there's someone in that room?"
Me: "Yup. Looks like there is indeed a guy in there. Checked in tonight."
SG: "So, what do we do?"
Me: "I'm inclined to call the cops, but I know tonight's MOD is still awake, so I'm gonna let him decide."
MOD tells me that as per AGM - yeah, he called her - we're to give them one chance to return to their rooms. She'll see about charging them a damage fee tomorrow. If they don't go? Cops. Alright. Fine.
We make sure the desk is secure, and SG follows me outside.
Me: "Evening gentlemen. So, I just got off the phone with my boss, and I've been instructed to inform you that the patio is closed because some people don't know how to behave like adults in fucking public. This is your one and only chance to go to your room."
Public Urinator: "Oh come on, it's not that bad. It's not like there were any kids out here..."
SG: "The spot you chose to do your business is visible from several of those rooms up there."
PU: "But they didn't see me..."
Me: "That's immaterial. The fact of the matter is that public urination is a crime in this state. Now I'm going to reiterate that I am giving you a chance to clear out and go to your rooms. You might be contacted by my manager in the morning either way, but if you go now, the police will not be notified."
DG1: "So the cops haven't been called?"
Me: "Not yet. But we're quickly approaching that inevitability.
DG2: "We're just trying to have a good time and relax..."
Me: "So, you're not going to take me up on my offer and go to your rooms?"
DG1: "No, we're going. Come on, Frank."
DG2: "I'm just saying..."
DG3: "Shut up. You're going to get Ted arrested."
PU: "Yeah, I guess I should have gone up to my room to pee. Sorry."
SG: "Or used the lobby restroom."
PU: "Oh, I didn't think of that. Sorry. You're really not calling the cops?"
Me: "I'm going back to my desk now. If you aren't on your way up to your rooms by the time I reach the desk, I will be calling them. I'm done with this conversation. I hope your mothers are all proud of you."
So yeah, maintenance is probably gonna have to pull out the pressure washer in the morning. My manager sounded set on fining PU for it. But I'm not sure she's gonna get a chance.
You know, it's pretty lucky that there's no one in 760, 764 and 662. One might even call that the Devil's own luck.
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2023.06.09 09:20 No-Load7061 27 unexperienced sub for older dom

27 year old unexperienced submissive guy looking for dom teacher - be my mentor and trainer. Show me your confidence and superiority and in return you're gonna get my obiedience and respect you deserve. Before we start, let's talk, let's check we got the same expectations.
If you are going to ask me for pics and videos in first message, means you do not take such relation seriously, you are just horny - definitely it is not what I am searching for.
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2023.06.09 09:20 calminchaos0423 do I have the worst neighbors or aitah

So I (25F) just moved here like 3 years ago. This is a 7 floors building, there are approximately 20 apartments I believe and all of the neighbors are like really close to each other and know each other for decades and most of them are older than 40 fsr and had always lived here. I first move in with my former fiancé (27M), he is an extrovert and introduced himself to the other neighbors that same day. He is a physician assistant student and he immediately made some friends like a doctor from the 3rd floor and some nurse. When we first moved in I was going through a very bad depression episode. I was diagnosed with depression at 12, I used to handle it but at 21 I went to a traumatic experience (that actually lead me to move here from an apartment that I used to love) so when I was settling in I wasn't in the mood of meeting new neighbors or small talk so I never actually got to know them, but my ex fiancé did. I work from home so I dont usually hang around the building cause I almost never leave my apartment because of my social anxiety and my allergies to the weather of my country most of the year. My ex fiancé on the other hand was always coming and going so he met a lot of the neighbors when going to work or running errands.
So last year I was actually starting to feel kinda better and I began to leave my apartment more often to meet old friends etc. But my relationship with my fiancé was not going too well. We still loved and cared about each other but we weren't working as a couple, it got kinda platonic. We decided to end our relationship and to stop the wedding plans but we continued living together with no drama until he found a nice place to move. He decided that he would be the one who moves because the apartment was too far away from his work anyway and he didn't want me to stress out with another moving after all I went through. There was no rush from me, I wanted him to find his perfect place so he moved temporarily to the guest room and we were living peacefully almost as roommates while he kept looking for apartments. In my opinion we were even happier that way than as a couple. My mental health was improving. I started a new job, mostly from home but hybrid so I had some meetings and it involved some events I had to attend. I was going out the apartment more often and I started to run errands and go to the store almost as a normal person. I was doing my best effort. When I had to share the elevator with another neighbor they used to get really surprised by my presence. They all used to ask if I was visiting or if I was new in the building. I found rather odd the interrogations all the time but I just used to reply that I live in the 7th and that Ive been living here for 2 years now. They were at first usually shocked and then they were like oh yeah you're the physician's fiance. I never got the guts to correct them by saying I was his ex, mostly because he was still around and it just makes no sense so I would wait until he move out to do so.
But 6 months passed and my ex was no where near to move out. It was ok to me to stay as roommates and I didn't felt like it was a big deal that the neighbors believe that we were still a couple. He never corrected them either when they asked him stuff like when was gonna be the wedding. But at that time Ive just met someone at an event from work that I was really into (24M). He asked me out and we went to a few dates that were amazing. There was an awesome connection and we started dating.
We usually hang up at his place because my apartment is kinda far anyway and also I didn't knew how to tell him the situation with my ex/roommate. After 2 months dating I already knew I wanted a relationship with him, I was happier than ever I never had felt that way before, we were both so truly in love so I told him everything and he was totally fine with that and he understood that it was not uncommon for exs to live together for a while until one of them find somewhere to go. He didn't knew that almost 9 months had passed tho.
On the other hand when I told my ex about my new bf that was coming to visit he lost it. I didn't expect him to freak out that way because he used to tell me about his crushes and his dates in that time we were living only as roommates and it was fine I already saw him like a friend amd even gave him advices with girls but he got real mad when I mention the word bf and that he was visiting anytime soon. He said how can you this to me and that he thought I was just sleeping around but he didn't expected something like that.
I immediately realized that maybe he still had some feelings for me so I tried to be as kind as possible and he started to look more seriously for places to move. My bf only came to visit whenever my ex was working all night at the hospital so we don't disturbed him and I was really careful they never crossed knowing how my ex feeling about him. The situation was really awkward and my new bf one day told me that he had very weird encounters at the halls of the buildings with neighbors asking who was him and who was he visiting. At that time I'm pretty sure that most of the neighbors thought that I was having an affair. They never liked me anyway because I was quiet because of my mental issues and they might have take the wrong impression but I was just unable to small talk. They adored my ex fiance tho so they kinda hate me now. He found a place to live and he moved out right away.
4 months had passed from that, my bf and I are so happy together and he started to work from home too so he is spending a lot of time in my place because some issues with his roommate. We aren't talking about living together yet but he comes at least 5 days at week. My sister came one weekend to visit for the first time and she heard some neighbors chatting on the elevator about me without knowing who she was. They were saying that I was cheating my fiance with a some much uglier guy that I used to have over anytime my fiance had a shift at the hospital and that he one day found out and left me. It was really disturbing to know that but I didn't wanted to get involved and I didn't really care about their opinions of me. It was awful the looks I got from them but I didn't went out too often anyway. The president of the neighbors, the doctor from the 3rd that was friends with my ex, called me on Sunday to complain about my sister's car staying to long on the garage and they didn't recognize the car and it wasn't allowed to have visitor's cars on our garage. It was actually on my spot because I don't own a car and there was literally nothing wrong with that. So I avoid confrontation and told her ok and hang up but actually I was not going to make my sister move her car at night it was ridiculous and she was leaving early in the morning anyway. But I didn't had the courage to reply her what I actually thought because of my social anxiety. So when the doctor left in the morning the car was still there because my sister decided to stay until 10am to avoid traffic and I told her it was fine because she has every right to have her car on my spot and it doesn't bother anyone that her car is there but the neighbor just hates me and wants to give me a bad time for no reason. I didn't expect the rest of the neighbors to support her but they convocated a meeting of neighbors only to accuse me for what I did. It was everyone against me at the meeting. It was terrifying for me and my mental health, like a public amonestation at the lobby of the building where everyone got together to complain about me. I tried to defend myself without crying about that there's no rule against the visitor's car on the owner spot. But they said they didn't care, it was just disrespectful to tell the president on the phone that I was moving the car and then just don't move it. I can't stress enough that all of the neighbors are older than 40, at least the ones that were at that meeting. They started to complain that I was also rude, that I never talked to anyone not got the time to know them or to participate on the building's reunions and parties and that I had a guest over visiting too often, probably a bf, that doesn't pay rent and that they need to know his name and last name because I have to inform to the building if I'm having a new partner or roommate. Everything was surreal and I just left the meeting without saying a word. I couldn't stand it anymore. I locked in my apartment and I am trying to understand that they must hate me because of a misunderstood about me cheating my fiance but I actually felt so angry because even if that was true they had no right to do something like that. They are always rude to my new boyfriend and I have to keep living here for at least 2 years and I don't know how to do so with all this bad energy and I am scared and I haven't left my apartment today and I don't know what to do and I just can't stop crying and having no appetite and feeling like another depression episode might be coming back.
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2023.06.09 09:20 Oltarus Agent lifetime

I am starting with SpaceTraders and I created a new agent for testing. Unfortunately, I didn't save my token as the response wasn't even displayed in my app yet.
After how much time of inactivity will that agent be deleted? I would like to reuse my call sign.
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2023.06.09 09:20 GodOhEric Realised I was bisexual recently and I'm scared

so I've been openly identifying as a gay man for a little over 2 and a half years now and i recently discovered I'm bisexual (heavy male leaning) and I don't know what to do.
I feel like if I date women I'll be seen as a lesbian and men will see me as a girl. I think the reason I've suppressed my bi identity for so long is I know cismen will fuck me, even if its a fetish but ciswomen aren't going to want to date me or fuck me at all.
I'm in an open relationship with my partner of one year and I love him so much but I feel like I've almost lied to them. They called it before I did and am proud of me for being open now but I'm so scared. I feel like a fraud.
My parents knew I was strictly gay and now I'm scared if they find out I'm bisexual, what if they think I'm a liar. I don't know im sorry if this makes 0 sense but hhhh..
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2023.06.09 09:20 Caltagodx Setting up Heusinkveld Ultimates for open wheels

I just got my Ultimates Plus and I was overwhelmed by the available customization. I upgraded from the Fanatec V3s where the only change I did was the BKP and the upgrade rubbers kit for the brake.
For the Ultimates I installed the hard rubbers, set the brake to 35 kilos and increased just a bit the throttle travel.
I know I can change more things, the preloads, stiffness, curves in the software, but not sure what’s gonna help or not. I am mostly driving open wheelers (F3 / F1), I have a decent sense of what a fast lap should look like in general (currently at 3K iRating) but I feel like I lack the ability to recognize when a good change was made to the pedals, if it helps or not. I try to use telemetry and gut feeling, but having so many custom settings available is a blessing in disguise.
What did you changed for your Ultimates / Sprints? Are there some common S-Curves / Hardware changes that can be objectively better in order to be fast on track? I know it comes also to personal preference and seat time will give the answer, I just want if possible to start on the right path. Does it makes a difference setting them up for open wheel vs GT3 for example?
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2023.06.09 09:20 sadc0wboy I quit my job two weeks ago and just found out I'm pregnant.

In April, I (27) lost my father to suicide and have been having a hard time dealing with the loss.. Two weeks ago, I quit my well paying job in exchange for some peace of mind and a mental health break. My boyfriend of almost 5 years was supportive and encouraged me to do so, as he was okay with taking on the extra financial load while I sorted through everything going on in my life right now.
All was fine until an hour ago. I just found out I am pregnant and I want to feel excited and like keeping this baby will be a good decision - but I'm afraid that with me recently quitting my job, having no degree, and also dealing with the pain of losing my father that bringing a baby into my world would be selfish as I don't think im in a position to give my baby the good life ive always imagined giving my child one day.
I feel so lost.
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2023.06.09 09:20 ratscholar anyone actually click back? need 2 more on farmland

Please~🥺I am trying to get my favorite item for free. Can you help me? https://temu.com/s/aOrU7fQP721DwhGs
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2023.06.09 09:20 Ecomjoshps Store development and Marketing

Are you looking for an easy way to start a dropshipping business with your budget and scale up your business high or you have started but not getting sales, are you looking for a better and easy way to start getting more sales?
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2023.06.09 09:20 sleeplessinengland Top Stoney Micro reps parka for sale BNWT MEDIUM

Top Stoney Micro reps parka for sale BNWT MEDIUM
Brand new with tags Micro Reps parka for sale
Size medium. Beautiful jacket , perfect for summer.
£85 including £8.95 special delivery for UK. Can do outside of UK but you pay postage.
Any questions or more pics DM me
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2023.06.09 09:20 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (here)

If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us at +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency.
Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste agency is the latest course by Iman Gadzhi.
Copy Paste Agency is designed for established agency owners, who can use these lessons to scale their business.
In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
To get Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us on:
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Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.09 09:20 LostTeleporter Wireless mouse recommendation that has button to switch between computers on the side and not the bottom?

Hello, I am currently using a Logitech M720. I work as a software dev and have to switch between computers very frequently. The M720 that I currently own has a button on side that allows me to do it very easily. Unfortunately it is dying on me and now I am looking for a replacement.
All the mouses (mice?) that I looked at from Logitech that allow pairing to multiple computers seem to have Easy Switch button on the bottom of the mouse. Or atleast this seems to be the case with MX Master and MX Anywhere series.
Of course I could always buy another M720 again, but I want to check if there is something else that I am missing. I don't need crazy RGB, or more buttons than I have fingers. Anything that gets the job done will do.
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2023.06.09 09:20 Mukumber Loot filter suggestion

I've seen a lot of people requesting a loot filter but I haven't really seen any suggestions on how they would like it. So with that in mind this is a draft for how I would do it. I am sure some would like a PoE style 3rd party filter with endless possibility but I don't think that is likely with Blizzard so I went into it with the idea that it should be easy and work with a ui ingame. I did not include any filter for legendary powers or stat rolls for example as I feel that would be too complex and some part of actually picking up and looking at loot should always be kept in.
How would you guys like to see a loot filter for D4 work? Are you missing something here? Do you think this is too simple or too complex?
Item Power (slider with increments)
1+ 150+ 340+ 460+ 625+ 725+
Capped (filter out items that you have max amount of in inventory) ☐
Crafting material ☐
Magic crafting material ☐
Rare crafting material ☐
Gems (slider)
Crude Chipped Normal Flawless Royal None
Elixirs (slider)
Weak Normal Strong Potent Heavy None
Seeds of hatred ☐
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