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For enthusiasts of raw denim in all its forms; from the rarest Japanese heritage jeans, to the most frayed of jorts.

2023.06.09 09:31 Gruddicus The ingredients of us

Hello there, I've contributed a couple times here... Mostly with questions in an attempt to inspire a conversation. This time I am going to cop some flak no doubt. For putting my ideas out there. For challenging already well thought out theories. My words are my own influenced by my 1,2&3 and if you read on... You may get what I mean by this.
First and foremost I believe you are not simply you. You are...
1.Time. 2.Environment. 3.Other conscious beings. (those sharing the previous two with you) 4. Your nature. (The only part here that requires further explanation)
Your nature is the decision maker aka "the super ego" formed from 1, 2 & 3 initially in the first few years of our lives. Then something wild happens, 4 begins to govern itself and that's where we see the ego form seperate from the superego through self reflection.
This however I believe to be an absolute illusion. It's the superego protecting itself from it's own mistakes. And ultimately... Results in us believing in a loss of control of one's self. (Something which people will argue against, I'm sure)
There comes a point in our lives were as 4 where we can control 1, 2 and to an extent 3.
This is why I think we are here.
Like different forms of moss growing on the same log, fighting for the same resources to live. Conscious thought is the same. You are a part of an inconcievable number of consciousnesses interacting with one another, shifting and changing, either working with or against one another working towards the same thing, survival.
The world is constantly adapting to itself. And you are a part of that and you were always meant to be a part of that. Your thoughts exist with purpose, you give them out and the world decides if it's either for or against it, reinforcing or challenging that chain of conscious action. You are helping to shape the world around you just by being there.
Your ego leads you to believe that value exists in your ability to control 1,2 and again to an extent 3. It doesn't. 1, 2 and 3 react to you as 4 just as you continue to react to 1,2 &3.
That's all life is. Thats all you are 🙂 a race to the finish line, to find the apex thought.
Don't dismay at this seemingly pointless existence as I believe and hope that apex thought will be one of love and co-opperation. A symbiotic relationship between consciousness and the external world, as it's the only end game that results in survival for both.
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2023.06.09 09:31 magnificopiscis Interrogate clip doesn't stop ever

Hi, I want to start stating that I basically don't know any coding.
I set up stable diffusion using this guide on youtube.
Everything looked cool until I uploded a still image for img2img and clicked on interroate clip. It started counted the seconds and it doesn't stop at all.
I tried other features like txt2img but most of my attempts at that also failed, although after turning it off and on again countless times I did manage to generate an image from text but my problem remains.
I just want to turn some short clips into animation like in the youtube video I linked. Can anybody here help? I would be grateful. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 09:31 Dependent_Platform97 video marketing agency

To ensure the success of your video marketing efforts, it’s important to follow best practices that can maximize your impact and results. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind: 1- Keep it concise: Attention spans are shorter than ever, so aim for videos that deliver your message concisely and effectively. Capture viewers’ attention within the first few seconds and maintain their interest throughout. 2- Optimize for mobile: With the rise of mobile usage, make sure your videos are optimized for mobile viewing. Use responsive design and consider vertical formats to provide a seamless experience across devices. 3- Incorporate subtitles: Adding subtitles or closed captions to your videos enhances accessibility and ensures that your message is clear, even in sound-off environments. It also helps with SEO and reaching a wider audience.
4- Include clear calls-to-action: Guide your viewers to take the desired action by including clear and compelling calls-to-action in your videos. Whether it’s subscribing to your channel, visiting your website, or making a purchase, prompt viewers to take the next step. 5- Test and iterate: Video marketing is an iterative process. Continuously monitor and analyze your video performance, test different approaches, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategy over time. 6- Engage with your audience: Encourage viewers to like, comment, and share your videos. Respond to comments, engage in conversations, and build a community around your video content. This interaction can foster loyalty and increase brand advocacy. 7- Leverage analytics: Utilize the analytics and insights provided by hosting platforms to measure the success of your videos. Track metrics such as views, engagement, and conversions to understand what’s working and refine your future video marketing efforts.
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2023.06.09 09:31 quolu Which is more future-proof: 6800XT or 7900XT?

I'm currently considering either the Merc 6800XT or the 7900XT, but I'm hesitant about the 6800XT due to its age, especially with the upcoming release of the 8000 series Navi GPUs in 2024.
Looking at the price tags, the 6800XT's $500 is much more appealing compared to the 7900XT's $800. However, the 6800XT was released in December 2020, whereas the 7900XT came out in December 2022. Although both cards still perform well, I'm concerned about potential performance setbacks with next-gen titles, as I've experienced this issue with my 5700XT.
Initially, I bought the 5700 XT in early 2020 because it was affordable and offered excellent performance comparable to the 2070 and, in some cases, the 2080 at that time. However, after four years since its debut in 2019, it has somewhat lost its competitive edge.
Also, I don’t necessarily need the performance boost of the 7900XT, since I mainly play games in 1080p, but after looking at some performance benchmarks a jump to 1440p gaming looks like I could still play at 280hz with no hiccups on Ultra settings in some of my main games like Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant. However, I still have to worry about games like Spider-Man 2 coming out alongside other story games where I would want a nice high refresh rate, high graphical fidelity experience. Would I still be able to enjoy that benefit at 1440p for the next 4 years at high refresh rate?
I don’t know someone please help me decide I beg…
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2023.06.09 09:31 Shalar79 Answers marked incorrect but answers correct - Tutorials Dojo AWS CLF-C01 practice exam

Answers marked incorrect but answers correct - Tutorials Dojo AWS CLF-C01 practice exam
Has anyone had this issue? I just finished Timed Mode Set 2 exam and initially had a score of 78.46%. I was hitting 80%-90% on previous exams, so naturally wondered how I did so poorly. But as I was going through many questions, I saw I was marked incorrect for questions I answered correctly. My actual score is 90.76%. I’ve never had this happen before, and wanted to see if anyone has encountered this. Are there issues with this site or test bank?
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2023.06.09 09:31 OkWeather2233 Now for your local forecast

Hey guys, Drew Donahue here, with the weather. Just wanna say that it's-- it's good to be here right now. All cross the board, it's-- it's pretty hot, man. So, I hope you got your sun cream, I hope you're-- you're in the shade, and, uh, just tryna stay cool out there. Uh, y'know, wh-- what I like to do when it's really hot is I just like to sit in the house, boom that A/C, y'know? And uh, just make a few phone calls. Call my friends and family, and say "Hey, y'know, how you doin' today, man?" And-- and-- y'know? I don't wanna take up too much of your time. Like I said, it doesn't matter where the hell you are right now. Huh, 'scuse my French. It's just hot, man, y'know? Wow. It's a scorcher. I've never seen anything like it in my thirty years of weather. You're probably wondering who the hell I am. Never heard of me, but... you get used to me. I'm, um, I'm the guy now. Rest in peace, Kip-- Chip. Chip Kipperly was his name, I think
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2023.06.09 09:31 AutoModerator [Updated] Biaheza's Dropshipping Course

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2023.06.09 09:31 throwAwayyy0100 My bf acts like he wants to break up but is coming to see me in a few days

We’re both in our early 20s. Im sorry for the long post, just want everyone to get a clear picture of the situation. You can skip to the end if you want.
I’ve been with Cam for a few months now. When we met, it was like sparks were flying. It was an instant connection and we would always say we met at the right time. We both were getting out of our party stage and buckling down on more important aspects of our lives.
3 weeks ago we had an amazing weekend. We opened up so much to each other and just stayed inside the house enjoying our presence. He told me he wouldn’t be able to see me during the week bc of work and i understood. We work opposite schedules and he lives far away so i didn’t ask to see him at all during the week. 1st weekend came and he told me he couldn’t see me bc he had to help his friend with his mom. His friend mom had cancer so again, no trying to convince him to come. Memorial Day he only texted me good morning and then when he got off work but was silent. The next day, he came into my town because he had to give his brother something (his brother lives in my town) and stopped by. He told me that over the weekend he went to say his final goodbyes to his friends mom and she passed away on Memorial Day. He started crying and i comforted him. I only saw him for maybe 20 minutes before he said he had to go to see his friend. We kissed bye and he said he would see me soon.
That week he had a tooth removal procedure and the funeral but Saturday told me he had his bag packed to come over. But suddenly he tells me his mom is freaking out on him and he can’t come. He lives with his parents and i can tell they have a big say on what he can and can’t do. I mean i get it, one we’re both Hispanic so that’s a whole different story when it comes to parents and 2. You live under their roof, you follow their rules no matter how old you are.
I got annoyed bc since Wednesday, he was telling me he would come see me everyday but then something would happen that he couldn’t but i never showed annoyance towards it. I didn’t put any blame on him, i just said i was sad bc i kept getting my hopes up to then feel let down but i understand it’s been a crazy + tough 2 weeks so to just not tell me that he’s coming until he knows for sure. The comment he made after i said that just made me feel like his parents had something to do with it. He told me that i do live far so he understands why his parents be tripping out on him. Then he said to just give him a good day to drive his truck down here and he’s sorry, that he’s not trying to bail on me. When he comes to see me, he always drives the “family car” which is a newer car and never his truck bc it’s old and he’s nervous to drive it so far. He drove it here once and told me he had to fill it up twice and it was almost $100. For him to tell me he needs to find a good day to bring his truck here just tells me his parents don’t want him driving to my city so they probably aren’t letting him use the family car knowing he can’t take the truck to see me. That would be $100 everytime for just a few hours. He had also been a little distant, he was taking longer to respond and wasn’t being as expressive, he would always send me snaps and voice notes but stopped and just being closed off.
The next couple days we were okay, but then Monday night, things just started to feel off. On Tuesday our communication was basically none and he just didn’t seem to be all there. Wednesday i asked if we could talk and just said i noticed he was being distant and if he still wanted to pursue something with me. That I’m wondering if there was anything he wasn’t telling me and i just want to be able to support him in any way possible but feel like I’m in the dark. I’ve just had this intuition feeling that part of his behavior had to do with his parents and wanted to see if he would tell me.
It took him 6 hours to respond and he told me I it’s been a difficult few weeks and has been dealing with everything. That i haven’t done anything wrong and been great and he doesn’t want me to feel like I’m on the back burner but he needs to change some things about himself and thinks it’s best if he stays to himself. He would feel bad dragging me along and I’ve done nothing but show him love. It’s just not good timing and he doesn’t want to lie and string me along.
He caught me off guard. He did this once, about 2 weeks in, he got in trouble with his dad because we were on the phone at 4am and he tried to run away but we talked about it and he admitted he was scared but that we were in this together. He says i deserve a lot and he wants to give it to me so he needs to focus on him so he can focus on us. Since that conversation, he didn’t try to run away until now.
This time feel like that but only this time, he didn’t engage with what i said back. The only part he responded too was one of me saying that i needed my game console back as family is visiting and i needed it to distract the little kids. He told me he would give it to my friend who lives in the same city as him. That to me also just showed signs that he either can’t or isn’t allowed to come to my city. But then I said why couldn’t he bring it, he took it so he needs to bring it back and he said he works doubles the next few days but will stop by on Tuesday.
I just said okay and we haven’t talked since then. That was earlier today and idk. Something inside of me just says this isn’t over. Who knows if he’ll come on Tuesday but i don’t plan on reaching back out to him until then. I’m not going to post on social media and try to make it seem like i want him to notice me. We have each others locations and he hasn’t turned his off for me either.
I know Aquarius has a tendency of running away when things start getting serious and with all the stuff he’s had going on, i just think he feels overwhelmed. I still also feel like his parents are playing a heavy role. The thing about cam, he won’t tell me things over text, only in person. Like with his friends mom, i just thought he was helping his friend out and it wasn’t until i saw him that i found out it was to say his last goodbye.
When he comes over, I’m not sure how to act. I want him to come inside but i don’t want to push him too hard. I know once we’re in person, he’ll most likely open up. I think the no communication until then is a good idea but it’s the seeing him in person that i don’t know how to approach. Is this just him pushing away because he stressed? What is my best course of action right now. I just don’t believe this is a case of losing feelings, this is something deeper than that.
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2023.06.09 09:31 workersright DPAP leaders and workers unite in protest, demanding action against the ration crisis!

A powerful movement is taking place as leaders and workers of DPAP (insert organization name) come together to voice their concerns about the ongoing ration crisis. 💪🔊
With hearts filled with compassion and determination, these individuals have taken to the streets, united in their demand for immediate action. Their objective? To ensure that everyone has access to essential supplies in these challenging times.
The protest serves as a powerful reminder that solidarity and collective action can bring about change. The leaders and workers of DPAP are raising their voices to draw attention to the urgent need for a solution. Their dedication and perseverance inspire us all to stand up for what is right.
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2023.06.09 09:31 4635403accountslater Plex won't allow English subtitles/Japanese audio for a specific show on a specific client

I've resolved this by forcing it to burn subtitles but I'm curious why it was even an issue in the first place if anybody knows/has any ideas.
I'm trying to watch Alice in Borderland. I selected Japanese audio and the English subtitles stopped displaying. They wouldn't show again until I switched it back to English audio. Subtitles tracks for other languages work fine. I tested 8 1/2 and Attack on Titan with original audio + English subtitles on the same TV and they both played fine. I then tried Alice in Borderland on the Windows Plex client and it played successfully. Downloaded the episode off my server to my PC and it worked. So what was the issue? I don't think the subtitles or the audio were incompatible with the client or anything because they worked separately, I just couldn't watch it with that specific audio track and subtitle track concurrently.
I'm actually remembering now that I had the same issue with Dark in the past. English subtitles wouldn't display for some reason but the other subtitle tracks were fine. I didn't realize it at the time because it only has German audio so I couldn't test English subs with English audio, but the other subtitle tracks for different languages worked. I figured that specific subtitle track was probably formatted weird for the TV for some reason, even though it was just SRT and I know SRT is compatible. In this case with Alice in Borderland I know for sure that the subtitles are compatible with the TV/client because they work if I have the English audio track playing. Both are Netflix shows if that's relevant, maybe they do weird shit with their subtitles, I dunno.
To summarize: The Japanese audio track and English subtitle track for this specific show refuses to play together but ONLY on this client, and they will play back fine with a different subtitle track or a different audio track.
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2023.06.09 09:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [JP] - Government to ask Tokyo area to save power again this summer The Japan Times

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2023.06.09 09:31 DifficultBack9143 My uneducated MIL sees me on the same level as her

I’m a very proud owner of a new house in the Bay Area. I bought it with my spouse at the age of 28. I consider this a feat and for the first time in my life, something better than expected happened sooner than expected.
My FIL or MIL did not appreciate me. I don’t care about their validation but every time I bring up that I did all this after paying for my own education, my car and for some expenses during my wedding, my MIL goes onto say how my husband saves a lot of money and how he learnt it from them.
Sometime later in the conversation she says that my FIL was telling my SIL to get a job but she wants to wait till her son is a little older. She was beaming that SIL was giving great interviews but is just waiting for a little longer to join the workforce again. I don’t know if my uneducated MIL was low-key virtue-signaling me to quit my job once I have kids but good I have a 30-year mortgage to work my ass off for. I sometimes love my job because it gives me confidence, money, motivation, a better crowd to talk to and goals that people like my MIL will never understand. I definitely don’t need validation, not theirs at least. I feel like longer conversations with my MIL make my brain cells die. Thankfully I’ve cut down on the frequency a lot.
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2023.06.09 09:31 jenhairvietnam How to defrizz a synthetic wig

There is another way to solve a frizzy wig, in addition to the home remedies to defrizz a synthetic wig, you can apply some of the following tips to keep your hair in the best condition:
Do not wash your hair too often to avoid damaging the joint and messing up the synthetic wig, only wash it 2-3 times a week. When washing, remember to use the tip of the finger to wash the hair instead of the nail. Swipe water and shampoo from top to bottom, then rinse with water gently. Absolutely do not rub your hair while washing.
Use salon-specific shampoos and conditioners to keep your synthetic wig soft and shiny. Sulfate-free hair care products have less bleach and help your extensions last longer.
Brushing is also an important rule when softening synthetic wigs because if you don’t know how to brush, the synthetic wigs will also be damaged quickly. Remember, absolutely do not brush your hair when it is wet to avoid hair loss and tangles.
"Have you ever had a synthetic wig that looked great when you first bought it, but then became frizzy and unmanageable after a few wears? It can be frustrating and disappointing, especially if you spent a lot of money on the wig.
In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide as well as some helpful pointers on how to defrizz a synthetic wig. So, if you are ready to learn how to fix your frizzy synthetic wig, keep reading."
#JenHair #JenHairVietnam

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2023.06.09 09:30 Belleverchiel Can you point me towards free counceling on the internet

(28F) Is there a place on the Internet where you can get free counceling in written form? I really feel that I need it so that I can heal on my own (I went through difficult pregnancy and that caused lots of issues in my relationship as I was a very bad and mentally aggressive at that time), but I can not afford it financially. As I have a small child I can not also take a moment to talk real time as I might have to leave any second. I have no friends close by who could help me with babysitting either and no money to hire a sitter.
Tldr: is there a place for free counceling on the Internet?
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2023.06.09 09:30 bluepuma77 Using Filebeat with nginx in Docker, splitting agent string?

Have been using Elastic and Filebeat some time ago, now would like to see if I can use it to solve my current challenge.
I would like to store nginx logs in elastic. The documents need an additional information, I need to transform the agent string into Json, from "App/v1 Device/123" to { App: "v1", Device: "123" }.
To sum it up: Can I run FileBeat in a container, tell it to listen to nginx Docker container stdout (by container name, not ID), parse log data with nginx module and split the agent info and add as Json?
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2023.06.09 09:30 AdvanceAppliances Advance Appliance

Who are we?
Advance Appliance is the right place to contact you to help you to solve problems with your appliances, lawn equipment, and heating and cooling systems. Our goal is to solve the problem and make it easier. Appliance repair can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Let our appliance repair technicians repair your appliance.
Worried about appliance repair edmonton services?
App installation and repair service?
Agricultural equipment (farm implements, construction equipment, construction equipment) are mechanical machines designed to perform construction tasks. The device can perform tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or food storage. Household appliances are divided into small appliances, major appliance repair, and consumer electronics.
When you face any issue related to your appliances then you have to repair their appliance and your first priority is the professional technician.
If you need appliance repair services and installation services related to your stove repair, microwave repair, dryer repair, oven repair dishwasher repair, and dishwasher installation edmonton.
The next time you need to service your equipment, remember that Advance Appliance offers same-day repairs as calgary appliance repair on millions of parts across the country, which can save you money.
If you need a mechanic to fix your equipment or if you are worried about your appliance repair near me services then our mechanics are ready to help 24/7, and Advance Appliance can help.
Contact us: https://advanceappliance.ca/
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2023.06.09 09:30 ferbz22 Suffering from trauma

Hi everyone, glad to have found this sub. Hope this post is ok. I just had to talk about it because I have to say something. It's hard to even write this post. I suffer from really severe trauma and anxiety about being involuntarily hospitalized against my will even though this has never happened. When I was younger I was not doing so well mentally. So I spent a lot of time on an online mental health website. I wanted to talk to someone about this phobia, but instead of helping me, they kept asking me interrogative questions like if I had self harmed before. And then they claimed to have filed a police report to hospitalize me. So basically when I told someone about a trauma I had they went ahead and did the exact thing I am afraid of. Nothing happened however, and I reported their account.
But to this day I'm still traumatized about being open with people, and before this incident I was this close to maybe eventually reaching out to a therapist. Now I'm so uncomfortable that I don't think I can trust anyone for the rest of my life. The unequal power dynamic that occurs between a professional and patient is what has me extremely distressed. The trauma has gotten so bad to the point where I can't even type messages sometimes because I'm so afraid if someone asks me "how are you" and I say "bad" they will think I'm suicidal and try to hospitalize me or something. I have this fear of being forced to do things without my consent. I'm afraid of losing control over my life. I don't think I can trust anyone anymore.
I recently found out that online games apparently since they have your personal info, someone could report you for being suicidal and the company would contact authorities and send to your house. Idk how I feel about my information being out there and the whole thing makes me feel kind of unsafe of like this fear theoretically of being force hospitalized and I worry about what could have happened and what I may or may not have said in the past and it's opening a can of worms for me. Now I'm panicking about where my info is online and what someone could do with it.
I just don't feel like explaining anymore because it's draining to have to justify how I feel I just feel sick and triggered from latent trauma.
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2023.06.09 09:30 BuenJaimazo I feel unsatisfied with what I have accomplished

I'm an engineer working as a Technical Consultant and I make decent money. I'm lucky I found a good job in a good company and in fact I make more money than most of my friends, nevertheless I feel unsatisfied (economically speaking).
Yesterday I found out that the salesmen at my company make almost 10 times more money than me, and that made me think if I will ever earn that much money if I keep following the path I'm in right now.
I'm sincerely ambitious and I do want to live better. But sometimes I also ask myself if it's worth it, I mean, to spend my life running after money and so. I also think that the "status" that money gives me is kind of addictive. I don't know if it's my ideas or if I'm just a prisoner of society's desires. Is "status" a good thing to aspire to? What am I living for? Sometimes I overthink.
I feel young and hungry. Any advice??
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2023.06.09 09:30 VikingOy Everything is suddenly unresposive ?!

I have almost 50 devices exposed to Alexa and it's been working well for a long time. Suddenly yesterday everything became unresponsive. Alexa can no longer control any of my devices, but it does update and show the correct status of every device if operated elsewhere.
I've tried to power cycle the Alexa, but to no avail. Reading on-line I see that this issue has been around for years. Completely deleting and reinstalling the Alexa App isn't very tempring as I will loose custom skills that I fear will be very difficult to get going again, and all my routines I assume will be lost.
This is a bad situation. I'm wondering if I should abandon Alexa for good?
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2023.06.09 09:30 Karraylove F 27 and M 28 who has higher temper issues

My M28 partner got anger issues. A little context about us: I am a full-time nursing student, and my partner is a full-time resident at the hospital. We moved in together two years ago due to his placement of residency. He is a full-time employer at a well-known hospital and pays all the bills. I do not pay the bill since I am in the 2-year nursing accelerated program. I will be graduating close to December. My Asian parents noticed my partner had hair horns sticking out, aka in our culture. He had a stubborn and mean attitude. Those who are Asian know what I am talking about 🥺 One piece of advice was that I must be careful of his anger. I have been with him for 3 years, and his anger issues get worst each time we fight over small trivial stuff. He says the meanest stuff to me, like calling bitch, stupid, asshole, etc. He likes to degrade my worth. His biggest pet peeve is being ignored. My partner thinks he is all that because he is a resident doctor from a well prestigious hospital and a middle-class family. If he want 50k from his parents, he got it. He is pretty spoiled. If he wants something, his parent gives it to him right away. I came from a low-class family where every money we got to save it. For example, he likes to put a door stopper in our apartment because the maintenance guys have our keys. He has a particular way of putting it on, like kicking it till there is a mark on the doorknob. He asked me to put it on, and I did not do it right. Immediately he scolded me for being dumb and stupid for not knowing how to put a doorstopper on. This occurred several times when he thought I was a modified idiot. Second example is when I'm studying for my med surg quizzes, and he likes to ask me questions about where I put the pulse ox finger machine. Random stuff like that. I said I do not remember, and you can find it yourself. He got angry at me, saying how I am so dumb and that is why he cannot trust me with things because I forget where I put them. He gave the whole lecture on you should know where you put the stuff otherwise, how can you provide good treatment to patients? The third example, this past month, my boyfriend wants to visit his brother's friends to drink at someone's house. I told my bf that let me take your car so I can pick you up later. He said no, why should you take the car ? My bf got drunk by 2am cannot drive at all. I had to tell my mom to drop me off at my bf friend's house so I could take us home. I went home, and he yelled at me, saying how I didn't trust him and his friends. I told him that you will never find anyone like me who will pick up someone at 2am after drinking. He scolded me, saying, " if you go back to your mom's house right now, find someone else. I will not show a tear for you or ask you to come back to my place. I am a full fledge doctor, and I could find someone easily. This broke my heart 🥹I went on the verge of crying, and he did not say sorry. Today recently, I have been collecting a lot of the new groceries bag because I can use it store my foods. I filled the cabinet with them, and the bag came rushing out when my bf opened it. He immediately took them out and said that need to be gone. This is my home and my rules. It is my say to keep it or not. I pay all the bills, and you need to listen to me. If you ever pissed me bf, he expects ten times worst for you than him. When I get pissed, I never want the worst for someone. Every time we talk about buying a house when I graduate and how he wants to marry me. All these feelings are dull moments because I feel he does not love me, nor is he considerate of my feelings when things go south. When he is happy, things are rosy. Promises will become empty when he is mad. I feel like he treats his resident coworkers with respect. If they cry or need help, he is always there. I need advice 🥺 this is my first relationship
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2023.06.09 09:30 zzuhruf What time does Cineplex (Southland) open on weekdays?

So yeah I just want to know what time it opens at.
And if we can get any discounts at Cineplex?
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2023.06.09 09:30 BigDig7963 Just found out I’m pregnant!!

My period was late so I decided to test yesterday and it was positive, I have been with my boyfriend almost 8 years and we have just recently bought a house together and been living together for around a month. We have tried to be really careful and wasn’t planning on having children yet so the positive test came as a huge shock! I’m unsure how to feel at the moment about it but I am definitely feeling a bit stressed. I have calculated my due date and if I was due around 3 weeks later my maternity pay at work drastically increases due to the time I have been with the company, would it be an option to have the baby then take 3 weeks unpaid or as holiday and then start my maternity leave after them 3 weeks? I’m in the UK for context, I’m only 23 so really don’t understand how this all works. We will really struggle on the lower maternity rate and it’s so annoying that if I was due 3 weeks later there is such a drastic difference in how much I would get paid!! Any advice/help appreciated
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