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2023.06.09 09:21 omarinbox On The £1500 and the union

Well the union is going to have to agree to what is an awful deal so the whole £1500 issue is just a distraction tactic.
I mean we want a real terms raise. A one-off payment isn't a raise and if the PCS have anything to do with it we'll be back on the picket lines asking for a pay deal not a handout.
Sorry just all this £1500 has set me off.
Can anyone recommend a decent outlet where one can purchase short sleeved linen shirts?
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2023.06.09 09:10 sparklyglitterybutt Does anyone have Drysense shirt in Velvet Dust? How does it compare to the website pic?

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2023.06.09 09:07 Frootyluiii How do I get rid of my “farmer’s tan”?

It’s been two year and I still have a farmers tan. My shoulders are very white while the rest of my arms are a little tan. I’m not comfortable with wearing shirts without sleeves either.
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2023.06.09 09:01 No_Star_8606 Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Not Charging Properly?

Hi, I am not sure if my Sabre RGB Pro Wireless is charging correctly. The battery doesn't seem to last very long between charges and when I connect the USB cable, the green LED flashes initially for a few seconds and then goes off completely. I thought it was supposed to continue to flash to indicate it's charging and then go off when it was fully charged?
Both the system tray icon and iCue show the mouse is charging but I have no indication of when charging is complete.
I have got lighting on the mouse and sleep mode is turned on after 15 minutes of non activity. Please can someone let me know if my mouse is behaving normally or if there is anything I can do to save the battery, can the battery be replaced at all? Thanks.
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2023.06.09 08:47 theereeljw_777 Guest vocals for Soulfly?

Im racking my brain trying to figure out who it was? I thought it was Harrison from bodybox, but his hair was too long... but, he had a bodybox shirt. Lol, anyone know who it was?
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2023.06.09 08:43 p__yos Dynam Jacquard Short Sleeve Polo Shirt with 51% discount 👉

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2023.06.09 08:33 Leading_Band_6834 Does any of this count as csa heavy trigger warning for possible incest and csa

I am really struggling with "remembering" how my father was when I was living at home. I've noted some things that made me uncomfortable but idk if I'm overreacting. For extra context I've had friends who even witnessed some of this unfortunately and tell me that it was extremely creepy and weird how he talked and acted towards me from the ages 5-17. So I will just list them out, I need some sort of validation or just know if any of this can be labeled as sexual or I don't even know. I know I'm uncomfortable with it all but idk what it is it was what I was raised with and idk any other way fathers act. So I'm just gonna randomly list what I remember.
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2023.06.09 08:25 yishengsweater men wool,fleece blazer,lambswool Turtleneck remedy

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2023.06.09 08:20 peachypeachpeach666 Reoccurring dreams came true

Long story short I had these reoccurring dreams of my panicking running across highways looking for help. (Wearing a white tshirt and grey jeans)
I did acid for the first time at a house party and the parents came home early. So all the kids scattered.
Where do I end up? On the highways running around panicking looking for help. (In a white t shirt and grey jeans)
Ended up in the drunk tank that night lol
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2023.06.09 08:09 PNEONGREEN Swing for the Regarded

Swing for the Regarded
Making a better joke than “that aged well”
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2023.06.09 08:04 Marcygogo My sister physically attacked me after I asked her to turn down her music.

Apologies this is so long, needed to rant, tldr at end.
So my (19) sister (20) and my mom have never really gotten along, and have lately been butting heads a lot.
To start the story, I walked in the kitchen to help make dinner and she was playing Good Girls Bad Guys by Falling in Reverse. Don’t get me wrong I like that song, but it has song pretty crude lyrics. I asked her why she’s playing that and told her to turn it down before our mom hears, our mom being very religious and since they’ve been getting arguments lately I was just trying to make sure nothing else happened. She told me no and asked why and I told her it’s because the lyrics are inappropriate and I didn’t want our mom to hear, she’s just in the other room, but she didn’t so I just turned it down. She got extremely mad and grabbed her phone and just turned it off.
After that she continued making rice but was angrily telling me there’s no reason for it to be turned off and she doesn’t understand why it’s a problem and I repeatedly told her my previous reasoning until she yells about how she can play whatever she wants and she’s tired of me. I asked her what the problem was and told her she was blowing this whole thing out of proportion. She continued to throw the bowl of rice to the side and told me to make it, then stormed off towards her room. I asked why, because I didn’t even realize it was this big of a deal, and she said “because you’re an adult and you can do it” I told her, and maybe I shouldn’t have but at this point I was angry now that she threw the bowl, “you’re an adult too and you need to act like one.” I felt this way because I was completely calm up until this point, and have always felt like the older sibling and the one to deescalate situations.
She slammed her door and and then immediately came back out and yelled at the top of her lungs “you’re one to talk for someone who’s having sex and can’t even listen to a song that mentions sex” (for reference, this is true but this is a controversial topic as I previously stated my mom is very religious). I got mad and asked her why would you say that when she’s in the other room and sped into the living room. She followed me and continued yelling things I don’t even remember and by this point we’re right outside my bedroom door around the corner. I told her come in and my room and do this but she refused repeatedly.
I grabbed her arm and pulled her into my room and shut the door as she continued to yell. I asked her “what is wrong with you right now why would you say that all I did was-“ and she grabbed me by the neck, dug her fingernails into my skin and pulled my shirt until it ripped while she scratched the other side of my neck and pulled me around my room and pushed me up against my dogs crate. I told her to stop and kept pushing her off but she’s much bigger than me. She finally let go or I pushed her off I don’t remember. At this point I was trying to be very calm despite what was happening; I tried to talk her down and explain what just happened and the implications of her reaction, the fact that it was really overreacting, but trying to not be super accusatory as she was already angry. I did not recognize my sister in this moment. It was like she had no sense how the things she was doing could be wrong, and told me I attacked her first by pulling her to my room. I basically begged her to see my side of the story and how she could really be hurting me by saying the things she did so loudly, all over the stupid song. She wouldn’t listen and said “YOU are my problem” and told me to move from the door and tried to push me. I told her everything I was doing was to not get her in trouble and myself to be frank, and I was simply looking out for her and trying to help avoid an argument. I finally realized she wasn’t going to listen and let her go and told her she needed to cool off.
Maybe I was wrong for what I’d did, but I still don’t believe it called for the reaction she had, and attacking me in my room; I have a scratch mark on my face and neck from her now and everything.
She texted an apology to me as I left the house, I didn’t wanna be there after that. But this was what the text said “Well I just wanted to say I’m sorry for saying all that stuff and I’m sorry for grabbing you and pushing you. I just felt cornered and was upset because I was having a good time listening to my music at full blast and didn’t understand why you were being so cautious about it when i had already been playing it. So, sorry.” Which doesn’t feel like much of an apology to me especially because she didn’t just grab and push me, I felt full on assaulted. Anyways mostly needed to rant, but I’m also concerned for her as she has never acted like this before and I have never once been in a physical altercation with her; it makes me worried for her mental health and safety of her well being.
TLDR: sister physically attacked me after I told her to turn down a crude song so our super religious mom didn’t hear and she/both of us didn’t get into trouble. I am worried for her mental health, as she has never acted this way and I feel like she was a different person in that moment.
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2023.06.09 07:59 Mizu_Soup_ Decided to start writing fanfic again after a long time. I didn't post it on any sites but I wanted to share it with y'all.

This fanfic is with my OC named Mizu. It's a mix between a romance, drama, and comedy. I wanna have some action in there eventually. I won't say which character she'll be shipped with so as not to spoil future chapters. The first chapter is just a funny story of how Mizu joined the Agency and how freaked out she is at Dazai's suicide obsession.
Edit: constructive criticism is welcome
I present to you: "Mizu's First Day"
Mizu looked up at the building before her, three stories tall and sparkling in the sunlight of early evening. This would be the start of a new life. She held onto the strap of her crossbody purse tightly as the nerves began to creep into her mind again. What if this job didn’t work out? What if she failed again?
Mizu shook her head. “I can do this.” She muttered to herself before heading for the door to the building. She went up two flights of stairs and came to a door that read, “Armed Detective Agency.” She placed her hand on the knob and took a deep breath before pushing the door open.
What she saw was not at all what she had been expecting. Only two people appeared to actually be working. Someone was yelling at someone else in the corner while the recipient of the yelling appeared to be laughing. Meanwhile, those two were being watched by someone sitting on a table, eating candy like popcorn. Someone else was drawing something that I couldn’t see while someone else was watching him with great interest.
Mizu didn’t know where to go or who to talk to, standing awkwardly at the door. One of the people working, a young man who appeared to be in his early twenties, spotted me and smiled, standing from his desk to greet me.
“Are you the new recruit?” He asked.
"I am. My name is Mizu.”
“I’m Atsushi. Nice to meet you.”
The man had a sweet smile that made Mizu feel a little more comfortable being here. He seemed nice. That’s when she noticed the man who had been yelling when she walked in had stopped. He seemed completely composed now as he walked over to her. It was incredible how quickly he got his composure.
“Miss Mizu, correct? It’s nice to meet you. I’m Doppo Kunikida.”
“It’s nice to meet you, too.” She tried to be calm, though slightly unnerved by the fact that he had just been losing it on another agent a moment ago. She glanced over at the man Kunikida had been yelling at. The man really didn’t seem to care and had an amused look on his face. Perhaps he had provoked Kunikida on purpose, though she wasn’t sure why. He seemed rather intimidating.
Kunikida waved his hand towards the man in the corner as he dismissively added, "And that's Dazai."
The brown-haired man waved cheerfully from across the room and picked up a book before walking over to Mizu. "Welcome to the Agency." Dazai greeted her.
She smiled. "Thank you." Mizu glanced at the book in his hand. "What are you reading?"
"My favorite book!" Dazai responded rather excitedly as he held up a book titled "The Complete Guide to Suicide".
Mizu's eyes widened as she saw the words. "Wait, is it like a story or is that title literal?"
"It's exactly what you think it is." Dazai says nonchalantly with a smile.
Mizu looked around at the other agents and was shocked to see them casually going back to work. "Isn't anybody concerned about this?" She asked worriedly.
Kunikida sighed. "We've all gotten used to it."
"He has a book telling him how to commit suicide and you're used to this!?"
"He hasn't succeeded yet so I doubt he will." Kunikida replied.
Mizu looked absolutely shocked by Kunikida's attitude towards the whole thing. "Are you saying he's attempted it before?" Her voice grew increasingly more concerned.
"Plenty of times." Atsushi responded with a nervous laugh. "I mean, that's how I met him. He was trying to drown himself and I saved him."
"And then there was the time he got stuck in a barrel trying to die." A woman added as she entered the room, her heels clicking on the floor.
"Or the time he ate those toxic mushrooms and thought he was in the afterlife," said Kunikida.
"Are you okay?" A younger boy about Atsushi's age with orange hair looked at Mizu with concern.
Mizu's face had turned rather pale. "I just…wasn't expecting that is all."
Dazai chuckled. "I tend to have that effect on people." He seems to have a rather large ego.
"You didn't surprise her in a good way, Dazai," snapped Kunikida.
"At least I'm unforgettable." Dazai smiled brightly. "You know, you're a very beautiful lady. How would you like to-"
Before Dazai could finish, Kunikida grabbed Dazai's shirt sleeve and dragged him away from Mizu, loudly apprehending him. "Don't you dare ask another woman to commit double suicide with you, you maniac!"
Mizu watched Dazai being dragged off in total silence. She seemed to be frozen as she tried to comprehend what she just saw.
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2023.06.09 07:52 Then_Marionberry_259 Firat buffalo...been on the bucketlist for way to long

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2023.06.09 07:47 Dildoshwagginss Mondetta Ladies’ Space Dye Long Sleeve Top

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2023.06.09 07:46 Dildoshwagginss PUMA Youth 2-pack Long Sleeve Tee

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2023.06.09 07:38 Dildoshwagginss Skechers Ladies' Long Sleeve Brushed Tunic

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2023.06.09 07:33 Kiran_-55 Comfortable Gardenia Dress Online

At Deemonash platform, we deliver the best and wide collection of dresses for women. They can find captivating comfortable gardenia dress online. The dress is suitable for various occasions that depend on style. The dress belongs to a comfortable cotton material with ivory color and is famous in the fashion industry. The ivory cotton poplin long dress has a plunged neck, along with bishop elbow sleeves and ankle length.
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2023.06.09 07:26 Prestigious_Stress17 Unleash the Power of eCommerce: Transform Your Business with Web Development in McAllen

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2023.06.09 07:20 immenselyaverage How should I (18M) deal with my currently long distance gf (19F) who keeps getting upset over small things?

I know the title sounds really bad, but please bear with me for a bit.
Me and my girlfriend have been long distance ever since summer started and we went back home from college. She lives a 2 day drive's distance away and we have a trip planned out where she's coming to visit me here in the next couple of weeks. Long distance has been frustrating, going from being with eachother every day, sleeping together, waking up together, eating together, to just being able to facetime or text has proven very annoying. It's one of those things that really tests my gf and I's communication skills.
But ever since we started, she's been getting upset at things that I wouldn't really imagine would be that big of a deal -- I could be an insensitive kid (I get I'm not at an age that's known for being good with interpersonal skills), but I'd like some opinions, advice, insults, whatever you got for me.
Some examples of things that she got upset with me over include:
-Me saying we could call at one time, but because I was talking to my mom about something pretty serious, it pushed back our call about two hours. I get being mildly upset at this, it's disappointing to not be able to talk to your bf/gf when they promised they would call, but she then decided that we shouldn't call because it was obvious I "didn't want to".
-Today, when I was playing games with my friends, I was texting her pretty off and on for a couple hours, but what drove her over the edge was when I didn't respond for 12 minutes, she texted "k goodnight" and then read my messages apologizing but never responded. I can understand not feeling like a priority sucks, but we called earlier in the day, texted ever since I woke up (including hours I'm working), and she's busy babysitting.
-There have been countless times where something I say gets absolutely misconstrued, and no matter how many times I elaborate, how eloquently worded I put things, it just means the same negative thing to her. Some examples include "I miss our time together, I feel like I really took it for granted" = "I was bored with you", "No you can't have my XXS work t-shirt from this job years ago because it wont fit" = "You're fat" (for the record, she is absolutely NOT fat -- but that shirt size was definitely meant for a little kid, which she is not), "I'm at the beach with my friends for the weekend, I'm sorry we haven't been calling as much" = "I'm not interested in talking to he she is not a priority". Most of these things have some basis to them, I'll agree -- talking about clothes sizes is a touchy subject with her, I should've been more careful, talking with her over the phone is important while long distance, I could've said something to try and make her feel like more of a priority, etc.
I feel like the most used word in our conversations is "sorry", and she's never the one who says it. I try and make her feel loved 24/7 and I'm walking on eggshells the whole time. But the things she says? It doesn't matter whether I think it's hurtful or not. Her saying I "look like a virgin" is the funniest thing to her, she'll tell her friends, sister, brother, whoever she's with that I got upset when she called me that the first time, but continues to point and laugh at me about it. If she's upset with me? She won't hold back, I'm being "rude" or "bitchy", where's the mutual attempt to LOVE eachother and not make the other feel bad?
I'll admit, what she says to me isn't the worst thing, and I feel like I made it sound worse than it is. What gets on my nerves the most, however, is how she acts when she's upset.
She won't communicate or let me know she's upset, she just wants to text one word replies, be passive aggressive in any message that isn't one word, if we're calling she'll pretty much just reply with "hm" or "k" and then get even more upset that I'm not talking more when I'm conversing with what feels like a brick wall. I apologize and apologize for anything and everything, I will send huge paragraphs breaking down where I feel I went wrong and how I'm trying to be more mindful of these things because the last thing I want to do is make her upset. In response? I get a "cool".
Anytime I talk about my relationship with my friends or family, they all say it's toxic -- I can see where they're coming from, but she was never like this in person. We would spend all day together laughing and smiling, and just having a great time. We did everything together and I just want that joy back. I'm extremely hesitant to bring these things up with her because if she gets upset with small things, how is she going to react to me telling her that I feel like I can't talk freely to her, that I have to bite my tongue or apologize profusely all the time.
It feels like she does this on purpose just to get a "sorry" out of me, and I really don't know why. I'm so tired of just giving in and trying to make her "happy" just for her to do this again an hour later, all at my emotional expense.
We go back to school in about a month and a half after she leaves from her trip to go back home, but we've only been long distance for a month and I feel like I'm at a breaking point.
So, relationship_advice gurus, how in the wrong am I? How am I gonna continue long distance until we can be together in person again? Should I continue long distance until we can be together in person again? Should I tell her how I feel? Should I take everything on the chin and just deal with it until school starts? Any criticism or advice is very much appreciated.
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2023.06.09 07:15 Sahar_ll Where is a good spot on your body where people won't be able to see cuts?

I wear shorts sometimes and short sleeve shirts, my stomach doesn't really show too. I'm kinda thinking upper thigh maybe idk
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2023.06.09 07:03 crashtestartist Are there other Sephora shirts/long sleeve/jackets that my management can order me ?

I don’t like the short sleeve tees and i had all long sleeve ones and they got shrunken.. I was talking to my manager today and she said she could order me a few things and I’m just curious what that could mean?
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