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Another sub for wof but with jojo and other anime but memes that still are about wof. Also you can post crossover art between Wof and anime.

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We are a subreddit dedicated to the wonderful Roblox Wings of Fire game created by Archeonia and Korvair. Here you can find news, memes, ideas, and get some answers to your questions about the game! Here is the discord link, where most of the magic happens! https://discord.gg/57Ynrdb

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This subreddit is dedicated to Wings of Fire, a New York Times bestselling fictional series by Tui T. Sutherland. If you'd like to join, we also have a discord server! https://discord.gg/WingsOfFire

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Make a funny WoF meme. Whichever meme gets most votes, will win! Winners will become a moderator. No repeating memes that already won. Violators will be disqualified (or removed from moderators) for a set amount of contests.
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2023.05.05 18:28 Flair258 Proposal/Question for the Warrior Cats ponies

I know there's a lot of you all over the map and you also have your own spot. In comparison, there aren't all that many WOF ponies, but there are enough that I come across one or two here and there. All of the WOF ponies I meet get really excited to see other fans and share my wish for us to have a spot to find each other. The map is dominated by many different fandoms, but the WC and WOF communities are very connected to each other and often merge memes and discussions with each other. Anyway, my point is that I was wondering if the WOF ponies could potentially integrate with the WC spot, or at least hang out close to it.
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2023.04.21 14:02 Atheist_Flanders One Gnome to Rule them all (Portnamm WQ)

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2023.04.11 04:38 FazbearFright_lover did this one meme that's going around the wof sub but with william because why not

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2023.04.04 11:14 ConcordGrapez Hot Take/Discussion- Bullet hell bosses are non-ideal for Terraria

I want to first get it out of the way that this is my opinion, and if you love bullet hells such as those from Fargos Eternity Mode, Empress of Light, etc. that's great! We all have our different tastes in boss design and I think that diversity of opinion is an amazing thing to have for the community! Moving onto my thoughts,
I think that bosses that focus more on a unique gimmick or using their own hitbox in a creative way makes for the best bosses in the game. The biggest issue is that bosses that don't do much outside of firing projectiles make the fight lack a sense of fluidity and engagement from both parties. I want to compare bosses, within somewhat equal points of progression and discuss why I like and dislike either or.

As both bosses are the endgame of both tipping points of progression within the game, I feel it is somewhat valid to compare them despite the obvious difference in the area of the game.

Wall of Flesh is an iconic boss, naturally. It is the only Underworld Boss, and utilizes it's terrain incredibly well to create a difficult, engaging and creative experience that no other boss comes close to replicating. While it does fire several projectiles, them alongside 'living projectiles' in the Hungry are used to pressure the player with the limited movement options at this point in the game. The Hungry themselves are a great wall to help body block for the Wall, while also pressuring Melee players from getting too close. To compliment this as well, the boss becomes exponentially faster as its HP reaches 0, testing the player's vertical movement abilities and adding a sense of real urgency. Due to the nature of the boss, it feels less like a fight and more of a race against the clock so that you can kill this relentless beast before you reach the end of Hell. All of this combined creates an incredible sendoff to the first half of the game, signaling bosses from here on out will have far more going on that the relatively simple bosses of PreHM.

Moonlord on the other hand, is the sendoff to the game as a whole, being the final boss. Being the finale to a brutal gauntlet of the Pillars, it tests your endurance and ability to adapt to several moving threats due to the eye hitboxes and True Eyes of Cthulhu. It is easily one of if not the largest boss, taking up almost the entire screen with an imposing presence. I think its ability to heal if you cannot destroy the 'spirits'(?) it summons from its tongue, and Eye Beam from the top eye testing your ability to maneuver with the tools you've been using all of Hardmode are delightful ways to be final tests of the player's ability. This unfortunately, is where my praises end. Starting off, I find the True Eyes while interesting and adding a nice dynamic to the fight, both a way the player can show off a sense of thinking but somehow being very noninteractive. The fact that a player can choose to hold off on destroying the hand eyes, leaving them on a sliver of HP so that the top eye can be whittled down and not having to deal with the True Eyes is a great way of giving agency to the player- once they are destroyed there is no counterplay to the True Eyes unlike the Hungry from WoF. They exist, fire projectiles/beams and you have to deal with them for the rest of the fight. Secondly, the projectiles, such as the Phantasmal Bolts aren't interesting to dodge when fighting in a large open area (especially since 1.4). It's more running away from projectiles rather than dodging them, partly due to Terraria's physics such as gravity making precise projectile dodging awkward. Lastly, once the Core of the Moon Lord is revealed, unlike the Wall of Flesh whom ramps up its biggest gimmick as a last desperate attempt- nothing truly changes. While there are 3 True Eyes causing chaos, the Moon Lord himself doesn't seem to do anything of note different. It's like if the Hungry were the only thing from the Wall of Flesh to become more aggressive as the fight progressed. A tad anticlimactic for the final boss the game, at least in my opinion.

While the Moon Lord is by no means a bad boss (genuinely I believe there are no bad bosses in the game, each serve a unique and valid purpose for progression), I believe it fails to live up to the standard that the Wall of Flesh, the bosses of Hardmode, and final boss expectations set.

Moving onto two bosses earlier in Hardmode, I want to compare The Destroyer and The Twins (Skeletron Prime is like that weird middle child, we'll leave him out). These two are polar opposites I feel in how the fight flows, and how they utilize the various mechanics of Terraria to their advantage or disadvantage.

Starting off with one of the best and worst parts of this boss, depending on how you look at it- it is a worm boss. A Terraria staple, I love them just as much as the community does, however it brings some fundamental issues to the Destroyer that the Eater of Worlds, while not lacks, makes up for in the point of progression it is in. This naturally is its weakness to projectile piercing, that Destroyer attempts to makeup for in raw health, defense and ranged capabilities. Starting off with it's only real gimmick outside of the worm classification, it can summon Probes much like the Wall of Flesh's Hungry. The Probes however, can serve to hinder the boss sometimes rather than assist. This is due to their weak projectiles they occasionally fire not harming the player much, while the hearts they can drop on death serving as a great resource to keep the player's health topped off in the fight. How does the Destroyer attempt to makeup for these obvious weaknesses? By haphazardly cranking out several of its own lasers, think 'Spray and Pray' as a boss design. This is its weakest area of design, and serves as an inconvenience and tedious test of weaving through its barrage while dodging the worm that is attempting to ram you. Depending on what weapon you have, the Destroyer can be either a nightmare wall of sheer health and spam, or you burst it down in less than a minute with infinitely piercing weapons crushing its segments to powder.

The Twins, while being a multi-boss, share none of these weaknesses of the destroyer, outside of one. We'll get to that though, as the obvious gimmick of this fight is you are fighting two bosses at the same time. Retinazor, the slow and steady gunner who will bring you down with her lasers, and Spazmatisn, the brutish bruiser who will rush you down and inflict debilitating cursed flames. First things first, the fight is by no means perfect. I think Spazmatisms cursed flames attack in phase 1 is hopelessly pointless, and while Retinazor fits the criteria for spam, having them come from only one direction and serving more as a distraction from Spazmatism adds some depth to her attacks. The first phase is relatively easy enough, think ala the Demon Prince from Dark Souls 3, they alternate between rushing at you and firing projectiles. Once they reach around half health, they rip off their eyes to reveal horrifying metal augments- distinctly a feature lacking from the other 2 Mech Bosses. Spazmatism's cursed ball attack is replaced by a flamethrower of the green flames erupting from its maw. Retinazor on the other hand, rapidly fires bursts of lasers instead of periodic pot shots. The fight has a solid foundation, where it starts relatively simple but still challenging in the first phase, and the intensity ramping up as the fight draws closer to the end. Overall by far the best Mech Boss in my opinion, having the greatest sense of balanced difficulty, testing your ability to deal with multiple threats and maneuverability in the air.

While both have their problems, The Twins provide a more engaging and fulfilling experience to the beginning of Hardmode compared to The Destroyer. Instead of utilizing mass and numbers, The Twins focus on synergy and the foundation laid down by the Eye of Cthulhu to test the player.

The last 2 bosses I wanted to discuss take place towards the penultimate point of Hardmode, and this is likely by most debatable and least popular opinion. I will be comparing Duke Fishron and the Empress of Light's fights. Before going into this one, I want to state I am very biased in this. I have been playing Terraria since 1.1, and Duke Fishron is my favorite boss in the entire game by a long shot.

Getting into this, one thing I haven't really brought up for the previous bosses (though in hindsight I should have for WoF but honestly it's late writing this), is the method of summoning and more importantly- player choice. Duke Fishron's item, the Truffle Worm is a rare critter spawn in the Mushroom biome from the start of Hardmode. This allows the player to fight the Duke whenever they feel comfortable, allowing them to severely break progression if they are skilled enough from the start of Hardmode, or hold off until they feel confident and strong enough to tackle the beast of the depths. The fight itself is very snappy, with the boss being very rushdown focused. He charges at you rapidly, almost requiring some form of dash or quick vertical movement to effectively dodge him. His mandatory projectiles are destructible bubbles, serving as a meatshield of sorts for the boss, while allowing slow piercing weapons to still have a use for the fight, and a sharknado which covers a wide area and fires Sharkrons at the player- which once again can be killed. The first 2 phases are incredibly dynamic and fast paced, with the 2nd phase expanding on the Duke's capabilities by altering his attacks to be both more effective and flashier. Unlike basically every boss in the game however, the Duke has a third phase. He will disappear, the sky turns dark and will then teleport around the player, rapidly dashing once, twice then three times repeating. An incredibly dynamic fight in all senses of the word, being accessible to new and veteran players progression-wise, a fast paced and very fair brawl of a fight. In my opinion this is the best boss fight in the game, only contested by the Wall of Flesh.

I want to state once again I am VERY biased in regards to these two fights. Starting off with what I complimented Duke for, that I believe the Empress fails on- the Prismatic Lacewing cannot spawn until Plantera has defeated. While this isn't egregious, it does take away that sense of player agency that I love about the Duke fight. It does make up for this however by having the daytime difficulty, allowing players who can defeat it no-hit with one of, if not the best summoner weapon in the game. Another positive is the boss, being from 1.4, has easily the best effects of any boss in the game. Genuinely, memes aside about her design- her attacks, especially Sun Dance and Everlasting Rainbow look stunning! As well as this, since she is going for a bullet-hell-style boss, she succeeds on this front very well. My personal problems lie with the fact it feels less like I'm brawling it out with a boss, and rather surviving the projectiles. Whereas the Duke is constantly engaging you, rushing you down and swarming you with projectiles you can interact with and destroy, the Empress is content to run away from the player while giving her favorite Touhou impression. This results in an effect that you're trying to chase and pin down the boss, rather than it being the engager. This can work with some bosses in games do not get me wrong, but I don't believe it works in Terraria's setting.

I know many people enjoy the Empress of Light's fight, and I believe the boss is one of the best designed ones in the game for what it is trying to achieve. However, from my own personal standings on what makes a good boss in the game for me, she fails on several fronts and fails to engage me outside of her great effects. If Empress of Light is your favorite boss in the game, that is great! I feel the need to keep repeating this as I don't want to come off as attacking bosses I know many hold dear to their hearts, I just wanted to share my views on Terraria's excellent boss and combat design.

If you read through my massive wall of text that I spent way too much time on (also it's late omg), thank you so much! Hopefully what is essentially a 3AM rant is a little bit coherent and thought out. Would love to hear your guys' thoughts as well, and what your favorite boss is. Cheers, and happy hunting Terrarians! :)
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2023.03.10 04:18 FoxMaster1202 WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!! Be sure to have a good time posting about WOF and and MEMES!! only ages 10+

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2023.03.09 03:08 AerisDragon server images haven't been popping up at all for the past week. how to fix?

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2023.01.17 07:34 Octotitan Day 150 : I have Big exams coming up for the next 2 weeks, after that it's chill

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2022.12.25 08:55 bruhmp44 Its sad to see a subreddit thrive and then fall out

I joined near the beginning where you had the “thats a skywing idiot” trend and saw it go through a golden age memes almost every day… but eventually things fell apart. Less and less people posted less views and less joined.it ended with zilla leaving, putting an end to it all. And now all thats left are drawings and a few people reflecting on how things used to be. But hey at least there is some die hard ok buddy wof users on the discord. But yeah love this subreddit love this community to bad it had to end
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Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.
Your top 10 posts:
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2022.10.16 01:30 WholesomelyChaotic [TW: Reference to torment and a syringe (those 2 not very correlated)] I wanna write/type a story so here's one about (or at least centered around) Lorry (Skywing). Based on the small comic idea I started on, but might become different to this story

"Do you think Lorry got the info?" A blue silkwing named Zaffre asked Comb, a yellow Hivewing that constantly wears a neck gaiter (even if just around their neck). "Yea. Provided he hasn't killed them yet" Comb rolled his eyes with a smirk. Lorry is usually the top pick for gathering information from uncoopertive GoI. He was basically the last resort for getting necessary info before the uncoopertive GoI got terminated (permanently or temporarily), either way the GoI probably won't remember after the interrogation. Lorry had an...interesting method of info getting, but usually he was punished for killing or permanently injuring the interogee. His only limits were his access to tools, his imagination, and most of the Geneva Convention (or the WoF equivalent). Which would be suprising, but the Foundation have done similar stuff, scarily.
Back to Zaffre and Comb, the 2 dragons then opened the door to the interrogation room. It was set different to most interrogation rooms as this one had more space and "tools of/for bribery", it wasn't a torture chamber per se, but it could be a strong candidate for one. Lorry stood at the table side opposite to a drenched Chaos Insurgant (seems Lorry can't avoid them very well... or perhaps vice versa) , which was a dusty brown Sandwing who was now shivering, teeth chattering, and trying not to sob, but clearly is. Zaffre fetched a towel for the poor unfortunate soul while Lorry said "Evenin' fellas! I wrotes the, the info gotten, down" smiling with enthusiasm, a clear contrast to the miserable Sandwing. "Uh Lorry, why're they wet?" Comb pointed at the Insurgant, who was now being wrapped in a towel and unrestrained (the restraints were to prevent attacks). "I used a spray hose like how someone'd spritz a naughty cat with a spritzy bottle" Lorry explained, his voice often sounded like a crow doing an impression of Firestorm (Skywing)... or maybe vice versa. "Oh......Where's the stuff you wrote?" Comb asked which Lorry replied with a "here!" and handed Comb the papers "Sorry, they're a bit wet. I never realized how far a spray of water could ricochet". Zaffre gave the Sandwing a warmed up towel to replace the now sopping towel (and armor tney were wearing), to which the Sandwing happily replaced with a relieved smile and nestled the towel around them like a kid with their favorite blancket. The Sandwing looked so cute with the oversized (for anyone really) towel and their comforted smile. "* chuckles , you comfy?" Zaffre giggled warmly to the Sandwing. "Yes very so, thank you" they replied, the Sandwing's voice sounded like the typical teenage male protagonist who'd usually wear black or other achromatic shirts. Zaffre and the Sandwing talked as the medics were preparing the amnestics, which unfortunately took a while to even arrive to the interrogation room. By the time Sift (Sand/3rd gen Night) and Peppy (Rainwing) showed up, the Sandwing was being hugged by Zaffre and Comb sat at the table with a "oh dear fuck!" type facepalm, seems Lorry's report was quite gruesome, but at least Lorry got great info. "Ohww, poor fella. Don't worry, Grit, you'll get amnestitized asap, m'kay?" Peppy sympathized. Sift flicked the syringe to get out the air, and sanitized the sandwing's scruff (the base of the back neck, not the stubble kind) with a sanitation wipelet. Grit unintentionally clenched hard, whimpering a little. Then, *poke, all done! Grit's eyes seemed to soften and his eyelids lowered, soon he drifted to sleep. "Iiissss that supposed to happen?" Zaffre asked, Sandwing in his arms. "Yes indeed. Thank you both for helping, the poor guy was so tense." Sift reassured and empathized with Grit, "Lorry did a helluva number on them huh?".
Lorry walked with documents tucked under his wing, his tail twitched with excitement. He was walking at his usual rapid pace, which was a perfect match to Tenacity's stide. Lorry finally arrived at the boss's office with the info he got (and unknowing to him, his interrogation reports). Lorry entered and a sleek, soft eyed, Rainwing the color of dark wine looked up, theireyes the color of red punch(juice). "Hey, Vino! Got the docs for ya!" Lorry greeted enthusiastically. "Very good, thank you" Vino recieved the documents, her voice was as deep and smooth as her scales. Lorry waited as Vino skimmed the documents, Vino tends to skim first read second. Lorry was waiting for a good 10 minutes before Vino realized and embarrasedly said "Oh! You're dismissed, sorry.". "Oki doki!" Lorry nodded and trotted out the office, he likes Vino, she'd make a great friend. Lorry trotted away to find Tenacity, meanwhile Vino had reached the report page. She's new to the site and wasn't told of the horrors that live among them [cue meme]. She got to the part where she saw what Lorry did and her jaw practically unhinged in shock. What's worse is that this is one of the milder tactics Lorry had used. Vino looked at her door as if Lorry was about to burst into the office, "What in Clearsight's name--? He was such a nice and perky fella to me and his coworkers... What is this monster that this report is talking about?.... And why are almost all of the reports about interrogating Chaos Insurgants... This ain't no coincidence! Interrogators gotta agree to be the interrogator of a interrogation, right?". She paused then, "Does that fella gotta vendetta against the Chaos Insurgency? Or could it be... due to interest in the organization? No that's stupid.... or...Is it?"
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2022.10.13 06:54 praise_mudkipz Drawing WOF badly everyday until Arc 4 comes out. Day 25 (special: the Disney live action remake of Alpen Peppers meme template)

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2022.09.26 17:28 SquadTrin Fuck you wof mods, I can post as many racists memes I want here, and act like a 14 yr old discord boy.

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