Carrier mini split 24000 btu

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2023.06.09 07:27 Bla64 Random DMZ tips

You run faster with a revive pistol in your hand.
Personal exfil is permanent once purchased and can be used even when radiation covers it, It can be used by anyone, without a limit, and even up until the final exfil leaves.
If you get sniped, pay attention to the red ring marker that indicates the bullet direction. Use this in combination with the compass at the top of the screen and communicate the location.
You're more visible when parachuting and can get easily get sniped out of the air. Minimize parachuting as much as possible. (even though I know it's fun)
Many people prefer vocal communication through microphone. But if you can't, please at least use pings in your ping wheel to communicate to your team. Text works on pc as well.
Remember, there are free ammo depots all around the map. Regularly use them and save ammo boxes for other situations.
You can tell the difference between bots and operators by their body movement. Bots have longer and more detailed animations. Operators have a unique look when they sprint, especially tactical sprint when they hold their gun up. Operators always have backpacks as well. This may seem trivial but from longer distances it can be harder to tell what is an operator, but the movement / animations give it away.
You can generally tell the difference between a Bot vehicle or an Operator vehicle by how it moves. Bots stick to the road and drive very smoothly. They also take a long time to park. You can see this on your mini map. Operators tend to get out of the car while the car is still moving. If you see a red car suddenly turn gray while it's still moving, an operator just jumped out of the car and is now on foot. Be alert.
Riot shield bots: Semtex / thermite / drill charge all kills them on direct hit. Flash / stun / tear gas will stun them and require a follow up shot to kill them. If you have none of these and can get above or below a riot shield bot like on a stair case, you can shoot them easier. With teammates and coordination, one person can just run past the bot while the other aims at him. He has to look at one of you.
High velocity ammo and attachments recommended for long distance shots (and not just for sniper rifles). It makes your bullets literally travel faster and makes long distance gunfights feel more accurate and responsive.
You cannot get inside a vehicle when holding a hostage but you can get on top of vehicles and get to your exfil chopper faster. if all else fails, you can also "push" teammates holding hostages with your vehicle. Be aware that operators can see and camp your hostage chopper.
You can only plea for help once per game.
You can call exfil choppers to bait other players. The big green flare ball will be seen by others.
If you do a gun Raid Weapon Stash mission, have one player initiate the contract while one waits by the safe ready to drill. You can also split up for missions like Intel where one climbs the tower as soon as someone gets the laptop. Scavenger box contract you can split up a bit.
To cancel a contract, open your map and hit the key or button for alt fire mode. You don't wanna hold up your team when you're the last one that needs to cancel the contract.
You may want to send squad invitations / requests even if you just slightly beleive an operator is near you. The majority of ppl I send requests are willing to accept. This might be because I'm usually solo, but experiment with this. I figure it makes ppl feel more at ease if you request to join them, then you can run to your last known teammate position and send invites to them. But be advised, you will get mixed results.
If you're using microphone, you don't have to be a chatty Cathy if you don't want to. Sometimes I barely speak at all. But make sure to communicate critical things like operators in your area. If you are downed and far from your team, let them know if it was bots and if you plan to self revive.
So sorry for typos, I have ADHD and it took a lot out of me to write this. I will edit typos slowly and later.
I'll also add more I'd you'd like.
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2023.06.09 05:42 Fluid-Career4404 mini split 120v 12000 btu

What does this mean.
MCA 18.5 & Max fuse 25
Use 12 gauge wire and a 25 amp breaker at the panel?
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2023.06.09 05:13 abc987zyx Think Im being taken for a trip, does any of this sound right?

Think Im being taken for a trip, does any of this sound right?
Fujitsu mini split model aou36rlxfz1
Problem, doesnt cool. compressor not kicking on. fan spinning slowly. no error codes. can here condenser getting called or doing self diagnosis.
called a tech, he popped it open and got ahold of fujitsu tech support. long story short they say it needs new boards and fan motor.
I hear him talking to his boss (who sounds like a major asshole), but hes saying how fujitsu has burned them before. They were wrong and dont allow parts to be returned.
asshole boss yelling at his tech saying he wants $3500 up front to replace boards and wont guarentee it will fix anything. (also tech tells me they charge $300 per lb of 410a installed)
my boards look to have slight corrosion or staining or something. never surged as i dont lose power. tech was supposed to come back and check the electronic valves on the service valves the next day because he didnt have his needle probes, pretty sure boss told him not to
does anyone have any knowledge on these units, wondering if this sounds right.
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2023.06.09 04:51 sophiasofar [USA-PA] [H] Electro-Voice RE20 w/309A Mount GOXLR MINI G PRO SUPERLIGHT [W] PayPal

All items will be shipped with sig conf via paypal invoice.

Item Info Price
Electro Voice RE20 w/309A Mount has case for mic, and mount. selling as a bundle. not splitting. $430 shipped
Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Wireless white Has box and cables, lightly used $85 shipped
GOXLR Mini Has Box, only 6 months old, includes USB and XLR cable $160 shipped
Glorious Model D Box and cables $25 shipped
ENDGAME GEAR XM1r OG box $35 shipped

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2023.06.09 03:46 Upstairs_Squash8597 Loft ceiling ideals

I have a metal building and as one would imagine when the sun comes up, that heat is intense. I do have 3/4 of the ceiling covered with the reflective bubble insulation roll. What else could I do to reduce the amount of heat that is still making the inside so uncomfortable? The exterior walls are insulated and drywalled as well. I do have a mini split a c unit that I am waiting to be installed.
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2023.06.09 03:29 Tairc HVAC/Energy consultant recommendations?

I'm doing a new residential build in Charlotte, that is approaching passivhaus standards - very airtight, well insulated, etc. I'd like to have someone experienced do a formal manual J calculation to determine hvac sizing, and even better yet, have that person recommend/design things like an ERV, mini-split, and more, to make the system effective but not oversized.
Can anyone recommend anyone that does that sort of work? Especially if it's an energy consultant, hvac designer, or similar? Not just 'the local hvac shop' (who often have poor reputations for doing the full calculations in detail).
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2023.06.09 02:58 swamphag_ Looking

Hey y'all! My baby boy just turned two months old and im pretty new to baby wearing. I have the babybjorn mini and a moby wrap and honestly im not the biggest fan of either. I thought I had to moby wrap down but I gave me a lot of anxiety about whether it was too tight/too hot for my baby. The babybjorn mini is just kind of awkward, I don't like the way it fits around my baby's head and doesnt feel secure since my baby still needs his neck supported.
I want to get a good solid carrier that's comfortable, can be used long term as my baby grows, is somewhat cute, is breathable (I live in Louisiana so it's hot year round) and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I really like the artipoppe carrier prints and I've heard good things about them comfortability wise but the price of them is kind of painful to swallow.
Any brands y'all recommend checking out?
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2023.06.09 02:43 Historical-Novel7699 3 days in and it's already chaos

One of my closest friends moved in 3 days ago on Sun. For context, I'm 41f and she's 38f. We're both on disability and share similar health problems and are very close friends. She has been here for me when no one else was so I don't want to be rude or hurt her feelings, but something has to give. The place is in my name and I was going to have the landlord add her to the lease this week or next. I only asked for $300 for June since she really wanted to get a mini fridge for her room. It's a 2b2bath duplex. We have not worked out how the rent and bills will be split going forward yet.
Problem 1: I have 5 cats who I take extremely good care of. She has 2 dogs, one is a chihuahua (20lbs) and the other a chihuahua mix (28lbs). We had agreed to keep her dogs shut in her room for awhile unless she was taking them out. In 3 days, she has accidentally let the dogs escape 3 times (twice today) because she doesn't close her door quickly enough. The progress our animals had made towards getting to know each other has regressed because now my cats don't feel safe walking around the house because they never know when a dog is going to come flying out of the room. She won't walk them after 9/10pm, during rain, or even after the rain when it's wet. She plasters the floor with puppy pads and let's them pee wherever. Even when she's home and the weather is nice, she doesn't take them out often enough and just let's them use the puppy pads. One of her dogs has a major skin infection and she hasn't felt up to bathing them and the house now reeks of infection and dog.
Problem 2: This is her first time not to live with family, as her dad passed in Jan and she was his caretaker. She's moving from a 3br home with a significant accumulation of stuff. I've ask her to not bring too much over and to put it in the storage unit she has, until she unpacked some and made more room. She keeps saying that she'll make room for it, but I'm pretty sure she's a hoarder and there will never be enough room. Broken stuff, almost empty bottles of soap, and crap she doesn't need (like a knife sharpener, sandwich press, and stuff like that) has now cluttered the entire house. Apparently her room being overfilled was the reason the dogs escaped. There's just not enough space for it. I asked over and over to not bring more and she always says she'll make space. There is no more space. I asked her to put her huge kitchen table in storage until she could unpack, but she brought it anyway. She still has a ton she is packing to bring now and I'm about to lose my sh*t.
Problem 3: Her family smoked 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day for decades and everything reeks of filth and cigarettes. I smoked for a decade and have never ever smelled anything like it. Even canned food, wood and plastic smells vile. I've almost puked many times already because of it. I don't know how her previous house smelled and never expected it to be this bad. I'm in a duplex and since the whole house now smells like years of filth, cigarettes smoke, and unbathed dogs with one having a skin infection, the neighbor could report me to our landlord. I could cry. She's not worried about it at all and is completely unphased by it while it's literally the worst smell I've ever known someone to live with. The washer and dryer are in my bathroom and she's unconcerned with using vinegar and baking soda to clean her stuff so the smell infects everything that I wash.
Problem 4: She's not throwing out trash from her room and she KNOWS I just had the place exterminated out of my own pocket because of ants getting in through cracks in the foundation. Today, because of the messiness, she broke a glass in her room, cleaned it up with my brand new broom that I had bought so I could throw out one that had been used on glass. She even admitted to not cleaning all of it up and putting her totes of junk there, because there's no room for them anywhere else, on top of what's left of the glass instead of cleaning it up properly.
I'm 3 days in, 3 DAYS. I've been the one taking out most of her dogs pee messes and 90% of trash. If I get rid of stuff to make more space I guarantee she'll fill it back up with crap that she doesn't need. She won't get rid of anything from the 3 br home she's coming from. Right now, I don't want her there. Oh, did I mention she can't drive so I've been asked for the last 3 days, every day, to take her somewhere instead of running the errand myself so she could stay home and take her dogs out. She has medical and dental appts (none of them urgent) she won't reschedule or cancel so that's more time she can't unpack or take her dogs out.
When I offered to let her move in here, she knew that the furniture in that bedroom would stay and expected her to bring just necessities and a few other things. I had a major surgery on May 16th and while I wanted her to wait to the beginning of July to move in, she kept insisting to do it sooner. Now I can't even rest properly because so much has been put on my shoulders that I didn't expect nor want.
Please help me guys! I need a roommate financially since I barely make it every month, but there are too many things going wrong that could've been prevented had she listened to me or just used common sense.
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2023.06.09 02:17 Fickle_Rooster2362 Keiki Kingdom has these absolute units of “mini” split ACs

Keiki Kingdom has these absolute units of “mini” split ACs
I know Hawaii loves their mini splits but this is ridiculous.
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2023.06.09 00:54 jokesOnYou321 Which brand and capacity AC and Furnace I need

Living space: 2650 sqft (excluding basement) with basement it's 3000 sqft
Location: Illinois
I had one of the company came in and quoted around 12k to 14k with 10year equipment and labor warranty. Looks like a sales person.
He recommended Carrier brand, 13 seers, 4 TON AC, 80% energy efficient 135k BTU furnace (with 1 or 2 stage).
How is the carrier brand? Any other brand people recommend?
Is 4 TON and 13 good for the size of the house? Is it average, less or over kill?
Is 135k BTU good size, is it average, less or overkill?
Thank you!!
The older units are huge and pretty old like 25-30 year old. They are R-12 units with Freon. Some guys are saying it's pretty big than you want for the house. I haven't heard about manual-J calculation until now.
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2023.06.08 23:19 _coke_zero_ Leaking sol de janeiro

I received a leaking bottle for a mini spray and contacted Sephora online customer service, they sent me a free replacement. But I got this one and it’s also leaking.
Should I contact them online again or do a exchange/return in store? I don’t want to be banned from returns. I’ve had a few replacements before for leaking bottles (maybe 3, all worth under $100 CAD)
Is it normal for the mini sprays to be leaking so much? I’m starting to think my shipping carrier just sucks? I had a hear oil leak, a lip gloss and now this spray twice. If the bottle is known for leaking I don’t really want it since I’ll be throwing it in my bags. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.08 23:15 yoneb Good base game but lacking a lot.

So I'm currently level 87 and had a blast playing but now as the hype is slowing down I'm realizing this game is missing so very important things, things that were present in D3 and are not now which are starting to make the game a little tedious.
Dungeons: Dungeons being the current endgame content that will be the majority of the time played on the game are very lackluster. For starters running to a new dungeon after each one is very infuriating now after doing it for only a few days, granted I've played a lot more than the average player. But still, if you want to farm more than 3 dungeons it becomes very noticeable the time wasted running between. I don't see the problem with the shrine for GRs in D3 or the map device in POE so why does it seem like we have taken a step backward?
Now more about the dungeons themselves, why have we moved from kill progression to these mini-quests? GR in D3 was perfectly fine IMO, grouping packs together into a large group and bursting it was so fun compared to the constant backtracking in the current dungeon system (even worse when playing solo and not in a group). The density in these dungeons is also very poor in most instances and leaves a lot to wish for. My most recent dungeon (renegades retreat) was a kill 3 elites then boss dungeon and it was literally 3 mins of running, 3 elites, and then boss kill.
Tier dungeons feel absolutely pointless other than leveling glyphs. There is no point in doing tier with mobs higher level than you, they are just slower and don't offer enough player or glyph xp to make them anywhere near worth farming. I've done up to 45 and would much rather do 30s for speed.
Tier 32 Dungeon:
Renown: The renown system in this game is awful, power systems should never be locked behind a collection base system imo, especially when it could potentially have to be completed every 3 months for a new season. I was able to complete all 5 zones to get the 4 paragon points and this took me quite a while. Even with the help of my friends, doing dungeon splits to clear the dungeons a lot quicker it has still taken a lot of time probably close to 9-10 hours. It took me 2 hours alone to collect all the Lilith alters, even while looking at a second screen with a map of them on.
After clearing the full map and completing the zones I was amazed to find that when going on an alt all that had carried over were the rewards for the renown and the 5 major cities' waypoints, the rest of the map was greyed out, could only see dungeons that were shown because of the tree of whispers. This immediately made me not want to progress any alts. I think they need to revisit renown and the map for alts after completing it all on one character.
Gold and materials: There are a lot of materials in this game and half of them I don't even know what they are used for. The only material that I am in constant need of is gold. Unlike in D3 gold is very hard to come by. Unless you are returning to town after every dungeon, which only increases the time it takes to farm dungeons, then it takes a very long time to save gold when you spend over a million to reroll a weapon after a few rerolls. Why is gold no longer a reward for tier dungeons and the high the tier the more you get?
XP: why is it that a world tier 4 Bind burrow's dungeon gives me 700k for a full dungeon that takes me 2-3 mins to clear, but a tier 35+ gives me 850k that I can clear in the same amount of time? In what world does this xp gain make sense? It's more efficient to farm world tier 4 with level 70 mobs than level 90 mobs in tier dungeons, I just don't get how the xp scaling works in this game.

Overall the game feels like it has been a lot more casual player oriented, made for people who only might have an hour or two to play and to make them feel like they have experienced a lot in that time. And for the people who do play a lot more than the casual we now have to suffer with the repetitiveness of some of the systems that are now in the game.
However, with all of this said I am hopeful for this game and think with a few changes to systems that the game will have some longevity to it and I am hoping the first season will bring that.
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2023.06.08 22:43 hemanbean I have a carrier split flexi cool 1.5T AC. I've been using it from the past 6 months n it's been serviced twice. However, these days, it is only cooling in the morning and at night, only the fans turn in n not the condenser. What do I do??

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2023.06.08 22:27 m80mike I Was a Pilot on Strike. This is Why We Went Back to Work.

Summary: A labor dispute coupled with an outbreak of unknown disease pushes all sides to war and a new truth.
I Was a Pilot on Strike. This is Why We Went Back to Work.
I was the second in command activist pilot in the Union based at O'Hare International, the unofficial headquarters of the strike movement. I remember when our strike started to heat up very vividly.
Fred, our Union boss, and Leo, the first in command activist, were sitting in the pilot's lounge, watching the tv coverage flash our picket lines from airports across the country. Something like “what do we want? The Package. When do we want it? Now!”
The Package was the nickname for our list of demands which included more security in the wake of the so-called Body Bombings last year, better pay and benefits, more job security, and perhaps, most controversially, cleaner fuel and fuel efficiency standards for current and future airliners.
The TV chirped up again, “well, folks its the twenty first day of the pilot strike most jets have been grounded now for the last eighteen as the pilots and their associated ground personnel unions have occupied major airports – only major international carriers at the coastal hubs are landing or departing now as we've seen a huge increase in train and car travel as we approach the fourth of july weekend. That's right, and our next top story as we gather for the holiday for first time after the omicron wave, health officials are advising to watch out for symptoms of a new skin...”
Fred hit mute on the remote. Fred was a balding, thick man, with thick arm hair, rolling over his grizzled sun burned flesh like barbed wire.
Leo lit up a cigarette. Leo was short, thin, and young in his looks but old, like faux 50's old in his heart. “There's no smoking in here, Leo,” Fred said sternly.
Leo didn't flinch.
Then Fred broke a smile and chuckled.
“Media bums aren't even interested in what we want anymore.” I said.
“Only these media bums. Follow the money.” Leo mumbled over his cancer stick. “That media group got a lot of money out of the bailout. Probably more than us.”
Fred looked at his watch, “We should probably get going.”
“Make em sweat for once, for Christ sake.” Leo nearly spat out his smoke.
“I'm with Leo on this one, Fred” I said.
So we made the negotiators sweat a little longer.
About an hour later we finally met them at the table. We sat on the left, the various airline owners sat on the right. This was the third time during the last three weeks but now, there was a new guy at the head of the table, a Federal mediator.
The Mediator had black rimmed almost square glasses, thick gray hair, and a blotchy face, “I'm calling this meeting to order. Before I present this offer, I have impress upon both sides how essential it is we start our air travel again soon, both for the holiday but also the good of the country. I am at this time presenting a voluntary compromise – officially, the Federal government supports the pilots' initiative to enhance security in the wake of the last year's incidents and we are prepared to use some of the unspent bailout money to supplement private airliner's initiatives and spending. We are also sympathetic to pilots and ground crews positions on their pay and benefits. The Federal government, however, is not, at this time, interested in imposing nor supporting job security, nor fuel charges nor efficiency standards. I yield to the industry representatives for comment.”
The chief industry rep, Michelson Connery, was a young looking, smooth talking, sleaze bag with jet black hair from New Jersey who had a habit of touching his coke inflamed nose every five minutes or so.
“You know back in Jersey, we're used to being shaken down, as they say. Now we appreciate the nice talk, we appreciate your brass knuckles and tommy guns are firmly tucked away, we appreciate you're giving us a break or too, but a shake down is a shake down none the less. No deal. I yield.”
Fred sat up in his chair, his mouth agape, he cleared his throat while adjusting his microphone, “No deal.” He flopped back into his chair.
“Before we depart,” the Mediator quelled the commotion as both parties began to leave, “As I said the federal government has a strong interest in resuming flights as soon as possible, we are considering using our unique power to impose a settlement on the Union, if necessary.”
Fred lurched forward, “What kind of power? What kind of threat is this?”
“It's no threat.” The Mediator paused, “It's a threat to a threat, if necessary, we will invoke our powers under various emergency statutes to effectively Federalize pilots and ground crews – under those provisions, we would impose work or removal provisions to settle this.”
“That's total bull!” Fred lunged at the Mediator, “You're basically telling us all they have to do is wait it until you force us back to work! And what about the future? These efficiency standards aren't just about hippie dippie environmental stuff, its about fleet upgrades, fleet safety and thus worker and pilot safety!”
“Gentlemen, please, I putting something on the table and it has neither a definite nor indefinite timeline – in the meanwhile, your adversaries are hemorrhaging cash and depreciating their capital and you're folks – especially your ground crew union, are running out savings – I suggest you both, in good faith, consider the current and official Federal position in good time to sort this out sooner than later rather than a threat of a threat become a threat. Good day.”
Within hours, each side called a respective press conference. Industry denounced the compromise set out by the Feds while we denounced their denouncement. Neither side budged and neither side disclosed the Mediator's so called “threat of a threat”. We sat on the picket lines for another week as each side floated various non-serious proposals and misinformation in the media. We found ourselves back in the pilot lounge before our next round of serious negotiations. This time Fred and Leo were both smoking while I had to exhale bad news.
“The ground crew union is gunna crack first, Industry is offering them a side deal and I think they're gunna take it. They go back to work, it's gunna be next to impossible to leverage the whole of the hubs, then the scabs come in, they'll just work around us.” I told Leo and Fred. “Then we maybe we should float lower pay increases for ourselves. Overall, you pay the few pilots a little bit more, you pay the huge ground crew nothing more, that sounds like the win for us and Industry.” Leo pitched back. “Leo, where do we stand on public support?” Fred inquired.
“I don't know.”
“What do you mean you don't know?”
Leo clicked on the TV, “our top story tonight, farm fields across the country are now being seemingly afflicted by some kind of blight resulting in, at in some cases, widespread crop failures as the department of agriculture is mum. Meanwhile, more and more people are reporting severe skin deformations and damage while the CDC has been all but muzzled save for recommending that people stay inside and avoid direct sunlight. At this time there is speculation but no official word the crop blight and the skin disease are connected.” “See, it's all blight this, blight that.”
“So fake,” Fred said, “I've been out in the damn sun all week on the line and I've got nothing. Whatever the damn news wants to keep real progress from being made here. Anyway, I say we stay the course and we firm it up with the ground crews, have some solidarity.”
There was a knock on the door, “heh, maybe this good news.” Fred left his seat to open the door. A neutral representative walked through and announced the Federal Mediator has canceled the session. Leo and I brewed up from our seats to go raise holy hell with Fred at the mediator's delegation when all the television screens in the lounge turned to an Emergency Announcement Service message. Leo fumbled to unmute the television as the seal of the office of the President blasted on all the screens. “My fellow Americans, it is with great dismay that after nearly a month of grounded air travel across these great United States, because of a dispute over many complex issues, I am forced to use the power legislated to the executive branch by various emergency statutes, that I am announcing the immediate federalization of pilots and ground crews. Effective immediately, they will have a forty eight hour cooling off period before I am ordering them, as federal employees, to return to work or be dismissed. Also, their demands for higher pay and better benefits will be met in part by the conditions of Federal employment. I will be going to Congress, in the morning, to seek long term funding for our new national employees to secure their jobs for a long while. Any deviation from this will have significant physical consequences...”
The TV trailed off as representatives from the ground crews burst into the room in a ruckus, “Long term employment my ass! That jackass knows this is a bandaid – there's no way Congress is gunna pay us, in ninety days, we're as good as fired, begging for our old jobs with no retirement and no Unions.” Ground Crew Union Head Reggie Weston flipped off the TV. “I say, we sit on the damn runways after forty eight hours! You're with us, right? Can I get a yes yes?”
“And here we heard you were about to sell us out and now you're all about it huh?” Leo grumbled. “It was nothing like that. I swear. You know how much talk flies.” Reggie looked offended.
“I'm with Reggie, this is unbelievable, just like that our retirement plan, what? Probably gone? We're not employees anymore afterall. Forced to work – basically at gunpoint now. No. No. No.” I said. “Fred?” Leo prodded.
Fred stood there scratching his scalp in dismay and despair then he straightened himself up, took a drag off his smoke, and turned to us, “Tell all folks, we're going to war.”
We were a bit concerned some of the locals might pull off on the eve of the forty eight hour period but when the forty ninth came, they were steadfast and when they fired us, and then the cops came in, we were ready, both in the courts, and on the lines. On day four, ninety six hours after the announcement, the picket lines were more like trenches, and the pilot's lounge a war room. Each airport was a mini Battle of Blair Mountain. I had my arm wrapped up in an ice pack from a rubber bullet ricochet while Leo was still furiously blinking out yesterday's pepper spray. Fred hadn't been back from the riot on the runways.
Rocks, molotov cocktails scorch marks, and burned out tear gas canisters dotted the parking lots and tarmacs. Overturned vending machines, kiosks, and stacked chairs and tables from the food courts barricaded the concourses. A fire started in one of the hangers and it only just now started to burn itself out. They cut the power and we sweltered in that Midwest heat as we quickly discovered how poorly insulating all of the windows actually were. We had a few generators but they were being used to run the CCTV cameras which we connected to some of the TVs in the pilot's lounge so we could see which direction the next charge was coming from and send out warnings.
On the fifth day an injunction had been filed and granted against the entire federalization and the cops withdrew to their side of the no man's land. It wasn't a moment too soon as we the pilots and the ground crews were nearly depleted.
It was early that morning as the leadership started to gather in the pilot's lounge that we got our first of several mortifying discoveries.
Reggie held a flashlight to his bruised face as he announced, “We lost contact with our brothers at LAX and Denver International.”
“How? Why? Did they surrender?”
“I don't know about LAX but I got this out of Denver.” Reggie played a video on his phone. It was poorly lit and unsteady but in the dark of the early morning you could make out the sound and outline of two large transport helicopters. As they hovered for a landing, someone out of the frame shone a large flashlight against the side. The helicopters were civilian in design and bore the shield of a notorious private military contractor – the Blackdogs. Some one else shouts “get ready!” as black tactical troops streamed out of the choppers and the video abruptly ends.
“Oh my god!” I exclaimed, “They're gunna try to Pinkerton us.”
“What about the damn injunction?” Leo stormed.
“It's an injunction on the feds, the cops. These are private operators. I'm assuming that they're bought and paid for by Industry.”
“You think they're gunna kill us?” Leo pondered.
It was then, the for the first time, during all of this, even after taking that rubber bullet, that I felt real fear and real uncertainty about the outcome and justness of all of it. It was the first time I considered blinking. Then it got worse.
There was a commotion at the door as some of the ground crew and pilots pulled in a makeshift stretcher with Fred laying on it.
“Oh my God, what did they do to him?” Leo exclaimed as he came to help pull him into the room. There was too many people around to see Fred clearly, something like a towel was covering most his face and head. Fred could barely speak and was clearly in some kind of distress. My thought was tear gas but none had been fired for hours and usually someone inundated with it start everyone off into similar distress.
The crowd broke as I huddled in, I shown my flashlight around him to see.
“Pull it off, pull it off, they have to see” Fred gasped.
Some of the ground crew members pulled off the towel and I could plainly see Fred's face and head – what was left of it anyway. I staggered back a step.
“It's the Blight, guys, half of the ground crew, they look like this, now!” Fred yelled. “I can't, I can't feel any of it and I can't see!”
His eyes were whited out like he had severe cataracts and his head, most of his face, and arms were encrusted in bulging, asymmetric, blotches, lesions, and black marks of various sizes and textures. It looked like he had been horribly burned.
“Hey, guys!” Reggie barked out over the shock and attempts to help Fred. “Cameras are down!”
“Well when the shit did that happen?” Leo exploded as he buzzed around the jerry rigged monitors hoping to get signal back.
I picked up my radio and asked everyone to report in, the south, east, and west reported but the north was just static.
Leo tried to rally some of the guys helping Frank to head to the north but they and Fred protested saying there weren't enough guys without the Blight to go stop a push if there was one. Everyone was silent just a moment and in that moment we heard the sound of some thirty guns cocking just outside of the pilot's lounge door.
“Fred Little, Leo Jones, and Mark Debs, step out of the lounge slowly and peacefully, we wish to negotiate the end of this.”
“Fred is incapacitated,” I yelled back with a dry mouth, “Reggie Weston of the Ground Crew Union, Leo and I stepping down. Don't shoot.” I said sheepishly.
Leo and Reggie looked to me to push open the door as I did I was immediately blinded by the tactical lights of some twenty or so submachine guns.
The same voice came again, “keep stepping through the lights, that's it, nice and slow, no one is going to hurt you. I just want to talk and show you something.”
Leo and I made it past the lights into a glare lit spot of the terminal where the commander of this platoon of Blackdogs with his two personal retinue stood with their helmets off, “I'm commander Don Doughty. I'm here on behalf of country and I would like to share something with you.”
“Commander, with all due respect, there's an injunction in place.”
“I know, that's why this is a private operation, not a military or police one.”
“Look, we don't have to go with you.”
“Look, you do. Now I'm going to level with both of you. We stormed the other airports today, you probably heard, a lot of my company men are hurt, a few near death, but we know you're not holding out. We know most of you have the Blight now and that's why we're here.”
“Why you're here, huh? No dedicated medical personnel, no biohazard suits? Kind of strange for what you're saying is a mission of medical mercy for a disease of unknown origin?” Leo perked up.
“It's not unknown. In fact, it's one of the most common diseases around. What is still unknown is if I have to drag you to what I want to show you or if you'll come willingly.”
Leo and I looked at each other and then back at Don. He was disarming and rational, something I hardly expected but he also had our number and between the Blight and the willingness of the government to now literally put guns to our heads to go back to work, I had so many questions and he was offering the answers. Leo and I went willing. We stepped out of the terminal and took a motorized cart to the fuel hangers as Don requested.
On the cart, Don started to open up, “Leo, Mark, tell me what you know about chemtrails.”
Leo scoffed while I replied, “chemtrails, yeah, I've some whacko come up to me in a few bars shouting in my ear about how as a pilot I am unwittingly spraying geo-engineering materials to change the Earth or make global warming real or spreading COVID or nerve gas in contrails. The kookiness seems to change by season. Why?”
“Next question. Do either of you know what CFC's are?”
Leo piped up, “Chloroflorocarbons, I think. They used to be used in fridges and spray cans before they were banned in the 80's – virtually globally because they were screwing up the ozone layer.”
We arrived at the hanger where the fuel was stored. Another small group of Blackdog troopers had one of the ground crew members in detention near the partially open sliding door. His badge was gone but I recognized the ground crew member as part of the fuel truck lead team.
“What does this have to do with anything?” I asked. As we all were led into the hanger where the fuel trucks were stored.
Don, out of no where saluted the fuel truck leader. To my astonishment, the fuel truck leader saluted back. They shared a “semper fi – once a marine – always a marine!” and then Don beckoned him, “show them, it's okay, show them what you know, show them what you do.”
The fuel trucker turn a spigot on the back of the fuel truck nearest to him and splashed some jet fuel from the truck on the hanger floor and then shone a UV flashlight on it and the truck without any change. He muttered out, “Ordinary jet fuel.” Then, turning to the truck adjacent to him, he shone the same uv light and there was a square code marking that appeared on the back of the truck. He turned the spigot on that truck, splashed out a bit of the fuel and then shone the light on it. The fuel reflected back a dazzling brilliant display of glow as it flowed across the concrete. “Not so ordinary jet fuel.”
“Now you see gentlemen, for the past fifty years or so, we've known that CFCs were impacting the ozone layer and created a hole, you were told, like everyone else, that the hole was healing and mostly fixed after we banned CFC's and other substances. Well, in truth, that's only partially correct, its healing or mostly fixed because we fixed it, or more accurately, because the great people who work in the sky and ground, by sheer volume of air travel across the world, had been burning this modified fuel, depositing its unique chemical composition into the atmosphere at altitude to keep that ozone hole closed or at least as protective as possible. Without it, well, look at your boss, look at the fields of crops failing across the country, look at the hospitals around the country filling up with ionizing radiation burn and cancer victims. Without you, there's holes in the ozone breaking open all over the North American continent.”
“We really have been spraying chemtrails this whole time.” Reggie murmured.
“Now, let me explain to you how this is going to work – as we speak, other Blackdogs, funded by the Federal government, are infiltrating every airport in the country and showing the rest of your leadership the same thing you just saw. We're also showing this to Industry. We're getting you the Mediator's deal. You'll have your old jobs back, and while a handful of you will go to jail for the rioting, none of you will be convicted of felonies or serve time. That's the deal. All you have to say is yes and tell everyone to go back to work now and then, with you all back in the air and back on the ground, the Blight will end.
In the end we went back to work, we took the deal. If you can call it a deal. It wasn't a deal but essentially a reboot with a cost of living increase. The other option was that some of us would be imprisoned, fined, be out of a job and oh yes, Leo, Reggie, and I shot on spot.
We were sworn to secrecy over the truth about the ozone layer and chemtrails but I'm breaking it. I'm breaking it because you deserve the truth. I know that this will end up in the internet gutter realm of aliens and bigfoot but I don't care. I'm big guy, a big name, and if anything happens to me, like an “accident”, I'm pretty sure that would only lend credence to what I've told you here.
Happy landings.
Theo Plesha
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2023.06.08 22:12 One-Revenue-365 Mitsubishi mini split P9 error

Hey guys I have a customer with a Mitsubishi mini split it's two zones.
The lower level zone works awesome but the upstairs zone constantly gives us a P9 error code.
I went through Mitsubishi tech support they told me to change the thermistor and the board which I did and I'm still getting the same error after resetting the unit.
There is a distributor box in the basement I'm noticing I got no refrigerant flow upstairs.
There's three heads downstairs on the distributor box so I switched zone C with zone b which is the zone in question and the problem still exists.
Any ideas
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2023.06.08 21:45 wgolding [SG] 32GB DDR4 3600 C16 (Zen sweet spot), mITX Ivy Bridge PC (can split), HDDs [W] £70, £220, £16/TB ONO

Paypal G&S Accepted. Please post in the thread before PMing. Deliver or collect near SE London. All prices include P&P except where mentioned. Discounts for collection and/or buying multiple items.
Want a good starter PC? For years I ran the PC below. Pair with a low power GPU like a 970, and you're good to go. Can also be split, and original boxes may be discarded to save on shipping. Everything comes in original packaging except hdds/odds/psu/filters.
1 handle broken on Bitfenix Prodigy - replaced with this (printed as a solid piece), but original handle can be included, packaging permitting.
[SG] NEW Kingston Fury Renegade 32gb 3600 c16 [W] £70
[SG] Intel i5 3570k delidded liquid metal @ 4.6 (not relidded), Kingston HyperX 16gb 1600, Asus P8z77-I deluxe Mini ITX, Hyper 212 Evo w/ original fan [W] £140 - willing to split but strongly prefer selling together
[SG] Bitfenix Nova [W] £20+P&P (£30)
[SG] NEW red fan, Corsair purple fan, NEW purple LED strip, for parts red LED strip [W] £7.50 or can bundle with other items for less, e.g. case, cooler, etc.
[SG] Seasonic s12ii 430w PSU [W] £20+P&P (£25)
[SG] Bitfenix Prodigy with solid & mesh fronts, Spectre 230mm fan, Demciflex 230mm dust filter cut to fit Prodigy & spare unused 230mm dust filter with 2 adhesive rings [W] £50+P&P case only (£60), £60+P&P case, fan & cut filter (£70) or £15 fan only
[SG] 2x2TB, 2x1TB 3.5” HDD [W] £16/TB
[SG] Seagate Barracuda Pro 6TB [W] £75
[SG] 500GB Seagate expansion 3.5” [W] £16
[SG] 1TB Buffalo ministation 2.5” [W] £16
[SG] 2x optical disk drives 5.25” [W] £20
Hard Drive Timestamp & Pictures
Everything Else Timestamp & Pictures
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2023.06.08 21:42 Lirael_Marie I need some help figuring out my hair from all you gorgeous people

I am 31 years old, and I have a complicated relationship with my hair. I always hated having my hair done as a little kid and so thus started my relationship with my two hair styles, wild and ponytail.
I never thought I had wavy hair, because when I blow dry it, it is straight for the most part. But then I saw a video that went along the lines of "if your hair curls or waves while wet, you don't have straight hair". And that is me. When my hair is wet, it's wavy.
Sooooo I've been trying to have a better relationship with my hair care. I dyed it vibrant red a year ago (because I was depressed, and wanted to give myself a little bit of fire to push through, and so my "red hair phase" has continued).
I use the ion shampoo that is designed for color treated hair along with their color sealing conditioner. I also use the Black is Beautiful detangling cream for 4C even though I do not have 4C hair but it's the only thing that works for my very fine hair because 2 hours of brushing it, it like to tangle into these mini dreds. I have fine hair, but a lot of it. I even have an under cut now at the back of my head to help with the tangling.
So I need advice where to start to help bring my natural waves to my hair, and also just general advice. I blow dry it occasionally but not very often so I don't have a lot of split ends. I use a hair mask to also help with the tangling. It's about my shoulder blades in length.
If you have any YouTube channel recommendations, or just recommendations in general, I would very much appreciate it. ❤️
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2023.06.08 21:01 Chieffelix472 Campion's Quest Guide for everyone since it's free right now

Note: Some of the stuff in this doc is irrelevant because the Champion's Quest is free every game. The whole token system can be ignored. Big thanks to my friends who help create this doc with me. Happy nuking everyone!

Champion’s Quest


The goal is to find three elements, deposit them into the nuclear canister at the bomb site, arm the bomb, and secure the location until it goes off.



You need to place in 1st place five games in a row on either Battle Royal Quads, Trios, Duos, Solo. You can mix and match which modes are used but whichever you choose 5 consecutive games must be won. Your match history must show 5 wins in a row under “Battle Royal”.
As of 06/08/2023 everyone has a token every game. No qualification is needed.

Token System

Completing qualification will grant you a Champion’s Quest Token. When playing another game of Warzone, this token allows you, and ONLY YOU, the ability to see three Champion’s Quest Contracts at the start of the match. All players with a token in your squad will see the locations of the contracts.
Whoever picks up the contract consumes their token and the quest begins.

Steps to Complete the Champion’s Quest

Step 0) Determine if you need to pull out of the game and reset

Look for a Champion's Quest Contract near the center of the first circle, anything besides that and your chance of completing the quest goes significantly down. Because it's free just pull out of the game and re-queue for a better chance.

Step 1) Start the quest

Once committed to the game the first step is to start the quest. When the game begins, there will be three golden icons scattered throughout the map. A player with a Champion’s Quest Token can interact with one which will begin the quest and inform the lobby that someone is attempting the Champion’s Quest. No location-specific information is shared with the lobby at this point.
Update: Since it's free and EVERYONE is going for the quest you need to land there first and grab it. Once grabbed immediately run away and survive! You'll have time to regain and get loadout before even needing to pick up the BE element.

Step 2) Find and acquire the elements

This step requires finding three elements and picking them up. The first element is revealed ~10 seconds after starting the quest (ie. completing Step 1). The first element’s location will be somewhat close to the location of the contract you activate, so the icon you choose of the three makes a difference. The second and third elements are each revealed ~10 seconds after picking up the previous element.
An element being “revealed” means its location is shown as a large circular area that must be searched to find its exact location (similar to Intel contracts). These location indicators are not shown to the lobby, and initially the elements can only be picked up by a team member.
Each element has a unique (negative) effect associated with its acquisition:
  1. Beryllium (Be): Picking up Be causes its location to be shown to the entire lobby (similar to how a ‘most wanted’ contract is shown to the lobby). While you are holding Be, your location is revealed. If you drop it, its location continues to be revealed, but you can move without the lobby knowing where you are. This is the worst debuff by far.
  2. Plutonium (Pu): Picking up Pu causes it to emit radiation that damages you while holding it. Nearby players have their vision distorted as well. Additionally, it damages any vehicles you enter while holding it.
  3. Tritium (T): Picking up T scrambles the radar of you and any players near you and disables vehicles. This means you won’t have access to your tac map or minimap. Have to leg this one over - no LTV.
Once all three elements are picked up, a jailbreak is triggered. (Not confirmed anymore since they changed the circle timings--a.k.a Gulag closing time-- in S3.)

Step 3) Locate the bomb site

~Halfway through the 4th circle, the bomb site’s location will be revealed. Shortly after it is revealed, a plane will fly over and drop a nuclear canister. It lands ~30 seconds after the icon appears. You have five minutes from this point to arm the nuke. Multiple teams on the Champion's Quest all have the same nuclear canister. The first team to deposit their 3 elements and arm the nuke cancel the quest for the others.
It is possible the location of the nuclear canister is in the gas due to a zone-split. When this happens, the circle is guaranteed to merge back around the canister.

Step 4) Arm the nuke

Once the nuclear canister has landed, you next must deposit all three elements into it, then arm it. You deposit the elements by interacting with the canister while the elements are in your inventory. Once all three elements are in it, you next must arm the canister. You do this by again interacting with it, but you need to hold ‘interact’ for ~10 seconds (similar to planting a bomb in S&D).

Step 5) Defend the nuke

After the nuke is armed, a 2-minute timer begins. To win, two things need to happen:
  1. Your squad does not get wiped.
  2. The bomb is not defused.
The bomb can be defused by any player who interacts with it, so it must be defended. It takes an enemy player 10 seconds of interaction to defuse the bomb.
After arming the nuke, if conditions 1 & 2 are satisfied but the game ends due to there being no more enemy teams, the nuke will immediately detonate resulting in a win.



Everyone tries to be the first one to the champions quest contract and grab it. Once grabbed escape from that area immediately and loot up somewhere safe. Attempt to secure the vehicles listed below.
An LTV -- This is needed to transport the Be element safely to the canister. Other vehicles work but aren't as safe. Try to secure an LTV. They then do a typical strategy of trying to get money/prepare to secure a stronghold.
A light helo - This is used to secure a stronghold + blacksite. The movement speed of the light helo helps get to a stronghold first, which give a key to complete the black site.
-- EXTREMELY IMPORTANT -- All four players then try to rat/hold a strong location just as they would when on a normal streak game, while also keeping the Be location safe from enemy players. They do this for as long as possible, until either 1) the gas is going to obscure the Be, or 2) the bomb site location is revealed. At that point, someone takes the Be and takes it to the bomb site ASAP, ideally before the lobby realizes what’s going on and before they have time to get to the bomb site themselves.
By the time the Be has been deposited into the nuclear canister, Pu will have been revealed. Find and pick it up and deposit it into the canister when it appears safe to do so. You want to be holding the element for as little time as possible, so wait to pick it up until you’re confident you’re ready to go. Then do the same with T.
Ideally once T is deposited, the depositor would then immediately begin arming the nuke while their teammates throw smokes for cover.
The following items are of more importance for the Champion’s Quest win:
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2023.06.08 21:00 fairysunflower66 HVAC Advice needed!

Carrier or Mitsubishi Split System
I have a choice between either brands and this is my first home with no ducts and everything is run by electricity and baseboard heating. It gets very costly in the winter time. I was wondering which brand is better? I also don’t plan on living in my first home forever.
OPTION 1: Carrier 38MGRQ24C- -3/3*40MHHQ12---3 High Wall Indoor Unit CARRIER 1+3: $12,430.00 Audit fee: $700+HST=$791.00 Initial investment: $12,430.00+$791.00=$13,221.00
Net investment:

$13,221.00 -$5,600.00=$7,621.00

OPTION 2: Mitsubishi Zuba-Multi MXZ-3C24NAHZ MITSUBISHI 1+3: $18,645.00 Audit fee: $700+HST=$791.00 Initial investment: $18,645.00+$791.00=$19,436.00
Net investment:

$19,436.00 - $5,600.00=$13,836.00

OPTION 3: Carrier 38MGRQ30D( 4 ZONE HP) /4* 40MHHQ12 CARRIER 1+4: $15,820.00 Audit fee: $700+HST=$791.00 Initial investment: $15,820.00+$791.00=$16,611.00
Net investment: $16,611.00 -$5,600.00=$11,011.00
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2023.06.08 20:53 kbrock2 [WTS] Colt M16A1 Upper - $1200

Time stamp:
Lots of pictures with close ups of all the markings you are looking for:
I received this as part of a purchase.
Upper is original Colt. Barrel is original Colt. Markings date both to early 70’s. Handguards are USGI surplus. 3 prong is reproduction, appears to have some dents from installation. Has a split ring.
Bolt and Bolt Carrier are FN surplus. Charging handle is surplus, might be Colt but not period correct.
$1200 Shipped and Fully Insured. CONUS
PayPal FF no notes.
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2023.06.08 20:31 frauenarzZzt After an exhaustive investigation that took at least the past hour, our team uncovered the real reason behind the MBTA's systemic failures, safety violations, and mismanagement at the T.

In the Winter of 2015, Boston experienced our highest snowfall totals in history, from January through February the city received several walloping storms which closed the MBTA for over a day at a time on multiple occasions.
For many commuters in Boston, this was the beginning of the rapid downfall of the MBTA. We can point to some other signs such as the underfunding of public transit, failure to have forward-thinking transit-minded policy from the Baker administration, and the backlog of maintenance efforts required, but many people point to this time period as the beginning of our beloved T's downfall. While it's nearly impossible to note all of the T's quirky safety incidents, here are a few notable ones:
2015: A runaway train leaves Braintree and travels over five miles without an operator.
In 2016, the MBTA raised fares again. They continued to offer cost-effective transportation but many commuters took safety into their own hands, as that year a commuter rail train was severely damaged in a collision with a pole at South Station and still attempted to make a trip to/from Worcester before being pulled from service mid-commute with passengers on board. --- Think about the audacity of taking a knowingly-damaged vehicle into service, and just who might do something like that.
In 2017, a "sharp increase" in deaths occurred, with 22 people losing their lives on the MBTA system in their most recent fiscal year. Trains split apart mid-journey, and it was reported that the MBTA had the most derailments in the United States. What other transportation authorities could make passengers fear for their lives, like the vehicles they're on aren't safe?
In 2018, the trend of derailments continued as the Green Line derailed 9 days into the new year, but as bus and subway fatalities stabilized, commuter rail trespass fatalities continued to increase.
In 2019, the now-infamous JFK/UMass Red Line derailment happened, damaging a switch box that to this day has not been fully fixed, and the Red Line was crippled for weeks. Three days prior the Green Line derailed at Kenmore, injuring 10, and less than two weeks later the Green Line derailed again. This was a crisis. How could a transportation system have this many derailments?
Almost fortunately for the MBTA, 2020 marked the global pandemic which decreased ridership on the T and reduced safety violations. 2021 saw train-on-train collisions on the Green Line, infrastructure problems such as the Back Bay escalator malfunction, and further train derailments (a classic).
In 2022, things got so bad that the Federal Transportation Administration (a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation) needed to step in with an oversight role. Even so, brakes and batteries on the new Orange Line trains failed. An Orange Line train caught fire which resulted in one passenger jumping off a bridge and swimming to shore. The situation became so untenable that the T had to shut down service on the entire orange line in August.
In consideration of all of this, we have one question to ask: How did it get this bad? There can be only one answer. The answer comes from within our fine city, and lies within another organization shut down by another branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation.
In 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ordered Fung Wah Bus Transportation Inc to cease operations. Fung Wah Bus was a way to get from Boston to NYC for an affordable price. However, with that came numerous and amazing safety incidents of their own, such as buses catching fire, buses 'derailing' from the highway and flipping over, and Massachusetts inspectors eventually found 'multiple structural cracks' in various parts of buses.
All of this sounds incredibly similar to safety incidents on the MBTA, and given the timeline of events and the shuttering of Fung Wah (RIP, we truly loved ye) followed by the collapse of the MBTA, we can only conclude that correlation and causality are the same thing. Therefore, it's evident that former Massachusetts Governor and world's most cringe Blink-182 fan Charlie Baker outsourced control of the MBTA to Fung Wah Bus Transportation in a desperate cost-saving measure. Now we are at a crossroads, and it seems that the only way to save our beloved T is to bring back extremely cheap and life-threatening bus service from Boston to NYC.
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