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2023.06.07 02:55 Nxoxoxnxe Ranking Youtubers I watch regularly

Ranking Youtubers I watch regularly
My apologies for the shit quality
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2023.05.30 09:51 Acrobatic-Sundae-369 trash taste x indie gamers (btw, both joey and kubz scouts are both Persona 5 fans)

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2023.05.30 09:47 Acrobatic-Sundae-369 trash taste indie gamers 3

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2023.05.30 09:46 Acrobatic-Sundae-369 trash taste indie gamers meme 1 (btw, both joey and kubz scouts are fans of Persona 5)

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2023.05.22 18:59 Designer_Cat1048 All it has to say was "Make sure you give this video one BIG FAT LIKE and tell a friend today that Jay from the kubz scouts is THAT DUDE🌸"

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2023.05.22 03:15 tori_kengel [TOMT] [Youtube video] [2015-2020] of some Scary Story Animated where a grandson goes to McDonald’s w his grandma, meets a strange guy who wants to give sth to the kid and take him away, but grandma sees it and takes the kid to a park. Then tells the kid to not talk to strangers.

They meet the same guy and he wants to take the kid to his car. Then grandma pepper sprays the guy and calls the cops. Then the narrator (kid as an adult) says they found out the guy was a s*x offender and child molester AND then the McDonalds theme song plays right after that (Bada papapa)…
I remember seeing Kubz Scouts react to it in his series (idk maybe it’s from Llama arts), and he kept rewinding to that end part (the serious tone of narrator saying it was a s*x offender and then the mcdonald’s theme song right after) and laughing. I can’t find it anywhere tho.
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2023.05.18 00:40 Euphoric-Tea2464 Why has YouTube been acting up

Why has YouTube been acting up
Whenever I am on my phone watching YouTube it will randomly stop working for a week and then continue working for a bit, then the cycle repeats. Why?
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2023.05.12 12:14 DisastrousAnt7347 I was watching a KubzScout video and this character remind me of ES Male MC.

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2023.05.10 06:11 Beautiful_Recipe3204 (UPDATE) YT Redux has updated so the 2013 theme doesn't look as buggy.

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2023.05.06 02:17 wellthisone Single best Kubz scouts video

I am one of those ones, who only really whatch his yandere simulator Videos and very few others. Most of my favorite youtubers have one or two Videos, that I could watch every week.
If you are a long time fan of Jay, please tell me your favorite Video or other suggestions, because I start to enjoy his other content too and wanna catch up! Thanks Fam.
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2023.05.05 19:45 dumbitcharlie notice anything strange?

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2023.05.04 17:38 Far_Doctor_1883 Why is yandere dev keep on working on 1980's mode??

Why can't he focus on the main game :/ because whenever we get a update it's always related to 1980 mode. How's amai development going? When is he gonna give us a genuine update about the main game telling us what he has been working on and dates? What about kazana?oka? Is the teachers still rivals? I just want to ask him all of this without the hard-core fans saying YOUR RUSHING HIM. I've been a fan ever since kubz scouts first video about yandere simulator. At this point I'm tired.
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2023.05.04 06:58 Ok-Maximum-8315 [PC, maybe console] [Mid to late 2010s] Stealth game with kids fighting sleeping cult

Platform(s): PC, maybe console?
Genre: Multiplayer, Stealth, Horror?
Estimated year of release: Mid to late 2010s (I think between 2016-18)
Graphics/art style: Cell shaded
Notable characters: N/A
Notable gameplay mechanics: Eye timer
Other details: I just recently remembered this game and now it's bugging me trying to find it. I know, although it wasn't really a linear game, there was an introduction level that was single player. In that level they establish the plot. You're at home at night, and while on a call with your parents, you hear a noise in the house. The call begins to glitch and you lose signal, where you are then given control, and you have to hide from the (person?) who is in your house, with the goal of escaping. Eventually, you make it underground, where you see a cult-like ritual occurring with everyone in the town, although it seems like they're either asleep or unconscious. They catch you and try to put you in this door with a red glow, but you manage to escape, ending the level. The game might be singleplayer, but most footage I saw from after that point was multiplayer. I know for a fact the youtubers Kubz Scouts, CoryxKenshin, and IGP played it, with IGP getting intercepted by one of the devs in a video. In the footage I remember, your goal is to get supplies or complete a checklist without getting caught by the roaming cult members, who, if you get caught, will grab you where you need another player to save you before you get caught. I know there is some kind of timer mechanic with a red eye symbolizing it, where if the time runs out some creature appears that can go through walls and catch you. I'm sorry if this is lacking details, I just remembered this game after probably 2 years of not thinking about it. I think the word sleep or dream is in the title, however I could be confusing the title with the game "Among The Sleep", as that was the title I swore the game was.
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2023.05.04 02:29 SebaSympathy I feel (personally) Bijuu Mike and Jay (Kubs Scouts) need to be ABOVE Mark, Jack and Pewdiepie with how much commitment they are putting into the game

I feel (personally) Bijuu Mike and Jay (Kubs Scouts) need to be ABOVE Mark, Jack and Pewdiepie with how much commitment they are putting into the game
The line of plushies of YouTubers is adorable and that is shows Alex giving love to the people who basically advertise his game and they do deserve to be shown love, that I don’t have a problem with, I have a problem with WHERE he placed them.
As you can see on the two images, they do change placements but some do have determined places, and those being, Jay (Kubz Scouts), Bijuu Mike and Razzbowski are on the second shelf of the collage and Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie are on the top, now i don’t know about you, but I feel like this is incredibly disrespectful to them, not only have the the lower 3 have consistently been playing the game (which is honestly the one reason it hasn’t fallen into the void of forgotteness), they have also made it appealing to a wide audience with their amazing personalities and jokes, meanwhile Mark hasn’t touched the game in 5 years, Felix in 6 and Sean in 7 years!!!! These guys have left the game so long ago, I’m unsure if they even remember them (hopefully not)
This is not an attack on ANY of these YouTubers as they are all hardworking individuals who deserve respect, I feel like putting Razz, Bijuu and Jay on the top is more respectful to them for all the work they put into this game and and to not be lower then people who haven’t played your game in 7 years!!!!
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2023.05.03 04:14 CarbIsWeird69 YouTube Notifications are drunk

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2023.05.02 11:45 PapayaMan4 Top 10 Best side ace attorney characters (only humans for fairness)

  1. Will Power: he's here because come on he's the most polite character when u present him ur irelavent evidence he says he appreciate the time u took to show it to him and apologized for not knowing about it i want him back as the steel samurai
  2. Valaant gramyre: the most tragic character no doubt loved by all robbed of the will unfairly by a dip#### he's only 9 because i hated the voice pixal partners gave him
  3. Vera Misham: like armie super tragic character u cant help but love she's super sweet and innocent and amazing
  4. Sasha buckler: amazing written character amazing personality amazing story love how she was close with the victim but had a fight with him that was tragic but a great character
  5. Mike Meekins: kubz scouts made me love him with his voice love his breakdown and such a good character who's super funny especially when he says sir!
  6. Acro: My favorite culprit my by a long shot he's so nice and polite and even felt sry for what he did he's a nice guy who gone wrong
  7. Marlon Rhymes: what can i say? Lovable and enjoyable dude
  8. Armie buff/sergent buff: come on who doesn't love them so much heartwarming moments ❤
  9. Datz arebal: some might think his main but his like the first game larry i love his humor and how nice he was to phoenix when they met
  10. Herman crab: now i know u might not agree but as a massive animal lover i really think he is a sweet sweet man he loves animal so much and has one of the biggest hearts in the series he puts up with de plume and baby penguins cause of it i love what he and jack did with ora
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2023.04.26 07:50 throwusawayaccount Every time I see people on here complain about Cory going a couple of days/weeks without uploading or when he uploads a sponsored video, it remains me of this tweet right here. The truth is y’all are entitled. All y’all serial complainers came be overwhelming sometimes, it’s annoying.

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2023.04.16 20:04 rectofy [computer] [2010s] Anime murder mystery game set in highs school. Not danganronpa.

Ok so, I remember seeing this game around 5 years ago possibly. It was 3D and the characters were in a school. Maybe first person. From what I believe, the premise was that there were a set amount of characters in the school, and each week a student would murder the other students. The student could also kill the player. I also remember being able to romance the characters. I remember there being a school and a gym yard. It was a Japanese game I believe. I cannot remember who I watched play it, but it was MAYBE one of the popular Yandere Sim youtubers back then (bijuu mike, kubz scouts etc), because i watched them a lot at that time, and it is a similar looking game. If anyone can help, it would be very appreciated!!!
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2023.04.14 18:27 United_Ad_7691 Easteregg suggestion

Kubz Scouts easteregg!!
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2023.04.14 01:09 fuckthesebananatrees THE WHOLE TIMELINE OF BULLY ---- LONG POST

So I just watched the first few parts of the Bully playthrough and I went on a mission to try and put pieces together.

I would like to say that since I've been watching these episodes, I have found that Jay has said some offensive things and I do point them out in which episodes they are in. The only reason why I point it out is because Jay has apologized and if you do find offense to the slurs that I have found then you can skip them. I am NOT trying to cancel Jay by bringing these up or am I trying to act insensitive to these topics. I do know that Jay has said the r slur and the d slur, and I do comment about the d slur since I am a bisexual woman, but please do correct me if what I say is insensitive in any way. I am glad that Jay has realized that what he did was wrong and changed overtime. If you do not agree with my opinion, then that is okay. I can respect yours.

The series begins with; "THERE'S A NEW BULLY IN TOWN Bully: Scholarship Edition [1]" published June 10, 2016. Jay used to number the episodes, this also helps the case of completing the series. This ep also begins with our first chaptemission which is "Chapter 1: Making New Friends and Enemies" and the mission is "Welcome to Bullworth." Along the episode we meet Gary and Petey which is "This Is Your School". This episode ends with Jay fighting Davis which would be the mission called "The Setup" where you get the slingshot, I believe also Jay does Chemistry 1 in this episode too? and also ends with Jay failing at English 1.
Second episode is "DON"T PEE YOUR PANTS BRO! BULLY [2]" published June 12, 2016. Begins with Jay completing the mission which is called "Slingshot." Jay meets Algie for the first time and has to walk him to the school and has to take out bullies who dislike Algie. Jay takes Algie to the bathroom but fails the mission since Algie wet himself. This mission was called "Save Algie." Jay completes on his second time redoing the mission, and the ep ends with a side mission of Jay taking a package from Petey to Beatrice.
Third episode is "MAKING OUT WITH THE HERPES CHICK BULLY [3]" published June 13, 2016. Jay begins this episode with Jimmy in tighty-whities and beating people up with a fire extinguisher in the school. Awesome. Jay mentions that he started a mission accidentally off-camera called "A Little Help" where we first meet the homeless man who will teach Jay fighting moves, which actually this mission is supposed to be before "Save Algie." Anyway, Jay says that he has to find the Transistors for the homeless man, so all we missed was two cutscenes. First where Gary was talking to Petey and then Jimmy walks in and Gary starts a fight and then apologizes and says he wants to find someone who's "really helpless and unfortunate." The second cutscene is where Jimmy and the two go behind the school bus, and the homeless man comes out and scares off Petey and Gary, but Jimmy stays behind and soon the homeless man takes a liking to Jimmy and says that he will teach him moves. That's all we missed. Anyway, going back, Jay finds a transistor and learns an uppercut from the homeless man. Jay also does the mission called "That Bitch" where we meet Mandy taunting Beatrice. Mandy stole Beatrice's lab notes and Jay has to pick her locker to get it and at the end of completing the mission, Beatrice kisses Jimmy. At the end of the episode Jay completes the mission called "Defend Bucky" and gets a skateboard.
Fourth episode is "GARY, THE HALLOWEEN HITLER! BULLY [4]" published June 15, 2016. Jay begins this episode with Jimmy trespassing in the school for more outfits and they hide since a guard was coming, once Jimmy gets out of the locker though, he passes out because he was tired as shit. Jimmy was also robbed in his sleep. The first mission of this episode was "The Candidate" where Jimmy meets Earnest and hires Jimmy as a guard so he can deliver his speech, which means Jimmy has to slingshot jocks trying to stop Earnest. Jay also does these missions which are "Halloween" and "The Big Prank" Jay ends this ep with Art 1 and tries to pick someone's lock but almost gets caught and runs off.
Fifth episode is "NEW EPIC NUT KICKING MOVE & GETTING BACKSTABBED Bully [5]" published June 18, 2016. The only thing wrong about this episode that I found is that Jay says the r slur in the first minute or so. Which obviously now is not acceptable and I am not trying to dig up these to cancel him again, I'm only saying that it's in this episode so if you're uncomfortable with that word then you can skip it. That and along with other reasons why he deleted the whole series, which is understandable. Jay first starts the episode with Gym 3 but he also states that he doesn't remember Gym 2. Also in this episode, Jay does the missions "Character Sheets", "Help Gary", and "Russell in the Hole." Gary backstabbed Jimmy, setting him up to fight Russell in the school's basement. At the end Russell finds out that Jimmy didn't talk about him or his mother. The episode officially ends Chapter 1 and starts with Chapter 2 "Rich Kid Blues." EP5 ends at the start of Chapter 2 aka "Rich Kid Blues" which would be included more in EP6.

We do not have episode 6. I couldn't even find the title for it. Jay does mention in episode 7 that he did some errands for the lunch lady which would've been "Last Minute Shopping" which is where Jimmy goes to town with Edna's bike aka the lunch lady and gets her what she needs, ditching her bike so Jimmy takes the school bus back. Jimmy earns 15 dollars for this mission. Jay also mentions that he went to gym as well, so that would've been Gym 4. That's all the information I could find for Episode 6. We can assume that episode 6 was published on June 20 2016.
Seventh episode is "GOT A HOT DATE WITH THE PREPPY CHICK! Bully [7]" published June 22, 2016. Starting this episode by giving people wedgies. Lovely. Jay states that there's no class so he picks a mission in the girls dorm, which is called "The Diary" it seems like you can do missions at random even though "The Diary" is supposed to be in Chapter 1, from what I found online. "The Diary" takes place right after "That Bitch" where Mandy stole Beatrice's lab notes, which was in Episode 3. Jay completed all of Chapter 1 missions. Then Jay goes to town and wants to ride his bicycle, and then we finally have the ICONIC song by Queen while Jimmy is riding. Now THAT'S amazing! Jay mentions now that he has a camera and that he had got it by getting liquor. Which is the mission called "Hattrick vs. Galloway" where Jimmy's English teacher Mr. Galloway has been drinking on the job so you have to collect the bottles that he's been hiding around the school. Once Jimmy collects them, Jimmy takes them to Ms. Phillips who is the art teacher who gives the bottles to the homeless man and as a reward, Jimmy gets a camera. This could've been in Episode 6. Going back to Episode 7, Jay starts the mission "Movie Tickets" where we meet Pinky who wants Jimmy to clear the line for the movie and Jimmy earns 15 dollars. Jay also does Chemistry 3 and completes it. (I forgot what ep Jay did Chemistry 2 is in. Possibly EP6? Since we haven't seen English and Chem since EP1) Jay also does English 2 and completes it. Jay does an errand by pulling the fire alarm and getting 15 dollars for it. Jay does the mission "Carnival Date" which is after "Movie Tickets" where we meet Pinky again. Pinky yells at Jimmy because he's "late" even though they never had something planned and Jimmy gives her flowers but Jimmy and Jay also learn that Pinky was waiting for Derby who is her cousin and their family wants them to marry. So instead Jimmy and Pinky go out. The ep ends with Jimmy giving Pinky a teddy bear from the carnival.
Eighth episode is "THESE RICH PREPPY KIDS ARE EGGSELLENT BULLY [8]" published June 25, 2016. Starting with Jay going to the town again and along the way, he spots a bike and gets on, and then the Queen song kicks in! Biccyccclleee BICYCLEEEEE!!! Only for a few seconds though, but then Jay finds out that the mission is the boxing one from the last episode which I didn't mention until now and still doesn't want to do it. Jay instead goes to gym class which is Gym 5 and it's dodgeball. Jay finishes gym class. Jay finally does the boxing challenges and says that he did the first challenge off-camera, and that he exploded some of the town off-camera as well. Jay starts shop class so it's Shop 1. Jay finds a prep guy named Tad who pretends to be British and says that he has to dress to talk to him and his friends, so Jay goes to a store called Aquaberry and gets a sweater and starts a mission called "The Eggs." Jay goes to Tad's house to give him the eggs since they're gonna egg Hattrick since he targeted Galloway, and Tad starts talking about how Jimmy talked shit about him and Jimmy denies it and then Gary shows up and tries to say that Jimmy did say those things. So now Jimmy has to fight his way out of Tad's yard and unlocks the gate and once Jimmy goes out, Tad eggs him a few times but Jimmy beats him up. The episode ends with Jay fucking up someone's car and trying to get into Tad's house but can't.
Ninth episode is "F#%K THE POLICE! BULLY [9]" published June 28, 2016. Starting with Jay mowing the lawn since Jimmy/Jay has been "a bad bad boy" (according to Jay)Jay goes out on town again and gets on a bike, but no Queen song. Jay does a mission called "Beach Rumble" though. Jimmy walks into an auto shop and sees the employee and a greaser named Ricky talking. Once Jimmy goes up to the counter he gets a trophy since he won a race (don't know which one and we haven't seen a race yet.) but some prep guys, one of them named Gord walk in and take it and run off with the trophy and Jimmy runs after them. Jay fails the mission twice, and on the third time he fights them on the beach with Ricky helping him. Jimmy gets his trophy and gets a bike races unlocked. After the mission, Jay goes out and beats up another prep and goes out in the road and beats up a lady and her car and then another prep guy comes up in his bike and punches him for the bike. While he's punching the prep on the bike, he says d slurs on bikes, which is why he deleted the series. For a moment I would like to say as a bisexual woman, and I know I'm not a lesbian and do correct me if I can comment on this. I do understand why he deleted this episode and the whole series because of this, and I believe he even apologized for this which is wonderful that he acknowledged what was wrong and said that he was sorry. I am not trying to cancel him again or trying to bring this up because I hate him or something. I'm only bringing it up because if you are offended by that slur then you can skip the episode. I believe now Jay is a better person and learned from his mistakes. If you don't forgive him for his comments from the past then that's understandable as well. Let's continue the episode though. Jay soon gets busted by the cops by beating people up and continues to beat up people even by the police station, Jay also disrespects the police and also plays Fuck The Police by N.W.A. Jay goes to the boys dorm and pulls the alarm and goes to the girls dorm and falls asleep because Jimmy was tired as shit. The next day Jay goes to the school and does a mission called "Weed Killer." This mission is in the chem room with the chem teacher Dr. Slawter and he tells Jay/Jimmy that he has a giant venus flytrap named Crapula Maxima Fortissima and that Derby Harrington and his father bought a bigger one to prove that they're rich, Dr. Slawter wants Jay/Jimmy to kill the plant and not Derby. Jay has Jimmy get a new haircut and has to break into the Harrington house disguised as a prep. Jay destroys the plant with poison and the plant screams. After the mission, Jay does English 3 and Jay completes it. Jay goes to town and gets in trouble with the cops again. Jay also says the r slur but shortens it since he thought the name "Tad" also had an r in there and that's the shortened form for the r slur according to dictionary.com. I am not going to comment much this time since I don't want to repeat myself each time Jay says something offensive, but again I am just pointing it out. Hope you understand.But "Tad's House" is the next mission that Jay ends the episode with, which is also supposed to be right after "Beach Rumble." In this mission, Russell has a clerk by a chokehold and so Jimmy helps the clerk by letting Russell let him go and so the clerk gives him more eggs so Russell and Jimmy can egg Tad's house. Jay completes the mission and gets 15 dollars while escaping preppy kids.
We do not have the tenth episode, we can assume that it was uploaded early July of 2016.
We do not have the eleventh episode, we can assume that it was uploaded early July of 2016.
Twelfth episode is "RACING TO WIN ANOTHER MAN'S GIRLFRIEND (PIMPIN) BULLY [11]." Published July 7, 2016. The title changed before it got archived so it's supposed to be number 12. Jay goes into town and starts a mission called "Cook's Date." The mission is keep Edna and Dr. Slawter date peaceful by hitting people with a slingshot who will try and stop the date. We didn't see the first cutscene of this but also after the date it's insinuated that Edna is going to sexually assault Dr. Slawter because she drugged his coffee which is disgusting, Moving on from that, Jay does another mission called "Wrong Part Of Town." Where one of the nerds calls over Jimmy and says that a greaser named Johnny thinks that Algie is trying to get with his girlfriend Lola which is not true since Algie only likes blondes, and also says look for Cornelius who Jimmy doesn't know but he worked with Algie last. Jimmy finds Cornelius being picked on by Johnny and his goons and Gary's also there watching it happen..hm. Cornelius also said that Algie is at the pizza parlor to the greasers but says to Jimmy that he was lying. Jay finds out where Algie is and goes to town to find him. Jay finds Algie and tells him what happened. Jay completes the mission and does Art 4. We haven't seen art in a while, so we can assume that Jay did art 3 in 10th or 11th ep. Jay does the mission called "Tagging" which is supposed to be before "Wrong Part of Town." In "Tagging" where we learn that Jimmy is the boss of Derby which we don't know how that happened, maybe it's because Jimmy destroyed that big plant he had? Who knows. Jimmy has to go to town again because some greasers were making life difficult for Gord and basically has to send a message. Jay completes the mission and adds another mission to the episode which is called "Lola's Race" which is right after "Wrong Part of Town." Jimmy has to race against Johnny by using bikes. Jay wins the race and Jimmy kisses Lola.
Thirteenth episode is "WHY IS EVERYONE FIGHTING OVER THIS CHICK?! BULLY [13]" Published July 13, 2016. Jay starts off the episode by saying that his files got corrupted and so he has to redo them, and that he's going to skip some of the cutscenes since he already saw them. Jay starts the mission called "Glass House" which is right after "Lola's Race." In "Glass House" Jay skips the cutscenes and tells us that Jimmy's English teacher Galloway is being harassed by Hattrick again so Galloway asks Jimmy to destroy Hattrick's house. Jay completes the mission and gets 40 dollars. Jay goes to Shop 3 and we haven't seen Shop in a while, so he probably did Shop 2 in one of the missing eps. Jay goes to town and does a mission called "The Tenements" which is right after the "Glass House," Jay also says this time he won't skip the cutscene since Lola is starting to become in the main storyline. Jimmy has to get Lola's stuff from an abandoned warehouse since Johnny and his goons won't talk to her, Jay said earlier in the episode that when he first did it, it was difficult and that he got stuck on some parts. In the warehouse, Jay has to fight Norton and his big hammer too and he just keeps using the slingshot mostly, but also uses fireworks and stink bombs. With the hammer, Jay finds Lola's items by smashing shit and returns them to her. Jay does a mission called "The Rumble" where Jimmy and Lola talk again, Lola says that Tad and his boys are going to fight Johnny and his boys all because of Lola. Lola has a problem that Jimmy doesn't fight for her and Jimmy just brushes it off. Jimmy has to find someone named Peanut though and Jay says that he remembered where he was, and so Jimmy has to defeat the greasers now. Jimmy wins and so Johnny finds out and wants to fight and Jimmy wants peace but Johnny knocks him out. Jimmy now has to get on his bike and outrun the cops. Jimmy gets knocked off of his bike over a fence so on the other side, Jimmy and Johnny fight while Johnny is on bike. While Johnny is off the bike, Jay punches/headbutts him, etc. Jay wins the fight and Jimmy says that he doesn't want Lola and wants Johnny and his boys to stop fighting people. This ep closely ends with the start of Chapter 4 aka "A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body, And Other Lies" with Jimmy saying that he's taken control of the worst cliques but knows that there's bigger problems out there and the episode ends with Jimmy and Petey getting into a little argument about Petey being a dork but then Petey bums into some jocks and the jocks and Jimmy argue, with Jimmy saying that him and Petey just found some new people to have fun with.
Fourteenth episode is "NEED RISKY PHOTOS FOR THIRSTY NERDS & FUNHOUSE! Bully" Published July 19, 2016. What's a little bit different about this episode and others is that Jay took 6 days to upload it because with other episodes it would be like 2 days, 3 days or even 1 day! But Jimmy is wearing the same outfit from the last episodes so everything's all good. Jay goes to the library and does a mission called "Stronghold Assault." Where Jimmy walks into a conversion between Algie and Petey and asks for help about the jocks where Algie refuses to help Jimmy and Petey says to talk to Earnest to take control of the nerd group and so Jimmy goes outside to find Earnest. Jimmy finds Earnest at the Observatory and has to destroy it to get Earnest. Jay fails it once, and tries again. Jay wins it. Jay has to win another battle with Earnest and so Jay wins it. Jay does another mission called "Funhouse Fun." Jimmy goes to the library and talks with Algie, and once he gets out of the library and goes to the carnival, Jay says the r slur again because he couldn't find something on the map and I must say that I didn't know that he said it a lot in this playthrough but I also can say he apologized and is probably embarrassed by it. Don't want to repeat myself but not trying to cancel him, just trying to say that if this offends you then please skip. I'm also not trying to make excuses for him as well by constantly saying that he apologized but I can't really comment much on the situation. Moving on though, Jay goes to the carnival for the funhouse and finds the nerds and helps them win a fight with the jocks. Jay fails at the third mini mission and has to do everything again, but Jay completes it and have the nerds walk through and they go to a different place and Jay has to find the nerds again, but finally they all exit the funhouse. Jay does the final mission for the episode which is called "Paparazzi." Earnest wants Jimmy to get pictures of the head cheerleader to taunt the jocks which is gross. While Jimmy takes pictures of Mandy practicing cheerleading, sneaking into the girls dorm, the girls bathroom to take a picture of a huge ass door and the steam since Mandy was taking a shower, and taking the final picture of her in her room. Jay is enjoying some peppered beef jerky. Jay explains at the end of the episode that him and Nini have been moving things around to make the room look like an actual office and that he wanted to record something even though he was tired.


"Paparazzi" is one of the last few missions for "Chapter 4: A Healthy Body in a Healthy Mind, and Other Lies." In the next ep, Jay starts off the episode with Jimmy in a bull costume so either there's another missing ep or he did it on his own time. Jay also goes to Art 5 which we haven't seen art in a while, also Jay starts the mission "Discretion Assured" which in some lists of Bully Mission, "Pararazzi" is either right before "Discretion Assured" or closely enough to "Discretion Assured." Jay took a week to upload the next episode and my personal opinion is that "PEEING IN THE FOOTBALL TEAMS DRINKS & BULL DANCE!" is the Fifthteen episode and that's because of how the timeline adds up with the dates and the mission lately. Jay even mentions that he's on "something-teen" for the next episode which isn't much but still. Correct me if I am wrong though.

"PEEING IN THE FOOTBALL TEAMS DRINKS & BULL DANCE!" Published July 26, 2016. starts with Art 5 and Jay fails it, so he decides to play a mission called "Discretion Assured" which is apart of the chapter called "Chapter 4: A Healthy Body in a Healthy Mind, and Other Lies" "Discretion Assured" also is the second to last mission in Chapter 4.Jimmy sees Mandy on top of the bleachers and Mandy vents to him about the pictures that got all around town, and Jimmy offers to cover up the pictures. Earnest then puts up another picture of Mandy so Jimmy has to cover that one up too. Jay has to redo the mission because it glitched a little bit. Jimmy now has to meet Mandy at the boys dorm, and now Mandy likes Jimmy. Jay starts a mission called "The Big Game." Where Jimmy sneaks up on Earnest reading a fan fiction of him with a made up woman..? Anyway, Earnest talks about his plan to take down the jocks and Jimmy still has to wear his mascot but he learns a bull dance! Every time Jimmy gets stopped by someone, he has to do the dance by trying to get to places for his mission provided by the nerds and Jimmy has to swap footballs, gluing the bench, peeing in the football teams cooler, scattering the marbles on the football field, Jay also says the r slur again since someone on the field slipped on marbles saying that he couldn't do it.. I'm not going to comment much about it, since I already said what I wanted to say. Please skip this one also if you'd like. Jay continues with the tasks though, and the scoreboard has to get hacked by Jimmy and Jimmy has to hit the jocks with the balls rigged with fireworks/fight them, and finally the mission gets completed. The episode ends with the beginning of "Chapter 5: The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15." We also see that Jimmy with a bunch of friends and soon departs from them to talk to Petey, saying that he "took over this dump" and Petey just doesn't want him to turn into a jerk and Petey mentions Gary and Jimmy says that he doesn't care about him saying that "let's milk this thing for all its worth."

Since we started the beginning of Chapter 5, some places have the first mission Jay plays in the next episode which is "Cheating Time" as the ACTUAL first mission or the third mission. So "Cheating Time" might be before or after "Rats In The Library" which is in the very next episode after this one. I DO believe that you can do missions at random until you reach the next chapter so I don't think that it really matters, but I just wanted to comment on that. As for the timeline? I personally believe that "CAUGHT CHEATING, LOOKING FOR BUMS & SCHOOL ON FIRE!" is the Sixteenth episode since it was published on August 1, 2016 and the last episode was published on July 26, 2016. Even though the missions are wonky, I CAN SAY that "Cheating Time" is either the first or third mission in Chapter 5 or "Rats In The Library" is the second or third mission since also "Making A Mark" could be the first mission for Chapter 5 or the second mission but they are close enough together, so that's also another reason why it could be the 16th episode.

"CAUGHT CHEATING, LOOKING FOR BUMS & SCHOOL ON FIRE!" Published Aug 1, 2016. Starts with Jay looking for homeless people in the town to take pictures of and once he does, he goes to the art teacher and completes Photography 3, (which we haven't seen Photography 1 or 2 so we can assume it's in the missing eps), then completes a side mission with Algie to take him to the library which Jay mentions that he failed before, after that Jay says that he wants to practice with the homeless man at the abandoned bus and once Jay walks past a mission by the bus, the mission says "Cheating Time," and also Jay even mentions that he's in Chapter 5. In "Cheating Time" we meet with a drunk Galloway and then we meet Hattrick is selling tests and Galloway says that he will never drink again if Jimmy catches Hattrick, so Jimmy has to take pictures of preps selling tests/talking to Hattrick. Once Jimmy is done taking pictures, he walks in a conversion between Galloway, Hattrick, and Dr. Crabblesnitch talking and so Jimmy shows Dr. Crabblesnitch the pictures and Hattrick gets fired. Jimmy gets 60 dollars for the mission. Jay does a side mission with one of the girls from the girls dorm named Christy to walk her back from the girls dorm even though it takes a while and Jay failed it because he violated curfew. Jay does a mission called "Making A Mark." where Jimmy is with his friends from different cliques and the prep decides that on city hall he should make a warning. So Jimmy does it and once he's done and gets on his bike, Jay plays the Queen song again! Yipeee!!! BICCYCCLLEEE!! Once Jimmy goes back to the dorm, Petey says that Jimmy has loads of problems and that Gary could be behind it but Petey doesn't say much else. Jay goes to English 4 and fails it. Jay goes to Aquaberry and buys a tuxedo with a top hat. Jay starts the last mission of the episode which is "The Gym Is Burning." Where Mr. Burton blames Jimmy for the gym fire and even calls the cops but Jimmy gets a fire extinguisher and rescues the people inside before the cops arrive, and then finally Jimmy searches for the pyro who started the fire where some random guy started the fire and that's the end of the episode.

Since "The Gym Is Burning" was the last mission that we covered, usually "Rats In The Library" is either right before "The Gym Is Burning" or closely enough, which again I can say that I personally believe all of the unlabeled episodes are just the next ones over. I mean the chapters lineup and the dates mostly line up. That being said "COVERING THE TEACHER IN POO & FIGHTING SCHOOL DROP OUTS!" is probably the 17th episode. I believe again that the order of the missions don't really matter as long as you play them. "COVERING THE TEACHER IN POO & FIGHTING SCHOOL DROP OUTS!" Published Aug 7, 2016. Starts with Art 5 and Jay completes it, and also has "Rats In The Library '' as the first mission of this ep. "Rats In The Library" is one of the chapters of Chapter 5. Where Jay has to get the slingshot and kill 20 rats and Jay completes it and earns 30 dollars. Jay does the next mission called "Finding Johnny Vincent." Where Lola says that Johnny has disappeared and blames Jimmy a little bit and then the guy with Lola says that Johnny might be in the asylum and so once the mission is over, Jay says that he has to find a bike to the asylum and says d slurs on bikes again which is not good and it isn't his first time saying it but again I've already commented on the situation and so I can't say much of what I've already said. After a while, Jay goes to the asylum where Jimmy has to sneak past the orderlies and find Johnny. Once Jimmy gets to Johnny, Johnny says that he has to find the control room and get an orderly uniform. Jimmy gets the orderly uniform and talks to the guard in the control room and frees all of the inmates, so Johnny and Jimmy have to escape and once they escape. Johnny says that he got into the asylum since some kids said that they have been messing with Lola and now he has to go talk to her. Jimmy gets 30 dollars for the mission. Jay does a townie mission aka a red star mission so it could be a part of the main storyline but I do not know. Starting the mission, Jimmy enters some people talking which are the school dropouts and beats them up. Jay completes the mission and earns the townies hangout and a new save location. The next mission Jay does is "Revenge on Mr. Burton." Jay/Jimmy meet a ginger girl named Zoe who got kicked out because of Mr. Burton being nasty and Jimmy agrees. Jimmy and Zoe come up with a plan to tip the port-a-potty Mr. Burton uses whenever he goes jogging, so Jimmy has to go to the town. Jimmy finds random bolt cutters and has to meet Zoe at the park. Once Jimmy meets Zoe at the park, he gives her the bolt cutters and Jimmy has to lock up the other port-a-potties. Once Jimmy does that, he has to drive a tractor to ram it into the port-a-potty and Jay completes the mission and Jimmy gets 30 dollars. Jay has Jimmy drive the tractor around the town to find the final mission of this episode and that mission is "Preppies Vandalized." Jimmy talks to Derby and his boys to discover that someone stole the boxing trophies and Derby blames Jimmy and Jimmy says it wasn't him and one of Derby's boys say it could be the greasers. Jimmy says maybe it wasn't them either, that maybe it was someone else and one of Derby's boys say it couldn't be and that everyone loves them and Jimmy say that everyone hates them but Jimmy also says that he will get the trophies back from the greasers. Jimmy goes to greaser hang out and once he arrives, the greaser say that they didn't steal the trophy since they don't care about the preps. Now Jimmy has to go to a warehouse since the greasers talked about how the townies go there, once Jimmy arrives he has to take pictures of the townies putting rats in crates, Jimmy completes that and has to travel to the docks, Jimmy does and has to photograph the townies burning up the trophies and has to return to the boxing gym where the preps were in the first place. Jimmy arrives at the boxing gym, and talks to the preps and the preps ask why are the townies doing this and Jimmy says "because I listened to Gary" and Derby and Bif (one of Derby's boys) say it's Jimmy's fault and Jimmy says it's actually Gary's fault and Bif and Derby mock Jimmy and leave but Jimmy doesn't show them the photos. This episode ends with Jimmy earning 30 dollars.

"THE FIGHT TO END ALL BULLYING Bully [END]" Published August 13, 2016. Begins with Jay saying that he's changed Jimmy's outfit and that he defeated the townies so this episode after the last one. Jay does Chem 5 and Jay completes the whole class. Jay does a mission called "Go See The Principal" where Dr. Crabblesnitch tells Jimmy that Bullworth is not for him and Jimmy tells him off and Crabblesnitch says that he did graffiti on the town hall and Jimmy asked who told him and Crabblesnitch doesn't say but Jimmy says Gary and Jimmy may have done this for jokes but that Gary likes to torture people and Crabblesnitch defends Gary saying that he's not afraid of being unpopular leader. Crabblesnitch says that he tried contacting Jimmy's mother but she's still on a cruise so Jimmy has to stay in his room but he can't wear the school uniform or attend classes and telling Jimmy to get out. Jimmy says whatever and walks off. Jay does a mission called "Busting In Part I" where Petey says hey to Jimmy and asks him how he's doing and Jimmy says that everyone hates me and Petey says that everyone laughs at him and Jimmy says that everyone else is a jerk but at least he tried and tried to make people happy and goes on a rant. Petey says that it must've been Gary and Jimmy says that he knows and Petey says that they have to prove that Gary was behind everything, Jimmy says that they don't know if it was Gary and that he doesn't even care anymore and Petey says c'mon and Jimmy says alright and that they need some backup and someone who's big and strong who doesn't hate him yet and they both say Russell, Petey says that he'll be at his house. Jimmy travels far to get to Russell's house and says that he needs his help to get into the dropout's hideout, Russell appears with a scooter and so Jimmy gets his own so they ride to the hideout. Jay starts the next mission called "Busting In Part II." Where they destroy the enter and Russell runs off since cops showed up and Zoe came to talk to Jimmy saying that they can't talk to the leader Edgar right now since he probably doesn't want to see Jimmy and the power is out anyway, so Jimmy has to reset generator switches and fighting people along the way while protecting Zoe. Jimmy has to go to Red Star building trying to get the power restarted and trying to go to chem plants, finding someone named Omar to get a key for the plant. Inside the chem plant finding Edgar and trying to catch up to him. Once Jimmy catches up to Edgar, he fights him and once Jay wins the fight, Edgar says that he only wanted to fight Jimmy because his parents couldn't afford to send him to Bullworth and that he's stuck in the town. Edgar namedrops Gary saying that Gary said that he would make them pay and Jimmy says "probably told you that you both would take over the school" and Edgar's like how did you know and Jimmy says Gary said the same thing to him and it didn't do him any good. Jimmy wants Edgar to help him to make Gary pay. Jay, overall completes the mission. Jay does another mission called "Complete Mayhem." (which is either the last mission or the second to last mission on some lists.) Jimmy meets up with Zoe and she tells him that a massive fight has broken out in Bullworth that every clique are fighting each other, Jimmy says that he needs back-up and Zoe tells him that Russell is hiding in a meat factory since he stole a cops bike, so Jimmy goes ahead and looks for him. Once Jimmy finds Russell, Russell runs off without Jimmy and so Jay makes Jimmy run off and Russell tugs Jimmy so they can hide away from the cops. After the cops go away, Jimmy tells Russell what's been happening at the school, Jimmy also meets up with Edgar and his boys and tells them too saying that it's all Gary's doing. Jimmy comes up with a plan to threat and bribe the people and if that fails, then they beat the crap out of them, saying that's why he brought back-up and Russell says "Russell...likes to hurt people....for peace!" Jimmy and everyone else go to the school to found out that the gates locked and Russell breaks it open for them, Jimmy says to find the leaders since targeting the leaders Gary will have nothing. Jimmy & Russell find Earnest first in the school's gym saying that Gary is a load of crap, Earnest and his boys don't listen so Russell & Jimmy have to fight them. Once Jay is done with the nerds, he goes out and try finding more leaders. Jay finds the leader of the jocks which is Ted and so now they have to take out the jocks, also Jay uses the rocket launcher to take them out. Jay finishes the jocks and now has to find more leaders. Jay finds the leader of the preps which is Derby and he's with his boys so now Jay has to take out the preps. Now, Jay has to find the last clique leader which is Johnny and his greaser goons so now Jay has to take out the greasers. Jay has to meet Edgar inside of the school and Jimmy says to Edgar to go help everyone calm down while Jimmy deals with Gary and Edgar understands. Some prefects steal Jimmy's slingshot so Russell chases them down and Gary gets on the speaker saying that Jimmy is trash and Jimmy tells Gary for him to come out and Gary does and he says "let the games begin." Now Gary and Jimmy are on top of the school's roof, with Gary saying that he's won by tricking everyone. After that cutscene, Jay has to navigate his way through Gary and his obstacles. After the obstacles, Jimmy asks Gary why he did it and Gary says because he can and that it feels great, but Jimmy says that he never did anything to him and Gary says that he could've if given the chance. Gary also says that he's tied up the principal and even gotten people unfairly expelled, putting others in therapy, and Crabblesnitch still likes him. Jimmy soon has a struggle with Gary who's been standing at the edge of the roof the whole cutscene and soon they both fall, causing them to fall onto a wood platform. Now the final boss battle is Gary. Through the fight, some wood platforms break whenever Gary puts Jimmy against the edge. Eventually all of the wood platforms break and they both fall onto glass landing in Crabblesnitch's office where Crabblesnitch heard everything and saying that Gary is expelled. Soon, Jimmy unties Crabblesnitch and Crabblesnitch says that he may have judge Jimmy too unfairly and calls him a diamond, Jimmy say thank you and saying to take out the trash pointing at Gary and Jimmy says my pleasure. Jimmy only drags Gary a few feet away, and Crabblesnitch calls Jimmy a lone wolf and Jimmy stops and says he did have a lot of help from friends. Starting with Zoe, explaining how she got expelled by Burton hitting on her and Crabblesnitch says that Burton is fired. Jimmy also namedrops Peter aka Petey aka Pete, saying that he's a good friend of Jimmy's and also saying that Petey is kinda shy and Crabblesnitch says that Pete should be head of school and Jimmy says great idea. Jimmy mentions that letter to his mother and Crabblesnitch says "what letter?" indicating that Jimmy is let off of the hook, then the cutscene ends. Another one begins with Jimmy walking out of the school and everyone cheering for him and Zoe runs up and gives him a kiss. And that's the end of Bully with Jay from the Kubz Scouts.
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