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2023.06.09 10:05 dhirpurboy89 Need your guidance/tips/advice

Hello all, I am planning for a solo trip to Dubai from Mumbai to Dxb next month. It’s going to be my first ever solo trip. Pls suggest me which place should I book an Airbnb or Hotel which will be nearest to downtown Dubai or Dubai mall or a place which is near to all the happening touristy places.
  1. I am planning for skydiving also, please suggest some pointers so that I could do it well.
  2. Must try places for Emirati food/local food.
  3. What should I must avoid doing in Dubai.
  4. My passport and other documents have only single name, No sir name: am I going to get the visa easially?
  5. Which places I should visit to see the locals or may be the people from where I could get knowledge of local culture of UAE.
  6. I am vaccinated thrice in India, do I need to carry another document or something ?
Thanks for your time .. regards
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2023.06.09 09:56 hoteldreamlandpune Mahabaleshwar Luxury Resorts: Hotel Dreamland

Hotel Dreamland is known for its tranquil ambiance and warm hospitality. It features comfortable rooms, a spa, a Swimming pool, a restaurant, and a Boutique. The resort offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Book your stay today and let us provide you with an unparalleled experience of luxury, comfort, and natural beauty.
Visit Webisite:
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2023.06.09 09:56 Realistic-Sort-9451 24 [M4F] Serious Relationship

Looking for a serious long term relationship where we can build new experiences together. I enjoy being active like (gym, martial arts, and shooting), but I also enjoy relaxing things like trying different restaurants, hotels, spas and etc. I'd like to get to know you and we can exchange pics in TG.
Physical traits: - chinese filipino - 5ft6 - fit
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2023.06.09 09:55 Travel_planner271 10 Best Hourly Hotels Near Me for a Quick Escape TrueTravelPlanner

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2023.06.09 09:55 hoteldreamlandpune Mahabaleshwar Luxury Resorts: Hotel Dreamland

td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Hotel Dreamland is known for its tranquil ambiance and warm hospitality. It features comfortable rooms, a spa, a Swimming pool, a restaurant, and a Boutique. The resort offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Book your stay today and let us provide you with an unparalleled experience of luxury, comfort, and natural beauty. Visit Webisite:
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2023.06.09 09:54 Realistic-Sort-9451 24 [M4F] Serious Relationship

Looking for a serious long term relationship where we can build new experiences together. I enjoy being active like (gym, martial arts, and shooting), but I also enjoy relaxing things like trying different restaurants, hotels, spas and etc. I'd like to get to know you and we can exchange pics in TG.
Physical traits: - chinese filipino - 5ft6 - fit
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2023.06.09 09:49 No_Comedian3652 Discover the Best Buffet Indian Restaurants Near You - Spicy Tadka

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2023.06.09 09:48 No_Comedian3652 Discover the Best Buffet Indian Restaurants Near You - Spicy Tadka

Spicy Tadka is your ultimate guide to finding the finest Indian buffet restaurants near you. Discover a delectable array of authentic dishes with bold flavors and aromatic spices. From traditional curries to tantalizing street food, Spicy Tadka ensures a memorable culinary experience that satisfies your cravings for Indian cuisine.
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2023.06.09 09:45 StatisticianSad6853 Unlock the world, one international trip at a time!

Unlock the world, one international trip at a time!

According to human psychology, we often focus on money and go for the cheapest international trip. If you’re from India, you search for the “cheapest international trip from India” and likewise for any other country. Still, none of us focus on the planning and organization element of the trip.
Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences a person can have. Not only does it allow you to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes, but it also helps you grow as an individual.
For starters, traveling expands your horizons and broadens your perspective on life. You get to see how people from different parts of the world live, their beliefs, and their daily routines. This exposure to diversity helps you become more open-minded and accepting of others. Additionally, you learn new things and gain a deeper appreciation for different cultures and their histories.
Another reason why traveling is amazing is that it allows you to disconnect from your daily routine and live in the moment. Whether relaxing on a beach, hiking through a jungle, or exploring a bustling city, traveling forces you to slow down and live in the present. This can be incredibly refreshing, especially for those constantly busy with work or other responsibilities.
Traveling also helps you build confidence and independence. When you’re in a new place, you must navigate unfamiliar terrain, communicate with people who speak different languages, and find your way around without the comfort of the familiar. This can be challenging at first, but with time, you’ll find that you’re able to handle new situations with ease and that your confidence has grown
Since the end of the global pandemic, there has been a surge of Indians who want to travel and explore all the hidden gems spread across the globe. Traveling internationally can be a life-changing experience but can also be overwhelming and stressful without proper planning. From obtaining a visa to packing, there are many things to consider before embarking on an international trip. To have the best international trip from India, we must understand the essence and importance of planning.

Importance of Planning

Planning a trip ensures that you are prepared for your travels and can enjoy your time at your destination without unnecessary stress or complications. To have the best international trip from India, understand the essence of planning –
Saves time and money: Planning allows you to research and compare different options for transportation, accommodation, and activities, helping you find the best deals and avoid overspending.
Helps you make the most of your time: By planning your itinerary, you can ensure that you are able to visit all the sights and attractions you want to see and make the most of your time at your destination.
Reduces stress: Planning can help eliminate the stress of last-minute decision-making and ensure that everything runs smoothly during your trip.
Helps you prepare for unexpected events: Having a plan can help you quickly respond to unforeseen circumstances, such as flight cancellations or inclement weather.
Allows for a more organized and enjoyable trip: Planning helps you stay organized, avoid confusion, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Guidelines for Having the Best World trip

Book My Bharat is a renowned travel agency that provides travelers like you with comprehensive guidelines on travel destinations, making it easier for you to choose the best places to travel. Our guidelines cover local laws and customs, safety tips, health recommendations, and sustainable travel practices. By offering such valuable information, we enable our clients to make informed decisions about their travel destinations and the best places to travel in the world. Our expertise in the travel industry and our up-to-date knowledge of various travel destinations help you choose the most suitable places based on your preferences, budgets, and needs. With our guidance, you can embark on your dream journey to the best places to travel in the world, knowing you have all the information required for a safe, efficient, and enjoyable experience. These guidelines will offer you the best travel experience –
Study the destination you desire to visit
If you plan a trip to a new destination, it’s crucial to study the location before you go. Researching your travel destination can help you find the best deals on flights, accommodations, and activities, allowing you to maximize your budget. By studying the destination, you desire to visit; you can identify the best time to travel, which can significantly impact prices. You can also learn about affordable accommodations and restaurants, public transportation, and other cost-saving tips. Additionally, you can avoid tourist traps that can be expensive and time-consuming. With careful planning and research, you can plan a trip to your desired destination that is both affordable and fulfilling, allowing you to make the most of your travel experience. So, whether you are planning a luxury trip or the cheapest international trip possible, studying your destination is essential in creating a successful and memorable journey.
Create a precise and prudent budget plan.
Creating a precise and prudent budget plan is crucial in successful travel and tour planning. A well-planned budget can help you make informed decisions about where to travel and what places to visit while controlling your expenses. By setting a budget, you can identify how much you can afford to spend on flights, accommodations, meals, and activities, allowing you to prioritize your spending and make the most of your travel experience. When creating a budget plan, it’s essential to consider factors such as exchange rates, local prices, and seasonal fluctuations to ensure that your budget is realistic and feasible. Additionally, it would be best if you considered any additional costs, such as travel insurance or visa fees, which can impact your overall expenses. A defined budget plan will make you enjoy a stress-free travel experience. In short, a well-planned budget is essential for successful travel and places exploration, whether you are planning a solo trip or a group tour.
Do intensive research for your ideal travel itinerary
To make the most of your travel experience, you must do intensive research for your ideal travel itinerary. A perfect itinerary can help you maximize your time and budget while ensuring you see and experience the things that matter most. Itinerary planning requires extensive research on your desired destination, including popular tourist spots, hidden gems, local events, and cultural experiences. This information can be found in travel guides, online resources, and blogs. Additionally, a travel itinerary involves organizing your trip logically and efficiently, considering factors such as transportation, accommodation, and meals. By creating a detailed holiday itinerary, you can avoid wasting time and money and make the most of your travel experience. Doing intensive research for your travel itinerary can help you plan a more meaningful and memorable journey tailored to your interests and needs. Whether planning a solo trip or a group tour, itinerary planning is critical in creating a successful travel experience.
Collect all essential documents
Collecting all essential documents is crucial in preparing for a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, it’s crucial to ensure that you have all the necessary documents before you leave. Essential documents typically include your passport or ID, travel visas, airline tickets, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and any other permits or licenses that may be required. It’s crucial to review the specific requirements for your travel destination to ensure that you have all the necessary documents before departure.
Book all necessary flights, accommodations, and means of transportation
Booking all necessary flights, accommodations, and means of transportation is a critical step in preparing for a successful holiday travel experience. The holiday season is a busy time for travel, so it’s essential to book your flights and accommodations well in advance to avoid last-minute price hikes or sold-out availability. When booking flights, it’s a good idea to search for deals and compare prices from multiple airlines to ensure you get the best deal. Similarly, when booking accommodations, it’s crucial to research the location, amenities, and reviews to ensure you get the best value for your money.
To end on a tranquil note, traveling is an enriching experience that helps individuals broaden their perspectives, gain confidence and independence, and live in the moment. Travelers can follow guidelines from travel agencies such as Book My Bharat to study their desired destination and create a precise and prudent budget plan. By doing so, travelers can embark on a dream journey to the best places to travel in the world and have a safe, efficient, and enjoyable experience.
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2023.06.09 09:41 srvcaprtbangalore Service Apartments Bangalore: Comfortable living standard

Service apartments in Bangalore offer an attractive alternative for those looking for comfortable living standards at an affordable price rate. Whether you’re going on a vacation or considering renting a place, these service apartments provide you with the convenience of home living without breaking the bank.
Comfortable living standards at an affordable price rate
Service apartments have become a popular choice for those looking for comfortable and luxurious living at an affordable price rate. They offer all the amenities of a hotel while also providing the comforts of home. Service Apartments Bangalore is renowned for their well-furnished rooms, modern interiors, and quality services.
These serviced apartments provide a wide range of facilities to make your stay more convenient and enjoyable. From fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances to spacious bedrooms with tasteful decor, you can enjoy all the luxuries you need in one place. You will also be provided with complimentary Wi-Fi, satellite television, air conditioning, and other amenities such as laundry services and housekeeping that are essential for comfortable living.
The staff at Service Apartments Whitefield is highly trained and friendly, ensuring that your stay is as pleasant as possible. They go out of their way to ensure that you have a comfortable stay by attending to all your needs promptly and efficiently. Whether you require assistance with booking tickets or organizing sightseeing tours, they are always there to help you out.
These serviced apartments provide multiple options when it comes to dining options too! You can choose from an array of restaurants serving delicious local cuisines or opt for room service if you prefer eating in the comfort of your own space. Furthermore, service apartments even offer special packages such as buffet breakfast or dinner for two which come at affordable prices!
Not only does staying at Service Apartments Koramangala allow you to experience luxurious living without breaking the bank but it also ensures hassle-free travel arrangements throughout your trip! With easy access to transport links – such as Metro stations – these properties are conveniently located close to key attractions making them ideal choices for both business and leisure travelers alike!
Service apartments in Bangalore are spacious and allow for greater freedom over meals through self-catering units. All of these features make service apartments an ideal choice for those seeking quality accommodations at a reasonable cost. In conclusion, Service Apartments Bangalore provide quality living with great affordability.
Source URL-
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2023.06.09 09:35 saiteerth-themepark Hotel Room Booking at Shirdi near to saibaba temple

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2023.06.09 09:25 Wise-Security6387 Hotel Theja Fort Dimapur

Hotel Theja Fort Dimapur
Hotel Theja Fort
Located in the heart of Dimapur, Hotel Theja Fort is a tranquil and luxurious retreat that caters to the needs of travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and local charm. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, our hotel offers a warm and inviting ambiance, as well as a range of modern amenities to ensure a delightful stay. Easily book your hotel through Liamtra for a hassle-free experience.
Our accommodation at Hotel Theja Fort has been thoughtfully designed with your utmost comfort in mind. The well-appointed rooms are tastefully decorated and equipped with all the essentials to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Indulge your taste buds at our on-site restaurant, where our skilled chefs prepare a diverse selection of delectable dishes inspired by both local and international cuisines.
While staying with us, take the opportunity to explore the nearby local attractions and landmarks that define Dimapur. Immerse yourself in the region's rich cultural heritage by visiting sites such as the Kachari Ruins, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, and Nagaland Science Centre, all of which showcase the area's history and natural beauty. Our friendly staff is always available to offer recommendations and assist you in planning your itinerary.
At Hotel Theja Fort, your comfort and convenience are our top priorities. Our 24-hour front desk is staffed with attentive personnel who are ready to address any inquiries or requests you may have. Experience the true essence of hospitality in Dimapur by booking your stay at Hotel Theja Fort through Liamtra. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional and memorable stay.
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2023.06.09 09:05 JustAGuyHereLurking What resource(s) do you use to value retired sets?

What resource(s) do you use to value retired sets?
I was wondering what sites or places you guys use to value sets when you are out looking to buy or sell? I've seen Brick Economy, Brickset, and others, and does Rebrickable have a pricing guide? I haven't been on their site on something other than my phone on a long long time, any help is greatly appreciated!
I made this chart real quick at work (I was bored lmao) ..of all the modular buildings using Brick Economy I am currently looking to expand my modular collection (currently own 5 out of the 18)
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2023.06.09 09:05 tpzck Renting an hotel apartment for an entire year?

Hi, guys I was wondering if anyone has had experience living in a hotel apartment as long term residence. We found one near Ocean heights but are wondering what would the issues in contrast to just renting a residential building. AFAIK they dont charge for Bills and WIFI but that is about it.
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2023.06.09 09:01 iapsfusa Enhance Your Commercial Space with Stylish and Durable Commercial Planters

Enhance Your Commercial Space with Stylish and Durable Commercial Planters
Are you searching for commercial planters? If yes, then IAP is the best platform for you. Our professionals are designed specially to transform outdoor space into an inviting and vibrant environment with our wide selection of commercial planters. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, office, or shopping mall. Choose a variety of materials, including fiberglass, metal, and wood, to suit your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Our planters are built to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh. If you want to get it, then contact us. Visit our website for better reach.
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2023.06.09 08:28 One_Two_9497 The Ultimate List of Amenities at the Best Hotels in Kasauli: Spoil Yourself!

If you're planning a trip to the beautiful hill station of Kasauli, you'll want to ensure that your accommodation is nothing short of extraordinary. Kasauli is home to a selection of luxurious resorts and hotels that offer a wide range of amenities to provide you with an indulgent and memorable stay. In this article, we present the ultimate list of amenities at the best hotels in Kasauli, allowing you to spoil yourself and make the most of your vacation.
1. Luxurious Rooms and Suites:
The best hotels in Kasauli offer luxurious rooms and suites that are elegantly designed and equipped with modern amenities. These accommodations provide spacious living areas, comfortable beds with premium bedding, and breath-taking views of the surrounding natural beauty. Whether you choose a room or a suite, you can expect the highest level of comfort and sophistication.
2. Spa and Wellness Facilities:
Pamper yourself with the exceptional spa and wellness facilities available at the top hotels in Kasauli. These establishments provide a serene and tranquil environment where you can relax, rejuvenate, and restore your mind and body. From soothing massages to invigorating body treatments, the spa centers offer a wide range of therapies tailored to meet your specific needs.
3. Outdoor Swimming Pools:
Escape the heat and take a refreshing dip in the outdoor swimming pools offered by the best hotels in Kasauli. Surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, these pools provide the perfect setting for relaxation and leisure. Whether you want to enjoy a swim or simply lounge by the poolside with a refreshing drink, the hotels ensure a delightful experience.
4. Fine Dining Restaurants:
Indulge in a culinary journey at the fine dining restaurants within the best hotels in Kasauli. These establishments offer a delectable array of cuisines, ranging from local Himachali delicacies to international flavours. The talented chefs use the freshest ingredients to create gastronomic masterpieces that will delight your taste buds. With elegant ambiance and impeccable service, the dining experience at these hotels is truly exceptional.
5. Bars and Lounges:
Unwind and socialize at the stylish bars and lounges located within the hotels. These establishments offer a wide selection of premium spirits, wines, and cocktails, allowing you to relax and enjoy your favourite drink in a sophisticated setting. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail or a unique mixology creation, the skilled bartenders are dedicated to serving you with excellence.
6. Fitness Centers and Recreational Facilities:
Stay active and maintain your fitness routine at the well-equipped fitness centers offered by the best hotels in Kasauli. These fitness facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment and professional trainers who can assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals. Additionally, some hotels provide recreational facilities such as indoor games, tennis courts, or yoga studios to cater to your leisurely pursuits.
7. Concierge Services:
The hotels in Kasauli understand the importance of personalized service and attention to detail. They offer concierge services to assist you with various arrangements during your stay, including transportation, sightseeing tours, restaurant reservations, and more. The concierge staff is dedicated to ensuring that your experience in Kasauli is seamless and memorable.
8. Business and Event Facilities:
For corporate travellers or those planning special events, the best hotels in Kasauli provide modern business and event facilities. These venues are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and can accommodate conferences, meetings, weddings, and other social gatherings. The hotels offer professional event planning services and customizable setups to ensure the success of your business or social event.
9. Kids' Club and Activities:
Families traveling with children will find the best hotels in Kasauli to be family-friendly. These establishments offer kids' clubs and activities that cater to the younger guests. The dedicated staff organizes fun-filled experiences and educational activities to keep the little ones entertained and engaged throughout their stay.
10. Spectacular Views and Serene Surroundings:
Last but certainly not least, the best hotels in Kasauli are nestled in idyllic locations, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Immerse yourself in the serenity and tranquillity of the natural surroundings, as the hotels are designed to provide a harmonious blend of luxury and nature.
In conclusion, the best hotels in Kasauli provide an extraordinary experience for travellers seeking an indulgent and memorable stay. From luxurious accommodations to spa and wellness facilities, fine dining restaurants, and recreational amenities, these hotels offer a comprehensive range of amenities to cater to your every need. Whether you're visiting for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a corporate retreat, the hotels in Kasauli ensure that your stay is nothing short of exceptional. So go ahead, spoil yourself and create unforgettable memories amidst the serene and picturesque landscapes of Kasauli.
Q1: What is the specialty of Kasauli resorts and hotels?
Kasauli resorts and hotels are known for their luxurious amenities and exceptional service. They provide a range of amenities such as luxurious rooms and suites, spa and wellness facilities, outdoor swimming pools, fine dining restaurants, bars and lounges, fitness centers, concierge services, business and event facilities, kids' clubs, and breath-taking views of the natural surroundings.
Q2: Can I enjoy spa treatments at the hotels in Kasauli?
Yes, the best hotels in Kasauli offer spa and wellness facilities where you can indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments and therapies. These facilities provide a tranquil environment and a range of services designed to relax and revitalize your mind and body.
Q3: Are there recreational facilities available at the hotels in Kasauli?
Yes, many hotels in Kasauli provide recreational facilities such as fitness centers, indoor games, tennis courts, and yoga studios. These facilities are designed to cater to your leisure and recreational needs during your stay.
Q4: Do the hotels in Kasauli provide concierge services?
Yes, the hotels in Kasauli offer concierge services to assist you with various arrangements during your stay. Whether it's transportation, sightseeing tours, or restaurant reservations, the concierge staff is dedicated to ensuring that you have a seamless and memorable experience.
Q5: Do the hotels in Kasauli offer facilities for families traveling with children?
Yes, the best hotels in Kasauli are family-friendly and provide amenities such as kids' clubs and activities to keep children entertained and engaged. The hotels ensure that families traveling with children have a memorable and enjoyable stay.
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2023.06.09 08:24 ErnestlyEarnest Tipping in five star/ up scale hotels and restaurants

I recently went for lunch to Vivanta for my birthday. The server was quite sweet and she arranged for a birthday cake and made it special and I was overall pleased with the service and the food.
I wanted to tip her but didn’t know how much and whether it would be right to tip.
So I didn’t tip for the fear of embarrassment.
How does one approach tipping? Should one tip at all in big restaurants?
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2023.06.09 08:20 GundleFly Cheezie’s Pizza

I randomly remembered Cheezie’s Pizza on Kimbrough near Missouri State. I miss that place something fierce now. Especially since a large one topping was $6, and they had that awesome garlic and butter rub they put on the crust. I distinctly remember the taste of nostalgia, and it’s literally a taste I can remember.
Anyway that got me thinking, what are some memorable restaurants around that have disappeared over the years?
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2023.06.09 08:10 WockItOut Tips I'd like to share from my 3 week trip to Seoul and Busan.

Hey all,
I just got back from my 3 week trip to Korea, spending 2.5 weeks in Seoul (due to getting surgery) and 4 nights in Busan. I thought I'd share some of my experiences and thoughts here since some of the recent information I got from this subreddit was not true when I went to Korea.
Random thoughts:
I will continue to edit and post more things as I think of them, if you have any questions then feel free to comment and I'll reply!
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2023.06.09 08:01 calmdownimfeelin22 AITA for wanting to stick to my original travel plans?

Longtime lurker, first time poster. TA account.
I (22, they/them) live with my mom (middle age, she/her). We have somewhat of a rocky relationship.
There’s a chain of restaurants across our state and the state north of us that has something called a passport; do a few activities at each location to fill it up with stamps, turn it in and you get to attend a party and get a bunch of free stuff. Important note, the parties change location and we don’t travel much, especially not out of state. My mom has always wanted to do the passport. She started it with her friends, who all either lost interest or completed parts on their own. She tried to do it with my brother; I don’t think he did any. I agreed to do it and we did 1 location last year.
I have been a huge Swiftie for the past few years, and was ecstatic when the Eras Tour was announced. I managed to snag tickets for a show in the state north of us, originally planning it to be my first solo vacation; taking a train up, booking a nice hotel for myself, and planning my own activities. My mom wasn’t sure if she would be able to go, and we bought her a ticket just in case. To avoid plans being up in the air, I told her I would book the hotel room (refundable, could room both of us) and the train tickets (non-refundable, just for me) and she could figure out if she was going and how she was getting there. She agreed to this.
Since then, she has decided to go, and my brother and his girlfriend are also going. We switched to a cheaper hotel that is farther from the venue. The show is in just under 2 months, and as we’ve been bringing it up more, she keeps mentioning how she’s not going all that way and not going to those restaurants.
The other day, she sprung on me the date of the next party, which is at a nearby location, and said I would need to get my passport done by August 13th to attend. I said I didn’t understand how that was feasible, and she asked what I meant. I said that even if I were to cancel my train and make the drive with her, which was not my intention to use this trip for, there are a lot of locations I haven’t been to. She got upset and defensive and said she’d just go by herself, citing the part about how everyone else has flaked on her and that completing it is important to her. I said I understood that, but again, that’s not what I had intended to use this trip for.
Now she hasn’t really been talking to me; she’s pretty much been ignoring me since. I talked to my therapist about it and she doesn’t think I’m in the wrong, but I still feel awful. It’s a 3 day trip with the concert in the middle, it’s a 3 hour drive without interruption. This is my first trip as an adult and I’d like to plan my activities around my own interests. I feel if I cave in I won’t be able to do any of what I wanted to do on the trip besides of course see Taylor Swift live.
ETA: Consistent usage of the term "passport."
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2023.06.09 07:55 TonyStark2419 What is best place to give bdy treat for 25 ppl in cheap rate around Colombo,under 40k

Suggest me any cheap restaurant/hotel
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2023.06.09 07:37 LaveshRaj How can you Incorporate public outreach into your transit planning process?

Transit authorities all over the world employ technology to interact with hard-to-reach audiences and make sure that every passenger impacted by significant network updates has the opportunity to voice their opinions.
Consider that you ride one bus each day. It picks you up from near your home and drops you off close to where you need to walk to get to work. Afterward, the bus doesn't arrive one morning. The service to your station has been altered according to your transit company.
The scenario mentioned above is precisely what public participation procedures are designed to avoid. Community meetings, stakeholder workshops, and other public forums have been used for years by transit agencies and MPOs around the nation to get direct feedback from local citizens on service modifications.
The central focus of designing a distinctive planning tool is to ensure active participation of stakeholders. It promotes open communication among citizens and facilitates interaction between residents and decision-makers in the transportation sector. This is achieved through various features such as public view, commenting options, mobile commenting, etc.

Map view and Public commenting

The maps were created with the general public in mind. It is known as "public view." Planners can narrow down the vast amount of information at their disposal to the most important elements of a plan, such as transit lines, stops, on-demand zones, and the hours and frequency of operation, when that information is accessible to the public. Public users can engage with the map, zooming in on specifics and browsing through various parts of their neighbourhood, just like agency workers can. After that, if enabled, the general public can post comments directly on the map (like Google Docs for transit). Then, planners may quickly share optimised input with other stakeholders by exporting these remarks as a CSV.
Planners can also use annotations to draw attention to particular elements of a plan or solicit feedback on specific modifications. Instead of holding one or two in-person town hall meetings, government organisations can establish a time for public commenting, after which they can turn off public access and consider all feedback before moving forward with their plans.
Map View:
In a transportation or ride-sharing app, a map view typically allows users to visualize their current location, nearby vehicles, and available routes. Here are some features that could be included in a map view:

Public Commenting:

Public commenting is a feature that allows users to provide feedback or share their experiences with the service or specific locations. Here's how public commenting can be implemented:

Bringing more voices to the table

While both online and in-person hearings are useful for gathering feedback, they exclude those who are unable to participate in a live meeting. While fliers posted at transit stops can reach a wider audience, they typically only allow for one-way communication because few commuters are eager to carefully examine a physical map and submit an email outlining their ideas in the middle of the trip.
Riders may quickly scan a QR code on their smartphone to see an interactive map and write comments while on the move thanks to agency staff members who can download the code and add it to print fliers. An agency's community engagement toolset must include resources like map view, real-time updates, review, ratings, etc.
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