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2023.06.09 10:29 Munchies42069 Needed a place to vent/rant

Hello, I've gone in phases of how much the constant height related things strangers say bother me and I have been at a point where im just so over it. My friends understand certain aspects of being so tall because they've been around me enough, but I just feel like letting stuff off my chest to others that can relate.
I'm 6'9" maybe 6'10" I honestly don't know because last time I was measured was years ago and I was 6'8" something then and know I've grown. But I honestly don't care what the actual number is. Probably from the amount of times a stranger just asks me how tall I am and that's it. Just defining myself as a number and that's all they cared to know. Just seems so superficial. I also really don't appreciate the "You're tall as shit" or "You're a tall ass motherfucker" or whatever else in that context. It's just never something I would say to a stranger and baffles me why people think I just want to be compared to that. I understand they don't mean these things in a negative way and defining something as "the shit" is considered a good thing, but I still don't like being called a motherfucker by strangers as the first thing they say to me. Is it considered acceptable to say even just the "You're tall" but put any other obvious physical description in instead of tall and say it to someone?
Then you get the ones that think they're hilarious and say some dumb joke that's been said millions of times. Or the really nice ones that just instantly say "why don't you play basketball?" I get that one more often than asking if I do play. Which I do, for fun. I play many sports for fun as an adult. In different leagues because I love sports. I was leaving a softball game the other day in my jersey so clearly I was playing. Guy in the parking lot "How tall are you?" I tell him 6'9 "And you don't ball??" Literally as I was leaving from playing "ball". But of course it could only be basketball because of my height. Really made me sympathize the very tall people that play sports other than basketball professionally. That's another problem it's a failure that I don't play professional basketball in some eyes. I had a guy yell at me across a crowded path last summer "You're tall as fuck! You should be in the NBA, you know that right?" I mean seriously, the audacity to yell at a stranger just walking by that they're basically living their life wrong. And the thing is how does he even know that I'm not? It was summer during off season. So often at work I'm reminded by strangers that I'm doing the wrong thing. And as I said before I love sports.
One of my previous jobs I could get up to 20 or more people where I say hello and they just say something related to my height in a 4 hour period. I worked with patients at a clinic 1 on 1. So this was a consistent thing for a while. It broke me. I couldn't respond to the same joke I heard the 12th time that day. My manager told me someone sent in a comment how I was too serious and took the job too seriously. I said probably someone that I didn't respond to their height joke. She replied by saying how I was sensitive to my height. At the time that just stung, but now I realize after all this crap I've dealt with in my life I probably just am.
The amount of people that have just told me as a stranger all the great things they would be doing if they were my height. Just have to listen to people's own self insecurities projected onto me and jealousy constantly. But they don't realize the struggles that come with it that I'm sure many of you understand. This society is not built for me. Are there pros to be tall, of course. Are there cons to be tall, of course. But in others eyes it's the greatest thing anyone could get.
Well there's so many other things I could rant about but I feel better typing some things out, even if they fall upon empty eyes. Especially since this is probably a novel and a half by now.
Everyone is great in their own right no matter their height. Everyone has great potential and capabilities in life. We all just vary in what those may be. Love ourselves for what we are (even though this can be tough for me) and don't hold jealousy to how you perceive others because the only person that truly knows one's life is themselves.
This all stemmed because someone called me an asshole for not being in the very back of the crowd during a concert. I'll admit I can be an asshole but I truly believe I mainly spread happiness and love to my best ability. But I'm definitely at the point where when I'm hearing things about my height being pointed out from strangers I'm not being my most vibrant self back to them.
Sorry for being a downer on my first time on this sub.
Peace and love, A tall man that's had enough for the time being
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2023.06.09 10:27 VincentNZ Spread reducing attachments must be so good now, right? No, not at all. Same as it ever was.

Spread reducing attachments must be so good now, right? No, not at all. Same as it ever was.
So with the blatant spread increases to ARs I and many others wondered, if the previously useless attachments would be better.
To remind you: Attachments that reduce spread or recoil do so by 5-10% and come with an equally big malus to another stat. Hence they are zero sum games and basically have only a marginal impact, especially so, since noone knows the exact stats unless you go on to look at now outdated data.
How did I go about my testing? With the trusted wallsprays of course. I figured the most visible effect we would get by looking at the AM40, as it both has high recoil and high spread all around.
I then looked at the two attachments that reduce spread: The Tactical Compensator redcues all spread related stats by 8% and increases all Recoil related multipliers by 8%.
There is also the BCG light grip reducing ADS spread while increasing hipfire spread. We do not have any numbers for the grips, sadly, because DICE has changed some things making it really hard to datamine it, but it was in the same 5-8% ballpark. So we can assume this is still the case.
There is also the opprtunity cost attached, which is the effect the other attachments would have in their place. For the muzzle this would be the Wrapped Suppressor which makes you not show up on the minimap at 20m and beyond (description says 40m, but Sorrow said this was wrong)
The laser as underbarrel reduces hipfire spread by 25%, so we are looking at around 30-32% hipfire spread difference.
I sprayed 120 rounds with the two setups at a wall:
  • One at 15m and no recoil control to showcase the effects with no interference
  • One at 10m hipfiring to illustrate the difference
  • One at 15m with my rather average recoil control
For better visualization I have also added enemies at the corresponding ranges.
As for the results, they were as expected:
  • You can see no discernible difference when not controlling recoil. If anything you see larger gaps because of the higher Vrec.
  • In hipfire you will see a noticeable decrease in spread with the laser, right from the start, especially not the bullet hole below the line I was aiming at and compare with the hitbox of the enemy.
  • With recoil control you also do not see something interesting apart from the two outliers that I marked. The reduced spread setup has some of those as well. Keep in mind that this is a set of 120 shots each and we can see a couple of outliers on both. I can tell you that the Compensator is less comfortable to shoot, becasue of the marginal higher recoil.
But what about bursting? Well that would not help either, because of another mechanic that is in the game, which are the Recoil multipliers. Basically the first couple of shots have added recoil attched based on multipliers. For the AM40 it is: 1st shot 1.3x, 2nd 1.2x, 3rd 1.1x Everytime you burst this resets. With 8% higher recoil you will feel it even more.
Another thing to consider concerning recoil are zoom levels. In 2042 zoom levels are higher than they actually described as. A 2x scope is a 2.9x magnification, a 1.25x a 1.7x and so forth. Your visual recoil will scale with alongside zoom levels. Your spread however will never change.
Conclusion: Don't be tricked by thinking this helped AOW attachment balance in any form. It is just as bad as it was and I am glad for it, because I only use suppressors and lasers. I do not want to change anything and even if they were changing stuff to a relevant degree, nobody would notice, because we do not have accurate data.
Spread attachments. Do not use them.
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2023.06.09 10:25 Ejrocks23 Customer tipped but got a contract violation

Took a chipotle order because it was $17 for 8 miles (a hand it to me) so I took it, finished the night and saw the contract violation. Is there anything I can do or just continue and do 100 deliveries?
The last contract violation I got the apartment number was in the picture and I use gpsmapcamera so support removed it but I don’t know what I can about this one
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2023.06.09 10:25 gold_Investment0112 Adding Keywords You Are Not Selling

I'm selling luxury perfumes online. Now my keywords in google ads are mostly the brand names in my store. There is this one particular item marked as Sold Out that I'm not selling currently. I just included it to add to the number of my items.
Do you think it's a good idea to add this brand name marked as sold out in my keywords? For now I decided to add it because the average monthly search for they keyword is high. I just thought it could still result clicks, and they may find my other items appealing to buy.
Thanks in advance for the insight!
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2023.06.09 10:24 SadWallflowerr Yelp Mafia’s review page: We’ve all been harassed by Yelp Karens and Yelp won’t do anything. Now you can review Yelp.

Yelp is an unethical corporation/mafia that extorts small businesses, refuses to take down personal info and false claims, and is a platform for crazy karens to complain when they don’t get their way while posting your full name, photo of your face and license plate number and lying about you. But Yelp won’t do anything about it when reported. They won’t delete your Yelp page even when you aren’t a consumer business.
Once you sign their terms and conditions, you can’t sue them. Yelp forces businesses to pay for ad subscriptions or else they will remove your 5 star reviews and write 1 star reviews for you. If you pay them, they remove the 1 star reviews and show all the 5 star reviews. Yelp Karen’s are driving customer service workers and small business owners to quit.
There have been over 2000 complaints about Yelp to the FTC. Watch Billion Dollar Bully, free documentary about Yelp Mafia on Tubi. We should tell everyone we know to boycott them. Feel free to write a review for Yelp to share how you feel about them and see how they like it when they get a bad review:
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2023.06.09 10:22 Nanoputian8128 Dataset for Cyclone and Storm Damage Machine Learning

Looking for a dataset containing cyclone/storm damage to apply machine learning. All the damage data that I can find is a single number for each event. Ideally, I would like to know the damage for each event split by region (by region, this could be by postcode/zip code, suburb, etc). To specifically describe what I am after:
  1. Time period: At least for the last 20 years, but more the better.
  2. County: Preferably Australia but happy for it to be any other county if that county has the required data available.
  3. Event: As mentioned in the title, interested in cyclone and storms. Note, I use the term cyclone to include events such as hurricanes, typhoons, etc.
  4. Damage: This could be total economic damage, recovery cost, lives lost, casualties or any other reasonable metric.
  5. Granularity: This is the most important feature I am after. The more granular the better. Ideally the damage data would be by postcode/zip code. Though perhaps that is too much to hope for so will take what I can get.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 10:22 ShuXianJi Tsunagari - Wattpad

Hello! Please read, vote, comment and follow! \(//∇//)
Original story
Title: Tsunagari ("Bonds")
Author: Shu XianJi
Setting: Contemporary Japan
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Tragedy
Number of Chapters: 80
Status: Completed
When Hime Kirigakure, who recently moved in the City of Kokubunji, is sent on an errand by her grand-father to the Shigeizumi Mansion, little did she know that her life was about to take a fateful turn. She becomes acquainted with the young master of the Shigeizumi family and, soon afterwards, she obtains a scholarship to join Shigeizumi High School, a prestigious school reserved for the country's best students from upper-class families. Hime and Shunsui crosses path again and she makes acquaintance with his best friend, Gōjun Shoran.
From the first day of school itself, Hime is determined to avoid the two young men the best she can. However, her plan is thwarted by karma, or rather, Shunsui, who seems to have decided otherwise. Unbeknownst to Hime, it is thanks to Shunsui that she obtained the scholarship, the young master seeming to have some hidden agenda regarding her. After she accidentally breaks Shunsui's cell-phone, the latter judiciously declares Hime his 'slave', i.e., his personal assistant who is to follow him everywhere and accomplish all his wishes.
This is how Hime starts hanging out with these two young men. Slowly, she discovers their past and their intricate relationships with their parents. Will Shunsui be able to let down the wall he has built between his mother, Tsubasa, and himself? Will the distance Gōjun has set between his father, Kenren, and himself ever melt away? But also, why did Shunsui become a flirt overnight? Why did Gōjun stop dating girls completely when, not so long ago, he was the city's most famous playboy?
On her side, Hime is struggling in her relationship with her grand-mother. Will things be alright for her? And, will she, and her friend- Natsui- come out unscathed of the various plots devised by the latter's scheming cousin?
#brotherhood #bullying #comedy #drama-air #family #friendship #graduation #highschool #highschoollove #highschoolromance #japan #lostandfoundlove #love #lovestory #manga-air #marriage #originalstory #parents #relationships #romance #scheminggirl #scholarshipstudent #socialclass #teen #tragedy
Wattpad link:
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2023.06.09 10:21 King_wulfe Crashing question

So, I’ve begun exploring the “other” realm and found a few dungeons. Upon entering I noticed the mob spawn is outrageous! I’m playing on a buddies server and unfortunately I keep causing the server to crash while trying to destroy all the spawners. Is there a way to reduce the number of spawns? It seems really over the top and unnecessary! If not, is there a way to clear out these dungeons without having 100’s of entities spawn at one time?
Last question, if the server crashed with my character in a fight, when it comes back online and I don’t play for a few hours, is my character logged out or will I come back to him dead? Sorry have a lot of good stuff on!
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2023.06.09 10:21 ShuXianJi Subaru - Wattpad

Hello, there! Please read, vote, comment and follow! \(//∇//)
Original Story
Title: Subaru
Author: Shu XianJi
Setting: Contemporary Japan
Number of Chapters: 90
Status: Completed
Six years after having been sentenced to life imprisonment for the massacre of her entire village, Shun Shutsuki is recruited by the master of Gushiken Paranormal Organization and taken out of prison. Shun is the possessor of the Godai Shakujō, a hereditary ability of the Shutsuki Clan, which appears only once in several generations and manifests itself in the form of a powerful anti-monster weapon. According to Kagami Gushiken, the master of the Organization, Shun wasn't herself during the massacre; she was possessed by a demon. However, this does not appear to be the entire truth; only Doctor Tsunan Hitachiin and the Master seem to know exactly what happened that fatidic night.
Evidently, the other members of the Organization are not at ease- to say the least- with the idea of having a "mass murderer" amongst them, with Tsunan's fan-club being particularly averse to Shun's presence within the organization. Even if monsters are absolutely real, none of them believe in the existence of demons and much less in demonic possession. Everything becomes complicated when Naoto Higaonna, an ex-member of the organization- who is now working as a high-school teacher- kills a group of students out of the blue before committing suicide. Things become even more complicated when the members of the Organization discover that Shun is constantly being hounded and persecuted by a certain Tadashi Honjō, with whom Shun seems to share a long-time bond. Who is Tadashi Honjō? Or rather, what is he? But, above it all, who is Subaru?
What is Shun hiding so desperately? Will she be able to survive within the Organization? Will she return safely from the missions assigned to her?
#adventure #clan #completed #deity #demon #demonicpossession #family #fantasy #hereditaryability #japanesefolklore #japanesemythology #manga-air #monster #mystery #originalstory #paranormal #relationships #romance #self-sacrifice #supernatural #weapons #yokai
Wattpad link:
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2023.06.09 10:20 SundayJan2017 Swiss Chems Phenibut HCL

Swiss Chems Phenibut HCL

Swiss Chems Phenibut HCL

  • Category: Noontropics
  • Type: Powder
  • Quantity: 50 grams
  • $24.99
  • Chemical Formula: C10H13NO2
  • Molecular Mass: 179.216
  • Synonyms: 4-Amino-3-phenylbutanoic acid Phenibut 1078-21-3 Fenibut 4-Amino-3-phenylbutyric acid
  • Molar Mass: 179.216
  • CAS Number: 1078-21-3
  • PubChem: 14113
  • Total Amount of the Active Ingredient: 50 grams
  • Shelf Life: 36 months
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Phenibut HCL is a chemical that works similarly to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). It stimulates dopamine receptors in the brain and antagonizes beta-phenethylamine (PEA).

swisschems phenibut hcl
Background Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
Gamma-aminobutyric acid, commonly known as GABA, is an essential neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in the central nervous system. It acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, meaning it helps regulate and reduce neuronal activity in the brain, promoting a state of calm and relaxation. GABA is widely distributed throughout the brain and spinal cord, influencing various physiological processes, including sleep, mood, and anxiety.
It binds to specific GABA receptors, which are ion channels that regulate the flow of chloride ions into neurons, leading to a decrease in their excitability. Due to its inhibitory effects, GABA is also implicated in the management of conditions like epilepsy and chronic pain. Additionally, GABAergic drugs, such as benzodiazepines, enhance GABA's inhibitory actions and are commonly prescribed for their anxiolytic and sedative effects.
Understanding the intricate functioning of GABA is crucial in unraveling the complexities of brain function and developing therapeutic interventions for various neurological disorders.

swiss chems phenibut hcl
Click Here To Visit Official Site. Coupon Code: ALPHA10
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2023.06.09 10:18 acp-manufacturer Mastering the Art of ACP Sheet Installation: Essential Steps to Follow

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) have gained immense recognition within the building business attributable to their sturdiness, versatility, and aesthetic attraction. Whether or not you are a home-owner, architect, or contractor, understanding the correct set up course of is important to make sure a profitable consequence. On this complete information, we’ll stroll you thru the step-by-step course of of putting in an aluminium composite panel. So let’s dive in and learn to obtain a seamless {and professional} set up.

What are the instruments required for the set up of ACP sheets?

Usually, to put in ACP sheets, the next instruments are required:
  1. CNC Router or Hand Router
  2. Blade Thickness of 10mm or 12mm
  3. If we now have to roll the ACP then we might require a 3 curler bending machine
  4. Measuring Tape
  5. Leveller
  6. Drilling Machine
  7. Security gears: Gloves, helmets, building boots, security rope, security goggles and all vital security equipments are required

Understanding the design course of

Necessary notice – All the weather sizes and numbers have to be calculated in response to useless load, dwell load and wind load approaching the facade
Let’s take a look on the stepwise design course of –
  1. Calculate the bracket measurement and the space between the 2 brackets.
  2. Wind load determines the panel measurement calculation
  3. Calculate the scale of mullions (Vertical hole rectangular aluminium pipes) and transom (Horizontal hole rectangular aluminium pipes).
  4. If panels require a stiffener, the stiffener measurement and numbers ought to be calculated and often it’s of the identical measurement as that of mullion and transom
  5. Load on metal bolts which might be connecting mullion and transom to brackets must be calculated which is able to resolve the sizes accordingly
  6. Lastly, calculate the load on the anchor fastener and choose the actual anchor fastener suitably
  7. Additionally we have to calculate the linear thermal growth of the panels to maintain the growth joints between two panels.
  8. L Cleat sizes and numbers ought to be calculated
  9. Measurement of screws and rivets to be calculated for becoming a member of the ACP to the again body with the assistance of L Cleats

Need to know the way your entire set up course of takes place? Right here’s a breakdown of the method of ACP sheet set up –

Set up:

  1. Verify the extent of the floor initially by the leveller.
  2. Drill holes to position the brackets on the floor
  3. Brackets are hooked up to the floor by Anchor fasteners.
  4. Mullions and transoms in response to the leveller values are hooked up to the brackets by metal bolts
  5. On a levelled floor we’ll minimize the ACP to sizes by hand/cnc router.
  6. Then, the ACPs are routed to type the tray.
  7. A minimal of 25mm fold is required to type the tray
  8. On the center of the fold i.e. at round 12mm, holes are drilled to connect L Cleats
  9. The opening sizes will probably be in accordance to the scale of screws or rivets
  10. The L cleats are hooked up to the ACP from one facet and the opposite facet is hooked up to the body.
  11. Growth Joints stored between two ACP’s will probably be first stuffed by Backer Rod
  12. A masking tape is hooked up on all of the 4 sides of the ACP earlier than filling the non-bleeding climate silicon sealant.
  13. After filling the non bleeding climate silicon sealant, the masking tape is eliminated in order that the silicon sealant stays in a straight line.
  14. If there are stiffeners for use that helps to make the tray at equal distances. Relying on the variety of stiffeners, double tape is positioned.
  15. Stiffeners are hooked up to the again facet of the tray with the double tape and your entire course of takes place on the bottom itself.

Nitty-gritty of the ACP Sheet Set up Course of:

Put together the Floor:

Be sure that the floor the place the ACP will probably be put in is clear, dry, and free from any grime, mud, or particles. Make any vital repairs to realize a easy and even floor.

Take Correct Measurements:

Measure the realm precisely to find out the panel sizes required for the set up. Use a measuring tape and stage to make sure exact measurements.

Lower the ACP Panels:

Utilizing an electrical noticed or panel cutter, minimize the ACP panels in response to the measured dimensions. Comply with security precautions and the producer’s pointers for slicing the panels.

How the ACP panels are hooked up to the Wall?

Select both mechanical fixing or adhesive fixing technique for attaching the ACP panels:

a. Mechanical Fixing:

b. Adhesive Fixing:

Ending Touches:

Examine the set up for any gaps, misalignments, or imperfections. Make vital changes or corrections to realize a seamless end.

Clear and Preserve:

After the set up is full, clear the ACP panels utilizing a light detergent and a smooth fabric. Recurrently examine and preserve the panels to make sure their longevity and efficiency.

Backside Line

Putting in an aluminium composite panel requires precision and adherence to particular pointers. By following the step-by-step directions outlined on this information, you may obtain an expert and flawless ACP set up. Prioritize security, use the correct instruments and supplies, and seek the advice of the producer’s directions for particular suggestions. Embrace the flexibility and great thing about aluminium composite panels whereas remodeling your house with confidence.
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2023.06.09 10:18 EnvironmentalBed4770 [SOTC] what's coming and what's next

[SOTC] what's coming and what's next
I would love to know if anyone else has one of these / what they loved/hated / or if there's a watch out there I'm missing. The collection from left to right is:
Swatch (Irony I believe) - bought for me by my father when I was 13. He passed away a few years after that so getting rid although it's small for me now and I don't wear it.
Fake Tag (similar to Kirium) - this is the one that started all the trouble for me! Bought on holiday when I was 15. I just love the minimal blue dial with steel bracelet and I always search for something similar and have never quite found it. Kirium itself is a little busy and I'm not a huge fan of numeral/ hour marker mix.
G-Shock - present from my girlfriend and an absolute beater watch. Usually wear it to the gym and doing home renovation. Really love it
Storm - bought in hope it would live up to the fake tag but there are a number of issues. There are no half links so the band is either too loose or too tight / seemingly no anti-reflective coating so hard to read / date window is so small I have to put it right to my face. Happy to get rid as have never even worn it outside the house
G-Shock Steel - from my girlfriend's Dad's collection (with permission!) What a watch! Robust and stylish - like me :)
Venezianico Redentore 40 - again, blue dial, steel bracelet. My first mechanical watch. Big upgrade on the Storm, particularly with the AR coating on the crystal - looks stunning in the sun. Looks similar to the Tag Carrera Calibre 5 but at nearly 1/10th the price. My one gripe is the lack of half-links so also a bit loose at times.
The one on the way - so excited to share that I'm one of the lucky 800 or so to get the Radcliffe Le Dome!! Due in October. Went for all- black as that seemed the most sophisticated. Did anyone else go for it?
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2023.06.09 10:18 OldLebaneseNerd My friend asked why the sushi place sent him this....I was honest.

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2023.06.09 10:17 Timor_Sol [no spoilers] [LFG] open table searching for players

Are you in search of a flexible and player-focused gaming experience? Look no further than The Oasis! Our game follows the West Marches format, meaning that anyone can join at any time. Whether you have a few hours to spare each month or can commit to multiple sessions, the choice is yours. Join fellow adventurers as they embark on daring expeditions into the mysterious and untamed island of Oasis, which is nestled between Wildemount and Tal'Dorei on Exandria.
While we don't heavily rely on the Critical Role lore, it still exists within our world, with factions shaping the background and timeline. Our setting offers a myriad of gray areas, free from rigid concepts like "orcs are inherently evil." Think of it as similar in tone to Tal'Dorei: Reborn or Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. We're a friendly community where everyone is welcome!
There are no restrictions on the number of participants, and you won't feel left out if you join later. There's always something exciting for players of all levels, whether you're at level 3 or level 10. Currently, we have three Game Masters running D&D 5e games, one in a European Time Zone and the two in North America. We are also just starting a beginner-friendly Pathfinder 2e version of Oasis, playing on the same island and sharing lore with the 5e counterpart with two additional Game Masters for Pathfinder 2e that are quite new to the system (again, one in the EU, and one in NA). This is a great chance to learn the system!
If you're eager to join the adventure, head over to the Exandria Discord server, where we host and chat about the games. Find the "looking for a game" channel and let the fun begin!
Discord Invite:
Tags for this game: [5e] [ONLINE] [DISCORD] [WEST MARCHES] [LGBTQ+] [18+] [pf2e]
System: 5e, pf2e
Setting: Exandria + homebrew
Tech: Online (discord) for A/V and game chat, plus dndbeyond for rolling (we will be swapping to Foundry soon)
Game Style: we're trying to stick to rules as written, and base our games on the three pillars of d&d - exploration, social encounters, combat.
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2023.06.09 10:17 AutoModerator [] ✔️Alen Sultanic – Automatic Clients & Bonuses ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Alen Sultanic – Automatic Clients & Bonuses ✔️ Full Course Download
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The 7-Day Fast Start is exactly what it sounds like: a quick course focused on getting you started quickly.


Ensure you don’t miss any crucial tasks from this 26-step launch checklist and you won’t be leaving money on the table
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2023.06.09 10:17 PictureFun2073 Beat the Heat with a Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machine

Beat the Heat with a Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machine
As the summer heat sets in, there's nothing quite like a refreshing cold coffee to beat the high temperatures. And what better way to provide this delicious beverage than with a cold coffee ice vending machine? Not only do these machines offer convenience and cost savings, but they also ensure that customers get their caffeine fixes without having to brave the scorching sun. If you're looking for ways to keep your customers cool and caffeinated during hot summer days, read on for tips on buying and maintaining a top-notch cold coffee ice vending machine in Gurgaon.

Benefits of Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machines

Cold coffee ice vending machines offer a range of benefits for both business owners and customers. For starters, they provide a convenient way to enjoy cold coffee without having to leave the office or home. This means that employees and clients can get their caffeine fixes without wasting time standing in long lines at cafes or restaurants. Moreover, these vending machines are cost-effective as they eliminate the need for additional staff members to prepare and serve coffee. They also reduce operational costs such as electricity bills and water consumption since there's no need for brewing equipment or washing dishes. Another benefit is that cold brew coffee is less acidic than hot brewed coffee, which makes it easier on the stomach. This quality attracts health-conscious consumers who prefer low-acidic drinks over traditional options. Additionally, many cold brews use high-quality beans prepared using specialized methods that improve taste profiles. The result is a smooth, rich flavor with lower bitterness levels compared to other iced coffees available in stores. Investing in a cold coffee ice vending machine provides an opportunity to attract new customers while offering existing ones convenience and cost savings when enjoying their favorite beverage during hot summer days.

Cost Savings of Using a Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machine

One of the biggest advantages of using a cold coffee ice vending machine is cost savings. This type of machine can save you money in several ways. Firstly, it eliminates the need for additional staff to serve customers and prepare beverages. With a vending machine, customers can easily get their own cup of coffee without needing assistance from an employee. Secondly, cold coffee ice vending machines are more energy-efficient than traditional refrigerators or freezers. They require less power to run since they only cool the drinks when someone makes a purchase. This means lower electricity bills for your business over time. Thirdly, by investing in a cold coffee ice vending machine instead of buying pre-packaged drinks from suppliers, you'll be able to cut down on packaging waste and transportation costs associated with shipping bottled or canned products. With a cold coffee ice vending machine, you have complete control over pricing and inventory management. You can set prices that cover your expenses while still offering competitive rates compared to nearby cafes or convenience stores selling similar products. Investing in a cold coffee ice vending machine provides long-term cost savings for businesses looking to provide high-quality beverages for their customers at an affordable price point.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for a Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machine

Maintenance and cleaning are important aspects of owning a cold coffee ice vending machine. Proper maintenance ensures that your machine functions optimally, while regular cleaning helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria and mold. Firstly, make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and cleaning. This will help to ensure that you don't cause any damage to the machine or void its warranty. One key aspect of maintaining your vending machine is regularly replacing its filters. The filters help to remove impurities from the water used in making the coffee, so they can become clogged over time. Replace them at least every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer. Additionally, it's important to clean all components of your machine regularly - including both internal and external parts. Use only approved cleaners for each component, as using non-approved chemicals could cause damage or affect taste quality. Keep an eye on your supply levels - such as beans and milk - so that you can replenish before running out completely. This will not only avoid disappointments but also prolongs usage without compromising consistency. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your cold coffee ice vending machine while ensuring that it produces delicious drinks safely and consistently for customers' satisfaction.

How to Choose the Best Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machine

When it comes to choosing the best cold coffee ice vending machine, there are several factors that you should consider. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision: 1. Capacity: Consider the number of cups that the machine can dispense at once and how many servings it can hold in its storage tank. 2. Size and footprint: Ensure that the machine fits your space requirements while still providing easy access for customers. 3. Durability: Look for a vending machine made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel or aluminum to ensure longevity. 4. Features: Some machines come with additional features like customizable cup sizes or different flavor options, so consider what features are important for your business needs. 5. Maintenance and support: Choose a supplier who provides reliable maintenance services and customer support when needed to keep your machine running smoothly. By considering these factors, you will be able to choose the perfect cold coffee ice vending machine that meets all your business's specific needs.

Where to Buy a Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machine

If you are looking to buy a Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machine in Gurgaon, Georgia is the best options in Gurgaon. However, before making a purchase, it's important to consider your specific needs and budget. We have a wide range of models available and be able to provide installation and maintenance services. It's also worth considering purchasing directly from the manufacturer if possible. This can help ensure that you receive high-quality equipment with reliable customer service and support. Ultimately, where you choose to buy your cold coffee ice vending machine will depend on factors such as price, quality, convenience, and support services offered by the supplier or manufacturer. Georgia full fill all the parameters of buying Cold Coffee Ice Vending Machine.
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To sum it up, a cold coffee ice vending machine is an excellent investment for any business looking to beat the heat and provide refreshing drinks to its customers. With its cost savings, ease of maintenance and cleaning, and various options on the market, there are many benefits to owning one.
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2023.06.09 10:16 Dipper-DaN1805 Girls of reddit, If a guy you don’t know were to approach you, would you prefer for him to give you his number or ask for your number?

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2023.06.09 10:16 Flogger23m How do get stats updating again?

Been a long time, maybe a few months now since my stats have updated. Things like KDR, match win ratio. Not really the biggest concern for me but the numbers have not changed for many weeks. Is there anyway to manually update them?
I know there was talk about them not updating a week or so back but my stats have essentially been frozen in place for at least 6-8 weeks now.
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2023.06.09 10:15 anon050270 4PX text message scam or legit?

Hi guys, I’ve received a text message from an Australian number (which is where I live) but it’s written in Chinese, I’ve translated it and it says the below:
[4PX] Dear customer, the value of your package is too high (relevant taxes and customs clearance fees will be incurred), you need to verify whether you agree to pay taxes and customs clearance fees; if you agree to pay taxes and customs clearance fees, you need to You provide: 1. Screenshots of actual payment of all Taobao transaction orders (including GST details); 2. Photos of the front and back of the Australian driver's license. If you do not have an Australian driver's license, you need to provide your passport and water, electricity, and gas bills (bills) that can prove the customer's address The address must be consistent with the receiving information); 3. E-mail; please send the information to: [email protected], please be sure to indicate the shipping order number in the title of the email. (Reminder: The system is unable to receive text message reply content, please contact our email [email protected] for details, thank you!)
I’ve searched this email up and can’t find it on the 4px website so I’m not too sure what to do at this point? Any advice?
Mod delete if not allowed.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 10:15 GroundbreakingDig322 OK has anybody gotten their damn Skippy cds

It’s only my second time ordering from Needljuice and first time pre-ordering from them but I can’t find the CD anywhere. I saw a picture of somebody who got their tracking number for it and they’re like 2000 where can I find it
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2023.06.09 10:15 NationalTailor6923 furniture won't show up in the shop...

I've been making builds for all of the islands on cool isle, but today when I went to the blue birds shop, everything else was there but all the sub-space boulders were gone. Not even out of stock they're just non existent even tho I saw them a few days ago! I went to chubbys shop and he has them but I have to wait for the ones I want to come back. So is this a bug or is there a limit to the number of a specific furniture you can buy before it goes away forever? pls help...
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2023.06.09 10:14 communist-crapshoot The Claires *are* social democrats *not* secret communists and seizing the harbor was not in itself a revolutionary act. It's long past time fans stop lying to themselves and start engaging with the Marxist "ruthless criticism of all that exists" at the core of the game, as was always intended.

Let me preface this lecture by stating that I *am* a communist and have been for over a decade and that before I can get into what I think the Claires are supposed to represent I need to address why Kurvitz & Co. chose a videogame as the preferred medium for their metafiction. The reason Disco Elysium was made the way it was wasn't simply to entertain people with the funny antics of an alcoholic, superstar, hobo cop or to strive towards critical acclaim so the game would sell better. It wasn't even a game made by communists for communists (I mean it was made by communists it's just not preaching to the choir as much as some might think). In fact it's quite the opposite. The story was injected with nihilistic humor and offered up to the general public in the form of a video game to sugar the pill so to speak. That's because Disco Elysium is, at its core, a highly controversial political treatise and social critique "disguised" as a video game. This was so as to get as many people as possible to actually engage with its core messages instead of reflexively rejecting or ignoring them the way they would've if those messages had been presented in the format of non-fiction literature. To put it bluntly the main message of the game is how self delusion reinforces the very things it seeks to escape whether those be personal problems like loneliness or societal ones like the anxiety inducing political limbo of Revachol/the real world. Included in the delusions of a political nature Kurvitz wanted people to confront were many held by the bulk of the contemporary left. Sadly, judging by what I often see in this sub, the results of this novel approach at polemics has been mixed.
I have to admit it's disheartening to see how many fans of the game only engaged with that social and political criticism to the extent that it was leveled at their political enemies, especially when the "authorial intent" was to confront players who might delude themselves about the future implications, present realities and/or history of their own real life politics, whatever they may be. In some cases this ignorance is forgivable; it's easy to miss subtext in a game that's so text based that it has a habit of spelling things out for you and tbf many of the allusions to real life figures, events and ideas are subtle and without a solid grasp of 20th century European history and theoretical Marxism most of the satirical references will go over a typical player's head. What's not forgivable is how many people in this sub are in denial of or otherwise consciously rationalize the criticisms of their own side presented by the writers of DE. I'll get around to how centrists and right-libertarians are guilty of this in future posts but for right now I want to address "my comrades" because, frankly, some of you scare me with your naiveté, hyper-partisanship and blithe hand waving of corruption and needless violence.
Now there are two kinds of leftists I often see who want to view Evrart as a crypto-communist figure and despite being polar opposites in most respects they have two things in common: they're both childishly naive and they're both in denial about the realities of how vicious social democracy can be in practice. The first leftist is a social democrat who thinks that because Evrart is a machiavellian strongman figure that he must be an expy of Stalin and/or Mao (who in their minds are genuine representatives of communism) because "never, ever would a real social democrat do such things, after all we're unassuming trade unionists who want nothing more than to work things out democratically, through the existing system!" The second leftist is a communist who thinks that because Evrart is a machiavellian strongman figure that he must be an expy of Stalin and/or Mao (who in their minds are genuine representatives of communism) because "never, ever would a real social democrat do such things, after all they're unassuming trade unionists who want nothing more than to work things out democratically, through the existing system!"
The truth of course is that prejudices aside Evrart is a social democrat AND a tyrannical strongman. As for his plan to seize the harbor, while it's certainly threatening to Wild Pines' bottom line, the RCM's authority and the union's enemies in Martinaise, it does not in any way pose a genuine revolutionary threat to the capitalist system as a whole and, as weird as it may sound, is still reliant on working within the existing system. After all the union didn't seize the means of production in an armed rebellion against the capitalist state so much as Wild Pines legally handed over some of its corporate property to the union to avoid the bad PR of the merc tribunal which in the end was only tangentially related to the strike. By the end of HBD's investigation all that has changed for the (surviving) workers of Martinaise Harbour Terminal B is their employer. They went from being the unionized employees of the Wild Pines Group under which they had to smuggle drugs in secret to get by to becoming members of a de jure workers' co-operative under the Claires' control where they can now smuggle drugs more openly. That's it. Is that better for them? Maybe, probably, but even so they're still reliant on a global system based on commodity production and exchange and the selling of their labor power (and hardcore drugs) for money, they've just cut out a few middlemen so to speak. Once the strike is officially declared over La Puta Madre's henchmen, not the soldiers of the Coalition, are going to be the union's most immediate threat. Wild Pines itself probably isn't even that hurt by Evrart's plan as the value of what was lost in revenue and real estate can be mitigated by the amount the company will save from no longer having 2,000 + employees on its payroll every quarter.
Oh and to those pragmatists who think Evrart is just a well intentioned man willing to step up and get his hands dirty for the sake of his fellow workers because no one else would or as Call Me Mañana puts it "The old man is corrupt for our benefit" this next part is for you. We know from interviews that Evrart was partially inspired by the character of Frank Sobotka from the second season of the HBO hit TV series The Wire. That said Evrart is in many ways a sort of anti-Sobotka insofar as he's not just reluctantly working with mafiosos; he *is* a mafioso. If you haven't already seen The Wire you need to stop reading this and go watch it to not only understand my next point but because it's literally the best TV show ever made. For those who have seen The Wire I'm 100% certain you'll agree with me that neither of the two hypothetical leftists from earlier could seriously claim that Sobotka was a secret communist or anything other than a reformist labor leader even though he's guilty of most of the same things that supposedly make crypto-commies of the Claires. I also don't think anyone who's seen the show would strongly hate Frank for getting involved in those criminal dealings the way they would the Claires even if some might still think both are wrong for having done so. Most importantly I don't think anyone who's seen all of season two of The Wire and played Disco Elysium to completion would ever claim that the Claires cared more about the Martinaise dockers than the Sobotka family did the stevedores of Locust Point, Baltimore. So what explains the gulf between the two unionistas (besides murder)? Why was it less bad when Frank Sobotka engaged in labor racketeering than when Evrart and Edgar did it? It's simple really, Frank Sobotka demonstrated more authentic labor solidarity, internal conflict, selflessness and above all self awareness than the Claire brothers ever did.
So to summarize: the Claires are written as a counter to those players who have what Lenin called trade union consciousness (meaning social democrats, progressives and center-left, reform minded liberals) who think that the problems of capitalism can be solved simply by increasing the number of trade unions, by legally incorporating more worker co-ops, by expanding strike funds, etc., in a word, reformism. Additionally DE's writers, who're communists, want to knock reformists off their high horses so as to get them to stop lying to themselves and recognize that there is corruption, hypocrisy, violence and even a small presence of incipient fascism in many real life unions, both past and present, and that existing reformist movements, organizations, etc. are just as susceptible to being hijacked by populist demagogues as revolutionary ones are/have been and moreover that they're not always the politically correct, morally unimpeachable, nonviolent alternatives to revolution that they present themselves as. In the end class conflict and its resulting violence goes on whether anyone wants it to or not. It can be and often is a totally subconscious process driven by need at both the individual and group levels. That said the longer class conflict goes on without being consciously directed towards the abolishment of the socioeconomic system whose inherent contradictions bring it into being in the first place, the more chaotic it will become until the point where the mutual ruin of the competing classes is all but guaranteed as a result.
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