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Transgender questions; transgender answers.

2023.06.09 09:16 Objective-Try-7308 CGW sp-01 & primary machine/apex p10 hoss-cerakote issue and cowitness sights?

CGW sp-01 & primary machine/apex p10 hoss-cerakote issue and cowitness sights?
These puppies are phenomenal. Tip of the cap to CGW and vytal for the classy subtle color case anodizing job. So for the p-10 I got my slide cerakoted originally. and wanted to cerakote the entire gun silver…adding a second layer to the slide…well they accidentally just did the slide silver. When I told them the order was for the frame too…they went back and did the whole gun od green. Assuming they ran out of the color.
Which is fine because I love the od green color and almost went that direction anyways. And they didn’t charge me for the mistake.
However there’s now three freaking coats on the slide, with a tight fitting primary machine barrel, the slide is glitchy and super tight when trying to cycle. I’ve heard this will break in and wear down over time. If this is true then I’ll have a super nice tight lockup! And all is great….but i also was told from primary machine that if the barrel fits too tight then some minor smithing is required. I can push the barrel into the slide with some force. More than the original installation on single layer cerakote-but not so much like I’m pounding it in.
Last, the co witness on my new night fision sights is below 1/5, supposed to be 1/3. I can’t even see half the dot. I think the cerakote lifted the holo up enough that it’s almost obsolete. It’s better than standard sights-but I can barely see any of the dot. I went to start sanding that area, but with the front little nubs for holding the Holo in, it seemed impossible to get an even sanding job done. I’ve also scoured the Internet looking for custom suppressor height sights. Nothing that would work for me.
Would love some feedback on all of this!
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2023.06.09 09:16 Diligent_Neat_9379 The medical tubing market was valued at USD 4.86 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.7% during the forecast period

The medical tubing market was valued at USD 4.86 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.7% during the forecast period
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2023.06.09 09:16 Obejugadai Harassment: Uncovering Troubling Realities

Harassment: Uncovering Troubling Realities
In recent times, a matter of significant importance has surfaced, involving individuals who possess substantial resources, including legal support and a powerful platform called Kick, which continues to endorse and support them despite their questionable behavior. Moreover, these individuals have adeptly manipulated the narrative surrounding the events to their viewers, persistently portraying themselves as victims. The purpose of this post is to critically examine their actions and illuminate the true events that unfolded during their live stream in Nepal, with the aim of raising awareness about these issues.

All personal information has been muted or deleted and the victim's faces have been pixelated.

The motivation behind this post arises from personal observations, as I have witnessed distressing events during these live streams and videos from Youtube. Over the past few weeks, I have personally grappled with anxiety attacks, prompting profound reflection on the occurrences and inspiring me to provide an account from my perspective. Since embarking on this journey, my mental well-being has significantly improved. It is crucial to emphasize that my intentions are not driven by personal gain, financial interests, or seeking consultation. In fact, one of the victims themselves urged me to share the video to facilitate their apprehension.
The Live stream
Part 1: (Reddit allows only 15-minute videos)

Part 1
Part 2:

Part 2

The primary focus of this discussion is to draw attention to the dangers associated with sharing private information with strangers. It is crucial to recognize warning signs when strangers broach subjects such as alcohol, relationships, or sex, or taking them abroad, giving gifts, particularly when interacting with minors or vulnerable individuals. While in Nepal, we have long embraced foreigners and treated them as esteemed guests. However, it is high time we adopt a more cautious approach, particularly when it comes to the safety of our young children and young adults. Just like we take precautions with our fellow Nepalese. I kindly urge individuals residing in affected areas to display signs or distribute pamphlets to raise awareness. If you see any of these actions taking place in front of you or see them online on youtube, I would encourage you to record their conversation and report it to the local police ASAP. If you wish to contribute, I recommend directing donations to Maiti Nepal, an organization that has played a significant role in assisting the victims in this case.

As an inquisitive individual, I found myself browsing YouTube, where I stumbled upon a video featuring Ice Posiedon in Nepal. Intrigued, I delved into the live stream, which subsequently led me to Kick. I must admit that I was unfamiliar with any of these streamers, except for Ice Poseidon. At that time, two specific streamers, Sam Pepers, and River Stone McKeever, were broadcasting their experiences in Kathmandu. Due to poor internet connectivity, I found myself switching between their streams. As the morning progressed and local stores opened for the day, Sam was occupied with fixing his equipment in New Road, while River McKeever ventured towards Basantapur. The video footage captures River engaging in disturbing behavior, referring to young girls as "jawns" and "jawntent" for content involving such girls, expressing his affection to random young girls on the street, and even proposing marriage. These interactions occurred within a one to two-hour timeframe. It is important to note that I was unable to watch the majority of the stream that day, so not all interactions are included in the aforementioned video.

Throughout the stream, while primarily following Sam's stream whenever possible, I noticed numerous chat messages alerting him to River's alleged harassment of underage girls. Unfortunately, I did not personally witness these incidents, except for the ones I had recorded in the beginning. I was either occupied or engrossed in Sam's stream. As night fell, they proceeded to solicit prostitutes, an act that is, incidentally, illegal in Nepal.

On the following day of the stream, a confrontation took place between Sam and River McKeever regarding allegations of harassing underage girls. I did not witness this live stream but watched the video on youtube after the 3 streamers were arrested. Subsequently, when Avrom Merlin, also known as Suspendas, arrived in Kathmandu, their behavior underwent a noticeable shift. River and Avrom were observed becoming more comfortable in their harassment of young girls, engaging in inappropriate rapping on the street, and displaying troubling conduct. Moreover, they approached several young girls, discussing the possibility of purchasing iPhones for them.

It is imperative to acknowledge the abrupt change in Avrom's demeanor within a mere 10-12 hours of his arrival as if he suddenly became cognizant of the consequences of their actions in Nepal. It is pertinent to note that another guy named Harrison aka coolslick who accompanied them that night, asserted that Nepal would turn a blind eye to the conduct of tourists due to their economic contributions. However, such a statement is unfounded and detached from reality.

Subsequently, the following day as we all witnessed a series of distressing incidents as they targeted additional girls during their visit to Swayambhunath Temple and its surroundings. The streamer named Harrison aka STD Andy/Coolslick joined them that day. He is no stranger in regard to talking about minors. Of particular concern is the disconcerting interaction documented during their third encounter on the temple grounds. The victims, two sisters, explicitly stated that one of them was underage by emphatically stating, "NOT MATURE TO DATE." Despite this explicit knowledge, the harassers persisted, raising the topic of alcohol. They did this with a pattern for multiple girls they talked to. In the video, the older sister clarifies the legal drinking age, while McKeever nonchalantly assumes that they are of legal age. Even in the face of uncertainty, he dismissively remarks, "I don't know what class 10 (Grade 10) is, so I'll go along with it." This flagrant disregard for their own recognition of the victim's immaturity and grade level underscores a manipulative inclination that permeates their live streams. Secondly, talking about incest to minors is a whole new topic.
Below is a deleted Twitter post from Harrison aka Coolslick, STD Andy . He was also known to be racist in his Twitter post.
Deleted Twitter post of Harrison

It's truly disconcerting to imagine all this disgusting footage within just two days of their visit.

These instances shed light on the urgent necessity to address and rectify the alarming behavior displayed by live streamers, YouTubers, or by any individual. Ensuring the safety and protection of Nepalese, especially minors, from potential harm or exploitation is of utmost importance. By raising awareness about these incidents, we aspire to cultivate a culture that prioritizes the well-being of all individuals and advocates for responsible online conduct.
Other YouTubers this month
Furthermore, it is crucial to highlight another disconcerting incident documented on YouTube. In this specific video, an older individual inquired about the plans of these underage girls (looks 10-12 years old) for an upcoming Saturday. When the three girls mentioned going to a café, the man persistently broached the subject of alcohol and bars, raising significant concerns of a RED FLAG. When confronted, he attempted to deflect blame by alleging that the girls had suggested going to the bar with him, contradicting the video evidence. Evens saying "when people have bad intentions, they don't film it). Since then, no further videos have been uploaded by this individual.
Recent cases
Another recent case where three girls aged 13, 14 and 17 were held hostage and sexually abused by a Chinese National in Kathmandu. Four other minors were kept hostage in Thamel.
In today's interconnected world, education is often seen as a shield against vulnerability. However, recent incidents serve as a stark reminder that being educated does not make one immune to victimization. Strangers taking you abroad is not a good choice.
Let this serve as a call to action for authorities, policymakers, and society as a whole. We must strengthen safeguards, enhance awareness campaigns, and establish robust support systems to combat exploitation in all its forms.
IF YOU SEE A HARRASMENT of minors or young adults, REPORT IT!

Please keep the comment section clean. I would request the mods to not delete this post but to lock the comments if anything gets out of hand.
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2023.06.09 09:16 professionalbitchboy Burnt out from stress. Recovery is hard.

My friend left school early this morning. I asked my boyfriend why he left and (my entire friend group knows I have emetophobia) he said that he just wasn't feeling that great. Later, I said "I hope [friend] is okay" and bf told me it was "stomach stuff" and "maybe food poisoning". That fucking stressed me out for multiple reasons:
One, the obvious. I was scared whatever he had could've been contagious and could've spread to me. But I was able to calm this down for the most part then, telling myself that I would be okay if I vomited.
Two, the fact that my bf seemed to be walking on eggshells frustrated me. Like, first it's this vague answer of "oh I guess he's just not feeling great" (usually we're pretty direct) and then he tells me another vague, but more detailed answer of "stomach issues, maybe food poisoning." I don't know if I'm just convincing myself that our friend did throw up, but the answer just seemed so vague and avoidant. It would be like him to try to walk on eggshells because he's very much a people-pleaser.
I got into this weird cycle of stress a couple hours ago where I want to reassure myself that I don't have to reassure myself because I'm reassured that our friend didn't have something contagious. I'm stressed about both things. I'm just so depressed at this point because I'm so tired of being stressed and I'm so tired of trudging through this healing process. It's too late at night rn for me to even handle feeling stress, it feels like, so I'm just doom scrolling and feeling so fucking empty. I don't want to stand up because I'll be able to feel more of my body, like my stomach, and that triggers my emetophobia and I just can't right now.
I'm not mad at my boyfriend and I'll be sure to communicate my needs to him to make sure I'm more supported in healing. I'm aware that this episode is just a kneejerk response and it'll be over and it's worth it in the end etc etc. I just wanted to vent because it's just so difficult and exhausting. Healing is so fucking hard. I'm just letting the anxiety and depression eat me.
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2023.06.09 09:16 AlternativeClerk5070 RPM Billing

RPM Billing Services
RPM Billing Services is a leading provider of comprehensive and efficient billing solutions for healthcare professionals. Our primary objective is to streamline the billing process, optimize revenue generation, and ensure accurate and timely reimbursement for our clients. With our extensive expertise and advanced technological capabilities, we enable healthcare organizations to concentrate on delivering exceptional patient care while we handle their billing requirements.
Our Range of Services:
Medical Coding:
Our team of certified coders meticulously assigns accurate codes to medical procedures, diagnoses, and services in adherence to industry standards. Precise coding plays a critical role in maximizing revenue and minimizing claim denials.
Claims Submission:
We take charge of the complete claims submission process, from verifying patient insurance coverage to submitting claims electronically or in paper format when necessary. Our professionals diligently review claims for any errors or missing information to minimize the chances of claim rejections.
Claims Follow-up:
Proactive claim follow-up is a crucial aspect of our services. Our dedicated team communicates directly with insurance companies, resolving any claim issues, and resubmitting claims if required. Our aim is to minimize the reimbursement turnaround time.
Payment Posting:
Accurate payment posting is essential to ensure proper revenue recognition. Our team efficiently posts payments received from insurance companies and patients into your practice management system. We conduct detailed reconciliation of payments against billed amounts and promptly identify any discrepancies.
Denial Management:
Our systematic approach to denial management involves identifying the root causes of claim denials, appealing unjustified denials, and implementing corrective measures to minimize future occurrences. By improving the first-pass claim acceptance rates, we help optimize revenue for your practice.
Patient Billing and Collections:
We handle all aspects of patient billing, including statement generation and distribution. Our team is well-equipped to handle patient inquiries and resolve billing disputes promptly. Our focus is on enhancing patient satisfaction while ensuring effective collections for your practice.
Reporting and Analytics:
We provide comprehensive reports and analytics that offer valuable insights into your practice's financial performance. Our reports encompass key performance indicators, reimbursement trends, and actionable suggestions for improvement. Our data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions to enhance your practice's financial success.
Why Choose RPM Billing Services?
Our team consists of experienced billing professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the latest industry regulations and coding guidelines. We bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring optimal revenue generation for your practice.
We leverage state-of-the-art billing software and advanced technologies to streamline the billing process, automate tasks, and minimize errors. Our secure systems guarantee data confidentiality and compliance with industry standards.
We understand that every healthcare organization has unique billing requirements. Therefore, we tailor our services to align with your specific needs and workflow, facilitating seamless integration with your practice.
We maintain transparent communication with our clients and provide regular updates on the billing process, payments, and financial performance. Through our secure client portal, you can access real-time billing data and stay informed at all times.
Outsourcing your billing needs to RPM Billing Services can result in significant cost savings for your practice. By reducing administrative burdens and optimizing revenue cycles, we contribute to the overall financial success of your organization.
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2023.06.09 09:15 Lifeguard-wrecker Starlink Mesh Nodes: Has anyone else noticed the nodes prefer to daisy chain to the one they’re facing?

After much trial and error I believe I’ve stumbled upon an aspect of the mesh nodes that isn’t stated anywhere and I’m having difficulty verifying.
When using multiple Starlink mesh nodes that are in close enough proximity that they occasionally reshuffle from the preferred order and connect to other nodes with a weaker signal I’ve played with them enough that they seem to prefer to connect to the nodes they are facing. By changing the direction they’re facing I seem to have eliminated the issues I had been experiencing.
Can anyone else verify this from their own experience?
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2023.06.09 09:15 tuliodesign12 Different Types of Curtain Fabrics and Their Pros & Cons for Premium Curtains

Curtains are an essential part of any home decor, and they not only enhance the beauty of a room but also provide privacy and control the amount of natural light entering a room. When it comes to premium curtains, the choice of fabric plays a crucial role in determining their quality, durability, and functionality. There are various types of curtain fabrics available in the market, and each one has its own set of pros and cons. In this blog, we will explore the different types of curtain fabrics and their pros and cons for premium curtains.

1. Silk Curtains

Silk curtains are considered the epitome of luxury and elegance. They have a natural sheen and drape beautifully, making them perfect for formal settings. Silk curtains are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, and they add a touch of sophistication to any room. However, silk curtains are delicate and require special care. They are not suitable for high-traffic areas or homes with pets and children.
Pros: Luxurious look and feel, natural sheen, wide range of colors and patterns
Cons: Delicate, require special care, not suitable for high-traffic areas

2. Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are another popular choice for premium curtains. They have a rich, plush texture that adds warmth and depth to a room. Velvet curtains are available in a range of colors, and they have excellent insulating properties, making them ideal for cold climates. However, velvet curtains can be heavy and difficult to maintain. They may also fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight.
Pros: Rich texture, excellent insulating properties, available in a range of colors
Cons: Heavy, difficult to maintain, may fade over time

3. Linen Curtains

Linen curtains have a natural, rustic look that adds a touch of warmth and character to a room. They are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for hot climates. Linen curtains are available in a range of colors and patterns, and they are easy to maintain. However, linen curtains may wrinkle easily, and they are not as durable as other fabrics.
Pros: Natural, rustic look, lightweight and breathable, easy to maintain
Cons: May wrinkle easily, not as durable as other fabrics

4. Cotton Curtains

Cotton curtains are a versatile and affordable option for premium curtains. They are available in a range of colors and patterns, and they are easy to maintain. Cotton curtains are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for hot climates. However, cotton curtains may shrink or fade over time if not properly cared for.
Pros: Versatile and affordable, available in a range of colors and patterns, easy to maintain
Cons: May shrink or fade over time if not properly cared for

5. Polyester Curtains

Polyester curtains are a durable and affordable option for premium curtains. They are available in a range of colors and patterns, and they are easy to maintain. Polyester curtains are also fade-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. However, polyester curtains may not drape as well as other fabrics, and they may not have the same luxurious look and feel.
Pros: Durable and affordable, available in a range of colors and patterns, fade-resistant and wrinkle-resistant
Cons: May not drape as well as other fabrics, may not have a luxurious look and feel
In conclusion, the choice of fabric plays a crucial role in determining the quality and functionality of premium curtains. Each fabric has its own set of pros and cons, and it is important to consider factors such as durability, maintenance, and climate when selecting the right fabric for your curtains. Whether you prefer the luxurious look and feel of silk or the natural, rustic look of linen, there is a curtain fabric that is perfect for your home decor needs.
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2023.06.09 09:15 minimai_ How Do I Turn On Link Previews?

I'm not entirely certain if this is the right subreddit to ask this in, so please pardon me if I am mistaken. If you know of a more proper subreddit to ask this question in, please direct me to it!
I have recently gotten a new laptop, and one of the key differences I have noticed between this laptop and my former one is that it does not display a preview of a link when it is hovered over (example). It would always show me a preview regardless of browser, but on this laptop it does not show up an any browser at all, so I am assuming it has to do with a setting in the laptop itself, but I could be wrong.
This feature was always enabled on my previous laptop, so I don't know how to enable it myself. I have tried googling for answers and the only suggestions I could find were for turning off extensions and unchecking a certain setting (for chrome). I am not using any extensions or have turned on any settings that I haven't already used with my former laptop, and again link previews showed up just fine there, so I can be sure they aren't the problem. Regardless, I tried both. Neither worked.
The other option I am being suggested is to download an extension specifically for previewing links. I am reluctant to do so, considering how I did not need to download an extension before to have this feature, I doubt I would need to do so now. However, if there is no other option I am willing to download an extension, and would appreciate any recommendations!
I would appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.09 09:14 t0k88 Join our medical cannabis startup farm in Thailand, an opportunity to shine.

Job offer
We are SaniGrow, certified producer of Medical Cannabis. We are a budding wholesale cannabis distribution company dedicated to cultivating the highest quality medical grade cannabis and we are always striving to improve our cultivation and production.

We are searching for a

Medical Cannabis Headgrower (m/w/d)
Job Type: Full-time / Comission Possible
Expected Start Date: 01/07/2023

Your Responsibilities

Apply today [email protected]

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2023.06.09 09:14 catalinahomecare1 Caregivers tucson home care assistance tucson

Home care assistance tucson
Catalina in home provides reliable home care services in Tucson, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of our clients. Our dedicated team of caregivers offers personalized assistance, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. From meal preparation to medication management, we offer comprehensive support tailored to individual needs. Trust us to deliver compassionate care that promotes independence and enhances the quality of life in the comfort of your home. Call: (520) 214-3384
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2023.06.09 09:14 Responsible_Koala104 Do you all work indirect supervision or direct supervision units? What do you prefer ?

I currently work a direct supervision unit with up to 50 guys in a pod First place I worked at I had a office in the housing units and wasn’t staring at the inmates all damn day at my podium 🙃
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2023.06.09 09:14 Haepreet2023m Sunteck Airoli Mumbai - Purchase Your Luxury Apartments With Modern Amenities

Sunteck Airoli Mumbai - Purchase Your Luxury Apartments With Modern Amenities
Sunteck Airoli Mumbai is an upcoming residential project. The property boasts thoughtfully designed apartments that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of residents. This project offers 1, 2, 3, and four BHK extremely luxurious apartments at Mumbai. The clubhouse functions a fitness center, swimming pool, indoor video games room, and multipurpose corridor, parking for vehicles, a RO water plant, electricity backup, a visitor room presenting sufficient alternatives for fitness and leisure. Additionally, there are devoted play regions for kids, ensuring their safety and entertainment within the premises.
Sunteck Airoli Mumbai
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2023.06.09 09:14 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Game Academy (latest)

Chat +447593882116 (Telegram/Whatsapp) to get Todd V - Verbal Game Academy.
Todd Valentine's Verbal Game Academy Course will teach you his top strategies for effective communication.
Todd V is known for the extreme high quality of his content. In Todd V - Verbal Game Academy you will learn how to:
Be the guy that speaks to her emotions
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WhatsApp/Telegram: +447593882116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
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2023.06.09 09:13 bigsquirrel Beauty salon or portal to Lovecraftian horror?

Beauty salon or portal to Lovecraftian horror?
There eyebrows mirrored I have no idea who thought this was a good idea. I was tempted to mark it NSFW
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2023.06.09 09:13 Hack-x-e-2 LETS GOOOOO

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2023.06.09 09:13 momoling11 CAS:1185282-27-2 ADB-BINACA/ADBB/5CLADB/Factory supply.

Guangzhou Sunton Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development of chemical apis and medical intermediates, with rich experience in chemical production and sales. After more than ten years of development, the factory sales network all over the world, in line with the quality first, reputation first business philosophy, our products have been highly praised by customers. Integrity management is our principle, customer satisfaction is always our goal, we will continue to adhere to the quality of survival, technology and development, customer-centric policy, constantly develop new products, improve the quality of production, in order to meet the needs of customers and your needs, we hope that through our efforts, get your recognition, welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our factory visit guide! We have a professional transportation channel, it is very safe, 10 to 15 days can be delivered door to door!
View Poll
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2023.06.09 09:12 Nervous_Minimum_2026 The Malfoys befriend the golden trio for the benefits

It could start with Lucius realizing that Harry Potter is one of the most popular and influential people in all of the wizarding world, which means being on good terms with him would only help to strengthen their influence and reach.
So the Malfoys upon hearing from Draco about his interactions with Harry and his friends decide to take him aside and have a serious discussion about his actions and relationship with Harry.
While Lucius would hope that Harry would someday regard Draco as a best friend, he'd also understand that wasn't something that could be guaranteed considering Draco's past actions. But honestly even just being considered a close friend with Harry would still be a boon for the Malfoys.
As such Lucius would make it abundantly clear that Draco would not only need to apologize to Harry and his friends and build a friendship with them but he'd also need to keep all his prejudices and controversial opinions behind closed doors.
Draco could use the fact that he and Harry are related as a tool to soften Harry up to the idea of giving Draco a chance. He could then use introducing Harry to his family history as a foundation to build their relationship upon.
Further built upon Draco extending his attempt to build a good friendship towards Harrys best friends Ron and Hermione (the two people who are most important to convince if he wants his friendship with Harry to work). He could not only go out of his way to also spend time with them but also use his familys wealth and resources to help influence a positive opinion.
Of course Malfoy and Narcissa would have to play their parts as well. Such as Lucius no longer going out of his way to antagonize the Weasleys (though im sure Ron and Harry's getting close to the Malfoys would definitely ruffle Arthur's feathers lol)
Along the way Draco begins to think of the golden trio as his friends. And while he does change for the better (like his opinions on half-bloods and muggleborns), he still has some opinions that would be frowned upon (such as his opinions about Hagrid, and muggles just in general)
Perhaps the Malfoys come to genuinely care about Harry over time, something that would make it all the more complicated when Voldemort returns. Because while they might care about Harry, I dont think that means Lucius and Narcissa would be willing to stand against Voldemort for him, unless one of their own are directly in danger. After all doing to would put their family's lives at risk (and if nothing else the Malfoys do genuinely love each other).
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2023.06.09 09:12 Routine-Channel-7971 I feel like I'm getting signs from Allah that Islam is true

As you've read the title, part of me feels like I'm getting signs from Allah that Islam is true. This sounds quite stupid, and it is, but it's something that's been on my mind for a while now and I've been meaning to ask this subreddit about it for a while now.
So, what are the "signs" I have been receiving? What I'd consider a sign is when I would heasee something related to Islam whilst thinking about Islam. I'm not too sure why this is, but it's just what I consider signs. It could possibly be because it's somewhat coincidental.
Another thing I consider a "sign" is when I hear two or more Islam-related things back to back. Again, I'm, not sure why I see it this way.
Part of me thinks that Allah implemented this perception into me and used it to give me these "signs", or it could just be the way I interpret things for whatever reason.
(Sign #1)It originally started a few months ago. I would see Islam-related things whilst thinking about Islam and consider them as signs. I was afraid of the Islamic hell back then, so these signs would scare me. One of the first major "signs" is when I was watching youtube shorts. While watching, I said to myself "Maybe these 'signs' are from the devil". I didn't mean it seriously, however. I thought this since I was Christian at the time and the "signs" were scaring me. Then, right after that, I scrolled to another short, and it was about not questioning the things God does in your life, even if it may seem bad, and not to think it's from the devil. This scared me, since it felt like I was being directly answered. When I said the "signs" were from the devil, it was like Allah was answering me, telling me that it wasn't from the devil, but rather from him and he was just trying to convert me to Islam. What adds to this is that I was committing shirk, since I attributed Allah's signs as the devil's, and I believe Allah hates shirk the most. This is big in my opinion. He didn't directly answer me other times when I thought about the signs, but when I committed shirk, he directly answered me, which would make sense since he hates shirk the most. This was a pretty big sign, however I boiled it down to it just being a coincidence, or it actually being from the Christian god. I thought it could possibly be from the Christian god because 1: the "signs" I got could've been for my growth and 2: it's blaspheming against the holy spirit, since I attributed the works of god to the devil.
Anyways, recently, I had thought of this. Ever since then, I've been getting more "signs". One was when I was watching youtube shorts once again. I heard a mention of ghosts and remembering the first major "sign", I jokingly said to myself "maybe these 'signs' are from ghosts". In that very same short, God was mentioned. None in particular. This made me think it was a sign from Allah, and looking back at it, was foolish. However, because of this, I'd now think any mention of the word "God" while I was thinking about Islam was a "sign". This "sign" happened a few more times. (Sign #2) The next major "sign" is when I was watching youtube shorts again. I heard a mention of God and remembered the signs. The very next short I watched was a Muslim-Atheist debate, posted by a Dawah channel. I interpreted this as a sign, since I heard a mention of God, which remined me of the signs, and now that the signs and Islam were in my mind, a Muslim-Atheist debate was recommended to me which is conveniently timed. This was odd, since I hadn't watched one of those Muslim-Atheist debates in a while. Of course, this isn't too unnatural. Perhaps it's simply the algorithm recommending me a video that I used to watch in case I was still interested. Some refutations to this is that it was simply, a mention of "God"(not even the Islamic God) was mentioned, and hearing a mention of God is quite common. Any mention of God, or anything that would make me think of Islam or the signs would have been sufficient. Plus, any video based on Islam after hearing the thing that reminds me of Islam or the signs would have sufficed as well. However, I'm still not sure how to feel about this. I don't get videos based on Islam that often, and the fact that right before this, something that reminded me of Islam or the signs occurred, is quite coincidental. Plus, the thing that reminded me of Islam and the signs was a mention of God, in which I had been experiencing mentions of God whilst thinking about Islam or the signs in the past. It's like Allah made mentions of God make me think about Islam, and then used this to make me think about Islam and then recommend me the short. Then again, it simply could've been me interpreting any mention of God as a sign.
(Sign #3) After this, I wasn't sure what to think of it this. I decided to make a post on exmuslim, which is quite similar to this post. However, after writing this post, I had trouble posting it. Whenever I tried to post it, it wouldn't let me and would say something along the lines of "Something went wrong, please double-check your post and try again". It wouldn't work on my phone, and I had to post the draft on my pc for it to finally post. I interpreted this as a sign from Allah, stopping my post from being posted. Of course, you could say "What's the point of stopping it if I was able to post it on my pc the next day?". The answer to this is that it wasn't for the purpose of stopping me from posting the post, but rather, to give me another "sign". I've made other posts about Islam, looking for refutations of arguments for it, however, I've never had the problem. It would make sense for Allah to make the error happen on this post other than other Islam-related posts, since it was about signs. Plus, I posted another post right after this on my phone, and the post was able to post just fine. It was asking if there was a word limit for the subreddit, and according to the comments, I didn't reach that word limit (this shows since I was able to post it on my pc without changing the content). As for refutations, it simply could've been another coincidence, and I had been very frequently saving the draft, plus it was quite long, so it could've glitched since it was long and I was saving the draft frequently on my phone. Another thing is that when I had loaded it on my pc, not all of it loaded, which could mean it didn't save properly. However, it loaded normally on my pc a few hours later, without me changing anything.
(Sign #4) I had a few questions in my head. I've had them for a while. "Why am I the only one getting these signs? Why am I only getting them now? Why are they so unclear?" I just told myself that there was some reason Allah was only giving the signs to me, why I was only getting them now, and why they were so unclear, so I didn't concern myself with them that much. When I opened reddit one day, a post with an image captioned "God only knows" popped up. I was thinking about the signs at the time, but it wasn't that special, since I had been thinking of them often. I interpreted this a sign from Allah once again. However, I realized it wasn't really conveniently timed, since I wasn't thinking about any questions. Of course, my brain managed to interpret this as a sign, and I thought it was Allah answering the questions I had before. There's a couple problems though. I wasn't concerned with these questions since I already had an answer, so what was the point? Another thing that had happened a few days ago similar to this was when I received a comment on a post I made based on Islam (I believe the comment has now been deleted). In it was a verse, and the verse said that those with sure faith would get clear signs. I interpreted this as Allah answering me once again, since the opposite, which is those with unsure faith would get unclear signs, fit me, although, it didn't directly say this.
(Sign #5) At this point, I would interpret anything remotely close to Islam as a sign. For example, in a book I was reading, hell played a pretty big role in the story, although the mechanics of this hell is very different than the Islamic version. I interpreted this as a sign for a couple reasons. One is that while I hear mentions of hell frequently, I usually don't see hell playing a big role in a story, so for it to occur in this time period of me being wary of "signs" is weird. Another is that hell is what got me interested in Islam. I think these correlations are a bit weird. Some refutations are that the hell in this story was very different from the Islamic version and anything related to Islam involved in the story would've sufficed, however I can't think of any examples, so I'd appreciate it if some were given. While I was thinking of some examples of this, I thought of the moon being involved, since it's related to Islam via the Islam symbol having a crescent. A few minutes after this, in the same book I was reading, astronauts appeared, with their hands together, sort of like a prayer position. I interpreted this as another sign, since just recently I was thinking of the moon, and astronauts are related to the moon. Plus, those astronauts were in a sort-of prayer position. Some refutations to this is that the moon itself is barely related to Islam, and astronauts are barely related to the moon, so astronauts and Islam aren't really related at all. Of course, there's the fact that the astronauts had there hands together in a prayer-like position, but again, this is only a little bit related to Islam, plus they may have just been together, not in a prayer position. Then again, even with all this is mind, it feels coincidental that the astronauts combined with the prayer-like position both appeared, not long after I thought about the moon a little bit.
(Other Signs) Like I said before, I've recently begun to interpret anything remotely close to Islam as a sign. One example is when, in the same book I was reading, a character said the actions don't matter, but rather the intentions, and Islam is based on intentions, so it's weird that these two matched. Another is when I heard the word "coincidence" three times in a span of a couple hours, in which I was thinking that these "signs" were coincidences. There's others, but they don't concern me too much, so I'm not gonna list them (although the first one concerns me a little bit)
Just to make one thing clear, it doesn't matter how Allah does it, as long as he converts me to Islam. (Sign #6) One example of this is when I got a rare item in a game I was playing while thinking about the signs. This was right when I had begun to think about the signs again, so I wasn't thinking about the signs that much, so the timing was odd. The chances of getting this item is 2% in a roll you can roll 3 times every 24 hours. This in itself was a bit odd. I interpreted this as a sign from Allah, letting me know that Islam is true by making me get this rare item whilst thinking about the signs. It easily could've been a coincidence, however, about 4 days later, I got the same rare item again while thinking about the signs. The fact that I got the rare item twice in that amount of time is odd. You could just say it was me simply being lucky and Islam has nothing to do with it. The problem is the first time I interpreted it as a sign, so it's like Allah made it so that I would interpret it as a sign the first time, and use the same exact rare occurrence the second time, since I had already interpreted it as a sign the first time. Combine this with the fact that I was thinking about the signs both times, in which I hadn't been thinking about the signs that much back then, and this is odd. It's like he was continuing the "sign" with the second time I had gotten the rare item, since they were so similar. It doesn't matter that this had nothing to do with Islam, but rather, it brings me closer to converting.

One argument I have come up against these signs is that they can't be from Allah if they don't successfully convert me. Assuming the purpose of all of this was to convert me to Islam, doing all of this is futile if it doesn't work, so if it doesn't work, that would mean Allah failed to convert me, which doesn't make sense. That being said, if something with very low chances occurs, for example, a formation of birds in the sky spelling out "Islam", then that will convince me. Another argument is that there is no way to confirm that these signs are from Allah. Another is that I am interpreting everything somewhat related to Islam as a sign, resulting in there being many signs, and that these signs are a result of the way my brain perceives things.
With all that said, I wanted to ask this subreddit as to how to approach these "signs". Are there any additional arguments against these "signs", and is there anything that supports the arguments/refutations I came up with? Am I overreacting to these signs? Am I being illogical? Even with the arguments and refutations I came up with, I'm still unsure of these "signs". This is a rank of how unsure I am of each individual "sign".
  1. Sign #6
  2. Sign #3
  3. Sign #1
  4. Sign #2
  5. Sign #4
  6. Sign #5
  7. Other signs
One last thing, I'm not sure if I explained everything that well, so if you're confused about something, just tell me.
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2023.06.09 09:11 sanasumayatayolahat JLSS help: Grade in portal

Hello po, Im applying for JLSS and my grade in my portal for 2nd year 1st term has an "IN P" in one subject during the 1st shifting of the 1st term. This means the grade is "in process". This is because I missed my 1st shifting exam due to medical issues and took it during the completion day by the end of the semester.

Does this count as insufficient/incomplete record of grades or maeexcuse po ba ito since may final grade naman?
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2023.06.09 09:11 BothRegion7533 È normale?/this is regular?

È normale?/this is regular?
Pacco spedito l'1 giugno Grazie in anticipo per le risposte
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2023.06.09 09:11 autotldr Renowned human rights campaigner Oleg Orlov on trial for “discrediting” Russian military

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MOSCOW - The co-chair of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights group Memorial, Oleg Orlov, went on trial in Moscow Thursday, charged with "Discrediting" the Russian military in his criticism of Russia's campaign in Ukraine.
Discrediting the Russian military is a criminal offense under a law adopted after Russia sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022.
"Oleg Orlov was brought to the dock solely because of an anti-war article he wrote, denouncing Putin's Russia as a totalitarian fascist society," Natalia Zviagina, Amnesty International's Russia Director, said.
Memorial, one of the oldest and the most renowned Russian rights organizations, was awarded the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, along with imprisoned Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski and the Center for Civil Liberties, a Ukrainian human rights group.
It has continued to compile information on human rights abuses and track the fate of political prisoners in Russia while facing a relentless crackdown from the Kremlin in recent years, which has intensified since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
Russia's Supreme Court ordered Memorial shut down in December 2021, a move that sparked outcry in Russia and abroad..
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