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Discussion, memes, stories, and advice about Big Dick Problems.

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An online community dedicated to quad skating in all its various forms: park, dance, street, etc.

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2023.06.09 10:01 AutoModerator Weekend Thread for General Discussion and Plans for Saturday, June 10, 2023 and Sunday, June 11, 2023

Your markets are run by bots. Now your Weekend threads are too.
Read the wiki people.
Posts relating to the "Is /ASX_bets about finance or effect your mental health?" etc will lead to a ban of the mods chosing. You have been warned.
We have an active official/unofficial discord. It's open to all discussions, stonks related and non-stonks related.
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2023.06.09 10:00 batzhyu cheapish concealer recs for neutral/cool toned skin?

im currently using the ysl all hours concealer in shade 01 porcelain and its a pinkish neutral tone but its pretty expensive and im running out so i decided to go try out drugstore concealers for a similar shade but they all ended up too yellow, does anyone have any recommendations for me😭
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2023.06.09 09:59 Legitimate_Ad_683 📢 Fundraiser Appeal: Support Bumala School's Journey to Scrabble Nationals!

Dear Reddit Community,
We need your help to make a dream come true for ten exceptional students from Bumala School in Busia County, Kenya. These talented individuals have secured a place in the prestigious Scrabble Nationals in Nairobi after emerging as champions in the regional championships. However, limited funds threaten to hinder their participation. We appeal to your generosity to ensure they can represent their school and county on the national stage.
The Bumala Scrabble Team's journey has been truly inspiring. Through dedication and countless hours of practice, they emerged as the top performers in Busia County, bringing immense pride to their school and community.
Unfortunately, the school is facing financial constraints that make it difficult to cover the costs of transportation, accommodation, meals, and other essentials for the Scrabble Nationals. Without your support, these talented students may miss out on this incredible opportunity to compete against the nation's best, limiting their chances of securing scholarships and a brighter future.
We believe in equal opportunities for all students. By supporting the Bumala Scrabble Team, you can break down the financial barriers and provide them with a level playing field. Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a difference.
To donate and support the Bumala Scrabble Team, please visit our fundraising page at Bumala Scrabble Nationals Fundraiser. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Your generosity will enable these students to showcase their skills, determination, and resilience at the Scrabble Nationals. Together, we can empower them to reach their full potential and inspire others in their community.
Thank you for your compassion and willingness to make a difference. With your support, we can help these talented students turn their dreams into reality.
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2023.06.09 09:58 cglogistic Different modes of transportation in logistics and when to use each

Transportation is considered an essential component in the logistics sector because it assures the timely delivery of products from one place to another. Though there are several modes of transportation available, it is important to select the right one for your logistics requirements. This blog contains a discussion regarding distinct modes of transportation and when to use each, with an emphasis on CG Logistics' innovative logistics solutions.

Air transportation

In the logistics sector, air transportation is a significant mode of transportation, particularly for goods that must be transported rapidly and over long distances. CGL provides air transportation services through its collaboration with numerous aircraft charter companies and air charter companies in India.
In the context of air transportation, there are distinct types of aircraft that could be used, based on the size and weight of the cargo and the destination and urgency of delivery. For example, smaller cargo might be transported through light aircraft, while heavier and larger cargo might require the use of cargo planes and even commercial airlines.
CGL India has entered into partnerships with some of the best air charter companies that support it in delivering clients with a number of transportation services, including air freight, air cargo, and air charter services. Through these partnerships, CG Logistics is able to offer clients access to a large fleet of aircraft that could be used for numerous forms of cargo, from small packages to oversized and heavy cargo.
One of the primary benefits of air transportation is that it provides faster delivery times in comparison to other modes of transportation, like sea or road transport. For example, products that will take numerous weeks to transport by sea can be transported by air in a matter of hours or days, depending on the destination. This makes air transportation a preferred mode of transportation for urgent and time-sensitive cargo.
CGL also offers air transportation services for project cargo movement that include the transportation of complex and significant cargo for industrial projects. Such cargo may involve heavy equipment, machinery, and other oversized items. CGL India has the expertise to handle project cargo transportation through the air, ensuring that the cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.
Along with the air transportation services, CGL also provides customs clearance services for air cargo and air freight, ensuring that all relevant rules and regulations are complied with and the cargo is cleared for export or import.
Overall, the role of air transportation is vital in the logistics industry, and CGL offers a range of air transportation services through its partnerships with aircraft charter companies and air charter companies in India. With its capabilities in project cargo transportation and customs clearance services, CGL is capable of ensuring that customers’ cargo is safely and efficiently transported to its destination through air transportation.

Road transportation

Road transportation is a significant element of logistics and plays a major role in the timely delivery of products. It is normally the most simple and cost-effective mechanism for transportation for domestic shipments, particularly for short distances. CGL is one of the leading logistics service providers in India and provides a wide range of road transportation services to satisfy the different requirements of customers.
CG Logistics runs a large fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans to heavy-duty trucks. The vehicles are equipped with modern tracking systems, supporting real-time monitoring of the location and status of shipments. This assures that clients can track the movement of their goods at any time, giving them complete visibility and peace of mind.
One of the significant benefits of road transportation is its flexibility. Unlike other methods of transportation, road transportation permits the transportation of goods to almost any place, even those that are not accessible through other modes of transportation. This makes road transportation an ideal mode for the transportation of products to remote areas or places with poor connectivity.
Another benefit of road transportation is its speed. It is normally faster than other methods of transportation, particularly for short distances. This makes it an ideal selection for time-sensitive shipments that must be delivered rapidly.
CGL India provides a range of road transportation services, including full truckload and less-than-truckload transportation. FTL is appropriate for clients who need to transport a large number of goods, while LTL is appropriate for clients who need to transport smaller quantities of goods.
Along with traditional road transportation, CGL also provides other value-added services like warehousing, distribution, and customs clearance. This permits clients to benefit from end-to-end logistics solutions, saving them both cost and time.
Overall, road transportation is a significant element of logistics, and CGL is committed to offering reliable and efficient road transportation services to its clients. With a significant emphasis on innovation and technology, CGL is well-positioned to satisfy the evolving requirements of customers and the logistics sector as a whole.

Rail Transportation

It is a method of transportation that uses trains for the purpose of moving goods from one place to another. Rail transportation is considered an efficient and cost-effective method of moving large volumes of cargo over significant distances. In the logistics sector, rail transportation is a vital element of the supply chain, particularly for the movement of bulk goods.
CGL understands the significance of rail transportation and provides a comprehensive range of rail freight services to its clients. The rail transportation services of the company are designed to cater to the particular requirements of each customer, and they provide a cost-effective and efficient manner of moving goods across the nation. Moreover, CG Logistics is engaged in providing effective rail logistics solutions for customers in places lacking alternate modes of connectivity.
The following are the main benefits of rail transportation:
CGL’s rail transportation services include the following aspects:
Rail freight forwarding: CGL provides rail freight forwarding services to move goods around the nation.
Overall, in the logistics sector, the role of rail transportation is vital, and CGL recognizes its significance by providing a range of rail transportation services to its clients. With its reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly rail transportation solutions, CGL is capable of satisfying the requirements of clients across the country.

Integrated solutions for CGL India

CGL has over 20 years of experience carrying tailor-made end-to-end solutions for integrated freight logistics for all scales of organizations around industry verticals. Through analyzing the prerequisites, experts at the company work to optimize the best solutions that save time and money for safe deliveries around the world.
Moreover, CGL India provides a range of integrated solutions that support clients in selecting the correct mode of transportation for their logistics requirements. As one of the best logistics companies in India, CGL provides customized solutions that include project cargo management, international warehousing services, project cargo handling services, and cargo transportation.
One of the main characteristics of the integrated solution offered by CGL India is its ability to integrate with other systems. The platform could be integrated with a variety of business systems, like an ERP system and an order management system, to offer businesses an overall view of their operations.
CGL’s integrated solutions also provide a range of value-added services like packaging, customs clearance, labeling, and many more. This could support businesses in simplification of their logistics operations and decrease the administrative pressure connected with the management of logistics.
Overall, the integrated solution of CG Logistics provides a comprehensive range of logistics solutions that can support businesses in streamlining their supply chain activities, optimizing their logistics procedures, and decreasing costs. CGL’s integrated solutions can help businesses stay competitive in the current fast-paced business environment.
In a nutshell, selecting the right mode of transportation for your logistics requirements is crucial to ensure the timely delivery of products. By providing a comprehensive range of logistics solutions that involve air, sea, surface, and rail transportation, CGL assures that clients have access to the correct mode of transportation for their logistics requirements. With an emphasis on innovation and technology, CG Logistics offers integrated solutions that support the optimization of supply chain efficiency and help clients stay ahead of the competition. In order to know more, connect with us.
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2023.06.09 09:57 simthebrown Issue with RX 6600 XT

Hello everyone, here is the description of my issue (english is not my first language so please don't mind the mistakes) :

Computer Type: Desktop
CPU: Intel i5-13500
Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B760-PLUS D4
BIOS Version: 1002
RAM: FURY Beast 32 Go (4 x 8 Go) 3200 MHz DDR4 CL16
PSU: Corsair RM750 - 80plus GOLD 750w
Case: unknown
Operating System & Version: Windows 11
GPU Drivers: AMD adrenalin 25.5.2
Chipset Drivers: Intel GNA Driver Version
Background Applications: none
Description of Original Problem: I recently (3-4 weeks ago) upgraded my MOBO and cpu (at the time I still had an RX570 8gb) and the system worked well, only 2x8 gb of ram and the intel stock cooler.
I then add two more ram sticks (same brand and model), the RX6600xt and it worked well during around 1 week and then started showing some green screen flashes (during high demanding games - like jedi survivor for example).
I then changed my cpu cooler for the thermalight Peerless assassin (since the intel stock cooler was clearly not efficient enough).
Since then, I encounter a lot of crashes (green screens that lead either to a driver timeout issue or a need tu manualy reboot the computer) as soon as the card needs to works (I got no crashes when idle or browsing/wathcing videos).
Now these crash occurs as soon as the card begins to work (either with a game or with the adrenalin simulation charge).
I tried some things :
- Change the pcie slot => no changes
- clean instalation of the drivers => no changes
- Clean windows installation => no changes
- undervolting/oc reducing the clock frequencies : I had good results here with more stabilities but not repeatable (could work 2h one day and not more than 5 min the next day).
- Wanted to flash the VBIOS but unable to do so sinc I had an error message from ATIflash saying it did not detected any ATI discrete card
- place back my old GPu (rx570 8gb) => works fine. I suspected a PSU problem but my old rx570 draw more power than my RX6600xt. Now that I think of it, maybe it is the issue that my Rx6600xt is unable to draw enough power.
- run the windows memory test => no issues
- gave my rx6600xt to a computer store => it does not crash at their store.
- I tried removing 2 of my 4 ram sticks
- Tried changing the 6+2 pcie cable => no changes
- Change the hdmi cable => no changes
- Desabled amd freesync => no changes
- change windows power mode to performance and regular => no changes
My monitor is an old benq GW2265Hm but I don't think this could be the cause of my issues. I am quite out of ideas for now....
I let my whole compouter at the store but I sur some of you could have some good advices... I may buy a new gpu once I am certain my MOBO is not broke...
Thanks in advance for all your answers.
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2023.06.09 09:57 AdderLovely Some weird bunny behavior to decipher

So, I’ve been noticing lately that there are a few specific spots my bunny is digging at/pulling at the carpet and in his pen. His pen has a moving quilt covering the rug in an effort to protect the carpet, but, that’s proving to be a bit of a moot effort considering he’s chewing at it and other spots around the room its in.
He does this primarily in a spot next to his litter box, and two spots by the nightstand that are blocked off so he can’t get behind the furniture (spicy hay is hidden back there.) Idk why he does this or how to curb the behavior or stop it. And I’d like to because the carpet is new and I don’t want him tearing it up.
He’s got toys, plenty of space to run around…I’m in the middle of making a DIY Dig box for him, but idk if that’ll be a solution to this either.
Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.09 09:57 I-want-to-unalive Question for people who did/do PE?

I’m currently in Y11 and didn’t take PE, but I really enjoy and am enthusiastic and about running and cycling especially ultra distance/ endurance and because of this my dad wants me to do PE a level. With my sports will I enjoy it or will I be more of a loner in it, while I’m guessing everything does sports like football and rugby. Secondly will not taking it at GCSE effect me all that much?
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2023.06.09 09:57 rushupork Rudimentary Model Editing to help with Arachnophobia

Howdy gang,
I have just recently gotten into System Shock 2, and going into it, I knew about the spiders, and went in with the plan to just use Jocke's mod to delete them from the game. What I was not anticipating was my adoration for the game, and the desire to try to be as true to the original as possible (not counting SCP and major fixes like that.) So I have come to a dilemma, I can play the game without feeling like I'm going to pass out, but I also feel like deleting 3 types of enemies really cripples the difficulty by a noticeable margin. I tried with the mod off, and I flat out couldn't do it. No matter how hard I tried to power through, the adults just flat out made me too sick to continue.

I was wondering, is there a way to edit the models in such a way that the spiders behave the same way 'stat' wise, poison damage, all that jazz, but the model itself is modded/hacked/edited to shit to such a degree that it is unrecognizable? I made my own sprite for Terraria to replace the spiders with MS Paint-grade circles, but I realize that a 2D sprite doesn't stack up to a 3D model. It does not need to look good, as long as it is less spidery (a jumping cube would do the trick!) I was initially thinking of just pasting over the texture file with a photo or a meme or something to make it less 'cohesive,' but I have no earthly clue how to edit crf files and redistribute them back into the game. I opened up the mesh.crf file, and it's all greek to me, I'm afraid. I got a buddy who does a lot with Blender, so if we can somehow figure out the tech side of things, we got the model in the bag
At this point, I'm so addicted to the game that I would be willing to pay someone to make this a reality. System Shock is just too good
Thank you for reading, I greatly appreciate it! The talent of the modding scene never fails to amaze me.

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2023.06.09 09:55 Janis_Marshall Save Space and Stay Organized: How a Dual-Compartment Travel Toiletry Bag Can Make All the Difference

When it comes to traveling, packing can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks. Especially when it comes to toiletries, it can be difficult to keep everything organized and in its place. That's where a dual-compartment travel toiletry bag can make all the difference. Not only does it save space, but it also keeps your items neatly organized and easily accessible. In this article, we'll explore why a dual-compartment travel toiletry bag is a must-have for any traveler.

The Benefits of a Dual-Compartment Travel Toiletry Bag

Travel toiletry bags come in all shapes and sizes, but a dual-compartment bag is particularly useful. Here's why:

Made for Organization

A dual-compartment travel toiletry bag is designed with organization in mind. The two compartments allow you to keep your items separate and easy to find. For example, if you're traveling with a partner, you can use one compartment for your items and the other for your partner's items. This makes it easy to keep everything organized and in its place.
Organizing your toiletries is especially important when you're traveling to multiple destinations. You don't want to waste time trying to find what you need in a jumbled mess. With a dual-compartment bag, you can quickly and easily access your items and get on with your day.

Maximize Space

One of the biggest challenges of travel is packing efficiently. With a dual-compartment travel toiletry bag, you can save space and pack more efficiently. The separate compartments allow you to stack your items on top of each other, maximizing every inch of space. This means you'll have more room in your luggage for other essentials.

Final Thoughts

A dual-compartment travel toiletry bag is a must-have for any traveler. It saves space, keeps your items organized, and allows for quick and easy access to your essentials. Whether you're going on a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, a dual-compartment bag will make your life easier.
At None, we believe in providing high-quality travel accessories that make your travels easier and more enjoyable. Our dual-compartment travel toiletry bag is the perfect example of this. With its space-saving design and organizational features, it's the ultimate travel companion. To learn more about our products, visit our website.
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2023.06.09 09:55 Freddy_lang UVM Factory: Accelerating Testbench Development and Streamlining Verification

Hey fellow Redditors! Today, let's dive into the fascinating world of UVM Factory and explore how it revolutionizes testbench development and verification processes. If you've ever wondered what UVM Factory is and how it can supercharge your verification efforts, this article is for you.
What is UVM Factory?
UVM Factory, short for Universal Verification Methodology Factory, is a vital component within the UVM framework. It acts as a central hub for dynamically creating and configuring testbench components, such as test sequences, drivers, monitors, and scoreboards. The factory leverages the power of object-oriented programming and polymorphism to provide flexibility, scalability, and reusability in testbench architecture.
Accelerating Testbench Development
One of the key advantages of UVM Factory is its ability to accelerate testbench development. By utilizing the factory, verification engineers can create and configure testbench components on-the-fly, without modifying the testbench infrastructure. This dynamic nature allows for efficient testbench construction and promotes code reuse, as components can be easily instantiated and connected during runtime.
Streamlining Verification Processes
UVM Factory significantly streamlines verification processes by enabling configuration and customization of testbench components. It provides a powerful mechanism for parameterization, allowing users to specify various properties and behaviors of testbench elements. This configurability enhances flexibility and adaptability, enabling verification engineers to easily adapt their testbench to different design scenarios and verification requirements.
How Does UVM Factory Work?
At the core of UVM Factory lies the concept of polymorphism. Testbench components inherit from a base class, and the factory creates and configures these components based on their registered type. Through a combination of hierarchical configuration and run-time overrides, the factory provides the flexibility to customize and fine-tune testbench behavior.
Benefits of UVM Factory:
  1. Flexibility and Scalability: UVM Factory enables the creation of configurable, scalable testbench architectures that can adapt to evolving verification needs.
  2. Code Reusability: With dynamic component creation, UVM Factory promotes code reusability, reducing development time and effort.
  3. Efficient Debugging: By decoupling testbench components and their configurations, UVM Factory simplifies debugging and enhances debug visibility.
Best Practices for UVM Factory Usage:
  1. Proper Component Registration: Ensure that all necessary testbench components are registered with the factory to leverage its capabilities fully.
  2. Thoughtful Parameterization: Design testbench components with a proper set of parameters that can be easily configured through the factory.
  3. Modular Design: Create modular and reusable testbench components to maximize the benefits of the UVM Factory's dynamic nature.
UVM Factory serves as a game-changing tool for accelerating testbench development and streamlining verification processes. By leveraging its dynamic object creation and configuration capabilities, verification engineers can achieve greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in their verification endeavors.
So, next time you embark on a verification project, consider harnessing the power of UVM Factory to unlock new levels of productivity and effectiveness in your testbench development. Happy verifying!
Note: Don't forget to join the discussion in the comments below and share your thoughts on UVM Factory!
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2023.06.09 09:54 Letsbegin8 Biting/snapping when finds food on walks

3 year old sprocker male. Recently noticed he's been getting aggressive (snapping) when he finds some discarded food out on walks, and we come near him to take it off him. He will snap or bite at our hands. Its different behaviour from when he has a toy/object that we try to take from him, then he just runs off and wont snap even if we grab it and take it out. He also has no problems with aggression when eating his dog food, if we come near him he doesn't mind, i actually put my hand near his bowl to test and he happily let me take the bowl and place it back down.
Ive been on the receiving end, and its a similar pressure to when he was a pup who kept the nibbling phase longer than he should have, and when he was excited he'd bite at my hand in a playful/overexcited way. I describe them as half bites, because hes accidentally 'fully' bitten me before during a game of tug when he tried to get a better hold on the toy and accidentally got my hand, and it was very strong with a lot of force compared to these small 'munches', so I know its not as strong as he could do if he really wanted. Despite this though, he once caused a small wound on my mums hand with even a halfassed bite, as he happened to catch the floppy skin in between fingers. Im also worried if it gets worse or he does it around someone else. I also don't want to get bitten if I need to take something off him, especially if its something that could make him ill. A few times hes also had a go at another dog, even his 'friends' that hes comfortable and plays really well with, if they approach him when he's found food.
Something important to note is it seems to mainly happen when my mum is around - she's his favourite person on earth and very attached to her, so not sure if this is a factor, jealousy or something? Its weird because shes the one who feeds him and gives treats, i wouldve thought he'd see me as a threat to his found food if anything. Ive been at university for the last few years so havent been able to train him as much as I'd like, with the care being left to my mum. He has a bit of a 'little prince' complex and is definitely spoiled which doesn't help. Its also the first dog we've raised without using more dominance based training as a pup.
I've had a google but I can't find anything that isnt about aggression specifically when eating dog food, which he doesn't have a problem with, or giving toys back.
Obviously if it gets worse or carries on I will take him to a professional, but money is tight so i want to avoid that, and just wanted to have a preliminary search here to see if anyone had suggestions or could direct me to material that helps. Ive checked the wiki recommended material but not found anything that relevant.
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2023.06.09 09:54 ChisSol Quit a few days ago. Now my second to last paycheck is missing

I get paid weekly and I worked at a warehouse, this last week I quit in the middle of my week. I should have 2 more paychecks coming as I get paid weekly. However, it’s Friday now and my paycheck from last week is still not here. Does this happen to anyone else? What is the problem here? The only think I may assume is that maybe they will just pay me my last two weeks of work in one final pay check next week. Regardless, very odd. All other paychecks have come through. I can’t check my stubs because I’m locked out of A-Z now.
EDIT: I Read that this may just be a national payroll error that Amazon is having - is this true?
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2023.06.09 09:52 himawari-yume [TOMT] [website] [2008-2012?] An ARG-like site/webpage. There was text/hex data you could edit and manipulating it led to deeper puzzles

This is a very vaguely remembered website/webpage that I encountered sometime around 2010. I think I found it through 4chan.
I remember that the page had a black background and a grid of ascii text and symbols (skulls and tombstones?) possibly with different colours and such.
I recall that the idea of the site was that the text on the page was actually the source code of the page itself, and it was being run in realtime, so editing the text would actually change the page. I believe that the first part of the "game" was that the text was all encoded, and you had to remove/edit a section of the text responsible for the encoding, and then you could see the hex data correctly.
I honestly don't remember anything else, and the details I do remember might not even be true, as I've thought about this site a lot and possibly inserted my own ideas of what could make it more interesting. But I do think what I've described is basically what I saw.
This could be a part of a bigger project, it was maybe even a downloadable game that I a misremembering as being a webpage.
Does anyone have any clue what I could be thinking of?
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2023.06.09 09:52 CardinalRecords Just had a chat with my sister regarding the Las Vegas incident

And she said she does not believe in the story. Alright this is understandable there's a lot of things which don't exactly make sense here.
But then the conversation steered towards "why only USA?". She asked that why these kind of things happen only in the US and I told her because of the sheer size of it and also because maybe the extraterrestrials see who has the most influence on the planet.
She said why don't other government indulge in these kind of things and I told her that they do. And she also said that why don't countries discuss these things with each other;like what? Who in their right mind would wanna share 20 years into the future technology with other countries?
She apparently is very weak in geopolitics. She said the US is a "shitty and selfish country" for not sharing alien tech.
Then she said that if aliens are here why doesn't the US tell other countries that if they pose a threat to us or not to which I promptly replied that they've been here for millennia and if they wanted to they would have wiped us out way back.
And funniest of all,she said that military officials keep playing the secrecy game about Classified technology to which I said -
"They know about classified info,they can tell that to the media
What classified info they know,that not even the president can make public"
To which she said "why make it classified in the first place?".
Yeah,the stigma is strong. She outright said she'll refuse to believe the LV story and is one of those people that will believe when they see a 4K landing by one of their crafts in front of the White House covered by global media.
Just wanted to put this here. Like how man? People risk their entire careers and reputations to come out to the public to tell about the most highly classified shit the US has in its inventory or is working on and the people just go about their day like it's another Sunday.
Feeling kinda sad. This sub is the only place where i can vent out my frustration. Incredibly disappointed.
Anyways, thanks to you beautiful people here who talk about this subject as anywhere else I don't even have the courage to bring it up so as to not be labelled a conspiracy nutjob.
Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
P.S. I'm not from the US I'm from India.
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2023.06.09 09:52 sobran_types_stuff Diablo 4 is weakest of Diablo games

There are few negative traits in gameplay of Diablo 4 that significantly lowers quality of the game in my opinion.
1) Lack of content – Im speaking not about the total amount of content in the game(the world is huge, no argue there), but the fact that the vast majority of it is basically copy pasted. If you found a new enemy you gona find it again in 20 nearby dungeons, and those dungeons are , usually pretty much the same in terms of things that happen in them-you just push mob wave after mob wave, with 1-2 special mobs and in the end you fight with VERY healthy special mob, which, in some rare instances may have unique attack\mechanic, but usually don’t, and it leads to the feeling that you did not just cleared 5 different dungeons but one same dungeon 5 times in a row. I think game would benefited greatly if it had half the amount of dungeons , half the size but more unique instead.
2) Leveling system – I think that leveling system is weaker than, for example, of Diablo 2. Lack of ability to pick your secondary stats like dex\str but more importantly auto leveling-which kills your sense of progress. You fought hordes of mobs, leveled up, closed the game, came back and suddenly you deal less damage than you did before log out, to those same mobs in this same location. This is not good when you level up only to find out that mob that you killed in one shot before is now must be killed in 2 shots. Some folks told me just to maxlevel-but then you hit the very same problem but from the other side-game becomes too easy, since you already max level, with good gear and there is almost nothing game can throw at you that you cant deal with, and quite easily deal with. You never feel strong in diablo either not strong enough or so strong that it does not matter. Generally speaking I think auto leveling system can be described only as lazy design.
3) Grind – as a result of first 2 points game is too grindy. I understand that grind is important part of every Diablo game, but It never felt so SLUGGISH in any other Diablo game. Game goes at the same speed all the time, there are no places that you can go in and it felt better\worse suited for one class or another, it’s the same job, all the time, with the same reward of a chance to get better gear. Sometimes game hardens up and throws tough unique opponent that provides challenge but it happens extremely rare. Events also break the vicious cycle of blandness but only for first locations-before you saw all what they can provide and they become another occasional grind.
4) Dailies and battlepass – bane of videogames.
I talk with some people about this and heard mixed opinions. Some people agree with me, some treated those things above not as negative but positive traits. And then I finaly got it – most of the people who agree with me had little or none interest with mmorpg games, and most of the people who did not usually had big investment and love in mmorpg game, specifically with WoW. Diablo 4 as game feels like its designed by and for mmorpg gamers ,not arpg gamers which resulted in those things above and some debatable design choices, like lackluster of wasd movement for example and overall blandness- game is not about things to explore but things to farm. End result: 10% of good main quest and some original dungeons and rest 90% of the game is grind for the sake of grind. Many may say that that what Diablo series is about, and those traits are part of series in general, but personaly I cant say that I play Diablo games for grind, and even if put it that way, as I said before, grind in any Diablo game never felt so sluggish as in Diablo 4 and those negative traits where not as accented. Don’t get me wrong, I generally enjoy Diablo 4, it’s a good game and a good rpg but for me it feels like weakest of Diablo games(excluding diablo immortal, because diablo immortal does no exist in my world of unicorns and rainbows), and personally , im sure, that if issues that where listed before where adressed Diablo 4 would be much better game, not just ANOTHER Diablo game, but BEST Diablo game.
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2023.06.09 09:51 TwistyBons Bagsley’s Origins

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2023.06.09 09:50 yelloworange99 I found out my best friend is lying about cancer

it had been something that felt off for so long, something i had so much guilt for doubting, where i suppressed my gut feeling, and i lost trust in myself.i finally mustered the courage to first bring up to another of her best friends that things were not adding up. i was scared they’d tell her ‘lol wtf ur friend thinks ur a liar about something so serious’but, they agreed.
eventually, on another day, i suggested potential elements of borderline personality disorder in her, and this opened the gates to a bunch of little things that didn’t feel quite right but i still couldn’t say for sure. never seen the meds (when it was tablet chemo), never seen her sick, still drinking every weekend, declined my friend to see diagnosis for better understanding of the ovarian cancer, the fact the ambulance picks her up at night but her mum doesn’t even know she has it, she tells the hospital she needs to leave in the morning so she can see me that day, have never met the friends who took her to the hospital when the immense pain started (which i have yet to see again, 9 months later), refusal of every doctor in the state to get surgery as she mentioned she may want a child, debt and selling all properties to cover medical costs, much more that i probably don’t even remember honestly - these could all be things that were real. some of them might be in the event she does have it. but i am 95% sure this isn’t the case, and if not, im 100% sure the situation is extremely exaggerated and i have caught lies;…..
the thing that irked me upon this realisation is that when she was homeless for being outed (i have met her family, so lovely and made her a birthday party i went to following this, her sister is so generous, i thought ‘well they must be incredible actors pretending to be nice’ which again is possible). i used to drain myself to make sure she was safe, had somewhere to go and she’d refuse to come to my home. (the reason it was draining was because of the refusal and back and forth and saying stuff like ‘its ok ill just freeze and get assaulted, its comfy under the bridge???’ like in a half joking but not funny way. one night, after this refusal, i threw a jacket into the train carriage she got on as it left and started to cry. i talked to my dad because i was so upset, and finally told someone, my dad, that she had cancer. (she was not open about it at this point). dad, rationally, said ok, just check her location. this is not something that crosses my mind as i had trust, and don’t like to push boundaries of privacy in sharing that. anyway, she was already at home. and every time i checked, was still there. now, that’s fine if you text or later say ‘don’t worry, im home safe, all is good’. but that is not what happened; she continuously brought up homelessness from there as something scary and horrible, living under a bridge in the rain that was in my mind for sure.
anyway, flash forward to the last couple weeks, her friend and i hung out individually (rare) and talked. they said that she sent a photo of her getting the chemo. it was blood coming out of her arm. they questioned this; ‘aren’t they supposed to be putting stuff in?’ she said it was just a blood sample. they checked where she was on location, maybe not knowing it was shared via messages just recently before for a different case of meeting for dinner or something — and she was actually at a blood bank donation place. as soon as the friend told me this, dots were connected.
just days before, i checked her location when she said ‘chemo pumping into my veins, should be done in 30’ (we were hanging out later that afternoon). she was also at a blood bank, or the park near it maybe, this one different location from the last when the friend saw it. i checked thoroughly to see if any hospitals or anything were nearby. nope. this blood donation bank does not do samples, and they do not take donations from people with cancer (obv).
ANYWAY back to the friends perspective, they then received a photo of the bandage they give you. the friend responded something like ‘ohh cute, those are the ones they give you at the blood donation company’. then, they get a notification ‘___ has stopped sharing her location with you’. wtf?
my confidence in knowing whether it was a lie or not fell just a week before i was told this, because she fainted (for the first time I’ve seen) at a concert we went to. that put me back in the spiral. i think that could be from lack of eating or, dare i say it, possible faked too. but it sure seemed real and i really can’t say. but from hearing this story from the friend, i was quite confident she was lying.
consuming for my mental health, i started to obsessively check on the 2 days a week she claimed to get treatment. one of them, didn’t go at all, other, ended up at ANOTHER blood donation bank. a third different one. no hospital nearby. and this caused me to have a panic attack. which i never have. it triggered me so bad. the friend sure enough said later, she said to them they were at chemo that day. if you’re wondering why im getting less of this info, it may be because i started distancing myself from that part of the friendship as a defence mechanism, where previously i fed into wanting to make sure she’s taking her meds and stuff. like i said making sure she had somewhere to live killed me because no help was often taken (she did still stay here and there) and i still felt responsible. and also, she told me to my face ‘if i keep doing what im doing now, the doctors say i only have 8 months to live’ which made me cry in front of her and again spiral into making sure she was taking meds. anyway, i couldn’t do all that anymore.
also last week, the two of them were hanging out ( i can’t bring myself to do so atm ). she said that she suddenly felt sick, while they were in the change room. the friend said ‘oh shit no worries let me drive u to the hospital’. she refused, and literally escaped like running away while they were in the change room. again, they checked where they were and they were at a different friends house (the one she currently stays at and says is the one curing her cancer depression). but she was texting them like she was in the hospital !!!!!!!
it’s endless crazy lies at this point. does she think im stupid?im well aware it is most likely a mental illness and she is doing this for attention and to maybe keep people from leaving in a way. but i can’t be the one to open the flood gates from all the people she’s told by bringing it up. i just want to ghost, but i haven’t, because it raises flags… but i can’t bear to see her and pretend like nothing is wrong. nope. i don’t think its my responsibility to change her when i have already been chipped away and broken from this whole thing? but at the same time of course i want her to have help and i have so much love for her. what if the lies get worse - self harm? which reminds me she has had cuts on her leg she said was from her mum. it might be true but I CANT TRUST HER at the end of the day so??? GAG i hate this and the fact I’ve mentally struggled with this aspect of the friendship for like a year and now it’s caught up to me actually hurts so much. going to 2nd counselling session in 2 weeks
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2023.06.09 09:49 lilcourt- Any socialising tips?

Our puppy successfully met three children of different ages!!!
Okay so a little back story to start, our pup is around 15-16 weeks. He started puppy school earlier this week, and he HATED it. We were so sad to see him so stressed and anxious. Basically just hid behind our legs the entire class and didn’t interact with any other dogs (they were even his size or smaller!!). The puppy also wasn’t fond of others people either.
So we thought “Oh crap we really need to socialise this dog”. We’re pretty close with our neighbours and asked if it was alright to introduce the puppy to them. And, well it was great! He was very shy at first but a few treats later he is rolling for belly rubs. We were so happy.
But now we plan to have him met another dog, similar to his size tomorrow (was planned awhile ago).
Does anyone have advice for puppies who are scared/ shy to met other dogs? I really don’t want to traumatise him If it goes wrong.
Any help is appreciated!!
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2023.06.09 09:48 anonanonymouspost Reading has been helpful for my mental health

I think a lot. Sometimes too much. Often I get feelings or have experiences that I find difficult to describe, as I believe is the case for many others dealing with mental health challenges. In recent time I have been reading much more and I have to say my one regret is not doing so sooner and more frequently. The books talk using much more descriptive language than what I find in life or movies in order to help paint a picture in my mind. Since reading more I have been able to think with more descriptive language than I am used to, and this way of thinking has helped immensely with internalizing my feelings and experiences in the sense that now I can understand my thoughts more clearly. I think the same part of my brain that runs my inner monolog also is deeply correspondent with the part of my brain associated with reading. It feels like my thoughts themselves are generally calmer because the words to formulate the thoughts are now flowing more easily. My main conclusion here is that I must keep reading for my sanity's sake. I will continue to indulge my rekindled love for reading and maybe I can even find my true happy place in books. It's pleasant to feel convincingly optimistic about something for a change.
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2023.06.09 09:47 WhackoStreet Can you dry a dead fish and use it as fish food?

This topic might be sensitive to some of you, but a forktail rainbowfish of mine died this night, showed the signs of swim bladder issue, possibly due to catching too many granules too quickly at feeding time, her stomach was slightly bigger than the other's. The other fish are healthy and well.
Now, I'm not a person who would waste organic material. I know dead fish are good for plants, but when some of my gammarus died, I dried them on air, and a day later I could crush them and feed them to my fish.
This fish is like 2 times the size of a gammarus. Does anyone have experience drying a small fish? I'm worrying that it will go bad during the process if I just let it dry on room air (there's no sunlight today).
Any advice?
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2023.06.09 09:46 Volmaaral Driver Verifier BSOD Loop, Minidump Analysis Help Needed

As said above, I ran the Driver Verifier using the instructions found here, and upon restarting to begin the process, it BSOD crashed every time, with it mentioning the driver verifier found an issue (I forget the actual code, didn't think to screenshot in time). I tried to boot up in Safe mode, but right after the second crash, it went to automatic repair, failed, and then had to system restore.
I ran DISM, sfc scannow, and even ran chkdsk on my OS SSD to ensure it was all good. SFC found something corrupted and fixed that, ran the verifier again to see if that was the issue... and it looped all over again. I do have the minidump files, both look pretty much the same. As I'm getting out of my depth, I figured it would be best to ask assistance at this point. I got WinDbg, read the .dmp files, and I'm stuck at this point with a wall of code. it mentions a couple things I thought were possibly the issue (rsKernelEngine and smss.exe) but both were deep in the system files, and I don't want to mess with those.
The reason I did all this was I started experiencing hard freezing and shutdowns on my pc, on occasion, typically while playing a somewhat intensive game (Warhammer III and Bannerlord were the two games to have had this happen, so far). It'd freeze for a second, then the screen would go mostly black with a few leftover pixels (I could barely make out my money count still there from Warhammer III for a second), and then power off, restart, and everything was fine. Even Event Viewer didn't show anything critical... except for a BugCheck error, which made the computer reboot (no idea how unhealthy this sort of reboot is for my pc).
Event 1001, BugCheck
The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000c4 (0x0000000000002000, 0xfffff80ea6ef732a, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000072735350). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 8b6111f0-596b-4e6b-931e-3392911d9524.
After this, I went down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out what's going on. This PC is getting on in age, and I've put it through some serious gaming punishment lately (I wasn't able to access my PS5 for a few months). I'm hoping this isn't a sign it's failing, but if it is, I want to figure out the extent of the damage, and either mitigate the amount I use the pc to extend it's life (and lay off the more intensive games for awhile), or replace a part if it's something hardware based. I did have temperature issues for awhile, typically caused by Warhammer III, that I'm still in the process of alleviating.
Anyway, one thing led to another, and here's the dump that I'm stuck on. Can anyone make heads or tails of all this?
************* Preparing the environment for Debugger Extensions Gallery repositories **************
ExtensionRepository : Implicit
UseExperimentalFeatureForNugetShare : false
AllowNugetExeUpdate : false

- Configuring repositories
-- Repository : LocalInstalled, Enabled: true
-- Repository : UserExtensions, Enabled: true

************* Waiting for Debugger Extensions Gallery to Initialize **************
-- Repository : UserExtensions, Enabled: true, Packages count: 0
-- Repository : LocalInstalled, Enabled: true, Packages count: 36

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 10.0.25324.1001 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Volmaaral\Desktop\060923-5156-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

************* Path validation summary **************
Response Time (ms) Location
Deferred srv*
Symbol search path is: srv*
Executable search path is:
Windows 10 Kernel Version 19041 MP (16 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Edition build lab: 19041.1.amd64fre.vb_release.191206-1406
Kernel base = 0xfffff802`37a09000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff802`386332b0
Debug session time: Fri Jun 9 03:12:08.056 2023 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:08.708
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
For analysis of this file, run !analyze -v
fffff802`37e04ca0 48894c2408 mov qword ptr [rsp+8],rcx ss:0018:ffff9c06`6c9a66e0=00000000000000c4
4: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

A device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. This is
because the driver was specified in the registry as being suspect (by the
administrator) and the kernel has enabled substantial checking of this driver.
If the driver attempts to corrupt the system, BugChecks 0xC4, 0xC1 and 0xA will
be among the most commonly seen crashes.
Arg1: 0000000000002000, Code Integrity Issue: The caller specified an executable pool type. (Expected: NonPagedPoolNx)
Arg2: fffff80ea6ef732a, The address in the driver's code where the error was detected.
Arg3: 0000000000000000, Pool Type.
Arg4: 0000000072735350, Pool Tag (if provided).

Debugging Details:


Key : Analysis.CPU.mSec
Value: 1578

Key : Analysis.Elapsed.mSec
Value: 2111

Key : Analysis.IO.Other.Mb
Value: 5

Key : Analysis.IO.Read.Mb
Value: 0

Key : Analysis.IO.Write.Mb
Value: 13

Key : Analysis.Init.CPU.mSec
Value: 265

Key : Analysis.Init.Elapsed.mSec
Value: 14912

Key : Analysis.Memory.CommitPeak.Mb
Value: 85

Key : Bugcheck.Code.LegacyAPI
Value: 0xc4

Key : Failure.Bucket
Value: 0xc4_2000_VRF_rsKernelEngine!unknown_function

Key : Failure.Hash
Value: {67f93c7a-ab68-5260-06c6-e16011a2e4ec}

Key : WER.OS.Branch
Value: vb_release

Key : WER.OS.Version
Value: 10.0.19041.1



BUGCHECK_P2: fffff80ea6ef732a


BUGCHECK_P4: 72735350

FILE_IN_CAB: 060923-5156-01.dmp

BLACKBOXNTFS: 1 (!blackboxntfs)


PROCESS_NAME: smss.exe

ffff9c06`6c9a66d8 fffff802`383dce44 : 00000000`000000c4 00000000`00002000 fffff80e`a6ef732a 00000000`00000000 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
ffff9c06`6c9a66e0 fffff802`37fa94c5 : fffff802`3861bc90 00000000`00002000 fffff80e`a6ef732a 00000000`00000000 : nt!VerifierBugCheckIfAppropriate+0xe0
ffff9c06`6c9a6720 fffff802`383d3e04 : 00000000`72735350 fffff802`3861bc90 fffff80e`a6ef732a fffff802`3790426f : nt!VfReportIssueWithOptions+0x101
ffff9c06`6c9a6770 fffff802`383e1052 : 00000000`00000000 ffff9d86`5d7598f0 00000000`00000008 ffffb501`95349ae8 : nt!VfCheckPoolType+0x90
ffff9c06`6c9a67b0 fffff80e`a6ef732a : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000002 ffff9d86`5d96ea01 fffff802`3795c4c2 : nt!VerifierExAllocatePoolWithTag+0x62
ffff9c06`6c9a6800 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000002 ffff9d86`5d96ea01 fffff802`3795c4c2 00000000`00060004 : rsKernelEngine+0x732a

SYMBOL_NAME: rsKernelEngine+732a

MODULE_NAME: rsKernelEngine

IMAGE_NAME: rsKernelEngine.sys

STACK_COMMAND: .cxr; .ecxr ; kb


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0xc4_2000_VRF_rsKernelEngine!unknown_function

OS_VERSION: 10.0.19041.1

BUILDLAB_STR: vb_release


OSNAME: Windows 10

FAILURE_ID_HASH: {67f93c7a-ab68-5260-06c6-e16011a2e4ec}

Followup: MachineOwner

4: kd> !blackboxntfs

NTFS Blackbox Data

0 Slow I/O Timeout Records Found
0 Oplock Break Timeout Records Found
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2023.06.09 09:45 StatisticianSad6853 Unlock the world, one international trip at a time!

Unlock the world, one international trip at a time!

According to human psychology, we often focus on money and go for the cheapest international trip. If you’re from India, you search for the “cheapest international trip from India” and likewise for any other country. Still, none of us focus on the planning and organization element of the trip.
Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences a person can have. Not only does it allow you to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes, but it also helps you grow as an individual.
For starters, traveling expands your horizons and broadens your perspective on life. You get to see how people from different parts of the world live, their beliefs, and their daily routines. This exposure to diversity helps you become more open-minded and accepting of others. Additionally, you learn new things and gain a deeper appreciation for different cultures and their histories.
Another reason why traveling is amazing is that it allows you to disconnect from your daily routine and live in the moment. Whether relaxing on a beach, hiking through a jungle, or exploring a bustling city, traveling forces you to slow down and live in the present. This can be incredibly refreshing, especially for those constantly busy with work or other responsibilities.
Traveling also helps you build confidence and independence. When you’re in a new place, you must navigate unfamiliar terrain, communicate with people who speak different languages, and find your way around without the comfort of the familiar. This can be challenging at first, but with time, you’ll find that you’re able to handle new situations with ease and that your confidence has grown
Since the end of the global pandemic, there has been a surge of Indians who want to travel and explore all the hidden gems spread across the globe. Traveling internationally can be a life-changing experience but can also be overwhelming and stressful without proper planning. From obtaining a visa to packing, there are many things to consider before embarking on an international trip. To have the best international trip from India, we must understand the essence and importance of planning.

Importance of Planning

Planning a trip ensures that you are prepared for your travels and can enjoy your time at your destination without unnecessary stress or complications. To have the best international trip from India, understand the essence of planning –
Saves time and money: Planning allows you to research and compare different options for transportation, accommodation, and activities, helping you find the best deals and avoid overspending.
Helps you make the most of your time: By planning your itinerary, you can ensure that you are able to visit all the sights and attractions you want to see and make the most of your time at your destination.
Reduces stress: Planning can help eliminate the stress of last-minute decision-making and ensure that everything runs smoothly during your trip.
Helps you prepare for unexpected events: Having a plan can help you quickly respond to unforeseen circumstances, such as flight cancellations or inclement weather.
Allows for a more organized and enjoyable trip: Planning helps you stay organized, avoid confusion, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Guidelines for Having the Best World trip

Book My Bharat is a renowned travel agency that provides travelers like you with comprehensive guidelines on travel destinations, making it easier for you to choose the best places to travel. Our guidelines cover local laws and customs, safety tips, health recommendations, and sustainable travel practices. By offering such valuable information, we enable our clients to make informed decisions about their travel destinations and the best places to travel in the world. Our expertise in the travel industry and our up-to-date knowledge of various travel destinations help you choose the most suitable places based on your preferences, budgets, and needs. With our guidance, you can embark on your dream journey to the best places to travel in the world, knowing you have all the information required for a safe, efficient, and enjoyable experience. These guidelines will offer you the best travel experience –
Study the destination you desire to visit
If you plan a trip to a new destination, it’s crucial to study the location before you go. Researching your travel destination can help you find the best deals on flights, accommodations, and activities, allowing you to maximize your budget. By studying the destination, you desire to visit; you can identify the best time to travel, which can significantly impact prices. You can also learn about affordable accommodations and restaurants, public transportation, and other cost-saving tips. Additionally, you can avoid tourist traps that can be expensive and time-consuming. With careful planning and research, you can plan a trip to your desired destination that is both affordable and fulfilling, allowing you to make the most of your travel experience. So, whether you are planning a luxury trip or the cheapest international trip possible, studying your destination is essential in creating a successful and memorable journey.
Create a precise and prudent budget plan.
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Do intensive research for your ideal travel itinerary
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Collect all essential documents
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Book all necessary flights, accommodations, and means of transportation
Booking all necessary flights, accommodations, and means of transportation is a critical step in preparing for a successful holiday travel experience. The holiday season is a busy time for travel, so it’s essential to book your flights and accommodations well in advance to avoid last-minute price hikes or sold-out availability. When booking flights, it’s a good idea to search for deals and compare prices from multiple airlines to ensure you get the best deal. Similarly, when booking accommodations, it’s crucial to research the location, amenities, and reviews to ensure you get the best value for your money.
To end on a tranquil note, traveling is an enriching experience that helps individuals broaden their perspectives, gain confidence and independence, and live in the moment. Travelers can follow guidelines from travel agencies such as Book My Bharat to study their desired destination and create a precise and prudent budget plan. By doing so, travelers can embark on a dream journey to the best places to travel in the world and have a safe, efficient, and enjoyable experience.
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